vs The Optimizer In 2024– Choose The Best Native Ad Optimization Tool and The Optimizer are two very competitive platforms. It is not easy to decide between the two. In this article, I will be comparing both these platforms so that you can decide which one to choose on your own. So, let us begin.


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The Optimizer

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Best for is a performance-drive for who want to build, manage, and grow their native advertising campaigns from a single dashboard.

The Optimizer is a tool for managing and optimizing automated campaigns. It enables you to automatically block/activate publishers and advertising

  • Campaign & Ad Management
  • Import Any Data Source
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Calculated Metrics
  • Advanced Dayparting
  • Reporting
  • Account Wizard
  • System Activity
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Creating campaigns for various ad networks
  • Generate versions of adverts by changing the headlines and visuals
  • Automatically deactivate, enable, and alter your Campaign's CPC bid
  • now supports a wide variety of international currencies
  • Virtual Whitelist
  • Create Campaigns and Advertisements
  • Pay just once for non-converting traffic
  • Adjust bids at the campaign, widget, or ad level
  • Automatic Blocking of campaigns
  • Doesn't integrate with Adobe Analytics
  • Lesser features compared to
Ease of Use has a good user-friendly dashboard

The Optimizer has bit complex user interface

Value For Money

The pricing plans of starts at $ 199 per month

The Optimizer has cheaper plans as compared to

Customer Support offers good customer support

The Optimizer lags at responding to user queries quickly vs The Optimizer Comparison In 2024

The Optimizer – Overview

The Optimizer is a tool for managing and optimizing automated campaigns. It enables you to automatically block/activate publishers and advertising, as well as adjust bids and budgets on your behalf, depending on the circumstances you specify.

It does not need any changes to the existing campaign configuration to be used. It links traffic sources and affiliate tracker programs instantly and precisely collects clicks, expenditures, and earnings in one location.

You may use dayparting and automation to stay ahead of the competition without losing traffic. With over 20 connected traffic sources, scaling lucrative campaigns into new traffic sources is a breeze while retaining complete control over their performance on autopilot.

You have more time to focus on the content of your campaign, which, when combined with automatic campaign optimization, leads to improved outcomes.

TheOptimizer- vs The Optimizer – Overview is a performance-driven platform for organizations and agencies who want to build, manage, and grow their native advertising campaigns from a single dashboard.

It automates the distribution of sponsored content across platforms such as Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, and, with bulk ad generation, consistent reporting, and custom optimization criteria.

Additionally, can assist you in optimizing your advertising spending and return on investment by organizing and presenting your findings in an easily consumable and actionable style. has established a reputation as one of the most reliable native advertising support technologies available.

Some customers state that their traffic quadrupled within a week of starting to utilize, while others report a 2 0% increase in ad expenditure ROI.

Apart from the financial advantages, consumers report that is simple to use and has excellent customer service. Additionally, users like the convenience of managing several accounts in one spot.

It simplifies the process of distributing material and optimizing it across many platforms and then comparing the outcomes side by side, rather than logging into each account individually. review- vs The Optimizer Vs. The Optimizer: Features Comparison

Major Features and Benefits of

1. CSV Export:

Quickly and simply export your data. CSV is the universal file format for all of your data. Groups comprised of titles, photos, and URLs. Get data about the performance of campaigns and advertisements.

2. User & Team Management:

Add users to your account to receive visibility into team changes and updates. This contains user-specific logins and histories. Numerous team members across several accounts. Alerts and notifications are customized for each user.

3. Import Any Data Source:

Connect income from numerous sources to have a better and quicker understanding of performance. Utilize custom rules to do optimization automatically.

In reporting, you may see across campaigns, publishers, and advertisements. Import data from Voluum, Thrive, or an internal database, among others.

4. Automate Optimization:

Utilize the essential indicators that matter to your organization to optimize campaigns automatically across networks, accounts, and campaigns using custom rules.

Publishers of blocks, widgets, and sections. Adjust publisher and target bids accordingly. Additionally, you may stop advertisements, disable campaigns, and alter campaign bids.


5. Google Analytics:

Connect any Google Analytics, Adsense, or AdX measure. Automate optimization by using custom rules and derived metrics. In reporting, you may see across campaigns, advertisements, and publishers. Ad Network statistics compared to Google data.

6. Multiple Currencies: now supports a wide variety of international currencies. They accept USD, Euros, Yen, Pounds, and a variety of other currencies.

7. Calculated Metrics:

For fast insight, create a custom computed measure from many data sources. Cost, revenue, profit, and return on investment are all shown side by side. Utilize to suspend advertisements, blacklist publishers, or alter bids automatically.

Reporting data may be filtered, searched, and customized. Analyze across campaigns, advertisements, and publications.

8. Reporting And Editing:

Manage all of your Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent, and Yahoo! advertisements in one place. Export data from reports to spreadsheets for a further in-depth examination.

Directly from your reports, make modifications and changes to campaigns. With a single click, you may pause or deactivate much underperforming advertising.

Reporting data may be filtered, searched, and customized. View all of your adverts across all ad networks in one location.

9. Automate Bidding, Pausing, And Budget Adjustments:

At certain periods, automatically deactivate, enable, and alter your Campaign’s CPC bid or budget, saving you time from manually updating them.

