Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect 2024 🥇 Which is The Best?

The software to be compared today are: Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect.

As a seasoned PPC marketing expert, I understand the frustrations that come with click fraud. It’s a major concern in our industry, and wasting valuable marketing dollars on fraudulent clicks can be detrimental to any campaign.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to four powerful software solutions: Clixtell, ClickGuard, ClickCease, and PPC Protect. These tools are specifically designed to tackle click fraud head-on and ensure that your marketing budget is used efficiently and effectively.

With Clixtell, ClickGuard, ClickCease, and PPC Protect, you can rest assured that each and every click you receive is legitimate and safe. These innovative platforms use advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology to detect and block fraudulent clicks, protecting your budget and ensuring that you’re only paying for genuine leads.

Gone are the days of outdated click fraud protection software. These four products offer state-of-the-art solutions that will not only save you money but also valuable time. With their user-friendly interfaces and seamless integrations, you can easily set up and manage your click fraud protection in just a few clicks.

The best part is, you can try any of these software solutions risk-free for 30 days, thanks to their 100% money-back guarantee. This allows you to experience the benefits firsthand and see the impact they can make on your PPC campaigns.

An estimated 54 percent of the world population now has access to the internet. And that number is on the increase rapidly. Research also shows that people around the globe are spending considerably more time online now than they are watching TV.

That global phenomenon has opened online marketing floodgates. Companies and marketers are turning to digital ad channels to compete like never before for the attention of their viewers.

So today I will discuss the the best Click Fraud Software available in the market and which is best among Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect.

  • ClickCease
  • Clixtell
  • ClickGuard
  • PPC Protect

So, let’s dive in!

Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect 2024 (REVIEWED) Which is The Best Click Fraud Software? 🥇

Here is a tabular representation to give you a quick overview of the four platforms, their prices, features and more. All platforms are almost at par when it comes to the tools and features offered to clients, it is however the price tag that is the actual deal-breaker here.

Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Starting Price $15.00/month $47.00/month $15.00/month/user $29.00/month
Best For A program designed for small and medium business owners, digital marketing agencies, data-driven marketers and companies who are looking for the full marketing image.  

Crafted for Google Advertising PPC account managers and marketers looking to optimize their ROI from pay-per-clicks by deleting clicks from advertisements that are fake, illegal and wasting money.


A platform ideal for those interested in eliminating their client competitors from the fraudulent clicks by optimizing their campaigns. This includes user types including PPC managers and advertisers.

Digital marketers and agencies, paying agencies by click, paying professionals by click, advertisers for Google Ads, global brands, etc.
Product Features · Account Alerts

· Activity Monitoring

· IP Address Monitoring

· IP Blocking

· Keyword Tracking

· Refund Management

· Risk Assessment

· Time on Site Tracking

· Account Alerts

· Activity Monitoring

· IP Address Monitoring

· IP Blocking

· Keyword Tracking

· Refund Management

· Risk Assessment

· Time on Site Tracking

· Account Alerts

· Activity Monitoring

· IP Address Monitoring

· IP Blocking

· Keyword Tracking

· Refund Management

· Risk Assessment

· Time on Site Tracking

· Account Alerts

· Activity Monitoring

· IP Address Monitoring

· IP Blocking

· Keyword Tracking

· Refund Management

· Risk Assessment

· Time on Site Tracking

The ideal number of Users 1 – 1000+ 1 – 1000+ 1 – 1000+ 1 – 1000+

Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect Comparison in Detailed 2024

Have you ever seen a campaign that is converting at 20% and then it suddenly drops to 2%?

Well, it could be because of a click fraud. Click fraud is the practice of clicking on an ad in order to generate a charge-per-click without any intention of buying the product.

No need to worry! these softwares are designed to stop money wasting clicks, boost campaign conversions and maximize PPC Marketing.

1) Clixtell #1Best Click Fraud Software

Clixtell is a software-as-a-service company specializing in the detection and prevention of invalid click activity in Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns and call tracking services, providing advanced solutions for businesses and digital marketing agencies. The professional track record of the company is based on the expertise gained from years of experience in developing state-of-the-art software which provides well-established solutions for all types of business.

Clixtell Overview

2) ClickCease (#2 Click Fraud Detection Software)

ClickCease is software for click-fraud detection, prevention, and protection. Our anti-click fraud service protects our customers using our industry-leading detection algorithms, using Google Adwords and Bing. ClickCeaseTM automatically blocks out fraudulent IPs. ClickCeaseTM has no search engine association and is an independent company.

ClickCEASE Overview

3)  ClickGuard #3Best Click Fraud Software

ClickGuard provides a proven, tested service for fraud prevention clicks. Your gross margin will increase by 22% and your conversion rates will increase by 38%. Most importantly, 100 percent of your illegal clicks will be eradicated! ClickGuard has created a plugin for Google Ads, which takes into account all the methods listed in this document. They are also the only platform that is “Google Verified” in this comparison. If you have reached this point, then you know that fraud by clicking is a serious risk.

