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CloudCart is a reliable platform that lets you create an online store and offers you all the tools and features that you need to sell online. Basically, it’s a professional all-in-one e-commerce platform that you need to sell online.

Out of 10


  • FREE e-commerce store until you hit your first $1,000 in revenue
  • Integration with the most popular shipping methods
  • GDPR App for European directives compliance management
  • Free one-click integration with over 1100+ 3rd party apps
  • SEO & Mobile optimized store for a flawless experience
  • Fraud risk prevention in real time


  • Only 1GB of disk space in free plan
  • Free plans have lot of limitations


Price: $ 25

Looking for CloudCart Review? We got you covered here.

Nowadays creating a successful e-commerce store isn’t a big task.

But a beginner who wants to step into the e-commerce world might find it difficult to set up an online e-commerce store.

And if somehow they created a store then the biggest challenge is to sell products.

You may find a tool or platform that can help you in setting up your online store within a few minutes but what about selling products. How do you find products and know exactly where to sell them and get high ROI?

In order to solve such problems here comes a platform called CloudCart. CloudCart is a professional all-in-one platform that offers everything that you need to create a store and sell online.

CloudCart Review

Bottom Line Upfront : 

CloudCart also allows you to create your online store with hosting right from Google Cloud. And the best part is that here you don’t need to hire a programmer or a developer to have a fully-functional online store. For creating your own store you don’t require to have any technical knowledge.

– You can easily create, update and manage your online store with CloudCart.

– You can even add payment methods to your store.

– You can use the various payment options that are supported by your store on CloudCart including credit cards, PayPal, and local bank transfers.

– They will help you set up a strong e-commerce website for selling products online with just one click.

– They offer a wide variety of payment methods in your Shopify Plus Premium Membership, which means that you don’t have to worry about any extra fees when selling on CloudCart.

Cloudcart Customer reviews

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 CloudCart Review- Affordable Price (Yearly pricing)

Check out the featured CloudCart Review 2024 that includes all the detailed insights about CloudCart pricing, features, functionality, and more. Let’s get started here.

CloudCart Review 2024: Top Pros & Cons

About CloudCart 

CloudCart is a reliable platform that lets you create an online store and offers you all the tools and features that you need to sell online. Basically, it’s a professional all-in-one e-commerce platform that you need to sell online.

CloudCart Review- Responsive E-commerce Website Builder

CloudCart offers the fastest and safest hosting by “Google Cloud” and the best part is that here you don’t need to hire any programmer or need any technical skills to create online stores. Just start your e-commerce business right without worrying about the technical stuff. CloudCart will take of everything.

Right with their user-friendly e-commerce builder, you can easily build your online stores within minutes. And the best part is that CloudCart doesn’t charge any transaction fees and the total income right from your purchase will stay with you. All you need to pay is a small monthly subscription.

Another plus point is that CloudCart is constantly working on making its platform better and better. And all features come with no built-in additional charges.

CloudCart Also offers:

  • A powerful suite of marketing tools that can use to promote your products right with coupons abandoned cart emails as well as discounts and more.
  • It also offers more than 750+ apps that you can simply add to your website and provide services like email marketing, customer service live chat, Facebook Commenting, and more.
  • Also offers features to sell your products seamlessly right on Facebook and eBay in addition to right on your website.

CloudCart Features:

It offers everything that you will need to create your store and start selling online. Let’s explore its amazing features in detail:

  • Powerful Admin Panel: It offers a powerful admin panel where you can easily find all the important tools for the modification of your online store. Then you can easily add products, brands, and categories and also observe your customer’s visits.

CloudCart Review- Intutive and Easy To Use Dashboard

  • Customer Management: Using this feature you can easily track the status and activity of your new as well as existing customers, right from one menu. You can also track what and when and how your customer order.

CloudCart Review- Customer Management

  • File Management: We all know that creating and maintaining an online store actually requires the uploading of a lot of products, files, and images. With this feature, once you attach them to your store you will be able to reach them from different devices.

