Botpress Review 2024: Should You Use This Chatbot Builder?🤔


Overall Verdict

Botpress is a software offering industry-leading developer tools for chatbot creation. It has more than 9900 stars on Github and an open developer framework to reliably automate complex conversations.

Out of 10


  • Great for big businesses and enterprises
  • Powerful language understanding model
  • One-click implementation
  • Great customer support team
  • Detailed analytics
  • Multi-channel availability


  • Slightly challenging to start for beginners
  • More custom widgets and hooks required
  • Need more video resources


Price: $

Looking For Unbiased Botpress Review, I’ve Got You Covered

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular, but they can be challenging to create without the right tools. 

Creating a chatbot can be daunting, especially if you don’t have the right tools. You need to know how to code, design a user interface, and ensure your chatbot complies with all the latest regulations. 

Botpress Review

Botpress is the solution. Botpress is one of the best chatbot builders that allows you to create chatbots without any coding experience. 

With their easy-to-use interface, you can create beautiful chatbots in minutes. And their compliance module ensures that your chatbot meets all the latest regulations.

What Is Botpress?

Botpress Review

Botpress is a software platform for conversational AI. This means you can use Botpress to create chatbots and have access to the platform’s source code via Github. This is particularly helpful for developers that want to write their code on top of Botpress.

Before continuing with this evaluation, it is crucial to note that you may write whatever you want into Botpress’s platform. In this evaluation, however, I will only discuss features already integrated into the platform. For instance, email validation is not a built-in function of the platform, but by following this thread, you can simply include it in your chatbot (if you are a developer).

Botpress: Natural Language Understanding (NLU) – Managed NLU Engine

Botpress Natural Language Understanding

They use the greatest and most powerful AI technology to allow you to create the most amazing conversational solutions for your employees and consumers.

Their NLU falls within the category of a few shots. It does not need much data; ten instances for an aim are sometimes sufficient. It directly affects how quickly it teaches, but more crucially, how quickly it can be distributed to consumers.

This is a significant barrier to entry for beginning coders. If you require 100 utterances per intent to get started, it may be challenging to create a sound proof of concept upon which to develop. Their platform just expedites the process.

Botpress supports twelve languages by default. English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic are just a few of the natively supported languages. If you want a language that is not pre-installed, you can use one of the 157 available FastText models.

Additionally, with Botpress Enterprise, you can concurrently support as many languages as necessary without repeating the effort. Multiple chatbots are not required to offer a multilingual conversational experience. They feature in-built translations to eliminate the laborious chore of repeating work.

The context consists mainly of the memories of prior communications or encounters. By using subjects and intentions defined by the chatbot developer, your chatbot may generate a lot more natural conversation. By default, it will be able to handle slot filling and context switching to provide an exceptional conversational experience for your customers and employees.

Botpress: Conversation studio

Botpress Conversation studio

The Botpress Conversation Studio provides all the tools necessary to create excellent chatbots. Their platform allows you to construct safe interactions that can expand indefinitely to meet your business’s evolving demands.

Whether you want to create out of the box or customize your code, Botpress Studio allows you to customize your development environment to your specifications.

Start developing instantly using Botpress Studio’s user-friendly environment for development. See what you’re developing in real-time, test on the fly, and interact with your team, all from a single low-code platform that is unbelievably simple to use.

Botpress Studio’s robust visual interface allows you to design automation and observe precisely how your interactions move. Quickly iterate using Studio’s drag-and-drop features that need little programming. The multi-turn feature allows for a smooth transition from one subject to the next, while intelligent slot filling pinpoints the location of missing form fields.

Using Botpress Studio’s content management tool, you can see and manage all the numerous content kinds you’ve created, from buttons and dropdowns to simple text. The separation of chatbot content from conversation flows makes it easier to change the material.

Create genuinely intelligent dialogues using Botpress Studio’s robust, controlled NLU engine. Add intents, find and categorize things, run spell checks, implement slot tagging, and teach your chatbot to comprehend complicated human queries.

