vs Outbrain In 2024– Find Out The Best Native Ad Recommendation Tool and Outbrain both are tough competitors. It is hard to choose between the two. That is why we have brought to you a comparison between and Outbrain that will help you choose between the two. So, let us begin.


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Best for is a performance-drive for who want to build, manage, and grow their native advertising campaigns from a single dashboard.

  • Campaign & Ad Management
  • Import Any Data Source
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Smartad
  • Optimization engine
  • Better engagement
  • Tracking
  • Targeting
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Creating campaigns for various ad networks
  • Generate versions of adverts by changing the headlines and visuals
  • Automatically deactivate, enable, and alter your Campaign's CPC bid
  • now supports a wide variety of international currencies
  • Better engagement
  • Personalized content
  • Video storytelling
  • Outbrain's pricing and invoicing approach are cost-per-click
  • High-quality traffic
  • Doesn't integrate with Adobe Analytics
  • Some features are a little tricky
  • CPC pricing plans
  • Native formats only
Ease of Use has a good user-friendly dashboard

Outbrain has a less user friendly interface as compared to

Value For Money

The pricing plans of starts at $ 199 per month

Outbrain is very cheap as compared to any other ad recommendation platform

Customer Support offers good customer support

The customer support at Outbrain is excellent vs Outbrain In 2024– Ultimate Comparison vs Outbrain

What is is a performance-driven platform for organizations and agencies who want to build, manage, and grow their native advertising campaigns from a single dashboard.

It automates the distribution of sponsored content across platforms such as Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, and, with bulk ad generation, consistent reporting, and custom optimization criteria.

Additionally, can assist you in optimizing your advertising spending and return on investment by organizing and presenting your findings in an easily consumable and actionable style.

Automate budget, bid, and publisher modifications by combining campaign results with existing engagement, conversion, and sales data. Connect multiple accounts to manage numerous brands and provide access rights to multiple people. Auto-Optimization

What is Outbrain?

Outbrain is a massive content discovery platform that aims to promote and offer tailored and relevant mobile, internet, and video content to users, as well as to aid companies and publishers in finding their consumers based on data.

 Outbrain thrives by connecting content and audiences, delighting its audience while also generating revenue, introducing the brand, and collecting consumer data for bigger enterprises.

As a platform, it’s advantageous to bring advertisers and publishers together in the content production marketplace through Amplify and Engage.

Each month, the app serves over 190 billion content suggestions and reaches over 561 million unique visitors worldwide.

Outbrain Landing Page vs Outbrain: Features Comparison

Major Features and Benefits of Outbrain

1. Better engagement:

When you utilize Outbrain, you can anticipate more income, increased engagement, and more consumer insights to work with since Outbrain is focused on delivering the material that your audience wants to view.

By using this form of material, you can increase interaction with your target audience and ensure that your message is more resonant.

2. Personalized content:

Additionally, this platform ensures tailored content across a range of platforms, including web, video, and mobile. Personalized material in this manner enables better targeting of certain consumers.

3. Tracking:

Due to Outbrain’s pay-per-click approach, it’s easy to monitor your business’s traffic and clicks. You can monitor data via reporting and analytics, which offers you a better understanding of how campaigns function.

4. Smartfeed:

Smartfeed is a term that refers to a tailored feed experience that does not compromise on quality for performance. Rather than that, you may enhance both simultaneously using Outbrain.

This is accomplished via dynamic optimizations, diversification of experiences, and the use of highly engaging forms.

5. Targeting:

Targeting essentially assists you in identifying the most appropriate clients for your content. Outbrain’s powerful targeting features make it simpler to achieve your targeted audience results.

6. Optimization engine: 

This tool guarantees that Outbrain customers earn the most income possible by using a testing system that optimizes page layouts for the most RPMs and CTR.

Utilizing the optimization engine, you may continue to add variants to your cards while minimizing delay charges.

Outbrain Dashboard

7. Video storytelling: 

Instead of a massive block of text, use Outbrain’s native outstream video to present your information. This maintains your audience’s interest and engagement. Additionally, you might anticipate greater RPMs.

8. Smartad:

Outbrain guarantees that an emotional connection is established between the audience and the brand via native Smartads. This is accomplished by providing native advertisements to the appropriate audience, eliciting a response, and generating interaction.

Outbrain’s interest graphs make it easy to determine your audience’s interests. In this manner, you can provide the material customers want from you.

Major Features and Benefits of

1. Test Creative Across Campaigns & Networks: enables you to do A/B testing across campaigns and networks on creative versions for each piece of content. You’ll be able to effortlessly recreate your top-performing finest creatives.