ClickGUARD Overview

4) PPC Protect!

Only 100 percent automated, AI-driven click fraud detection solution in the world to stop fraud clicking on Google Ads. Comes standard with auto IP blocking, unlimited protected domains, unlimited users and our industry-leading, advanced AI & self-learning click fraud detection algorithms. Benefit from the insight of our expert analysts & account managers to keep your advertising accounts safe at any time. Built for advertisers of digital agencies & enterprises.

PPC Protect Overview

Features and Functionalities of Click Fraud Softwares (Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect)

Let’s have a look at some of the top features and functionalities that are provided by the four platforms for the users.

Clixtell Software

  • Automated Click Fraud Protection

Secure campaigns for your Google Ads & Bing Ads using their automated software for fraud protection against clicks.

  • 24/7 Click Fraud Detection

Track, identify and Avoid fraudulent activity on Google Ads & Bing advertising.

  • Website Video Recorder

Watch and consider the actions of your Website users with simple, valuable visual insights.

  • Conversion Intelligence

Track and see Converting channels, keywords, and ads.

  • Click-to-Call Ads Tracking & Recording

Calculate and record call extensions and call-only advertising track.

  • Google Ads Refund Claim Reports

High success rates to receive a full refund for invalid activity using our detailed report on fraud clicks.

Clixtell Features

ClickGuard Software 

  • Monitoring

Real-time clickstream information with insight into everything about your ad clicks you ‘d like to know.

  • Transparency

360 ° Forensic insight into who’s behind every click on your ads, where, why and what.

  • Protection

Effective click preventing fraud and protecting against any type of money wasting clicks on your campaigns.

  • Deterrence

Deterrence and mitigation of the wasteful click sources that negatively impact your campaigns on Google Ads.

  • Optimization

Optimizations of campaigns based on visitor behavior after click eliminate sources of low-quality traffic.

  • Reporting

Powerful and actionable reporting enabling complete auditing and accountability for each click on your account.

ClickGUARD Features

ClickCease Software


Best Click fraud soiftwares in the market  Clickcease software Review

  • Record Click Fraud

Watch your landing page for a screen recording of your visitors’ behavior. See how they moved, scrolled and clicked their mouse.

  • Extensive Analytics

Best Click fraud soiftwares in the internet marketing

Uncover the information behind the clean customer clicks and click on your ads by the dirty competitor and set fraud-fighting rules that are customized to your market.

  • Auto-Block Click Fraud

They ‘re telling AdWords not to show your advertising to fake outlets, saving you time and much money.

  • Automated and instant blocking

Click Fraud Softwares ClickCease

Stop wasting time and money with manual changes to your IP list for the campaign. ClickCease tells AdWords which IPs to block in real-time.

ClickCEASE How it works

PPC Protect Software

  • Block Only Bad Traffic

Analyze hundreds of unique criteria to ensure that you only block legitimately fraudulent traffic without turning it entirely. Best of all, just a single line of code is required.

  • Block Fraudsters Instantly & Automatically

PPC Protect will automatically decide when abuse happens when clicking and will prevent the IP from ever seeing your advertisements. Clever-and also saves money!

  • Multiple domains

Easily add your admin dashboard with multiple domains. Be billed on total ad spending only ever, not the number of domains you choose to protect.

  • Multiple users

Need to make your dashboard access to your team for reporting or monitoring purposes? No problem … No problem! With every PPC Protect plan, we allow for an unlimited number of users per account!

PPC Protect How it works

Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect- Ease of use

All four platforms are equally competent in this niche and put up a great battle when it comes to delivering the goals they have been designed for. When it comes to ease of use, all of them have made a name for themselves in specific areas that cater to some specific types of developers and businesses. Here is a brief outline of the areas where they score in terms of ease of use!


When it comes to Clixtell, most users agree that they are given advanced analytics just as valuable as the fraud detection service. It is certainly useful to spot the scammers and bad guys but learning about the behaviors of regular visitors is considered a nice touch. Each click is scrutinized and rated; even those not necessarily unscrupulous but invalid.

As far as customer support is concerned, not many reviews can be found, and this can be indicative of the user interface itself. There’s always help with setting up rules. With only a few clicks, the integrations can be enabled, and the service runs as long as the marketing campaigns are successful. Most users consider the monthly subscription to be pretty reasonably priced.


In addition to protecting their accounts against fraud, ClickGuard is praised by some product reviewers for its ability to help improve the overall performance of their ads. In addition, users of ClickGuard can exercise full control over their spending by blocking placements that tend to be fraud-inducing. Meanwhile, users also praise the software’s real-time statistics.

Some ClickGuard reviews from local businesses say the software helps them avoid paying for click fraud, especially when people click on ads intentionally to cause increased expenses.

Additionally, the app enables them to submit custom alerts to click criminals to help prevent further violence. Lastly, many reviewers have good things to say about the reporting capacities of ClickGuard. They can easily detect patterns using charts and graphs, and track performance over time.


