ClickMeeting Review 2024: 🚀 Boost Your Webinars with Ease!


Overall Verdict

ClickMeeting is a software that helps you in running custom-branded webinars even if you’re creating for the first time. Now with ClickMeeting, you can easily create branded webinars to reach your audience, engage your audience, educate your audience, and many more things in a row. ClickMeeting is the tool that helps you before, during, and after your webinar.

Out of 10


  • Event recording layouts
  • Auto-stream on Facebook or YouTube
  • Mobile application
  • Chat moderation
  • Auto-publish the recording on YouTube channel
  • On-demand webinars


  • More pricing options needed
  • Expensive for startups


Price: $ 21.34

Welcome to our in-depth ClickMeeting Review for 2024, where we embark on an exploration of a webinar platform that promises to revolutionize your virtual engagement experiences.

In the fast-paced realm of online communication and virtual meetings, finding the perfect solution to host seamless, interactive webinars is paramount.

ClickMeeting, with its array of features and tools, has emerged as a compelling contender in this domain.

In this detailed review, we will navigate through its functionalities, ease of use, integrations, and overall performance.

We aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how ClickMeeting can elevate your webinars to new heights, making the process smoother and more effective for both hosts and attendees.

Join us on this journey as we unveil how ClickMeeting can truly boost your webinars with ease and finesse.

ClickMeeting Review

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

ClickMeeting offers hassle-free webinar setup and execution.

Engage your attendees with interactive polls, surveys, and chat options, ensuring an immersive experience.

Screen sharing, whiteboard capabilities, and file sharing further enhance the collaborative environment, fostering effective communication.

ClickMeeting is the key to unlocking a world of successful virtual events, making your webinars not only informative but also enjoyable for all involved.

What Is a Webinar? 🌟

In simple language, if we expand Webinar = Web + Seminar. A webinar is an online seminar that is basically conducted over the internet.

Webinar usually includes video, audio, slideshows, images, and more media. And here you can create any webinar on any topic and it can have one or more hosts along with one or more participants.

Basically, a webinar host talks to the participants via audio, and videos and the best part is that participants communicate with the host via audio and video.

A host can easily share slideshows, images, videos, and audio along with other media files right with their participants.

But, how you can conduct a successful webinar without putting too much effort. Yes, there is a way through which you can do that task, using Webinar Software.

Now the problem arises again with which webinar service you should use as the market is flooded with tons of webinar software. Which one you should choose in order to get the maximum benefit?

Don’t worry, here in this post, we are going to discuss a Webinar Software that helps you in creating and launching successful webinars.

Here comes the ClickMeeting– A Modern Webinar Software To Launch Successful Webinars. So let’s start the ClickMeeting review here.

Clickmeeting awards

ClickMeeting Review 2024: Boost Your Webinars with Ease!

ClickMeeting is a software that helps you in running custom-branded webinars even if you’re creating for the first time.

Now with ClickMeeting, you can easily create branded webinars to reach your audience, engage your audience, educate your audience, and many more things in a row.

ClickMeeting is the tool that helps you before, during, and after your webinar.

ClickMeeting Review- The Best Webinar Software

ClickMeeting was founded in the year 2011 by GetResponse- one of the leading email marketing platforms.

Here, ClickMeeting has a vision of providing a complete webinar solution for all types of businesses, whether it’s large or strong.

And over the next few years, ClickMeeting grew exponentially and in the year 2016, they get separated and started their own company.

ClickMeeting Review- Who Can Use Webianr Service

ClickMeeting always carries on the tradition of providing flexible, self-service webinar solutions that generally help you to reach, engage, educate, and then convert your audience into your customers.

Really, ClickMeeting is the featured rich webinar solution that will help in conducting extraordinary Webinars.

Clickmeeting reviews

How To Get Started With ClickMeeting?

Really, getting started with ClickMeeting is super easy. Here we have listed a few steps through which you can simply start creating your first campaign with ClickMeeting.

Step 1: Prepare & Invite

Just get started hassle-free and only takes a moment. Simply customize your webinar room along with other elements right with a few clicks in order to make a great first impression and get started attracting a bigger audience.

ClickMeeting Review- Get Started

You will get the following things that you can easily add in order to prepare your webinar and invite more and more people. List of features that you can easily add right to your webinars in order to make them extraordinary.