CloudCart Review- File Management

  • Shipping Methods: This platform also provides many options right for the delivery of services worldwide. And here you can send and receive packages, make money transfers, and more.
  • Express Checkout: We all know that everything happens right on a single page so-called Checkout Page. As a CloudCart user, you can easily provide your customers with one of the easiest ways to simply work with their orders.
  • Fully Mobile Optimized Stores: Your online store will be fully mobile optimized so that your customers can easily get access to your store. These are specially designed for a variety of mobile devices.

 CloudCart Review- Fully Optimized Stores

  • Optimized Payment Process: They have actually managed every payment process to be comfortable and safe. And you don’t have to spend time filling in extra information. With one simple click, you can easily activate various payment methods that CloudCart actually provides.

 CloudCart Review- Optimized Payment Process

  • CloudCart Reports: Right through these stats you can easily follow what your customers are actually ordering and create analyses. You can simply use this powerful tool in order to measure the productivity of your online store. And here with the sales reports tool, you can easily track your sales volume by months, days and years.

CloudCart Review- Get Reports

  • Simple Navigation Process: The best part is that you can simply manage your store right without any technical knowledge. They have a very simple and easy-to-use menu that is generally placed on the left sides of your web pages.

CloudCart Review- Easy Navigation

  • Marketing Tools: Here you can easily promote your store with ease thanks right to their powerful marketing tools. You can also create and manage your discounts, coupon codes, and more.
  • Offers Secured Hosting: Your store comes right with unlimited bandwidth along with shared SSL certificates, instant upgrades as well as 1 Level PCI compliance.
  • Customizable Designs: You can choose any theme of your choice and then you can customize it simply by managing all the main background colors, fonts, images, various shades, and much more. And best of all you can customize the theme in order to match it with your brand image as well.

CloudCart Review- Customizable Designs

  • SEO Optimization: This is the internal optimization of your website and it generally ensures a fast return right on the invested money. You can easily apply the modification to your products, texts, keywords, titles, paragraphs, and images along with SEO-friendly links as well.
  • In-Built Blog: They also offer an inbuilt blog that can help you in building a stable brand presence as well as for attracting more customers. Just manage your blog professionally and easy right with CloudCart’s platform.

 CloudCart Review- Blog

  • Free E-Commerce Templates: ClouCart also offers free templates that actually more leads and sales. The best is that there is no need to choose any professional designer, here you can choose themes that are already designed by professionals. Just create your ready-to-go mobile-friendly e-commerce themes right for every of your e-commerce platforms.

Where Else You Can Sell Your Products?

CloudCart gives you the liberty to sell your products on giant marketplaces like Facebook and eBay. Just expand your market share and simply sell your products everywhere.

Also, it gives you the liberty to sell products on a social network like Facebook. Just create an account with CloudCart and with a single click, you can easily increase your chances of additional sales.

Here if you want to sell on platforms like eBay then you can also do that. You can generate additional revenue for your business simply by offering your products right to the thousands of shoppers out there on eBay.

CloudCart Pricing

The pricing plans offered by CloudCart are very simple and affordable. They are offering pricing plans that can be easily afforded by any size of business. The CloudCart also offers a 14-day Free Trial Offer and the best part is that no credit card is required to get started.

CloudCart offers monthly as well as yearly plans. The monthly plans generally start from $39.99.

Here we would like to suggest that you should get started with the Yearly plans as there you will be getting a 17% Discount Offer. That’s quite impressive you will be saving a few bucks right in your pocket.

Now Let’s Check Out The Yearly Pricing Plans:

 CloudCart Review- Affordable Price (Yearly pricing)

1) Basic ($399.88/yearly)

  • Online Store
  • Professional Themes

2) CloudCart ($899.88/yearly)

  • Online Store
  • Marketing Tools
  • Professional Themes

3) Professional ($1499.88/Yearly)

  • Online Store
  • All Inclusive

Let’s Checkout Monthly Plans Offered By CloudCart:

CloudCart Review- Affordable Price

1) Basic ($39.99/Monthly)

  • Online Store
  • Professional Themes

2) CloudCart ($89.99/Monthly)

  • Online Store
  • Marketing Tools
  • Professional Themes

3) Professional ($149.99/Monthly)

  • Online Store
  • All Inclusive

Why You Should Choose CloudCart?