With ClickCease, users receive real-time notifications on their ad campaigns regarding any suspicious activity. In addition, users may automate the blocking of fraudulent IPs, or they may do so themselves by reviewing the notifications received. The users can easily recognize the repeated IPs that click on the ads repeatedly and block them for good. In addition, working with ClickCease is very simple, and no special knowledge is required by the users to use the solution on their site.

Blocking fake IPs from stopping ad campaigns ensures that the advertisements are attracting more and more actual viewers to screen. User reviews suggest that using ClickCease has boosted their CTR compared to the rate at previous campaigns where the solution was not used. The solution offers detailed information on any ad campaign that clicks on the IP.

This includes the IP address, location, device ID and ISP information. This helps the users to identify whether or not their ad campaigns reach the right audience.

PPC Protect

PPC Protect is an AI-enabled solution for fraud protection through clicks. The program will spot click fraud using advanced machine learning algorithms based on the rules set by the advertisers. They can create rules that are specific to their own business or industry, and the software will automatically learn and apply those rules as it performs operations to discover anomalous and illegitimate ad clicks.

Developers will not only be able to track the traffic coming in and out of their PPC ads, but they can also check all the visitors on the website even if they don’t click on the PPC ads before. Advertisers can block click fraud perpetrators immediately, even before they take their first action, by tracking web traffic too.

Comparison of Customer support for Different Softwares

If you ever run into any kind of trouble, be it technical or knowledge-based, all 4 platforms make sure that you can instantly get in touch with their customer support team and have your issues solved as soon as possible so that the progress and growth of your business is not hindered!

Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Support · 24/7 (Live Rep)

· Business Hours

·  Online

·  24/7 (Live Rep)

·  Business Hours

· Online

· 24/7 (Live Rep)

· Business Hours

· Online

·         24/7 (Live Rep)

·         Business Hours

·         Online

Pricing Plans of Anti-Click Fraud Softwares

Here is a quick run-through over the various plans offered by these platforms, including details of their prices and the features that come along with those price tags. You can visit their respective official websites to get more information regarding the plans, especially those custom plans for which you will have to contact their support team!

Clixtell Pricing Plans


  • Price: $15 per month ($12 per month – Annually)


  • 24/7 Click Fraud Detection
  • Live Fraud Notifications
  • Website Video Recorder
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Live Online Dashboard
  • Conversion Intelligence
  • Up to 5,000 Ad Clicks


  • Price: $50 per month ($40 per month – Annually)


  • All Basic Features
  • Live Click Fraud Protection
  • Automated IP Exclusions
  • Custom Security Rules
  • Eliminate Click Fraud Up to 100%
  • IP Patterns Machine Learning
  • Account Defence Mode ®
  • Up to 10,000 Ad Clicks


  • Price: $75 per month ($60 per month – Annually) (Starting)


  • All Standard Features Plus:
  • Cross-Domain Protection
  • Multiple Google Account Protection
  • Over 500 IPs Smart Protection
  • User Access Permissions
  • Clixtell Account Manager Panel
  • Native Google MCC Support
  • Up to 50,000 Ad Clicks

Clixtell Pricing

ClickGuard Pricing Plans


  • Price: $59 per month ($47 per month – Annually)

Click forensic monitoring with highly customizable protections to protect against rising sources of threat and optimize for performance.


  • Price: $79 per month ($63 per month – Annually)

Advanced multi-layered protection with granular controls and triggers with built-in campaign optimization for advanced sources of threat.


  • Price: $99 per month ($79 per month – Annually)

Unlimited configuration options for unrivaled all-around protection from very persistent sources of threat and maximization of ROI campaigns.


  • Price: Contact the support team for quotes

With dedicated account manager and expert support, World-class PPC optimization and protection against all sources of threat.

ClickGUARD Pricing

ClickCease Pricing Plans


  • Price: $15 per month ($12 per month – Annually)


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Email notifications of Fraudulent Clicks
  • Insightful Dashboard
  • Domains Included: 1
  • Ad Clicks: 1000
  • IPv6 Support
  • AdSpy – Competitor Ad Intel
  • Account Sharing


  • Price: $50 per month ($40 per month – Annually)


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Email notifications of Fraudulent Clicks
  • Insightful Dashboard
  • Domains Included: 1
  • Ad Clicks: 5000
  • IPv6 Support
  • AdSpy – Competitor Ad Intel
  • Account Sharing


  • Price: $75 per month ($60 per month – Annually) (Starting)


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Email notifications of Fraudulent Clicks
  • Insightful Dashboard
  • Domains Included: Unlimited
  • Ad Clicks: According to the slider
  • IPv6 Support
  • AdSpy – Competitor Ad Intel
  • Account Sharing
  • Dedicated Account Manager

ClickCEASE Pricing

PPC Protect Pricing Plans


  • Price: $70 per month ($50 per month – Annually)


  • UNLIMITED Clicks
  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • Auto IP Blocking
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Best in Class Protection


  • Price: Contact support team


  • All-Pro features
  • UNLIMITED Budget Protection
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Exclusive Partnership Access
  • Log Analysis Reports

PPC Protect Pricing

If you are a small business with budget constraints, then Clixtell and ClickCease will be your choice to go for, with plans starting at just $12 per month (billed annually). ClickGuard and PPC Protect come with more powerful features and tools, but at a higher price tag starting at $47 per month (billed annually) and $50 per month (Billed annually) respectively!