There will be no more late nights! Monitor changes in your CPC in real-time. Make adjustments to your schedule and they will take effect immediately. Consistently apply campaign parameters across and ad networks.

10. Bulk Ad Builder:

Instantly generate versions of adverts by changing the headlines and visuals. Ads may be reused across campaigns.

Push to Revcontent, Outbrain, Taboola, and Yahoo Gemini directly. Distribute ad creatives across many campaigns simultaneously.

Multiple photos may be uploaded or image URLs can be provided. Create hundreds of different ad versions in a matter of seconds. Configure sophisticated tracking options for each advertisement.

11. Create Campaigns:

Creating campaigns for various ad networks has never been simpler. Campaigns are duplicated across various ad networks.

Configure tracking settings for each campaign. Geo-targeting your campaigns allows you to reach a certain demographic. Select the devices on which the campaign will appear. Establish CPCs and a budget.

Major Features and Benefits of The Optimizer

1. Account Wizard:

A simple step-by-step wizard that will walk you through the process of linking your traffic sources and monitoring accounts.

2. System Activity:

Keep track of every account activity that affects your campaigns. Each modification, whether manual or automated, will be displayed on the System Activity page.

3. Tracker View: 

There is no need to log into your tracker. Analyze the performance of your campaign’s funnel (landing pages, offers, and so on) without leaving The Optimizer.

4. Reporting:

 By creating global reports, you may monitor the performance of certain placements across all of your campaigns. Utilize it to create black- or white lists.

5. Advanced Dayparting: 

Utilize our sophisticated dayparting schedule rules with built-in time zone choices to simplify your campaign’s dayparting plan.

6. Calculated Metrics:

If your preferred measure is not included in the list above, do not worry! You may generate unique metrics and include them in your automated routines.

7. Virtual Whitelist: 

Increase traffic from your preferred widgets by adding exclusion filters to your blocking widget rules or by bidding more on the widgets you want while your campaign runs on minimum bids.

8. Multi-Users: 

Do you need to provide access to your account to team members or clients? Add them with only five clicks, while customizing their access to resources.

9. Create Campaigns and Advertisements:

Save time and effort by designing many advertisements and campaigns in a single flow, while also improving your creatives’ A/B testing capabilities.

The Optimizer- Create Automate Scale

10. Smart Lists: 

Pay just once for non-converting traffic! Create, utilize, and re-use automatically generated shared blacklists for each advertising network and distribute them across several campaigns.

11. Automatic Bidding: 

Adjust bids at the campaign, widget, or ad level to account for changing campaign dynamics. Increase or reduce bids by a specified dollar amount or percentage. Alternatively, you may set them to a specified percentage of your current bid, EPC, EPV, or EPS, for example.

12. Automatic Blocking: 

Protect your campaign’s advertising budget by implementing simple but effective rules that automatically prohibit low-performing widgets or ads based on a combination of data from your traffic source and tracker.

13. Accurate Analytics: 

View precise spend, revenue, and profit data for your campaigns at the Campaign / Widget / Section / Ad group / and Ad level. This way, you’ll always know just where your money is going.

Features Verdict – Wins

As you can see, offers way more better features as compared to The Optimizer, hence we could clearly say that is the clear winner here. Also, when it comes to customer support, is better when compared to The Optimizer. Vs. The Optimizer: Pricing Comparison Pricing

They have four plans to offer –

  • Starter ($ 199 per month): With this, you can manage $ 10,000 ad spend per month.
  • Business ($ 499 per month): With this, you can manage $ 50,000 ad spend per month.
  • Enterprise Gold ($ 1,499 per month): With this, you can manage $ 250,000 ad spent per month.
  • Enterprise Platinum ($ 2,499 per month): With this, you can manage $ 1,000,000 ad spent per month.

They offer a 15-day free trial. pricing

The Optimizer Pricing

They have three pricing plans and a custom plan to offer –

  • Native Starter ($ 199 per month): With this, you can manage $ 20,000 ad spend per month.
  • Native Pro ($ 399 per month): With this, you can manage $ 50,000 ad spend per month.
  • Native Master ($ 699 per month): With this, you can manage $ 1,000,000 ad spent per month.
  • Custom: Contact them for pricing.

They offer a 15-day free trial.

Pricing Verdict

AS you can see, two of the pricing plans of The Optimizer are lower than that of We can clearly say that The Optimizer is the clear winner of pricing.

FAQs- Related to vs The Optimizer in 2024

🤷‍♂️ Does The Optimizer offer a free trial?

Yes, The Optimizer offers a 15-day free trial.

💁‍♂️ Is worth the price?

Yes, is definitely worth the price. It offers incredible features and hence it is definitely worth the sum they ask for.

🙋 Does The Optimizer offer any money-back guarantee?

If you are dissatisfied with their services, you may seek a refund; however, the refund request must be filed within three days. Following that, you will be ineligible for a refund.

Is The Optimizer worth it?

🧖‍♂️ The Optimizer is feature-rich automated campaign management and optimization software. The Optimizer, in my opinion, is worth the money you will spend.

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Final Verdict – Wins

The competition between and The Optimizer was tough. is better with features while The Optimizer is better with pricing.

We believe in features more than pricing because this is all just investment that you will get back. The revenue that you can generate using is going to be higher as compared to The Optimizer because has better features.

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