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Brazy Kicks Proxies is a good sneakers proxy that offers one of the most famous proxy services. They have often been named one of the best and fastest brokers in the world. But let me tell you that they have discontinued their services.

Also, there are a lot of better options out there. So, after a lot of tests and study, I’ve made a list of the best options for Brazy Kicks Proxies. Let’s have a look at the top 8 Brazy Proxy Alternatives.

8 Best Brazy Proxy Alternatives 2024

1. Bright Data

My first recommendation is none other than Bright Data. Bright Data is a great proxy service and replacement for Brazy Kicks Proxies. This company’s original goal was to make the internet more clear by shining a bright light on people.

Bright data: Brazy Proxy Alternatives 

Their core values are internet openness, trust, and creativity, which they want to offer to businesses and people who share the same values.

Frost & Sullivan looked at a long list of the best Proxy Network Services and found that Bright Data was the best one on the market.

Private Data Centre Proxies, Residential Proxies, and Shared Datacentre Proxies are the three types of Bright Data packages.


  • Bright Data’s core values of internet openness and trust make them a reliable choice for businesses and individuals seeking proxy services. 
  • Bright Data is recognized as the top proxy network service in the market. 
  • Bright Data offers three types of proxy packages – Private Data Centre Proxies, Residential Proxies, and Shared Datacentre Proxies. This variety allows users to select the package that best suits their specific needs, providing flexibility and customization.


  • One potential drawback is that Bright Data has high pricing information on their website.

2. Smartproxy

My next recommendation is Smartproxy. Smartproxy is a new service, but it is a good replacement for Brazy Kicks Proxies. Most people compare it to Bright Data, which is also less expensive.

Smartproxy Pricing

Smartproxy is pretty cheap and has the basics for both Bright Data and other proxy companies. It has different traffic limits for each plan, server, and residential proxy type.

Its residential proxy plan starts at $75 per month for 5 GB of traffic, and you can sign up for more than one month at a time.  Users have easy payment choices because they can pay with Bitcoins, Credit Cards, and PayPal.

One thing that makes Smartproxy stand out is the choice to use a rotating residential proxy. It gives people access to more than 40 million IPs in more than 195 places around the world, including the 50 geolocations in the United States. 


  • Smartproxy offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable option for users seeking proxy services.
  • Their wide coverage ensures users have a diverse range of proxies to choose from, enhancing their ability to access localized content and perform various online activities.
  • One standout feature of Smartproxy is the availability of a changing residential proxy. 


  • While Smartproxy offers the basics for proxy services, it may lack some advanced features or customization options that other providers may offer. 

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is one of the proxies that I swear by. Oxylabs is a leading provider of web data extraction and proxy services. They offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help businesses gather, analyze, and utilize data from the internet effectively.

Oxylabs: S5 Proxy Alternatives

With a vast proxy network spanning over 100 locations worldwide, Oxylabs enables clients to access and extract data from various sources at scale, empowering them to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights.

Their advanced technology, robust infrastructure, and dedicated customer support make Oxylabs a trusted partner for companies seeking reliable data collection and web scraping solutions. I hope you are convinced now.

If you want more details on Oxylabs, check our detailed review here.


  • Oxylabs boasts a vast network of proxies, with over 100 locations worldwide.
  • Their solutions are built to handle large-scale operations, providing clients with the speed, stability, and scalability required for complex data-gathering projects.
  • Oxylabs prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering dedicated support services.


  • While Oxylabs offers top-quality services, some users may find their pricing relatively higher compared to other providers in the market.

4. IProyal

I have multiple reasons why you should use IPRoyal. IPRoyal is a prominent provider of residential proxy services, specializing in delivering high-quality and reliable proxies for businesses.


Their extensive network consists of millions of residential IP addresses sourced from real users, ensuring anonymity and legitimacy in online activities.

With IPRoyal, companies can access geo-targeted content, conduct market research, perform web scraping, and protect their online privacy effectively.

Their proxies are compatible with various applications and platforms, offering flexibility and ease of integration.

IPRoyal’s commitment to superior performance, exceptional customer support, and competitive pricing make them a trusted choice for organizations seeking secure and efficient residential proxy solutions.


  • IPRoyal offers a vast network of millions of residential IP addresses sourced from real users.
  • IPRoyal’s proxies are compatible with various applications and platforms, allowing businesses to integrate them seamlessly into their existing infrastructure.
  • IPRoyal is known for its commitment to providing superior performance in terms of speed, reliability, and uptime.


  • While IPRoyal offers high-quality residential proxy services, the pricing structure may be perceived as a potential downside for some users.

