What Is Blog Flipping: Earn by Trading Websites and Blogs

Blog flipping is a way of making money online by trading the websites and blogs.It involves buying and selling Websites and Blogs where you have to buy any blog at a low price and then sell at a higher price.”

Many sites are available all over the internet for sale.Let’s look at it from a different point of view other than making money, let’s say someone has a blog the problem he will face while choosing a domain name, when you will select a domain name, there are 90% of chances that the domain name is already registered.

But if he visits that domain name he can find that the domain name is for sale with few or null content. Then he thinks that when no one is using that domain name then, why should have they bought that?

They bought that domain because he needs that domain, and they want to sell him that domain at a higher price, if he really wants that domain name which is of good potential and has some old authority then, he have to buy that for at a higher price around than what it should initially cost per domain name. And this is the method by which they earn money.

Many flippers make good money just by selling blogs to others and earns a massive amount of money online.

Most common ways to blog flipping


1) Buy Re-Build and Sell:


Talking about the first one Buy Re-Build and Sell :

In this method, you have to first buy an already existing blog on the internet. The blog must be at least 6 months old.
Before buying a blog, you should do a little bit of research about it and keep the following points in mind for a better resell value.

  • The blog must have daily visitors the number may be less, but few people should visit it daily. The number should at least 200 per day.
  • The blog must not be penalized by Google Panda and Penguin.
  • Analyze full Google Analytics report and check which country’s visitors are visiting the blog.
  • Check Earnings on Site, if you are going to buying a blog for $100, then it must already have more than $10 per month.
    After buying a blog, you can work on it to make it better and in other words, you have to Re-Build it.
    Re-Building a blog can take some time.
  • Make some changes in the design of the blog make it different from the previous blog.
  • Share the blog on the social media.

Here the primary motive is to increase the daily visitors to the blog and make it look different.
Now you can sell the blog at higher price

There is the various platform available for marketing a blog.


2) Create and Sell:


Now lets come to the second method
In this method, you have to build your own blog and then sell it. It guarantees a massive profit than the first way as you don’t have to buy a blog.
You should keep few points in mind while making a blog for selling

  • Chose the niche and idea of the blog very wisely.
  • Buy brand new domain and hosting.
  • Make the blog design better, instead of spending money on themes you can buy them at cheap from various sites like genesis and elegant themes.
  • Regularly publish the contents on the blog.
  • Quality of the contents will play a significant role in selling your site to spend time on creating content.
  • Do all aspects of Search Engine Optimization like Link Building, SMO, etc.

After 6 to 8 months of regular work, your blog will be ready to be sold at high price.

Here some websites where you can sell your blog:

Some of the sites give you a free option to sell the blog, but some websites charge fees for listing and sale.

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Final Thought: What Is Blog Flipping: Earn by Trading Websites and Blogs

Blog Flipping is the best way to earn handsome amount of money just spending the little amount of money and time on that blog. In the above-listed sites, Flippa is the best option you have got to sell your blog for free. In the starting of blog flipping you may not get a massive amount of money but once you have learned the basics then definitely you will earn good amount of money.

Do let me know if you have sold any blog earlier in the comment section. Show your love and support just by sharing this post on all trending social media platform.

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