Blueprint MCAT Review 2024: Pros & Cons Of This Online Course

Bluepront MCAT Prep Course

Overall Verdict

It was not only very flexible but the material was easy to take in via video. Overall great experience. Transitioned between tutors but they were both great.

Out of 10


  • You get more than you pay for:
  • Quality study material
  • Easy To Find Course
  • Peace of Mind
  • Supplementary materials


  • No Mobile App
  • Addition of Study Groups would be helpful.
  • Live Only
  • The course does not currently support collaboration between students, such as virtual study groups.
  • If you’re looking for a more structured “classroom” setting, this may not be the course for you


Price: $ 1799

With the dream of getting into a reputed medical school choosing the right path with the correct tools is of utmost priority to clear MCAT.

Looking through the internet the options available for an online course you may come across reputed names like Princeton Review, Kaplan, or Blueprint.

Over these three major brands, allow me to tell you the reason for my selecting Blueprint Next Step Prep.

Bottom Line Upfront: 

So, Blueprint offers an amazing MCAT course with engaging course modules and in-depth instructor videos. It offers an incredible package that offers every aspect of MCAT medical school preparation. Their video lessons are top-notch and the practice materials are applaudable. Lastly, the company offers an abundance of helpful study resources and content-rich prep books. As my personal experience, I would recommend Blueprint to every MCAT aspirant if they are clear about their goal.

🙌 About Blueprint MCAT Prep Course:

Blueprint MCAT prep course overview

Blueprint MCAT Review- The company Blueprint Prep was founded in 2005, which means it has an experience of more than 15 years of helping young professionals such as me to clear competitive exams as MCAT, and thus I became less skeptical and more curious to know about Blueprint Prep.

The company offers two courses- LSAT & MCAT.

As I was preparing for the MCAT, I focused on learning more about Blueprint Next Step, So firstly let me clarify why this prep course is called (Next Step) Prep course since there could be curiosity as to why it has such a robust long name for a course.

So I found out that in 2018, the company Blueprint Prep acquired a company called Next Step Test Prep, Next Step has been a pioneer in offering a world-class quality MCAT course, and has an award-winning digital platform.

In 2020, they rebranded the name as Blueprint MCAT(Next Step) Prep course and launched their new MCAT website providing the best technology, user interface, and data analytics for the students.

Combining the technical capabilities of Blueprint in creating a benchmark in online learning and the vast knowledge that Next Step had to offer along with a great overall reputation of the course the two were the right combination.  

The Courses have been designed to be accessible to their users as per their needs. With a vast array of detailed tools, lessons, practice material, detailed videos, and office hours on the go.

They have a set-up where you can “Test your might” by competing with yourself through their “Test out of” section. Cruise through 150 plus lessons each with detailed accessible classes, exams, videos, and other content. 

😉 Overview Of The Course:

overview of the course

Blueprint MCAT Review- As per my experience with the course, Blueprint MCAT is one of the best personalized online MCAT prep courses that offers an innovative custom study plan. 

They have 160+ real-time modules of learning. Blueprint Next Step offers three Plans currently.

  1. Blueprint Next Step MCAT Online Course (Hyperlink)
  2. Blueprint Next Step MCAT Live Online Course 
  3. Blueprint Next Step MCAT Personal Tutoring Course

Each of these courses is uniquely designed to meet the requirements of the students in context to their requirements and the amount they are willing to spend on the programs. Blueprint is always working on fresher tools and new concepts to keep an edge on its competition.

I noticed that they make interesting video content to keep the students engaged rather than making them go through the long tiresome lectures.

The Modules work great due to the fun practical tests that one can take, puzzle-solving questions, learning alternative methods to brush up on concepts, and mastering the modules.

Each time you look for a topic there is not just one particular way of learning it. Blueprint MCAT Review Course ensures that there are multiple videos, theories, reasonings, and strategies that one can use. Ever wondered how complex molecules are?

How did you understand the breakdown of chemical compounds? Or How Biological changes can be studied by just looking at the diagrams in a textbook? Well, that is exactly the thing Blueprint has been working on.

They have designers working to make these diagrams, molecular constructs, and theories, what they do is make detailed 3D graphics that simplify and rearrange the data to make it simpler and more futuristic. 

🏆 Segregating The Three Courses For A Better Understanding:

Blueprint MCAT review- Segregating The Three Courses

1. Blueprint Next Step Prices:

Blueprint Online has focused on making its products and pricing quite transparent. Offering multiple options to its students. Majorly Blueprint Next Step offers two courses, the 1-on-1 tutoring option is for students that are looking to excel at their scores even further.

Of the two options, the first one is a self-paced online course with great analytics to monitor the progress of the preparations while the second-course option offers all the features of the Blueprint MCAT Review course but with Live Classes.

Personally, I went with the Blueprint Online Live Course option as the Live Class Session was something of my need. The third option which is the Personal Tutoring Course is something that I did not seem interested in. 

