13 Chinese Wholesale Websites To Start Dropshipping 2024

Finding suppliers for your business is easier than ever thanks to international broadcasts and the Internet. China is the second-largest economy after the US. With its strong continuous production of goods and services of various kinds, the country is quickly the envy of many countries.

At present, many wholesale websites in China improve not only daily but also by the hour. With new ideas from new inventions, new companies and of course new wholesale websites in China, the Chinese economy is developing geometrically.

Fortunately, there are many reliable wholesale suppliers on the Internet, and we’ve put together a few to help you decide on the direction you want to take for your business.

Chinese Wholesale Websites To Start Dropshipping

Top 13 Chinese Wholesale Websites To Start Dropshipping In 2024

1. AliExpress

AliExpress is like eBay all over the world, but much larger than that presented by the Alibaba group. AliExpress offers a choice of 6,000 different types of products, from electronic products to clothing, toys, and jewelry: you have it all. Aliexpress does not sell products, they only offer the opportunity to sell their products. Of course, these are also disadvantages, and then we come back to these disadvantages. Read all in our review Aliexpress!

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- Aliexpress

AliExpress is intended to sell mass products to companies. Bulk products are only large quantities of a particular product. Thus, companies can simply buy a number x units of the product at a reduced price. The minimum lot size of a product was generally 20 to 50 pieces. Today, many suppliers also offer their products in one piece. The following example shows a provider of USB cables for the iPhone with a minimum lot size of 500 pieces. Aliexpress rating

AliExpress has a very professional and stable website compared to other Chinese online stores. In addition, AliExpress has released an app for iOS and Android that lets you search for and buy products wherever you are. This application is also very professional and has built-in messaging with the vendors so you can ask questions about the products you offer.

2. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is an advanced dropshipping platform and direct shipping provider integrated with the China-based DSM Tool platform. The company is the main Chinese enterprise of the cross-border trading group Globalegrow.

It offers complete catalogs of clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories, beauty products, 3C products, household goods, etc. for a total of more than 500,000 items. In addition, every day new arrivals and modern arrivals are added.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- Chinabrands

It is a very considerate supplier to cover product lines from the low to the highest range at wholesale prices. If you buy clothes from this wholesaler, you can buy tops worth $ 0.29, and the quality is pretty good. If you’re looking for a high-end fashion brand, it can cost you around $ 40.

In addition, every purchase on the website receives CB points as a reward and can be used as cash on the next purchase. If you register as a member (click here), you can receive many other discounts and CB points. Extremely low prices and CB change points can maximize your costs and generate more profit.

3. Dhgate

DHgate.com is a wholesaler website located in Beijing, China, serving Chinese sellers and global buyers. If Alibaba is the precursor of the first generation of e-commerce in China, DHgate is undoubtedly the founder and leader of the second generation. Unlike Alibaba, DHgate does not “sell” information to sellers and buyers, but “sells services” to both parties.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- Dhgate

DHgate is intended as a trading platform primarily to small and medium-sized buyers worldwide. The bulk quantity can be up to 1 piece. For some items on DHgate.com, you get a very low wholesale price for remarkably small order. If you’re an entrepreneur selling to your customers online or offline, buying your items on DHgate.com may be the most economical option, as you’ll find many sellers offering the items to customers. Wholesale price. Major unbeatable. And the best part is that you can choose between several price options.

Items sold at DHgate cover a variety of categories. The largest categories available on DHgate.com include clothing, consumer electronics, computers and networks, shoes, bags and accessories, home and garden, etc. All of these items are made in China and most are offered directly by factories or manufacturers. You can always get the lowest prices for the desired item.

4. Taobao

Taobao is China’s largest consumer-to-consumer electronic commerce platform (C2C). You can buy clothes, accessories, gadgets and even computer equipment at very low prices (very cheap). However, because the site is 100% Chinese, it can be a barrier for those who want to buy, but can not face each other or intersect when navigating through the buying process.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- Taobao

Try Google Chrome for easy page translation. Go to Settings, search for language, and add Chinese (Simplified) to your language. Then click on the additional settings on the right and select the “Suggest translation of pages in this language” checkbox.

Chrome now offers the translation of all Taobao pages opened in Mandarin. The translation may be a bit difficult, but something is better than nothing!

5. Alibaba

Alibaba is a name you all know. They began as a B2B business portal in early 1999 has become one of the most important names in e-commerce, retail, and other technologies.

This popular online directory of global manufacturers and suppliers is the leading B2B (B2B) and Customer-to-Customer (C2C) online market for importing products/materials from China. , Thousands, if not more, manufacturers and retailers offer products at wholesale prices on the platform, providing a unique opportunity for global companies that were previously unavailable.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- Alibaba

Alibaba is currently listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, making it one of the oldest and largest online B2B platforms in the world serving more than 35 million users. According to the summary available on its website, Alibaba International, Alibaba China, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, AliExpress, Alimama, Aliyun, Alipay and China Smart Logistics have ten associated companies.

Alibaba is a huge platform and you will find almost all products made in China. The user interface and the buyer/seller tools are first class. It has custom webmail, an integrated search engine, a dedicated sales manager and Ali Pay, so payments can be easily received and sent.

6. 1688

1688.com is simply the largest wholesale and wholesale website in China, mainly for the wholesale and manufacturing industries. All suppliers need an official business license to sell their products at 1688.com. All suppliers must also pay an annual fee of CNY 6888 to express their commitment and earnestness to the association. This site is legit and the sellers are real, so these sellers are real and not crooks.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- 1688

1688. com only affects the Chinese domestic market and mainly B2B, B2C products, wholesale and product manufacturing. Many Chinese entrepreneurs use 1688.com to find products, and other companies also get relatively fair prices for good products. Over 80% of the companies we market and interact with our factories and about 20% are trading companies.

7. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is a new online B2B Web site that has grown rapidly, providing a new and improved way for buyers and sellers to get in touch. eWorldTrade is a subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC in the US with experience in digital media and technology services.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- eWorldtrade

The headquarters of this B2B site is located in Dallas, Texas, and manages all core businesses of Karachi, Pakistan. Now it has become an integral part of CPEC to improve trade relations between Pakistan and China. The main purpose of this website is to help Chinese suppliers, distributors and manufacturers reach their potential audience.

It is said that this global B2B online platform is one of the fastest growing online markets, where thousands of distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers register daily, and their potential customers worldwide.

Thousands of manufacturers from different cities and countries register daily on the website. You see, this platform will be a great competitor for all other B2B platforms. eWorldTrade.com offers everyone the opportunity to become resellers of various products and services. It has proved beneficial for small businesses and Chinese manufacturers looking to globalize their business.

8. SheIn

SHEIN is an international B2C platform for fast online trading. The company mainly focuses on women’s clothing, but also offers men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, and other fashion items. SHEIN targets mainly Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East as well as other hypermarkets.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- Shein

The brand was founded in October 2008 and has since maintained the philosophy that “anyone can appreciate the beauty of fashion”. His company covers more than 220 countries and regions of the world.

SHEIN offers trendy styles for young women and teenagers who do not break their piggy banks. SHEIN sticks to the concept that “everyone can appreciate the beauty of fashion”. SHEIN is able to keep up with the latest fashion trends around the world and quickly commercialize these styles.

Whether you are looking for boho dresses and graphic shirts or printed blouses and elegant swimsuits, SHEIN is the best shop for modern but affordable fashionistas. The goal is to offer all users worldwide fast stylish and high-quality products at attractive prices.

9. LightinTheBox

Lightinthebox is an online store that sells Chinese products. It was founded in 2007 and has been selling products to customers around the world. The Lightinthebox offering includes three major product groups, including clothing, small accessories, and gadgets, as well as household and garden products.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- Lightinthebox

The website itself is very user-friendly, as it is available in many languages. When the site is accessed, the system automatically detects the language of the user’s search engine and displays the site in their native language.

The Lightinthebox business appears to be an attractive alternative for other department stores like AliExpress and DHgate, especially for customers looking for products such as bridal gowns, clothing, costumes, accessories, and home and garden products. , Although the offer of the business is aimed at private customers, entrepreneurs sometimes find interesting products at a low price.

10. Banggood

Banggood is an e-commerce platform that provides retail services to its customers. Banggood, a China-based company, also offers dropshipping services and acts as a broker for distributors selling products to their customers.

Banggood provides the product on behalf of its customers, using the services offered by Banggood. Banggood offers wholesale services where customers can buy products from various wholesale categories. One of the advantages of buying wholesale products with Banggood is that you can enjoy the Banggood coupon.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- Banggood

Banggood Dropship is one of the services offered on this platform and is delivered punctually with a huge warehouse. They offer quality products with exceptional services that you can use to make a profit.

Banggood also provides low-cost partner program services that can help you earn money as a Banggood Partner and earn commissions as a purchasing customer with Banggood. Banggood also offers B2C buyer services to customers, where they sell directly to customers from their platform.

11. Zaful

Zaful is one of the leading clothing stores of Hong Kong Bi’an Information Technology Co. located in Hong Kong, China. This website has been in operation since 2013 and has offices in Redwood City, CA 94065. This site was dedicated to vintage clothing, trendy clothing, and other fashion styles. This is not a famous company. Little information came when I searched Zaful’s reviews on Google.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- Zaful

Zaful prices have a significant discount and often change over time. On average, Zafuls clothes cost between $ 5 and $ 30, and most items cost between $ 10 and $ 20. Similarly, the most popular items cost between 15 and 25 US dollars.

With the Zaful voucher, the discount and the Zaful promotional code, you save money when you buy. The buyer also receives all these facilities with this website.

12. TBDress

If you have been looking for a dress but can not justify the high prices of traditional retailers, TBdress offers a solution. The company claims to offer premium wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, women’s clothing, accessories, and intimate clothing at a great price.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- TBDress

TBdress presents more than 10 million product lists from its factory and its clothes are sold in more than 230 countries worldwide. As such, TBdress claims to offer hundreds of custom and personalized dresses and garments at very low prices.

TB clothing is free and the price of its products varies between a few dollars and hundreds of dollars. Some specially labeled items are shipped with free shipping. If this is not the case, a standard shipping and express shipping is available.

For these types of shipping, the costs are based on the items you purchased and their location. However, you can calculate the shipping cost in advance by entering your country. TBdress offers a 7-day refund for existing products (eg not personalized) from the date of arrival of your package.

13. DX

DealExtreme is one of the most popular and secure drop ship sites you can buy online worldwide. The China-based company has more than ten years of experience.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites- DX

Dealextreme offers more than 300,000 products from which buyers can choose. Access to Alextreme products is very easy and straightforward for customers. Dealextreme offers a wide range of products as part of its customer service, without having to buy or store inventories.

DealExtreme does not yet exist in all countries of the world. However, as an online e-commerce platform, it technically covers all areas of access to Internet services.

In particular, dealextreme services operate in some countries of the three most advanced continents. Although the bearings are located in four countries, the products supplied by dealextreme are currently available in 10 countries.

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Conclusion: Top 13 Chinese Wholesale Websites To Start Dropshipping In 2024

Now, in this article, you got to know so many Chinese wholesale suppliers. Just get one of them to have a try. Let me know in the comments section below which brand do you think is the best among others and what features of each brand you liked most.

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