Supported Platforms By the Softwares

When it comes to supported platforms, then Clixtell is the only Click fraud protection platform in this comparison which apart from the web version, is also available for users on iOS and Android. The rest of the platforms only support the web version. This clearly gives Clixtell the win in this round.

Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Platforms · Web

· iOS

· Android

· Web · Web ·         Web


Training Options By Anti- Click Fraud Softwares

When it comes to training options, resources and knowledge base to help users around with generic problems that can be solved through videos, webinars and more, all 4 platforms are pretty much at par with one another in terms of the options provided to them. However, PPC Protect takes a slight edge over the others since it offers “In-person” training, which is not offered by the other three.

Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Training · Live Online

· Webinars

· Documentation

· Live Online

· Webinars

· Documentation

· Live Online

· Webinars

· Documentation

·         In Person

·         Live Online

·         Webinars

·         Documentation

Quick Links

Customer Ratings and Reviews of ClickGuard, PPC Protect, ClickCease & Clixtell

Clixtell Reviews

Clixtell reviews

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Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Ratings ★★★★★









Conclusion- Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect 2024 Which is The Best Click Fraud Software With Reviews

The average customer ratings mentioned above clearly show that all four platforms are almost equally competent when it comes to providing protection against click fraud and related issues that most developers, publishers and businesses face today.

While all platforms score pretty well in all categories of comparison, the customer ratings show that users have responded better to the services provided by ClickGuard and the corresponding results achieved from it.

Another reason why ClickGuard may have taken this slight edge over others is the fact that it is the only “Google Verified” click fraud protection tool in this comparison. However, it is also slightly expensive!

Apart from these aspects, I can convincingly say that all of these tools fair pretty well at sufficing the purpose they have been developed for, putting up a close fight against one another. It really will depend on what your requirements are from software like these.

If you are a small business with budget constraints, then PPC Protect and ClickCease will be your choice to go for, with plans starting at just $12 per month (billed annually).

However, if budget is not an issue for you and the trust of Google matters to you, along with unlimited clicks and domains, then ClickGuard and PPC Protect can be your best friends. IT’S REALLY UP TO YOU!

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  1. Just yesterday, I was impressed with the full control I had over my spending through clicks. But this morning, I was electrified by the app’s real-time statistics! Utterly astonishing! With so many other features that are worth mentioning, should you really download ClickGuard? You should.

  2. Clixtell makes the daunting task of SEO and digital marketing simpler with their near-perfect detection rate. I was always feeling overwhelmed by my marketing campaigns, but Clixtell made it easy for me to have a much better campaign that will take people where they want to go – all from one dashboard!

  3. I’ve been so impressed with the service, it’s given me back a lot of time in my day. The customer success team is always there to help when I need them and they come up with new ways for me to be more efficient in what I’m doing plus give suggestions on how I can do better marketing. Even their CEO was nice enough to take my call one day! And he remembered my name from that call too! That never happens.

  4. It looks like Clixtell is the best value for money. I’m going to recommend this to a client today.

  5. I really, really like the PPC Protect service. It’s always been there when I needed them and it doesn’t care how much you pay for their services. They’re totally worth it!

  6. ClickCease has saved me hours of frustration! The notifications that ClickCease provides are perfect for meeting our security concerns. I love how easy it is to identify suspicious activity with real-time alerts, and it’s awesome knowing which IPs are repeatedly clicking on my ads. Our business can continue spreading awareness without worrying about fake clicks or cyber-attacks!

  7. ClickGuard is an essential app on my phone. No matter if I’m working away on schoolwork, blogging on Instagram, or catching up with the latest Netflix show–it’s always there to protect my account from fraud. ClickGuard had become so important for me that I had started recommending it to everyone…I love being able to track all of the places where money is being spent…It was easy to stop some of these fraudulent activities at their root by getting alerted right when they happened. Knowing that ClickGuard has my back, I am happy to spend more time online because I am confident in its ability at protecting me against harmful activity. So get out there and get your hands on this great app!

  8. I love ClickGuard because it’s so user-friendly. I think anybody would be able to use it within minutes of downloading the app. You can take control of your ads and block content that may not be relevant to you, which is great if you’re trying to spend wisely. But what I like most about this software is its reporting features; let me tell you, they are impeccable! It gives me all sorts of real-time statistics on my campaigns–it’s too cool! Plus, having the option to report clicked criminals better correlates with trust in the product for me.”