2. Blueprint Next Step MCAT Online:

  • 6 monthly course costs $1799
  • 9 month’s course costs $2199
  • 12 month’s course costs $2499

3. Blueprint Next Step Live Online:

live online courses

If you were to compare the Online course to the live course the major difference can be the 40-plus hours of live online tutor lessons by 2 MCAT skilled teachers. The Plan retails at $2499. 

👀 What Does The Course Offer? 

Blueprint MCAT Review- What Does The Course Offer

  1. More than 4000 questions to practice on. 
  2. 15 real-time MCAT practice tests (includes AAMC exams) 
  3. 150 plus learning modules in different formats. 
  4. More than 150 passages.
  5. A total of 10,000 practical questions. 
  6. 6 review books revised with the latest curriculum. 

Blueprint MCAT Review- This course is for the well-versed MCAT aspirant. With all the tools, tricks, and whistles available at their disposal they can keenly look at increasing their scores by following up on this course at their own pace and on their own terms.

Since the course offers three monthly options, you may be inclined to test it out in the beginning and then opt for the long-term plan.

So basically it is for those who love to study and practice in their own time and in their own way.

👩 Whom Is This Course For?

whom this course is for?

I would recommend that this is the course plan that you should go for as it offers 40 plus online live classes by experienced tutors. Blueprint MCAT Review- this course helps you clear your doubts or for you to really break down your material to understand and learn better.

The feature for you to retake all the classes to never miss out on any important modules is of great help. Following up on your progress here also involves 2 MCAT teachers along with the online analytics section on the user dashboard.

Blueprint Tutoring Pricing Option: 

  • Rash Course Basic $2699
  • Core Package $3200
  • Premium Package $4000

Blueprint Crash Course Basic:

  1. A study plan created for each student individually by a teacher to be completed in a month. 
  2. Live online tutoring available for 12 hours. 
  3. 10 Complete Exams available to practice on. 
  4. 1-on-1 classes to help students. 
  5. Access to the Blueprint Online Course. 

Blueprint Core Package:

  1. A study plan created for each student individually by a teacher to be completed in a month. 
  2. Live online tutoring available for 40 hours. 
  3. 10 Complete Exams available to practice on. 
  4. 1-on-1 classes to help students. 
  5. Access to the Blueprint Online Course. 
  6. Access to 4000 plus question banks. 

💲 Pricing Plans:

Pricing Plans

Blueprint Premium Package:

  1. A study plan created for each student individually by a teacher to be completed in 2 to 3 months. 
  2. Live online tutoring available for 40 hours. 
  3. 10 Complete Exams available to practice on. 
  4. 1-on-1 classes to help students. 
  5. Access to the Blueprint Online Course. 
  6. Access to 4000 plus question banks. 
  7. Self Diagnostic Pre Tests 

Admissions Consultations Plans:

  • Mock Med School Interviews $799
  • Primary Medical School Admissions $1549
  • Secondary Application and Med School Interviews $1849
  • Comprehensive Admissions Package $3199 

🤷‍♀️ Pros And Cons Of Blueprint MCAT Review:


  • You get more than you pay for: While looking for an MCAT prep course, students are compelled to choose from two of these three features, being vast and extensive modules, quality study material, and products at the right price.
  • It’s easy to find a course that’s affordable but that usually comes with weak study material, affordable with a small number of high-quality materials, or an expensive course with lots of high-quality study materials. However, Blueprint MCAT Review manages to balance these challenges and offers the students exactly what they pay for.
  •  Peace of Mind: As previously mentioned, there’s no excuse for an MCAT prep course to be stressful when the exam itself causes enough anxiety on its own. Therefore, some of the most helpful features Blueprint MCAT provides are the ones that reduce the amount of pressure on students’ shoulders. These features include the ample free study materials and their score increase guarantee.
  • Supplementary Materials: For the vast majority of students who enroll in this MCAT course, the materials it provides should be sufficient to prepare them for exam day. However, there may be some of you who need just a little bit more in order to feel fully prepared. The good news is that Blueprint MCAT offers lots of extras to meet this exact need, such as additional practice books and personal tutoring packages.
  • Get unlimited access to the live office hours feature and guided help from talented MCAT tutors. 
  • One of the best data analytics available to students for MCAT online prep helping students achieve their goals faster. 
  • The feature to customize the study plan is available for all students. This helps them grow and learn at their own pace. 


  • Mobile App: Not every student has the time in their busy schedule to sit down in front of their computer and go over their study material. While they may be able to do so once or twice a week, there are some who simply learn better on the go through the use of their mobile smart devices. And while Blueprint does its best to ensure that the majority of its study materials are compatible with these devices, the lack of a dedicated mobile app is still disappointing. 
  • Study Groups: If this course had an option to study in groups, it could be an addition to the somewhat great curriculum prepared by the Blueprint Next Step. I personally could have benefited from this myself. 
  • The course does not currently support collaboration between students, such as virtual study groups.
  • If you’re looking for a more structured “classroom” setting, this may not be the course for you.