  • Add-Ons
  • Webinar Timeline
  • Sub-accounts
  • Multiuser
  • Webinar Rebranding
  • Address Book
  • Customized Invitations
  • Registrations Page
  • Profile Page
  • Waiting Room With Agenda

Step 2: Run & Interact

Now we have come to the most important step, as here we have to run our Webinar and start interacting with the participants.

Now start hosting flawless and productive webinars even without thinking of the devices and the operating system. Just engage your audience right with your content and simply allow them to interact.

ClickMeeting_ Run And Interact

What Additional things you can do with the ClickMeeting while hosting the webinars.

  • New Room
  • Webinar Room
  • Audio & Video
  • Presentation
  • White Boards
  • Pools and Survey
  • Screen Sharing
  • Audio Modes
  • Call TO Actions
  • Online Meetings
  • Simultaneous Chat Translation
  • Moderated Q&A and private chat
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers
  • ClickMeeting Mobile Application.

Step 3: Analyze and Share

Just make the most of your event and then simply drive the useful predictions along with the trends right from it.

Just follow-up and strengthen the relationship right with your participants and start converting your participants into your customers.

 ClickMeeting Review- Analyze and Share

What else you are here getting with the ClickMeeting, here we have compiled the list of advanced features that you will be getting with ClickMeeting.

  • Webinar and attendee statistics
  • Webinar Recording
  • Webinar storage
  • Thank-You Page
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Performance Rating

So, we have finished with all the 3 steps that you can easily follow to use this amazing webinar software called ClickMeeting.

Top Features of ClickMeeting 💥

1. Webinar Room

Just host and control all of your webinars simply by using an intuitive interface. Now gather all of your audience right in the webinar room and then host all the live webinars efficiently and comfortably.

Simply support your events right with the easy-to-use tools to control the interactions.

 ClickMeeting Review- Webinar Room

There were many features of Webinars Room In Separate that are listed below:

  • Interactive Features
  • Text Chat Support
  • Attendee List
  • Audio and Video
  • Recording
  • Advanced Settings
  • Just go global
  • Webinar Rebranding

Now start impressing your customers while promoting your brand. Simply make a greater impact right on your audience. With ClickMeeting just explore the benefits of rebranding your webinar room along with the waiting room.

Key Features:

  • Simply customize the layouts simply by using the intuitive rebranding tools right for a more efficient setup.
  • Now emphasize your professionalism along with the brand coherence.
  • Just rebrand your webinar and the waiting rooms simply by your logo along with changing the colors in order to keep your brand consistent.

2. Screen Sharing

Start sharing the screen and collaborate right during your webinar. Now increase your audience engagement along with improving productivity and also maximizing all of your resources simply by taking turns right at the controls.

Basically, the screen sharing features allow the remote participants to easily view your computer desktop.

You have the choice to share the full or partial screen in order to show all of your participants a demo of the new product or any tutorials you want.

 ClickMeeting Review- Easy webinar screen sharing

And here the best part is that the remote screen control mainly allows getting one step ahead, so here the option of sharing your screen lets you take control of your participant’s screen and simply operate it right from any location you want.

Key Features:

  • Market technology to the prospects while eliminating all of the hassle and the cost of traveling.
  • Just demonstrate all of the processes of running all of the programs like (Excel, Numbers. Photoshop, and many more things)
  • Helps guide your coworkers right through the documents, websites, or any of the projects you are currently working on.
  • Now start demonstrating the process remotely right on the trainee computers.

3. Webinar and Attendee Statistics

Here this amazing feature allows you to measure and analyze your webinars. Now you can view and export info about any of the particular webinars along with deriving useful predictions and trends.

You can also analyze the data right on the individual participants and then you can use it in order to improve your performance and the content.

 ClickMeeting Review- Webinar statistics

Here all of the stats will include the following things:

  • Webinar Summary
  • Attendee Statistics
  • Survey Summaries
  • Performance Ratings

4. Webinar Recording

Just start recording and sharing your webinars. Now capture your online event right with one click, download it and play it or you have the option to share it with anyone.

 ClickMeeting Review- Webinar recording ClickMeeting Review- Webinar recording

All of the recording benefits results in the following:

  • It gives all of your audience the freedom to review material right at their convenience.
  • Just create highly shareable content in order to distribute via email, social media, and also the website.
  • Helps in creating the reference materials right for internal use and simply building your portfolio.