  9. ClickGuard is a popular tool for protecting your online account. It also blocks placements that may be fraudulent and provides real-time statistics. Plus, you can set custom alerts to stop click criminals and provide comprehensive reporting with ClickGuard.

  10. I’ve used this app for a few years now and I’m super satisfied with it! It helps me prevent fraud and risk, but also lets me monitor my account performance in real-time! There’s not much you could ask for that isn’t included.
    The only complaint that I have is the price – I think it costs waaaaaay too much. But other than that, there are no cons to mention so far!

  11. After downloading ClickGuard, I felt like I was finally in control because the software protects any space that has anything to do with my marketing efforts. Furthermore, there are handfuls of data reporting capabilities, which make it possible for me to analyze key performance indicators quickly and efficiently. Overall, it’s easy to see why this is one of the top-selling security apps on iTunes!

  12. Generally speaking, the product has revolutionized the way in which websites earn ad revenue. It features a design that pops and users will feel at home with it because it’s so simple. Furthermore, a lot of people were frustrated with other anti-fraud tools being quite complicated to use, but ClickCease makes sure that isn’t an issue for you – just implement it on your site after purchase and profiting from money gained from ads will be automated!

  13. Usually, it’s not easy to find reliable software that is also cost-efficient. But with Clixtell, the wonderland of B2B marketing solutions has finally come within reach! With access to cutting-edge technology for fair prices (that are actually affordable), you’ll get any kind of routine work done in a jiffy thanks to this highly skilled team. This web application automates tasks like ad campaign data inspection and customer tracking, so there’s zero need for employees or interns who can’t even read Excel but still cost your company major bucks (not to mention good karma). They’ve been doing what they do best since 2014, so you know this app will be around when other newbies have long been forgotten.

  14. Clixtell was the first software of its kind to help advertisers and digital marketers determine whether or not any suspicious clicks or phone calls had been made which would suggest an invalid click activity. The automatic detection algorithm is based on machine learning and data science, while some older solutions can actually be prone to more errors than they are worth. With the competition closing in, there is no better time than now for both agencies and business owners who rely heavily on Google Ads & Bing Ads to get Clixtell into their marketing mix.

  15. I’ve been using ClickCease for about 6 months now and I can’t say enough good things about it. Better than Sophos, better than Kaspersky…ClickCease is the best choice by far if you want to keep your Google Ads safe.

  16. ClickCease is a plugin for Google Analytics that filters out fake entries. The company makes it easy to block them from ever affecting your data, stopping ad campaigns from being cancelled or producers from walking away due to click spikes with no conversions. We understand the pains of small website owners trying to keep their campaigns going and this solution ensures they can receive accurate reports on what’s working and what isn’t..
    In fact, user reviews indicate that Click Cease was able to increase CTR by up 150%! Definitely, something you want on your side if you’re not getting desired results.

  17. As a business owner, I rely on my Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns to perfectly match what it is that our clients want. However, with the demands of SEO and content creation for PPC, there were always moments where we would take a step back from bidding strategy or campaign management to focus on these other tasks. It was only after completing the process here at ClickCease that we realized how big of an impact it could make! The data mining software does such a thoroughly impressive job in finding all those invalid clicks and cluttering ads- this is something I have never seen before! It feels easier now having one less thing bothering me because each day goes by without being disrupted by invalid click usage.

  18. The problem of fake IPs getting in the way of advertising is no longer our world’s worse one. That’s why I’m so pleased to be able to say that ClickCease is an effective solution for my company, and has boosted our CTR significantly! For any ads within a campaign where ClickCease was used on the IP address, it tracked down the owner of the ISP or device ID just by clicking on any part of that particular ad. There are detailed reports for every single click, including information about the country code, located on each continent, public transit nearby and even browser version.

  19. I had all but given up on advertising my business on Google Ads until I came across Clixtell. Their customer service is unmatched, the rates are affordable and I’ve seen some great ROI. They make it easy to track my ads with their dashboard tools, 24/7 live chat for any questions that may occur while you wait – just brilliant!

  20. With one free trial of ClickCease, I went from 64% invalid click conversions to less than 18%. Honestly the best investment in marketing software I’ve ever made.

  21. All in all, ClickCease is a good tool for handling your click fraud needs. It’s easy to install and I’ve had great success with it. If you’re looking for a robust security system that will filter out click fraud, then this might be the program for you!

  22. What a time to be alive, with all this technology and innovation going on! So I was browsing the internet the other day when this guy from ClickCease came up to me. Now I didn’t know what it does at first, but after talking with him for a while he told me that they help small businesses stay up-to-date in an increasingly tech-savvy world. If you’re looking to step your game up then check out their website because they have probably got something for you.

