CartBoss Review 2024: Recover Abandoned Carts With Text Messages


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CartBoss Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin sends automatic text messages to clients who abandon their carts in order to recover abandoned carts and lower cart abandonment. Each message’s timing is also in your control.

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  • Easy-to-use dashboard for managing the store, orders and customers.
  • Ability to customize the look and feel of the store with dozens of themes and templates.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder for creating custom pages quickly and easily.
  • Automation tools to help manage orders and customers efficiently.
  • Integrations with popular shipping, payment processing, and marketing platforms.


  • Limited support options—email-only tickets are the only way to get customer service.
  • Limited customization options for product pages, making it hard to create unique experiences.


Price: $

Looking for CartBoss Review, you are at the right place.

Each and every owner of an eCommerce store experiences the pain of cart abandonment. Customers who add an item to their shopping basket but exit the website before checking out are referred to by this phrase.

CartBoss Review

Online merchants’ bottom lines are greatly impacted by the high rate of cart abandonment, which has persisted for years.

What can you do in this regard? It’s not like you can knock on every customer’s door and inquire as to whether they still intend to acquire that item.

In addition to being useless, it’s unsettling. Sending each customer who abandons their cart a personalized email is likewise not very feasible. Few store owners have the time or funds to implement that as a workable option.

What Is The Solution?

We’ve talked about a number of techniques to get customers back into their shopping carts on your eCommerce site, but there’s one that you might not have thought about: texting the customer. Offering your consumers a special bargain on their subsequent purchase or an upsell is another excellent way to use messaging.

You can retrieve those abandoned carts and provide additional text-based offers to your customers with the use of an automated messaging tool for your eCommerce website. One such reliable tool that can suffice for this purpose is CartBoss.

What Is CartBoss?

CartBoss Review

CartBoss Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin sends automatic text messages to clients who abandon their carts in order to recover abandoned carts and lower cart abandonment. Each message’s timing is also in your control.

For your eCommerce store, CartBoss offers an automated text message solution. Installing the CartBoss plugin on your WordPress, Shopify, or custom website and connecting it via the API key will allow you to link your eCommerce store.

CartBoss Salient Features & Functions

Features - CartBoss: CartBoss Review

CartBoss is a robust and feature-rich automated text messaging plugin that allows eCommerce businesses to recover abandoned carts effortlessly. There are many more features in CartBoss that you’ll enjoy and appreciate; we’ve simply included a few of the most important ones here.

Send different notifications through SMS

Besides the SMS messages for abandoned carts, CartBoss also enables you to deliver post-purchase special offers like fixed or percentage discounts, free shipping, no COD fees, custom coupon codes, etc.

Automatic language detection feature

The pre-prepared text messages are translated by professional local translators. If you write your own custom ones, then you need to have them translated. Also if CartBoss covers your country or region, then the recipient will receive the text message in his own native language.

Dynamic text messages

The text that CartBoss will automatically notify you with will be dynamic. The text message is dynamically updated from the user data to include the recipient’s name, the products, the type, the discount amount, and other options.

Pre-filled checkout form

The conversion rate is affected by up to 50% when the receiver clicks on the link in the message and is taken to the checkout page with all of their information already filled out in the form.

Automatic coupon/special offer generation on the site

Any offer received by message is immediately generated on the website, negating the need for store owners to create discount codes. Additionally, the coupons are deleted automatically after 2 weeks in order to maintain the performance and speed of the website.

Number Validation

To reduce costs for its consumers, CartBoss checks all phone numbers entered into your website form. This shortens the connections in the messages and stops messages from being sent to numbers that don’t exist.


Each message and webpage that are visible in the user dashboard are statistically summarized by CartBoss. Additionally, every text message includes embedded UTM tracking so you can use Google Analytics or other comparable programs to perform advanced analytics. According to the CartBoss team, a few of their clients have also had entirely unique tools created for advanced stats overviews.

How Does CartBoss Work?

It operates in a simple manner. The mobile numbers you obtained from your store using the phone number field at checkout are texted by CartBoss. CartBoss delivers the customer pre-prepared automated SMS messages based on certain situations. After a specific event, such as an abandoned cart or a finished order, the messages are sent at a predetermined time.

How To Recover Abandoned Carts By Using CartBoss?

CartBoss - Create an account

Although CartBoss is a WordPress plugin, it also integrates with Shopify. To generate an API key for your website, you must register on their website. Additionally, you will be able to access your account dashboard and the majority of your settings from there.

It is incredibly simple to use CartBoss for eCommerce cart abandonment recovery. We’ll demonstrate how to send SMS messages to cart abandoners using CartBoss in this section.

  • Create an account

You must visit the CartBoss website and register for a free account. You’ll see your account dashboard where you can start entering information about your company when you follow the instructions to enter your information.

You must select Websites from the left side menu after entering all the billing information on the account dashboard. If you need to link your website to your CartBoss account, then you can add your website(s) from the “Websites” section and obtain the API key. Once you obtain the API key, you need to link your website to your account.

  • Install the plugin

Like any other plugin, CartBoss can be installed through Log in to your website’s admin panel first. Go to Plugins > Add New after that. You may find the plugin by searching for CartBoss. All you have to do to add the plugin to your website is click install and then activate it.

You must register on the CartBoss website and add your website in the Websites area after installing the plugin. When you click Install Plugin after adding the website to CartBoss, an API code will appear. The API code will need to be copied. The API code must now be pasted into the webpage.

  • Managing the settings

The plugin will send you to the CartBoss settings screen where you can paste your API key after you’ve activated it. When you save, the basic information about your account will appear on the same screen.

You can use a number of pre-populated message templates that CartBoss provides right out of the box. These two types of messages are:

Abandoned Cart 

A follow-up message is known as an “abandoned cart message” is given to visitors who leave your website without making a purchase from their online shopping cart. Simple reminders and discount offer to encourage clients to finish their orders are among the pre-tested messages that CartBoss gives to you. 

Post-purchase Offer

Post-purchase offer messages are ones that are automatically sent after a certain amount of time to upsell current clients. If you send regular messages 2-4 weeks after a customer has been purchasing on your site, offer messages can be beneficial.

  • Choose Which SMS to Send

The next step after installing the plugin on your website is to enable the SMS you wish to send. Visit the CartBoss website and sign in to your account to do this. Now enable the SMS that you wish to send from the Messages area.

By selecting edit, you can even customize each message. You can change the settings by clicking on the pencil symbol to the right of a message. Website targeting, delay, and discount parameters are available. 

How Much Does CartBoss Cost?

CartBoss - Pricing

Even though CartBoss is free to download, there is a per-message fee that varies by area. The transaction costs are immediately taken out of your account once you add money when you send messages. Additionally, creating an account is free, and you also get 10 € of free sending credits.

They base their pricing on transactions, or the volume of communications sent. Similar to a cellular operator that offers SMS services, it is pay-as-you-go. Other than the per-message price, there are no other costs.

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Conclusion: CartBoss Review 2024

You’re losing out on many purchases if you don’t send abandoned cart emails. Why waste effort attracting visitors to your website if you won’t convert them from leads to paying customers?

If you run a Shopify or WooCommerce store on your WordPress website, you’ve likely felt frustrated by the mounting number of abandoned carts on your dashboard. CartBoss offers that issue’s solution. Additionally, since it is entirely automated, no time is lost that could be used to develop new items and promotions.

On autopilot, the tool recovers abandoned carts, lowers dead stock, and increases customer LTV. The recipient’s language is automatically detected, and all text messages have been prepared and translated. The integration with any website only takes five minutes. 

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