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ClickStar has the potential of catering to the requirements of almost all advertisers of all types. It is worth a try even for those who are starting with their journey of earning money. ClickStar can help you monetize your website with push subscriptions. Overall, ClickStar has the potential to meet the needs of almost any type of advertiser.

Out of 10


  • Easy sign-up process
  • Real-time Tracking with Advanced Targeting.
  • Exclusive User Base
  • Easy to use platform
  • Provides push traffic to monetize your website


  • Still less known among the advertisers.


Price: $

Push notifications have become a popular way for online advertisers to reach their customers. ClickStar is a platform that offers push notification advertising and is gaining popularity.

In this post, I will provide a detailed review of the ad network. You will learn about what the platform is, how it works, and whether it could be a good fit for your business needs in the future.

I have personally benefited greatly from this platform and would like to share my experience with you. Push ads are an effective way to monetize websites.

They allow you to deliver personalized messages to users who are not actively engaged with their devices. Once a user subscribes to push notifications, you can earn revenue until they unsubscribe.

So, let’s dive into the details of this platform and see if it could be the perfect solution for your business. Review

ClickStar.Me Review: Know More About

ClickStar is a kind of online marketing medium that can be used to reach the target audience across the globe in a pretty informative way.

ClickStar me overview review

This lets the marketers and advertisers send their notifications to the target audience with ease. The notifications can include numerous things that can be used in order to attract the attention of the audience, like exclusive offers or coupons.

ClickStar sends out these notifications right to phones as well as tabs for users who have an application downloaded for your services or products in order to keep them up-to-date with the latest information about various products. 

The services offered by ClickStar can offer benefits not only to the advertisers but also have the potential to help the publishers get new followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or more installs.

The publisher gets paid each time people install your application, make a visit, purchase your product, or so on after they click the notification sent by ClickStar. 

Push notification advertisements are an incredible way of getting your message around as well as keeping it fresh in people’s minds.

Push notification ads are a great way to remind people about events or offers and draw attention to new games or apps. Use images and text for short messages and interactive ads with call-to-action tabs for longer messages.

ClickStar can help you monetize your website with push subscriptions. Register as a publisher on, wait for approval, and start making money by placing code on your site and displaying push ads to every user.

Push notifications are difficult to ignore, and users tend to click on them, resulting in a targeted audience. Publishers earn well with push notification ads, and advertisers can grow their brand globally.

Ad Formats That Supports ad formats- clickstar me review

  • Redirect Traffic

This format of advertising will appear in the background and does not interfere with the content. The advertisement gets triggered when a user clicks on your website for the first time.

It can be considered a great format for advertising because the full-page format gets more than 1 Million daily clicks. 

  • iOS Calendars

This advertising format gets about 200K clicks each day, and it is an analog of the push notifications for the iOS devices, as the name itself suggests.

iOS Calendars is a novel ad format and can convert really well. It can display information about marketing promotions and interesting events.

This type of information gets a humongous amount of clicks, and thus, the publishers can earn a lot. 

  • Push Notifications

Push Notifications has the highest number of clicks that any ad format receives, which is about 3M clicks each day. It is sent to only the users who agree to receive the browser notifications.

This ad format is highly converting for the publishers in order to promote the advertisements aggressively in order to earn big bucks. 

  • Native Ads

Though this format has yet to be offered to ClickStar users, it is expected to be available really soon. It is a totally customizable advertising format that has texts and images on the basis of user intent.

The Top Features Of ClickStar Review

Unlike numerous other push notification advertisement networks, ClickStar has tons of various features for different business needs. 

Clickstar me features and benefits- review

1. Deep Targeting For The Push Notifications

You can keep the messages fresh as well as keep the audience engaged by personalizing the notification content.

Here, you can send the push notification advertisement to the users on the basis of their interests as well as the events they have attended before and also the other data points that you have collected from Facebook or other platforms about them.

In this manner, you can make your audience feel that they are getting resourceful and valuable content in the push notifications.

2. Auto Conversion Tracking

ClickStar’s push notifications get tracked by using auto-conversion tracking. This is an incredible way of making sure that you have an idea about the exact Return On Investment for each and every campaign.

Here, you can track the impressions, click-through rates, open rates, and other metrics to see how well every notification is performing over time.

When you track the conversions, you can make a lot better decisions, get many more conversions, and optimize the campaigns, which can prove to be the best way to become successful in the niche you are working on. 

3. You Can Monetize Any Website With The ClickStar Push Notification Ads

This feature is a pretty impressive one that can be used with ClickStar and lets you monetize the blog, site, or newsletter right from the dashboard.

With this feature, you can look upon every notification campaign on your own by letting you see the amount of money generated and also empowering all types of business setups in order to make bucks online. 

This is thus one of the most incredible ways of making money for any business type by letting people on the blog or site subscribe as well as receive notifications from the companies.

It can thus be an amazing source of earning a few extra bucks and lets you monetize any website that has the traffic for generating revenue with the push notification advertisement.

Why Should You Choose

This section is the most important of all because it will help you understand how can help your business in the long run. 

Clickstar me over features

1. Smart Bidding

Automated bidding puts into use machine learning for every conversion with the targeted price. You can earn more with smart bidding instead of manual bidding due to their automated strategy. 

2. Ease Of Usage

The platform is easy to use and intuitive and lets you launch your campaigns really quickly.

You can sign up as an advertiser or publisher for free and start generating revenue with the advanced-level push notification ad format.

3. Real-Time Tracking

Real-time campaign optimization lets you identify the performance of the campaign. You can also start and stop the campaign on the basis of the performance.

Campaign optimization enables you to adjust the settings in real time to improve the performance of a campaign.

4. Incredible User Bse

The platform has its own distinctive push user base and, thus, top-tier traffic coming from premium publishers. 

5. Advanced-Level Targeting

You can target the audience by ISO, region, Country, device, OS, and a lot more to get flooded conversions. 

6. Integrate Any Website

Irrespective of whether your website is HTTP or has HTTPS, it is super easy to integrate the code right into the website, and this way, you can monetize the direct links as well as the landing pages


✅ Is It Possible To Buy The Push Traffic In The System?

Yes, it is possible for the users to buy traffic in All you need to do for that is, register and then create your campaign.

🏆 Can The Search Engines Press Penalties Against The Website?

No, the Search Engine Policies does not prohibit the usage of push notifications on the website.

⚡ What Is The Average Earning On This Platform?

If a user has about 5000 visitors per day, then after a month of placing the advertising code, you can earn about $30 to $100 per day. In order to collect the push-subscription base, you will need some time. But ultimately, in the end, it is an approximation, and it all depends upon the type as well as the category of the traffic.

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Conclusion: Is the Best Global Push Advertising Network? 

That concludes the detailed review of ClickStar. Overall, ClickStar has the potential to meet the needs of almost any type of advertiser.’

It is worth trying, even for those who are just starting out on their journey of making money.

Publishers can increase their revenue by monetizing traffic on their sites with push notifications. Payouts are high and always on time, so you’ll definitely enjoy seeing the money flow into your account.

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