  23. ClickCease is a revolutionary safety measure that protects your company’s website from fraud. Clicking on ads that are continuously being clicked by the same IP address puts any business at risk of getting their Ad campaign terminated, especially when these fraudulent clicks come in hotspots of high-traffic online destinations. ClickCease ensures you never have to worry about this happening again with automated notification alerts and instant blocking! With Clickcease, there’s no need to hunt down repeated intruders – email notifications are sent every time someone tries to steal revenue from your company, giving you all the information you need to take immediate action.

  24. I was really frustrated after being “clicked” on by bots that blocked my ads, but now I use ClickCease. The team at this cool startup created it after noticing how many fake IPs were stopping ad campaigns from attracting more viewers to screens ̶ which means less money spent on the campaign before they were put to bed ̶ so you don’t have to worry about if your online marketing is getting wasted or damaged! They offer detailed information of where every ad campaign links up with a potential click goer, like their IP address and location of their device ID and ISP that filters out any bots.

  25. The ClickCease software is a helpful tool. It helped me to boost my CTR, and I got more people clicking on the advertisements! Now I know which ad campaigns would’ve been complete failures without ClickCease because it has detailed information about all of them: who they target, where they come from and what their IP address is. If you can’t see any improvement in your campaign after using this software for a few days, then you should talk to one of their customer service representatives. The Web interface makes everything really easy to do- even if you don’t have any experience doing web design yourself so there are plenty of tools that will help you too!

  26. ClickCease was the only solution I found that helped with this issue. . It’s proven to get rid of any click fraud including the “hidden-fraud” which takes clicks without human interaction. You can also see how little your site is clicking on by seeing the new web stats module in ClickCease! I cannot recommend this software enough for protecting your website from all types of click fraud (and you know if you’re not using it then someone else will be taking all of your money).

  27. ClickCease is a brand new software that has significantly cut down my PPC costs, to the point where I’m now only paying 5% of what I was before. Clickguard does not seem like anything amazing to me. To start with, it is much more expensive than ClickCease and you have to pay monthly fees which are too costly for an individual’s budget. Secondly, I can’t tell if it really works or not because their installation cost so much–I didn’t even feel comfortable making the investment in something that could be adding on costs rather than reducing them!

  28. I’ve been looking for a good call tracking service and I wanted to try out Clixtell because I had never tried it before. The results that I found were astounding. It was affordable, the design wasn’t distracting or ugly like many other services I have seen in my past, and it also gave me great customer support with a very quick response time!

  29. Clixtell is a nifty little app that has completely transformed my time spent on search engine marketing. It does everything it claims, and I don’t have to put in the extra effort to make sure things are going right!

  30. The team at Clixtell is amazing – their customer service reps are always available to help and they get your problems solved right away. They’re great innovators who really know what they’re doing and I’m so happy with how things turned out after we reached out to them! Highly recommend!!!

  31. I have been using Clixtell for a while now and I can’t live without it! It automatically detects invalid clicks that are made by bots, which has helped my bottom line. There’s also an email tracking service that lets me know if someone followed through to purchase what they wanted.

  32. It all started in 2011 with Google’s then new advertising platform that became known in the industry as “Adwords.” After successfully taking care of invalid click activity back when it was only using the term “Keyword”, I wanted to create an even more advanced solution for Adwords era. I discreetly pulled together a team of developers, quality assurance engineers, and marketers–all people who are dedicated to developing innovative solutions for all types of business. So, we created ClickCease. With one goal in mind–to develop state-of-the-art software that provides well established solutions for any type of business.

  33. I think ClickCease is the best at stopping fake clicks. It’s easy to use and gives you a ton of information about what it has done, why it stopped the click, etc. PLUS their customer service! They’re really quick to answer any obviously questions I have with detailed answers too.

  34. “I used Clixtell to run a new campaign on Google Ads. It was pretty easy to set up, and I had my tracking apps set up in no time! Honestly the analytics are incredible, too. The customer service is also phenomenal – after I started running into problems with my site’s code they were able to help get it back up quickly.”

  35. I’ve been using Clixtell for almost three years now. I was thrown off by the price initially, but after considering my options and seeing how many clients had used it before me with success stories, I decided to give it a try. And let me tell you not only am I happy with my purchase, but I’m recommending all of my peers who are looking into call tracking software.

  36. “Clixtell is a software-as-a service company that offers advanced solutions for all the types of businesses and digital marketing agencies. As an expert in invalid click activity detection and prevention, Clixtell has created systems to solve challenging problems such as those generated by ad campaigns on Google Search ads and Bing Ads. I’ve used it for my own business, and couldn’t recommend anything more.”

  37. Clixtell is the ultimate solution for today’s businesses. With years of experience in developing state-of-the-art software, Clixtell provides well-established solutions for all types of business. The detection and prevention of invalid click activity help find hidden competitors that are running fraudulent campaigns on Adwords & Bing Ads while call tracking service ensures accurate allocation to your campaign spend! My favourite features include hiding keywords that should not be targeting, custom filters for specific campaign needs, and shortcuts to generate reports based on different fields you’ll need later down the road.

