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Have you heard of advertising brands? is an advertising platform that uses data and multi-channel attribution tools to improve ad targeting.

I have listed some of the most popular coupon codes. The best one is Up To 50% Off, which provides significant discounts on your orders. Coupon Codes, Discounts, Promos 2024 logo

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Some of the best hand-picked Coupon Codes are – 

  • SUNNY18 – This one will help you get an instant 20 % discount with
  • PAPA – This is one of the most used coupons of all time and will help you get a discount of as high as 15 % with your orders with
  • BIGDREAM10 – With this one, you can avail yourself of a discount of 50 %. This is the best of the offers but does not work for all the orders. Try your luck. 
  • 95OFFCOURSE – With this one, you get a 40 % discount. 

How to Use Coupon Codes?

Individuals may use several web resources to evaluate and purchase at, including coupon coupons and promotional deals. These discounts empower individuals to make sound purchasing decisions and save money every time.

The following is a simple three-step approach for obtaining your savings right now! Apply your coupon and verify that your discount was applied, then go to the checkout. Please contact Customer Service if you have any issues about utilizing your coupons online.

Step – 1: The Item has been added to your shopping basket. Ascertain that you are purchasing what you want and that it meets the terms of the promotion code you wish to use.

Brax Payment Option

Step – 2: Proceed to the checkout page. Scan the page for a discount code or promotion code option on each page. Simply copy and paste the discount code in the box next to the product and click “Apply” or “Submit”

Billing information

Step – 3: Ensure that the promo code was entered properly and that it is reflected in the total price. Your purchase total will be adjusted to reflect the coupon discount. Additionally, some merchants include a Thank You. If not, re-enter the checkout procedure and try again.

What is ai is a advertising platform that aims to combine first and third-party data with multi-channel attribution tools to create an entirely new way for advertisers to reach their consumers more effectively. is set up like a traditional ad server. However, it also connects with clients such as Google Analytics and DoubleClick (Google’s tracking software). creates a unified profile for each user by adding their browsing history, geo-location data, app usage, purchase history, and more. Coupon Codes

By combining internal data with outside information, the company aims to create more targeted ads that are less intrusive for both advertisers and consumers. is meant to serve as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher, with taking a cut of any deal it brokers. allows advertisers to use their data and third-party data to create more targeted ads for consumers while making sure that ads don’t get too intrusive. The company charges a commission on deals they broker.

Is Worth it?

Yes, is worth it! native ads are built using the same principles as other advertising formats.

Advertisers have specific goals they would like to achieve by promoting their products or services via native ads, and ensures that these objectives are met well before the ad is displayed to users during a web browsing session. native ads are designed to blend seamlessly with the content of a website. Whenever an ad is served on the network, it does not disrupt or interfere with what users are doing at that moment, even if it takes them away from the web page they were visiting previously.

Once users click on a native ad, they are directed to a website related to the content of the ad.

There is no need for users and publishers to download any additional software or plugins to view ads served through the network because they use HTML5 technology.’s native ads blend in with website layouts and color palettes, ensuring they don’t interfere with browsing. They serve relevant ads based on content and user interactions, maximizing engagement and revenue.

High CTRs indicate ad relevance. Publishers control their engagement with our network via’s panel, choosing sites, ad types, and blocks.


For example, there are specific categories of products or services that publishers might not allow to maintain a family-friendly environment for their users. In addition, publishers can adjust their pricing models based on how much they want to earn from ad impressions and conversions. helps publishers with pricing models for a mutually beneficial partnership. Publishers can manage ad campaigns through a user-friendly dashboard. offers various ad formats for advertisers, publishers, and consumers. Native ads don’t disrupt browsing and show relevant content. is backed by several successful online publishers, including major news organizations and blogs with large social media operations. Pricing

They offer four pricing plans. 

  • Their Starter plan will cost you $199 per month, and with this one, you can manage $ 10,000 ad spend per month. 
  • Their Business plan will cost you $499 per month, and with this one, you can manage $ 50,000 ad spend per month. 
  • Their Enterprise Gold will cost you $1,499 per month, and with this one, you can manage $ 250,000 ad spend per month. 
  • Their Enterprise Platinum will cost you $2,499 per month, and with this one, you can manage $ 1,000,000 ad spend per month. 

They also offer a 14-day free trial. pricing- Coupon Codes


🤙 Why isn’t the promo code working?

If your coupon code does not work or you get an error message, check to see if any of the following apply to you. You have already made use of the code. promo codes are only valid for one purchase, therefore if you've already used the coupon, it will not work again. The things in question are ineligible. Check the code's terms and conditions to ensure that the goods in your shopping basket are not excluded. Sale/clearance items are often excluded. The invalid code was input. Whoops! Because the codes are case-sensitive, type them precisely as stated and try again. The code has been deactivated. Check the code's expiration date, since some of them are only valid for a short time or expire after a certain period.

🙋‍♂️ Are there any limitations on the free trial?

For the duration of your trial, you will have full access to all features.

Quick links Coupon Codes in 2024 coupon codes can be useful for both publishers and advertisers. Advertisers will have a chance to launch more effective campaigns, while publishers will earn extra money.

It would be best if both sides win – so we expect that the number of websites using coupon codes from this platform will continue to grow.

So, if you are a publisher or an advertiser, do not hesitate to try today.

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