ClouCart is a versatile and professional e-commerce that provides everything that you need to create a store and start selling online. Let’s find out why you should choose ClouCart over other platforms:

  • Professional e-commerce software
  • Offers safest and fastest hosting by “Google Cloud”
  • It doesn’t require any technical knowledge
  • Features quick and easy checkout
  • Offers Integration with over 750+ Apps
  • m-Commerce (Responsive Professional Designs)
  • 24/7/365 Support, DDoS protection, and more
  • SEO-optimized codes, Rich Snippets, Sitemaps, and more.

CloudCart Alternatives 2024

1) NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Netsuite Review

Linking online and offline stores into a single channel is a difficulty for most e-commerce enterprises today, especially those with a physical store.

The lack of a single channel has one disadvantage: inventory and prices are not updated in real time. Combining the two into a single platform provides a comprehensive perspective of the company, including customer interactions and activities.

To compete with ever-increasing demands, an e-commerce business must be able to understand client wants while also employing technology to deliver a seamless consumer experience regardless of sales channel.

All of these criteria are met by NetSuite SuiteCommerce, an omnichannel e-commerce platform, and solution. The consumer is at the center, rather than each channel being treated as a separate silo. Every sales channel is intertwined with the others. The lines between stores, markets, social media sites, and websites are blurred.

It can handle all key processes in a single system, such as inventory management across multiple channels, providing customer information to the marketing and sales teams to help them improve their strategies, fulfilling orders from order capture to delivery, and improving customer service, among others. This guarantees that the business runs smoothly.

Finally, NetSuite SuiteCommerce is a multi-tenant SaaS solution that allows retailers to provide a distinctive and engaging online experience to their customers.

It customizes the customer’s purchasing experience by modifying what they see on the website, what adverts they see on social media platforms, and even how sales staff assist them in a physical store.


  • For e-commerce business operations, it functions similarly to an enterprise resource planning tool.
  • Oracle is a name you can trust when it comes to software development.
  • Without problems, able to handle a huge product database.
  • Functions that are useful for integrating with brick-and-mortar stores.


  • Larger companies may benefit from the base licensing price.
  • The learning curve necessitates additional commitment.
  • Some users may find the traditional working approach constraining.

2) Marketing 360

Marketing360 overview- Magdicx vs Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps eCommerce retailers, enterprises, small businesses, and entrepreneurs grow their brands and improve revenue. It integrates digital marketing tools, website designs, and professional marketing services into a powerful and sophisticated internet marketing solution for online businesses to manage their campaigns.

Marketing 360 has three main objectives: make internet marketing data from all sources available in a single, easy-to-use interface, collect and apply data for specific marketing goals, and use the human experience to improve campaigns.

They can use the platform to get assistance from any of these qualified professionals and experts whenever they need it. Small firms will be able to save time and money by using software that incorporates on-demand marketing services, as well as work with individuals who can understand data and provide insights to supplement what a marketing program can achieve.

Businesses and entrepreneurs may increase their organic search engine ranks using Marketing 360, which assures that high positions translate to high conversion rates.

While Marketing 360 has capabilities to help users enhance their organic search rankings, it also has sophisticated paid search advertising options.

The program enables businesses to run sponsored advertising in the top three locations on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which are where the majority of sales are generated.

If you’re considering Marketing 360, you should also look at other Landing Page Software subcategories.


  • A useful and creative toolbar
  • Better customer service that customizes everything to our specific needs.
  • CRM is simple to use and allows for email automation based on many options.
  • The marketing dashboard and notification bars are excellent.
  • Smaller firms will benefit from this.
  • It’s simple to learn and utilize.


  • Email design is limited in quantity.
  • Advertisements of poor quality.
  • The dashboard has a lack of transparency.
  • It was quite a bit more expensive.
  • It takes longer.

3) BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a scalable, feature-rich e-commerce platform that caters to enterprises of all sizes. Leading companies like Ben & Jerry’s, DressUp, and Burrow, as well as startups and developing enterprises, use it as a trusted platform.

It presently powers over 60,000 small businesses and over 2,000 medium-sized firms around the world.

BigCommerce review -take a tour

BigCommerce comes with a number of enterprise-level tools, including a drag-and-drop Page Builder that allows you to swiftly set up your online store.