  38. ClickCease is the must-have for any business trying to reach customers worldwide. Rather than stop ad campaigns, which can lead to decreased click rates, ClickCease helps its users identify whether or not their ads are reaching the right audience by showing detailed information about any ad that clicks on an IP address. The solution blocks fake IPs that may hinder ads from being seen by targeted customers. Its user reviews show increased CTR rates because of its usefulness in finding out who is viewing an advertisement and where they’re located.

  39. We never got reached out to after the boarding process, however, we were given a comprehensive 40-minute walkthrough on Google Hangout on how to block and perform actions which helped a lot and we were able to run the tool very well. We were also told that someone would research into our niche and come back with a plan to help stop the attack on our ads however once we got done with the boarding process, there were no reach outs.

  40. “This is the only way that every click in my account gets scrutinized and reported to me. I love how I can use the program to change the settings so it checks out all of my clicks, even if they seem legit! It’s such a relief knowing someone is watching over my ads day and night.”
    “ClickCease has been instrumental in catching fraudsters who seem like they’ll never be caught. As fraud detection software for Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns, we’re always adding updates, which means we’re always one step ahead.”

  41. I tried a lot of different ad blockers, and they were either too arduous to set up or too limited in their abilities. I spent hours setting up protections, but it kept going off when I least expected it. It took all the fun out of browsing the web for me! Eventually, I finally found ClickCease. The best thing about this is that if your ads are getting blocked from time to time by fraudulent IPs that keep clicking on them to no end, then you can easily find these pesky pests with one click and block them forever! To put it simply: Make this your one-stop shop and pay attention to what’s important: Keeping advertisers happy so you don’t have to worry about running ads anymore.

  42. I used Clixtell and never had to worry about invalid clicks again. For a small monthly fee, you can rest assured knowing there are no more hidden costs in your advertising budget. It is so easy to set up and it has automated features that will save you time on an already hectic day! I would recommend this software for anyone who wants results without all the hassle of managing ad campaigns.

  43. Not only did the customer service help me make it work for my company, but after I made a few changes to my account settings they also helped me find ways to maximize ROI on my campaign. 10/10 I would recommend Clickguard!

  44. I had a PPC Protect consultant on my team earlier this year, and I can’t imagine running a campaign without it now. They use cutting-edge technology to detect invalid clicks that other products miss – plus their human curation saved me hours of time on a project that would have been more expensive the old-fashioned way!

  45. ClickGuard is hands down one of the best security apps I have used to date. One of the many pros I’ve noticed about ClickGuard was a reduction in ad costs, which can be a huge factor for smaller brands to think about when customers are viewing ads that have been placed by an external source. Speaking from personal experience, that alone has saved me money and enabled me to allocate said funds towards other areas that were more important at the moment.

  46. ClickCease is an amazing product that can boost your company’s campaign CTR. What I love about ClickCease is the user reviews, they offer a thorough overview of IP addresses and devices so you know which ads are being seen. It helps me to understand what fake IPs need to be blocked in order to get more real viewers
    Almost every day when I browse through my screen it feels like “EVERY AD IS CLICKING ON ME”! But now with ClickCease blocking those pesky fake IP’s, all of the deceitful people on the internet have nowhere else but to click on these advertisements instead. The new ways behind this solution speak for itself so far.”

  47. I cannot speak highly enough of the benefits that PPC Protect offers. Software was always something I worried about hacking in to, but not with this product. As soon as my code got too tricky, it started protecting me from myself! They’re an up-and-coming company that has proved they know what they are doing when it comes to advance solutions for all types of business. They provide qualifiable software and services at an affordable price time after time again. Do yourself a favor and sign up today!

  48. I have been researching the companies I work with to gauge whether they’re suitable companies. Last week I checked up on ten of my previous clients and found two ads for them that looked suspicious. I then installed ClickGuard! It was super easy, it told me what those ads were, where those ad types came from, and how many other people clicked them as well as if there had been any changes since it last scanned my account. So now I can tailor my searches better, but click-likely make sure their placements are within criterion – all this with one click guard button!

  49. I did my research and trialling thoroughly to find an Ads click platform that gives you results. With ClickGuard, you get bost of both worlds, offering one of the most advanced platforms giving you options to personalise settings fully. Other services were very simplistic, which is my feeling, could block out good traffic.

  50. I had my doubts at first, but after I installed ClickCease and it was clearly blocking some fake IPs from stopping ad campaigns which meant that more people saw the advertisements on their screens. Now there’s even a website where you can just check to see what you’re not blocked and everything is good and better than ever!

  51. When you start using ClickCease, it’s immediately clear that advertisers are no longer at the mercy of bots. I automatically began receiving notifications before my ads googled suspicious activities like fraudulent clicks and repeated IPs. It couldn’t be easier to block these things – at least through this service!

    I’ve never had any issues with the reports; they’re straightforward, easy to review, and saves me the time I can put towards other tasks on my campaign. If it takes less than five minutes for an ad associate to respond to your notification (and they do!), there’s really nothing more you can ask for out of a customer service centre.