5. Polls & Surveys:

Just start collecting the opinions and valuable feedback from your webinar attendees.

You can easily run polls and surveys on any topic during the time you’re running a webinar in order to gather all the opinions, and insights along with the feedback right from your audience.

You can analyze results in order to make informed business decisions and then improve your future webinars.

 ClickMeeting Review- Webinar survey

With the webinar pools and surveys, you can do that:

  • Start assigning the points to answers to turn your polls right into the classroom like a test.
  • Helps in displaying and sharing results in real-time and then starts analyzing them to make smart business decisions.
  • Now create single-choice, multiple-choice along with the open questions right the in-depth knowledge.
  • You can easily run an unlimited number of polls and test right on any topic in order to get valuable data right from your audience.

Here we have ended up with ClickMeeting’s most advanced features that help us in running successful webinars.

ClickMeeting Integrations

Just start browsing and integrating the applications that basically connect directly with ClickMeeting.

 ClickMeeting Review- Integrations

The integration list of the ClickMeeting is here:

  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Moodle
  • Infusionsoft
  • Salesforce
  • GetResponse
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Office
  • Dropbox
  • iWork
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook
  • Slack
  • WordPress

ClickMeeting Pricing: ClickMeeting Review Coupon Code 2024 🔥

ClickMeeting provides many pricing options and here you will be able to find the pricing that suits your requirements and your budget too.

As it offers three pricing plans called MyWebinars™, MyWebinars™ Pro, and Enterprise here each of them offers various plan according to your need. Let’s discuss the Annually plan here.

ClickMeeting Pricing

1. MyWebinars™ ($25: For 25 Attendees)

This plan is suitable for small and medium-sized webinars right from 25 to 100 attendees.

  • 2 presenters
  • 4 Video Streams
  • Rebranding Tools
  • Reusable 4h of Recording

2. MyWebinars™ Pro ($35: For 50 Attendees)

This plan basically works best for bigger events from 50 to 500 Attendees.

  • 4 presenters
  • 4 Video Streams
  • Rebranding Tools
  • Reusable 6h of Recording
  • 3 Multiuser
  • HD Quality
  • 24 Recording-Hours of Storage

3. Enterprise ($165: For 500-5000 Attendees)

Here they will build a custom and scalable ClickWebinar solution right for you that you can easily rely upon.

  • Customized Packages
  • Agency Solution
  • Reseller Solution
  • Account Manager Support
  • Expert Consultations
  • Extended Add-Ons
  • HD Quality
  • Rebranding Services.

Don’t wait, too much just get started with ClickMeeting and simply start running your own webinars in an extraordinary way.

ClickMeeting Free Trial Offer

Yes! ClickMeeting offers a free trial for their customer so that their customers can try ClickMeeting and get familiar with it.

And here the best thing that we like about the ClickMeeting Free Trial Offer is that they really don’t ask for any credit card information for the free trial and that point I consider the most.

Here you can simply use ClickMeeting for 30 days as here you will be getting a 30-Day Free Trial From ClickMeeting.

So, what are you waiting for, just get started with this amazing software risk-free as here you don’t have to make a risky investment. Just follow the given link given below in order to claim your 30 Day Free Trial Now.

Best ClickMeeting Alternatives 2024 😍

1) GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting boasts a great list of features in its platform that help make Online meetings and webinars easy, fun, and engaging for you and the attendees.

Your video conferences on GoToMeeting are HD quality by default without any limits to the meetings.

If you need to have participants who do not have access to webcams then they give you the option to have conferences via phone calls too.

GoToMeeting troubleshooting issues-Overview

You can either send group messages or personal messages to particular individuals while your conference is being conducted.

One of the best features of GoToMeeting is the super convenient screen recorder, the recording is done in high-definition quality.

What does GotoMeeting offer?

  • The entire platform is web-based for smarter and faster access to all
  • Compatible with all mobile devices with internet
  • Good security offered by GoToMeeting
  • Insights and analytics available on the dashboard
  • Integrated Conference Room Support
  • 250 attendees can be a part of each conference

GoToMeeting Pricing

  • For the professional plan, the cost is $12 per month
  • For the Business plan, the cost is $16 per month
  • For the Enterprise plan, you will be asked to connect with the sales team and custom build your plan as the company requirements

2) GoToWebinar


The GoToWebinar suite is a webinar software that assists users to connect better with their teammates and clients with just a click of a button.