Botpress: Messaging Channels

Botpress Messaging Channels

You may connect to as many channels as necessary and provide your workers and consumers a seamless experience. They’ve designed the most common messaging channel integrations to make getting started simple and quick.

For those developing customer-facing chatbots, they have Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Whatsapp (accessible via For those of you building employee-facing chatbots, they have integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more are on the way.

You may embed a chat on any website with a single line of code to ease conversations with your chatbot. It may be on your intranet or website, and you can style it with custom CSS to get the desired appearance. This will also enable you to harness the information on the sites to provide a more relevant experience for your customers or employees.

If you want to develop anything entirely from scratch, you may use the Converse API. With the Converse API, you can design your unique chat application or connect Botpress with a search bar to create an everyday experience.

Regardless of the quality of your chatbot, enabling the end-user to communicate with a human agent is a crucial component of successful conversational design. To outsource the discussion to an agent, you must include the action in your workflow. It may be added quickly and without any further integration. Simply drag and drop a block into your workflow and choose an action from the “execute code” drop-down menu.

Throughout interaction with a user, the chatbot will collect data that may be kept in variables. Once the chatbot is delegated, these variables and any previously provided remarks by a  colleague will be accessible to the agent. This is what they refer to as “Prime Delegation.” The agent does not have to start from scratch since the chatbot provides helpful information.

Botpress Pricing & How To Sign up for Botpress Free Trial

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Botpress, hover your mouse to ‘Pricing’, and click on ‘Pricing & Plans.

Botpress Pricing & How To Sign up for Botpress Free Trial step1

Step – 2: If you wish to use the free software, click on ‘Sign In,’ but if you wish to try Botpress Enterprise, click on ‘Talk to Sales.” or “Get Pricing” 

Botpress Pricing & How To Sign up for Botpress Free Trial step2

Step – 3: If you choose Botpress Enterprise, you will be asked to fill up some details. Fill them up, check the box, and click on ‘Submit.’

Botpress Pricing & How To Sign up for Botpress Free Trial step3

That’s it. Their team will contact you shortly with the Botpress free trial. Until then, you can use the non-enterprise Botpress software.

How To Start Using Botpress?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Botpress from here and click on ‘Get Started for Free.

How To Start Using Botpress step1

Step – 2: You will be asked for your email address, a password, for your country and to agree to the terms and conditions. Fill it up and click on ‘Sign Up.’

How To Start Using Botpress step2

Why Do I Recommend Botpress for Developers?

  • Enterprise-ready: Botpress Enterprise offers a range of out-of-the-box integrations to make it easy for you to integrate with your company’s existing software and security protocols.
  • Extend with JavaScript: Botpress is an open-source platform that developers can use to create and manage their bots. The BotPressSDK enables them with powerful features, such as extending virtually anything or customizing it for a specific task in minutes!
  • Git-friendly: Whatever you need to store for your company, whether it be an artificial intelligence model or workflow design – everything can fit into one file with Git versioning.
  • Deploy Anywhere: The runtime is so versatile that it can be deployed in virtually any environment – including your infrastructure and major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

FAQs On Botpress Review

Do they have a product for agencies or service providers?

Yes, they have a commercial agreement that allows agencies and service providers with multiple clients to deploy Botpress for business purposes.

How much does Botpress Enterprise cost?

Botpress Enterprise, unlike Botpress Cloud, is meticulously customized for each firm with whom they collaborate. When you approach them with a prospective chatbot use case, they will assist with project scoping and begin preparing a no-obligation estimate.

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Conclusion: Botpress Review 2024

Botpress is very beneficial for businesses that wish to develop chatbots for numerous channels and manage them internally. Botpress empowers user experience & engineering teams with intuitive Conversational AI infrastructure so you can run software in your conversations.

Please share your experience with Botpress in the comment section.

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