  52. I love this app! It protects my ads from being clicked on by fraudulent IPs, which is a big problem in any industry. Now I don’t have to worry about my money being stolen anymore because everything’s handled for me with ClickCease. No hassle with blocking individual IPs – it all takes care of itself automatically. Super simple and easy to use too.

  53. I tried ClickCease for months, and I have to say that it’s amazing! You can block IPs that are fraudulent or bad info with ease. One of the most awesome features is the automation feature that blocks any IPs after clicking on 5 ads in a row–none of my ads is being ruined by pesky bots anymore 😉 Check out ClickCease today!
    It’s so easy to use–no special knowledge is required.

  54. I had a few issues with my clicks and some of the usual problems like clicking on ads while I’m browsing, but Clixtell was able to fix all of that for me. And it was super easy. If you’re looking for an easy fix for this problem, give them a call!

  55. PPC Protect service has been invaluable to my business. It has helped me get ahead of competitors with fewer invalid clicks that are costing them money, too. My campaign performance is outstanding, and after one month I saw less than 1% invalid click rate on Bing Ads alone! These guys know what they’re doing. If you have any questions about PPC Protect or how it works for businesses like mine, use the handy chat feature on their website to find out more info in real time without bugging the team via email (which was pretty frustrating when I had a deadline) or waiting overnight for an answer when working around the clock in this dog-eat-dog industry full of competitors who will stop at nothing to undercut each other by perpetrating fraud.

  56. I am a digital marketing agency and I had difficulties with invalid click activity. The problem got so bad that I would make the campaign budget go negative throughout the day because of all the fraudulent clicks. Thankfully, my boss recommended PPC Protect and now we’re on top again. It has definitely made our lives easier and is less stressful knowing we can still distinguish between real clicks and fake ones without manually counting every single one on Google Analytics or Omniture or Alexa.”

  57. This platform allowed my team & me to limit click fraud which allowed us to ensure our budget was being spent in a meaningful way. The onboarding process was pretty simple & the dashboard was intuitive. I wish I had known about this platform when I initially started managing PPC ads accounts. It’s probably some of the best protection in terms of click fraud out there. The budget you save will go towards increasing conversion value and ultimately ROI.

  58. When we discovered we were being clicked to death by competitors, obviously raised red flags with us. It had been going on for some time but didn’t become obvious until we tripled in size needing more leads. Which then, my marketing guy, observed for a full day out of google analytics to discover 10 evenly spaced per hour spikes of 100% bounce rate to which his suspicions were confirmed. Fortunately, he found a click crease. Easy to sign up. There are videos that explain what and how you’re being farmed for clicks so your purchase makes sense. Hey, for $50 a month, the moment we put this firewall up, the same day we were getting results. The best part, all the false clicks you receive and that click cease monitors and blocks? Yea, they compile a refund form to google on your behalf at the end of the month automatically. Very neat service.

  59. I’ve been running PPC campaigns for a while now, and I had my fair share of problems with invalid clicks. It’s happened so often that it feels like it’s becoming the norm. And when the surges happen, your campaign can get really expensive in just a matter of days! That happened to me before I found out about this program. As soon as I installed PPC Protect into my Google Ads account, everything changed. Suddenly I was getting reports that were more accurate than ever before and these surge alerts helped me identify hot spots faster than you can imagine! Nowadays, knowing what is going on with my ads has never been easier What are you waiting for?

  60. After changing from Bing to Google, I was sad that my new Call Tracking Campaigns no longer had the detailed information I needed. Now all of my events are well-organized and accessible with solutions for any problem that comes up. PPC Protect is an amazing company! The best change I’ve made in years.

  61. “I’m so happy to have found these guys! Clixtell took great care of me and helped me understand where I was going wrong with my campaigns. The service is excellent, invaluable!”

  62. PPC Protect is the CRM software I’ve been looking for! I love how the app monitors my account activity so I know what’s happening to my clicks and ads at all times. It gives insightful reporting, analytics, and campaign management that meets my needs without waking up every morning with one eye on advertising algorithms. PPC Protect has saved me time by stopping nasty invalid traffic before it affects conversion rates – which means more business than ever before!

    “I was getting crazy about invalid click activities because they cost an arm and a leg to clean up. When I found out about this company, PPC Protect, it allowed me to sleep like a baby again.”

  63. It’s hard to go wrong with Clixtell, which likely has the best detection and prevention of invalid click activity on Google Ads and Bing Ads out there – and it never misses a thing! You can forget about people backtracking their steps or inputting spam links: the app will catch those schemes with 100% accuracy. And it’s not just for Google Apps accounts. If you’re worried that this is all leading up to those shady things you do as a marketer, fret not–Clixtell sweeps through your whole registry before your campaign gets started, thus creating an immaculate environment from day one.

  64. “This is the only thing I’ve found that works to prevent all those fake clicks. It’s pretty much a lifesaver.” Love ClickCease for my company.

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