GoToWebinar is a product of GoToMeeting that focuses on a larger reach and is built for scaled groups.

GoToMeeting powers millions of conferences yearly and is helping businesses scale by using good online communication tools. The platform is very user-friendly and the dashboard is very simple to use.

What’s Included

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Universal compatibility for all devices
  • 24/7 support
  • Forum page for assistance
  • Tutorials for users
  • On-call support available
  • Training videos


Gotowebinar is offering a 30-day free trial version for you to use before you go for a decision to buy the plans.

Get access to up to 100 persons attending the webinars, with the paid subscription the users can have up to 3000 attendees at their conferences.

The plan starts at $59 per month. For Business plans, you need to reach out to the sales team to get your own custom-build plan.

3) BigMarker

Bigmarker reviews

BigMarker is a virtual event website that is fully customizable. It combines amazing video technology with great marketing tools and user-friendly experience capabilities to create unique online webinars.

With their native integrations with brands like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and Hubspot along with other brands, you can be assured of great quality webinars and interactive videos.

BigMaker offers 

  • Live Webinars: Reach out to as many people as possible with powerful customizable tools for your business
  • Interactive Video: Involve your viewers in your engaging videos and gather data that can be helpful for your business.
  • Webinar Marketing: Capture good-quality leads with landing pages, forms, and emails.
  • Webinar Automation: You have the option of automating lead generation and, creating demos for your products and client onboarding.

4) Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings

The platform was built to help businesses from small to large scale to communicate effectively via video conferences and meetings.

You can use emoticons for pinning important messages, setting up agendas, and other unified meetings.

You can use filters to remove noises coming from the background, translate different languages instantly, and change video formats. You also can switch between video and audio calls.

Some great features offered 

  • Share files or videos
  • Private meetings
  • Mobile access
  • Screen sharing on all devices
  • Multi-streaming
  • Stream presentations
  • Real-time chat
  • Screen capture
  • Record your streams
  • Third-party integrations
  • Monetization tools

Cisco Webex Pricing 

One of the best things about Cisco is that they have a free version for individuals to use and test before making a decision.

  • The starter pack starts at $14.95 per month per host
  • The plus pack costs $19.95 per month per host
  • The business pack costs $29.95 per month per host

5) Demio

Demio as a video conferencing platform was founded in the year 2014.

As a marketing platform Demio has been very famous, they maintain an average rating of 4.9 in Capterra which shows that they have been working hard in providing the best tools to their paid users.

The Demio platform is very easy to use and the webinar tools are highly efficient. The live chat feature gives you the tool to have more engaged attendees and helps you scale your business.

Your queries are resolved in not more than 5 minutes as per the team at Demio. Customer service is their forte. They have a very intuitive dashboard with a user-friendly approach.

With Real-time HD streaming and the updated registration option, you can have engaging conferences and webinars.

Demio Features 

  • Screen sharing with attendees
  • Social Media integrations
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Dedicated Forum for assistance
  • Webinars on-demand
  • Add multiple hosts to your conferences and webinars
  • Votes and polls online for engagement
  • Live Chat for assistance
  • Management of events via the dashboard
  • Custom build your brand

Demio Pricing 

With a 14-day trial version, Demio comes with a lot of payment options.

  • A starter pack for 50 attendees will cost you $49 per month
  • A growth plan with 150 attendees will cost you $99 per month
  • The business plan with 500 attendees will cost you $234 per month

ClickMeeting Customer Testimonials

Clickmeeting testimonials reviews

Clickmeeting testimonials online reviews

Clickmeeting testimonials online

Clickmeeting reviews on Trustpilot

Why You Should Choose ClickMeeting?

There are numerous reasons why you should start using ClickMeeting. Let’s share here, there were more than 147,498 satisfied customers right all over 219 countries mainly trusting ClickMeeting and also their clients.

 ClickMeeting Review- Platform Stats

Here ClickMeeting has already created 596,193 events. There were more than 956,747 hours of meetings along with webinars right in the past 12 months.

And you will be amazed by seeing that there were more than 17,073,178 meetings and webinars attendee’s right in the past 12 months.