You can quickly construct a storefront design that represents the style and identity of your company or brand with its large variety of customizable templates. Smart inventory management software makes it simple to add products and maintain track of your inventory.

Additionally, the platform has best-in-class SEO capabilities to help you generate web traffic to your store. Customers may easily share your products or make online purchases using social sharing tools.

Additionally, you have a variety of payment gateway connectors and delivery providers to choose from, allowing you to complete orders on a single platform.

Merchants may shop for top third-party apps on big commerce’s app marketplace. Salesforce, Zendesk, Facebook, and MailChimp are just a few of the notable business tools that it interfaces with. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the United States.

BigCommerce allows you to swiftly create beautiful, SEO-friendly, and mobile-optimized online storefronts.

To provide a content-rich experience to your customers, you may increase SEO techniques using configurable URLs, robot.txt access, and an onsite blog. As a consequence, you’ll be able to improve your search rankings, get more traffic, and enhance conversions.

BigCommerce effortlessly integrates with online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace, in addition to built-in SEO capabilities, making it easier for your customers to locate and purchase your products.

This also aids in the acquisition of new clients through various channels, as well as the growth of your brand and revenue.

BigCommerce includes customer retention and conversion capabilities that make browsing easier and encourage checkouts, allowing you to improve average orders and expand your business more quickly.


  • Order management, product management, reports, analytics, and everything else you can think of are all excellent management tools. BigCommerce is great for managing your store on a daily basis.
  • Module for marketing, including AdWords integration, discounts, and more. You can also nurture your audience by integrating email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp.
  • When you consider the number of wonderful features it offers and the fact that there is no limit to the number of consumers you can service or the number of products you can offer, BigCommerce is fairly reasonable.
  • BigCommerce has excellent customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can even receive help figuring out things like SEO and marketing fundamentals.
  • There are a variety of apps to pick from: Integrate your store with the applications you use the most, such as QuickBooks, Mailchimp, and other similar services.
  • Use the currencies that are most convenient for you, including several currencies at different times.
  • There are no transaction fees: BigCommerce does not impose transaction fees, even if you use a third-party payment gateway.
  • The abandoned cart data tool is wonderful for bringing clients back into your store when you need them the most.
    With any subscription, you can get as many staff accounts as you need.


  • Themes can be fairly expensive if you want to personalize your store, especially if you want something from the premium range.
  • Adjusting all features of your home page, including the text content, is challenging.
  • Before you can make the homepage carousel appear great, you’ll need to do some trial and error.
  • The design adjustment features aren’t always as you’d like them to be.
  • You will have to pay a significant amount of money to gain access to features such as abandoned cart capability.
  • There is a limit to the number of online sales you can make every year. If you go above that amount, you’ll have to upgrade to a more expensive plan.
  • In the free sector, themes can be very similar to one another.
  • VAT MOSS rates are difficult to control for digital product sellers.
  • It can be difficult to locate the dropshipping apps you require in the app store.

4) Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based enterprise e-commerce platform for high-volume businesses that have won numerous awards.

It provides enterprise-level selling capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity of standard corporate solutions. Shopify Plus is used by a lot of big brands and fast-growing businesses to help them grow.

Shopify Plus Website and Interface

Shopify is a multi-tenant, massively distributed platform that processes billions of dollars per year. This platform lowers IT costs by eliminating transaction fees, rack space, and bandwidth requirements.

Shopify Plus makes selling your products on all major marketplaces and social media platforms a breeze. Its multichannel features let you increase consumer interaction, sales, and brand exposure through any channel you choose.

The vendor’s skilled staff of account managers, specialized support agents, and technical designers ensure a seamless and quick transfer to Shopify Plus.

Shopify’s highly scalable SaaS platform ensures 99.97 percent website uptime and provides a speedy and pleasurable experience for your visitors.

Shopify Plus is capable of processing thousands of orders every minute. There are no limits on the amount of money you can make, the amount of bandwidth you need, or the number of products you can sell with Shopify Plus.

You have the option of selling online, in-store, or through any other channel. Payments can be made using Bitcoin, PayPal, and more than 70 additional payment methods. You can sell in a variety of countries and languages.