👮‍♀️ Customer Reviews:

Blueprint MCAT review- Customer review


The personalized tutoring was definitely the right choice. I received all the materials I needed to feel ready for the MCAT and my tutor helped make this overwhelming process much less stressful. Blueprint MCAT Review I really enjoyed the personalized plan because we were able to work around my schedule and if anything needed to change, Emily was able to accommodate this.

Alex Rubin
I began this process with a foundational knowledge of MCAT materials thanks to a 6-week bootcamp offered by another company. I had planned to take the MCAT after that bootcamp but mistakes were made and I ended up having to wait 3 months to take the test for the first time. I was worried about losing content and information during those 3 months, and so I hired a tutor. Working with Ricky helped me fill in any content gaps, as well as deepen my understanding of concepts Blueprint MCAT Review I had already thought I mastered. Ricky is not the type of tutor to sugar coat anything, if he thought there was a problem there was no way it was going to be swept under the rug or rationalized away. For some that might be challenging to work with, however, as someone who was aware of their weaknesses, I enjoyed the bluntness and took full advantage of his honesty to better myself. Ricky excelled when it came to breaking concepts down to their bare bones, and any concept we approached we did so with a ground up mentality. This was great when it came to dissecting exactly why something behaved a certain way, and it made building a sturdy understanding of concepts possible.

😎 FAQs- Blueprint MCAT Review 2024: Is It Best Or Better?

🔥What does the Curriculum offer?

The Blueprint Curriculum offers the best online study material with access to numerous videos, prep tests, detailed lessons with a lot of study material, pre-recorded tutor lessons for reference and more than 160 different subjects to master. All this is available on their Dashboard with a great user interface and an analytics section to keep a watch on your progress. The UI is so fun to use that I personally would log into the website to always track my progress and make it my go to for any queries I had whatsoever.

✔ Is the Blueprint Next Step an Online Course Only?

No, the course not only offers more than 150 lessons on their website they also send over 6 hard copy textbooks that are revised on an annual basis to ensure that all the content is up to date. The textbooks they send focus on Psychology & Sociology, Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Reasoning and Biology. These textbooks become a great source for you while you attend the online live classes and also when you prepare for the exams on your own.

💥 What are the alternatives to Blueprint Next Step?

The alternatives available online are MCAT Self Prep Review, Magoosh’s MCAT course, The Princeton Review and Kaplan. From the courses mentioned by me, MCAT Self Prep Review and Magoosh are a little reasonable in terms of pricing while The Princeton Review and Kaplan are very expensive.

👓 How can I be sure of selecting the Blueprint Course?

If you would like to know what Blueprint Next Step is all about then you may instantly sign up to a demo for free. By surfing through the content and using the extremely intuitive dashboard you will get an idea as to what the brand has to offer. It is a great way of knowing what you are buying.

✔ Is there a refund policy for Blueprint Course?

Blueprint Next Step offers a promise to its students of a better score from the day they start their Course. For the students to avail the refund policy they need to follow the said guidelines set by Blueprint. The first clause is that the student must have paid in full while enrolling into the program. An official MCAT test needs to be taken by the student. Once the scores are in the student must provide the screenshot of their half-length diagnostic report to Blueprint “Guarantee” via email. It is important that the entire MCAT course is completed by the Student. No practice test or module should be pending. After the student completes the course and takes their official AAMC, the score needs to be sent to Blueprint by email. If you do not score better than your precious score then you may repeat the course or receive a refund.


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💥 Conclusion: Blueprint MCAT Review 2024: Is It Best Or Better?

Blueprint MCAT Review- To round up my experience, Blueprint Next Step has been one of the best prep programs that I could have gone for. Blueprint is, without doubt, offering one of the most versatile courses for MCAT boasting their large selection of Study plans to choose from.

The high-quality content available on their website has been of the utmost advantage to me while I prepared for my Test.

It can be seen that a lot of dedication has gone into the production value of the videos created with great graphics, and visuals to assist in learning in a fun and engaging way.

The Curriculum in its entirety is created by professional teachers where if you choose the right plan for yourself then each student gets a customized study plan as per their capabilities or convenience.

The office hour sessions get you that back-to-school experience.

Blueprint’s score increase guarantee is Blueprint MCAT Review great course for students who need a little push to excel. It gave me assurance that I could really pull this off if done the right way.

It was a little concerning as there still isn’t a mobile app for the course as usually when I was on the go and wanted to maybe spend some time watching a video from the program.

Having a dedicated app could really take things up a notch. Although I should not complain as I never had an issue with the mobile compatibility of the website plus there were 6 reference textbooks that were of great help.

With Blueprint offering accessibility to their online study material for the months selected by you, the content can be used till the very last day of your subscription.

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