  • Using The Paid Webinar Service

  • How To Create Outstanding Webinars

  • Call TO Action Pop Up

FAQs Related To ClickMeeting Review

👉 How is Click Meeting different from other competitive products?

Firstly, to use ClickMeeting you need not install the software onto your device. The only requirement is to have the latest web browser installed. For you to collaborate with your business partners or team, ClickMeeting proves to be a great tool for conducting online courses, online training sessions, video collaborations, and large online events. Since ClickMeeting is a browser-based application, it is accessible with every device hence it is universal. The user has the option to fully integrate it with their CRM or CMS through an advanced API at a cost.

⚡️ How many events can be hosted via ClickMeeting?

There is no end to how many events you would like to conduct. A dedicated Dashboard helps in organizing more than 100 events for you to manage and conduct with ease. Your calendar helps in keeping track of your upcoming meetings creating a systematic setup for you to manage them in an organized way. You can play prerecorded recorded events on autopilot for your partners or teammates. The Users get an option to allow viewers to play the videos on demand and control the progression of the video by adding play, pause, and navigation options.

🥇 Does ClickMeeting require a download before joining a meeting or webinar?

Since the platform is web-based all the user needs are the link to the event and an updated web browser to access the room. There is no requirement for the attendee to create an account to access the webinar or meeting making it a very fast and convenient way to gain access.

🙄 Can I integrate my ClickMeeting account to a social media platform or other external services?

The users can integrate their ClickMeeting account to many of the social media platforms and external devices. You may even sell your webinars by integrating Paypal into your account.

🚀 How can I change my email signature?

Log in to your account and hover the pointer to your name in the right upper corner of your screen. Click on your name and proceed to the Account settings section available in the drop-down menu. Proceed to the Personal details section and scroll down the page. Click on the Signature option and provide any details you want there to be. Please remember to save your changes. To see how it is going to look, create a test event and send yourself a test invitation. You can also proceed to Appearance settings to see, manage, and check your emails’ look.

🔥 Can I record my Webinar With ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting has the feature to record webinars. You can capture whatever you want from the ongoing meeting. Not all webinar solutions will offer this feature and external devices like a microphone or a webcam will be required to record live audio and video. After your recording is completed you get the option to edit the video at your convenience.

👉 How much recording space do I have?

Your recording space depends on the type of plan selected. Click on this link to view the plans offered by ClickMeeting.

⚡️ What is the refund policy of ClickMeeting ?

ClickMeeting offers a 30-day trial so there are no refunds offered once the product has been paid for. It is best that the user tries ClickMeeting and then make a decision of purchasing the product.

🥇 How to reactivate and use my account?

If your account has been deactivated you have 90 days from your last billed date to activate your account. If you have canceled your subscription and want to start using the services again then you can contact the ClickMeetings billing department and get your account started.

🙄 What if I need my team members to access the account to conduct webinars?

Users have two options, create a multiuser account or create and manage numerous sub-accounts. However, in a multiuser account, only one user can host an event so it is advised that you go for sub-accounts. In creating Sub-accounts, each user gets dedicated space and a user dashboard to use and manage their events individually. Creating a multiuser or sub-account has further applicable charges.

Conclusion: ClickMeeting Review 2024 ✅

Wrapping up our comprehensive exploration of ClickMeeting in this 2024 review, it’s clear that this webinar platform holds immense promise for anyone seeking to enhance their virtual events.

The effortless setup, interactive features, and seamless user interface make ClickMeeting a standout choice in the competitive world of webinar hosting.

As you strive to deliver impactful webinars and connect with your audience in a meaningful way, ClickMeeting offers the tools and capabilities to turn this vision into reality.

Embrace the potential of ClickMeeting and empower your webinars with a level of engagement and efficiency that can truly set you apart in the digital landscape.

Elevate your webinar game—choose ClickMeeting for a smoother, more enriching virtual event experience.

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34 User Reviews on ClickMeeting

  1. This review is for people who are thinking of trying out ClickMeeting.

    I’m writing this review because I’ve read something similar to it about another tool so thought I might help somebody to save time and get the right buy. When you think of using webinars, there are a ton of website builders, so what makes this one different?

    This software has features like cloud-based apps with no data limits, unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity. So its not just for developing your own branded events but also access them on any device without needing an app or download anything onto your PC or laptop. It allows for setting up polls, surveys and even offers plenty of templates that takes away the guesswork in designing webinars. I would suggest try Clickmeeting for your business and I bet you will not regret it.