5. Proxy Empire

I believe Proxy Empire can also be a great option for you. ProxyEmpire is a leading provider of rotating residential proxies, offering over 5.3 million ethically sourced proxies with advanced filtering for precise targeting.


They provide VIP integration support for quick setup and support unique use cases. Their proxies work well with standard protocols, ensuring compatibility with any software stack.

Additionally, ProxyEmpire offers static residential proxies, allowing users to use the same IP for an extended period.

With their comprehensive proxy solutions, ProxyEmpire enables businesses and individuals to effectively manage their online activities, gather data, and maintain anonymity with a vast network of high-quality rotating and static residential proxies.


  • ProxyEmpire offers over 5.3 million ethically sourced rotating residential proxies, providing users with a vast selection to choose from.
  • ProxyEmpire provides VIP integration support, ensuring quick and seamless setup for their users.
  • ProxyEmpire caters to a wide range of use cases, offering both rotating residential proxies and static residential proxies.


  • While ProxyEmpire offers advanced filtering for precise targeting, some users may find the available filtering options to be limited compared to other providers.

6. Shifter Proxy

Shifter Proxy is a reputable provider of rotating residential proxies designed to facilitate secure and efficient web scraping, data extraction, and anonymous browsing.

Shifter overview

With an extensive network of residential IP addresses, sourced from real users, Shifter Proxy offers users the ability to access geo-restricted content, gather market intelligence, and protect their online privacy effectively.

Their rotating proxies automatically rotate IP addresses, preventing blocks and ensuring seamless operations.

Shifter Proxy’s user-friendly interface, reliable infrastructure, and dedicated customer support make them a trusted choice for businesses seeking reliable and high-performance proxy services for their data gathering and privacy needs.

These are some reasons why I Shifter Proxy is a good alternative. 


  • Shifter Proxy offers an extensive network of residential IP addresses obtained from real users.
  • Shifter Proxy’s rotating residential proxies automatically rotate IP addresses, preventing blocks and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • shifter Proxy provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to manage and configure their proxies.


  • The pricing structure of Shifter Proxy may be a potential drawback for some users.

7. Rayobyte proxy

Rayobyte is a dedicated proxy partner, committed to providing an exceptional experience for their clients. They offer powerful and user-friendly APIs, allowing businesses to enter the residential proxy market seamlessly.


Rayobyte assists companies of all sizes, from small enterprises to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, in web scraping and data aggregation projects.

With their reliable residential proxies, clients can scrape millions of websites, gather data for analytics, or extract vast product information from eCommerce platforms.

Rayobyte’s comprehensive proxy solutions cater to diverse use cases, making them valuable partners for organizations seeking efficient and scalable web data extraction services. I must say that you should try this out. 


  • Rayobyte provides powerful and user-friendly APIs, making it easy for businesses to integrate their residential proxies into their systems.
  • Rayobyte caters to businesses of all sizes and sectors, supporting diverse use cases such as web scraping, data aggregation, and eCommerce data extraction.
  • Rayobyte’s residential proxies are designed to be scalable and reliable, allowing clients to scrape millions of websites and handle large-scale data extraction projects.


  • Rayobyte may have limited customization options when it comes to proxy configurations and filtering.

8. Squidproxies

One of the last recommendations I have is Squidproxies. Squidproxies is a well-established provider of private and shared proxies, catering to the needs of businesses and individuals.

SquidProxies- Dedicated Proxy Servers

Their diverse range of proxy services includes dedicated proxies, semi-dedicated proxies, and shared proxies, allowing users to choose the level of exclusivity required.

Squidproxies’ proxies are widely used for various purposes such as web scraping, SEO monitoring, social media management, and anonymous browsing.

They offer high-speed connections, multiple locations, and reliable uptime to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations.

With a user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and responsive customer support, Squidproxies has earned a solid reputation as a trusted provider of proxy solutions for diverse applications.


  • Squidproxies offers a diverse range of proxy services, including dedicated proxies, semi-dedicated proxies, and shared proxies.
  • Squidproxies ensures high-speed connections and reliable uptime for their proxies, enabling users to carry out web scraping, SEO monitoring, social media management, and other online activities efficiently and without interruptions.
  • Squidproxies provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to manage and configure their proxies.


  • Squidproxies’ proxy network may have limited coverage in terms of geographical locations.

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Conclusion: Brazy Proxy Alternatives 2024

Alright, let’s wrap it up! I have shown you plenty of other awesome options out there that can fill the void and even provide better features.

After a bunch of testing and careful research, I’ve compiled the list of the top 8 Brazy Proxy Alternatives for all you sneakerheads.

Explore these alternatives and find the perfect fit for your sneaker-copping needs. Get ready to elevate your game and secure those coveted kicks with these top-notch proxy services!

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