2. One Dashboard, All Your Accounts: 

Manage hundreds of brands, campaigns, and channels across numerous accounts, including Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo, Revcontent, and Then, undertake a channel-by-channel comparison. It’s unsurprising that agencies like

3. Easily Manage Team Access & Permissions:’s user permission features enable you to handle various users and permission levels in a unified manner. Permit access based on a user’s role, organization, or campaign.

View user activity to discover who did what and when, and to disable access without changing passwords. If only it were that simple to establish personal limits.

Manage Teams Easily-

4. Bulk-Adjust Budgets, Bids & More: 

Consider the ability to update ALL of your campaigns simultaneously.’s Native Power Editor enables you to modify any part of your campaigns (in a familiar spreadsheet-style editor), resulting in far quicker campaign launch and optimization.

5. Understand The Real ROI Of Your Native Advertising: 

Finally, apples to apples comparison (or Taboola to Yahoo). enables you to have a more complete picture of how native as a whole work for your business.

Import and integrate data from your current systems — including Google Analytics — and monitor campaign, content, and publisher performance at any moment.

6. Make Decisions Based On Trackable, Trustworthy Data: 

Say goodbye to contaminated data caused by human mistakes and squandered media spending based on erroneous assumptions. allows you to create your tracking tags once and ensure reliable, consistent data for the rest of your life. Dynamically insert the campaign name, ad ID, and publisher ID using macros.

7. Optimize Automatically Based On Performance:

Create a few basic guidelines, and will automatically improve your ad performance. Adjustments may be made around any KPI, from “time on site” to “cost per action” — which means it’s really easy to stop advertisements with poor interaction, reward excellent placements, and eliminate bad placements, among other things.

8. Calculated Metrics:

For fast insight, create a custom computed measure from many data sources. Analyze across campaigns, advertisements, and publications Additionally, you may filter, search, and personalize reporting data.

9. Multiple Currencies: now supports a wide variety of international currencies. They accept USD, Euros, Yen, Pounds, and a variety of other currencies. Vs. Outbrain: Pricing Comparison

Outbrain’s pricing and invoicing approach are cost-per-click, which means that you will be paid based on the number of clicks generated by each campaign.

This is examined by the CPC you established in advance. You may configure a cap to meet your budgetary requirements. It’s worth noting that after you’ve hit the cap’s maximum capacity, your material will be removed from the network.

To make things simpler to understand, Outbrain provides you the option of setting your campaign budget. For instance, if your budget is $ 30.00 and the CPC is $ 0.03, you will be charged $ 0.03 each time a consumer clicks on your content until your budget threshold is reached.

In this instance, the fee is $ 30.00. As long as you’ve modified your budget to reflect your business’s demands, working with Outbrain will be OK.

Outbrain does not have a set billing cycle. Rather than that, it is entirely dependent on your spending boundaries. This means that after you surpass your limit, you will be billed appropriately.

For instance, if the threshold is set at $ 60 and your campaigns exceed that amount, Outbrain would bill you immediately. These criteria are account-specific. The longer your billing history, the higher these criteria will be.

Before subscribing to Outbrain, it’s worth noting that the site charges a monthly cost for credit card processing. This figure is between 3 % and 4 %. It is entirely dependent on your area, which is shown on the invoice.

If you’re not comfortable using a credit card as a payment method, you may contact our support staff for an alternate payment option.

On the other hand, has four pricing plans to offer which will cost you $ 199, $ 499, $ 1499, and $ 2499 respectively. Also, offers a 15-day free trial.

As you can see, the pricing model of is clear and transparent while that of Outbrain is not bad but a little tricky. Also, is not too pricy. So, we will leave this judgment to you because it depends on your needs. pricing vs Outbrain: Pros and Cons

Outbrain Pros and Cons

Outbrain Pros

  • Compatible with Google Adsense
  • Large site network
  • Good customer service
  • High-quality traffic
  • Increased exposure to quality content

 Outbrain Cons

  • Native formats only
  • Delayed reporting
  • Relatively lower earnings Pros and Cons Pros

  • 15-day free trial
  • Incredible customer support
  • Very easy to use
  • Straightforward pricing plans
  • Unlimited ad accounts
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited reporting Cons

  • Some features are a little tricky

FAQs- Related to vs Outbrain in 2024

🧖‍♂️ How does Outbrain target the audience?

Outbrain segments its audience according to categories, niches, geo-locations, and device types.

🤷‍♂️ What payment terms & methods does Outbrain support?

Outbrain requires a minimum investment of $ 10 and operates on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. They take MasterCard and Visa.

👌 Is Outbrain good for publishers?

Yes, Outbrain is an excellent resource for publishers, assisting them in effectively monetizing their digital assets.

✌️ Is there any free trial for

Yes, does offer a 15-day free trial.

Features Verdict – Wins

As you can see, both of them have competitive features.

However, after deeply analyzing and using both of their features, we can say that is better than Outbrain.

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