  2. I use ClickMeeting every single day. It’s changed the way I do things – it’s given me greater collaboration abilities with my colleagues, and great tech support when issues arise. This is the best videoconferencing program I’ve used in years!

  3. Whenever I have a meeting with my team members, we often get frustrated when disconnected from one another. But thanks to ClickMeeting, everything is manageable now. It has made creating webinars so much easier and clearer than before! In fact, this tool does it all for you: lets you create your branded webinar with just few clicks of the mouse, provide teleconferencing facilities in real-time without any delay or connection issue, lets everyone see slides and content that they missed previously by viewing them on their own device later and gives its users a calendar where all upcoming webinars are marked out for convenience sake.

  4. I have been in a lot of webinars and I can tell you that I’ve seen a lot of awkward technology problems. There have been times when the projector didn’t show up on screen or when somebody could not hear a speaker well, because they had it all the way down to what seemed like nothing. It makes for an awful experience! Well, ClickMeeting has made this process so much easier and hassle free. Building your own webinar through their software is simple and quick- lots of the hard work is done for you by someone else (or at least half). I highly recommend this tool.

  5. I had no idea that creating a webinar required any planning at all. I just needed to click some buttons and show my audience what I wanted them to see, but now with ClickMeeting it’s so easy! Upload the presentation material or generate video on-the-fly using your webcam, audio or PowerPoint deck. It’s thrilling being able to speak my message directly over Internet with high quality audio and visuals without giving myself hiccups.”

  6. The easiest way to share an idea with your team, ClickMeeting is a one-stop shop for videoconferencing and webinars. Connecting through my computer, phone or tablet is instant – it just works! I love the video quality that makes all of us look our best, whether at home on the couch or in the office with their laptop. The notifications are easy reminders to dial up some quick support from across town using my webcam. Other features are there when you need them too, like co-browsing so we can explore something together without being out of sight or out of mind.”

  7. ClickMeeting is the perfect event helper. It’s easy to integrate with, straightforward to use, and their services are fast. Plus my most favorite thing about ClickMeeting is that they are constantly improving their product for the better!

  8. If you need a service that adapts to your needs and is good at what it does, then I recommend Clickmeeting.
    I’ve been with the company for some time now and they’re continuously making improvements in their product and delivering what we and our clients want. Some benefits of using them:
    – no more video interruptions or connecting issues during events, since streaming has become faster and more reliable; – the recording quality was also improved so we can replay footage without any jumps or duplicates; – depending on which plan you settle on, there’s plenty of space left for participants not just from one conference but several ones per day!

  9. ClickMeeting gives you all the bells and whistles you need to run a successful webinar, even if you are new at it. It is an easy-to-use system where everyone can create their own schedule, create branded media content for marketing purposes, enroll participants in customized ecommerce campaigns, receive meeting analytics reports on all their metrics like focus minutes per attendee or conversion rates for specific segments. You don’t have to be tech savvy to use ClickMeeting!

  10. “I have had an excellent experience with this software. The layout is easy, it runs smoothly and I was able to get involved right away – webinar rookies will love it!”
    – A loyal customer

  11. “I just LOVE ClickMeeting, it’s been a real life saver for making our events happen. Honestly, the whole team loves how easy to use and reliable this product is.”

  12. Clickmeeting is the best tool for meeting co-workers, customers, or new friends. You can use it to host your event without technical difficulty on any website of choice! I’ve seen plenty of improvements in recent months that have made my events easier. Video playback quality is smoother and there are no gaps in the video, which used to sometimes be an issue when video isn’t hosted on Clickmeeting’s servers. Number of attendees has also been increased with up to 100 concurrent attendees enabled now!

  13. ClickMeeting has been a great choice for the events I’ve hosted. It’s easy to use and integrates well in my site. One of its best benefits is that it doesn’t experience any service interruptions, which means you can rely on this product no matter what your event looks like. This software also keeps up with the industry by improving over time and recently there have been improvements such as” video playback and recording quality.” The number of people who can attend events has increased too!