Shopify Plus is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, with ongoing risk management and annual on-site compliance.

Shopify Plus provides personalized account management and assistance to help you grow your online business. You can get priority help via phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Accounts for all employees are unlimited.
  • Has the ability to process over 10,000 transactions per minute.
  • Help and support that is designed for specific needs.


  • There is no predetermined pricing, and monthly fees are determined by a quote.
  • Only sustainable if you’re an enterprise-level business
  • Must have time to invest in your E-commerce website

FAQs Related To CloudCart Review

Is it possible to build an online store for free With CloudCart?

Yes, they offer a CloudCart-sponsored FREE Startup plan to all new businesses. You don't have to pay to use their platform until you make your first 1,000 store monetary units in revenue. Create your own online store and try out their services.

Is it necessary for me to register with a credit card?

NO, you don't have to give us your credit card to utilise CloudCart for the first 1,000 shop monetary units in income. And only after you've reached this milestone will you be required to enter your card in order to continue using their site.

When does the contract have to be signed?

CloudCart does not need you to sign any contracts; instead, they offer you monthly and annual plans that you may customise to your liking. You have complete control over whether or not to open or close your own online store.

Do I need a separate hosting?

NO, all CloudCart plans feature specialised hosting customized to your online store's needs. They leverage Google Cloud Computing (the same servers that Google uses for their services) to ensure that your online store has a 99.98 percent uptime. More than 50 servers throughout the world ensure that your website operates as quickly as possible, regardless of where you are attempting to access it.

Is an SSL Certificate required?

YES - this is the certificate that assures the security of the data sent between your clients and your store. For domains of the type, the shared SSL certificate is included in the pricing of the plan you choose. If you need an SSL certificate for your own domain, don't hesitate to contact them; they'll be pleased to help.

Is there a PCI compliant certificate for CloudCart?

YES - CloudCart has been completely certified as PCI compliant for the utmost degree of security (Level 1). This ensures that all information and transactions are safe.

Is it possible to migrate my existing e-commerce store to CloudCart?

YES, you could easily and quickly move your info. It's basically the same as downloading it from your present web store and then uploading it to CloudCart. Products, categories, consumers, and brands can all be moved around.

Will you assist me in building up my online store?

Yes, CloudCart has specialists on hand to help you every step of the way. You may dig deeper into their SERVICES section, where they've attempted to list everything they can assist you with. To all merchants who chose the ENTERPRISE plan, they additionally provide a personal assistant/consultant.

How can I come up with the ideal design for my store?

Easily, using their visual page builder or one of the numerous excellent ready-to-use e-commerce templates that CloudCart provides for free. If you find yourself in need of some design assistance, look no further, but just give them a call.

How can I take payments from my customers?

Easily - CloudCart provides a variety of payment ways for you to accept payments from your customers. You can pay with PayPal, a credit/debit card, or a bank transfer, among other options.

How can I create a waybill?

Automatically - They have a working integration with all of Bulgaria's major shipping companies (DHL, DPD, Speedy, Rapido, and Econt), allowing you to generate your orders' waybills automatically with a single click from your new store's control panel.

Is it possible for me to set up the marketing tools without having any technical skills?

YES - CloudCart provides a variety of marketing and advertising options for your online business that you can deploy with just a few clicks - no technical experience required. They offer over 1100 integrations, including Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and MailChimp.

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Conclusion: CloudCart Review 2024 

As of now, you have got all the detailed insights about CloudCart pricing, features, and functionality. Now it’s your time to make a move. It’s time to get started with the CloudCart platform if you really wanted to set up your store and start selling online easily.

We would like to recommend CloudCart to a beginner as this platform doesn’t require any developer skills to get started. CloudCart offers easy to use and very simple interface.

The best part is that CloudCart is also offering a 14-Days Free Trial Offer where you can easily explore its features and functionality for free.

In order to get started with the free trial period, you don’t need to enter any credit card details. So, what are you waiting for there is nothing you’re risking here just get started with CloudCart and start generating revenue.

Feel free to share your opinion about CloudCart Reviews right in the comment section below. Do share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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