  14. When I first saw ClickMeeting on the internet, I was scared and thought about all the things that could go wrong during my first webinar. But as soon as I got started with it – starting from creating a custom-branded webinar to working on what content should be included in my session, everything just happened so smoothly! People told me they enjoyed being active listeners because of how interactive participants can be. The live polling feature really helped better understand our audience’s experience . As an ease to your worries, if you have any little thing going wrong during your webinar or anything vaguely related, there is a chat section where one-on-one engagement can happen right away.

  15. ClickMeeting is so wonderful! I was able to run my first webinar with ease using ClickMeeting. With the easy-to-use interface, I was able to create branded webinars thanks to the ClickMeeting software. ClickMeetign gave me everything that I needed – from easy setup for designing a brand new webinar, setting up questions beforehand and after the webinar, hosting live interactive polling during my session – it made everything possible without any coding or skill required! It really is an all in one toolkit for professional marketers who are serious about carrying out successful online marketing campaigns via live virtual events.

  16. When I started in my new company a few years back, I decided to invest right away in a videoconferencing product. ClickMeeting was exactly what I was looking for—it’s clean, user-friendly interface lets me join meetings with clients on the other side of the world, all while providing crystal clear audio and video on either end of the table. It’s perfect for working remotely because it helps give people that sense that you are there together at once even though physically you are not! You know that feeling when an overseas client reaches out to ask how their work is coming along? With ClickMeeting one click is all it takes to share your screen without interrupting your workflow.

  17. The best part, hands down? The easy set up and the service that goes with it. I’m not kidding when I say that you can be done in less than 10 minutes, no joke! And if any of the questions come up like will it slow down my website or make me stop organic traffic, don’t worry. That’s not going to happen – ClickMeeting is designed to work seamlessly on your site and give you all the support with handling attendees requests without too much effort from your side.

  18. My favorite videoconferencing software just keeps getting better! I have been using it for two years now and have never had any technical difficulties, which is quite unusual these days. Some of the features I really like are that it has a free trial period, its interface is easy to use both on desktop computers and laptops, and that my chats don’t seem to lag at all when I am on speakerphone or in an international conference. The company seems genuine; they helped me out during some rough patches with excellent customer service (thanks!). When you go to their site there are video tutorials included so you can easily learn about all the functions available without having to rely on client support knowledge bases or interviews whenever something goes wrong.

  19. From planning meeting to opening ceremony, ClickMeeting has been there for us every step of the way. It’s always easy to integrate with and use, which is why it works great as an embed on our website together with token protection for event hijackers. Since we have so many events planned through them, I haven’t experienced any service interruption in the last 2-3 months even though it’s improved continuously each month. Best improvement has been video playback quality and more people being able to show up at my meetings without negatively affecting others!

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    I was freaking out about how I would put together my company’s first ever webinar without having any experience or knowledge of what it takes. Now I tell everyone in my department two words: “ClickMeeting”. It helps me so much before, during, and after running a great meeting with my team members across the country by using their software for pre-event marketing campaigns.

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  22. I love the user-friendly aspect of this product – it’s so easy to use and has many intuitive features! It comes with intelligent scheduling to help you stay on top of your calendar. Its design is clean and unobtrusive, and its performance has been flawless so far. I would recommend this to anyone looking for videoconferencing software.

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  26. ClickMeeting is the best. I’ve been using this product for a while now and it’s never disappointed me in any way. It helps you to communicate with your company from wherever you are, which has been very convenient for when my kid was sick and when I had to travel on business. The quality of the sound and image have both been great – not only that, but ClickMeeting is affordable too.

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  31. I’ve been webinar marketer for 4 years now. I know how tiring it is to constantly have to spend hours upon days trying to achieve the perfect design so that your audience can learn, but open up their wallets too. ClickMeeting makes life so much easier, by letting you create branded pages with ease and flexibility! It’s really easy enough for me as a 5-year old nephew of mine just learning HTML, but still want website development career someday down the road because he said he “likes computers” or something lol! As soon as I found out about this tool, I wasn’t doing anything else but creating ! You’ll regret not getting ClickMeeting if you’re into webinars like me!”

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  34. Getting into webinars can be tough. From how to attract your audience, to keeping the flow of the presentation pleasant and efficient; it takes time for marketers to master and create a successful and user-friendly product. Fortunately, ClickMeeting is there to make all that possible with easy accessibility and broad features like set-up amenities. If you’ve been wanting an easy solution for your promotional needs, ClickMeeting will be life saver for you. I like this tool

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