BitDegree Review 2024: Is It the Best eLearning Platform ?



  • Live online courses, interactive classes with individual attention
  • Support ninjas at your command
  • Online Courses with an industry-relevant case study, each time, every time!
  • Flexible Batch Timings
  • Quality Instructors
  • Lifetime access to reference material


  • A Little Bit Expensive


Price: $ 39

In this post, we have featured the BitDegree Review with all its features, courses, and its pros and cons.

Bit degree offers exactly what today’s generation needs in order to stand out. Powered by blockchain technology bit degree is an online education platform where one can both learn and earn. This initiative is meant to remold the online education system and is already popular among students and instructors.

Bottom Line Upfront: BitDegree is an online teaching platform which mainly focusses on teaching students digital computing skills which are web development, data mining, database manipulation, creating games, blockchain development and more. 

Bitdegree is completely unique from its competitors because it is heavily based on Blockchain with it’s own Blockchain certificates. Try Bitdegree Courses Now:

BitDegree Review

BitDegree Review 2024: Is It Worth Joining?

What exactly is BitDegree?

Bitdegree claims to be the world’s first blockchain-powered online educational website which focuses on providing IT and digital skills with the aim to make learning a fun process.

BitDegree Coupon - Home page

Bit degree utilizes blockchain technology to issue scholarships, secure content and providing certificates. Blockchain empowers a secure database for the exchange of cryptocurrencies such as bit degree tokens.

They not only host and publish accomplished courses from instructors but also fabricate high-quality interactive classes.


In the era of fierce competition and growing skill requirements, bit degree has brought a unique way of dealing with these. It contains the finest online courses that are must to become job-ready for the coming techno-savvy world. It is an online educational website offering courses to build one’s technical and digital skills.

These courses are designed in a way to help students have both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subjects. It allows them the ease of learning from the comfort of their homes.

Bitdegree understands that mere degrees or certificates won’t help students to land them to their dream careers and so they are focused on providing students the required skills according to market demands.

The feature that makes bit degree distinctive from other online education platforms is that it puts students, teachers, and employers together in an interactive position. This provides students an opportunity to get hired after course completion while employers get benefitted by hiring potential talents with relatively low efforts and time.

As a result, it is cost-saving for both students and employers. Further, an instructor can also earn from the course fee.

Bit degree has a very exceptional way of rewarding students who do well during the course. The learner’s educational achievements are rewarded through scholarships which are given in the form of cryptocurrency (bit degree tokens). Students also get certificates that could make their resume to become more striking. This promotes the rate of course completion on BitDegree.

Bitdegree Review

Even the people who already have jobs can upgrade their skills, learn new technologies and use it to rise higher in their careers while continuing their current jobs.

You may have questions like this: I will explain everything in detailed

– What is BitDegree How it is helpful?

– Are certificates from BitDegree worth it?

– Can I get a job After completing courses from BitDegree?

– What certifications can I get for free from BitDegree?

– Is Cryptocurrency best to invest in 2024?

– Which is better EdX or BitDegree?

– Are the instructors easy to understand?

– Does BitDegree have learning paths?

– How much does BitDegree cost?

– What kind of courses does BitDegree offer?

– What are the production values like for BitDegree video courses?

About BitDegree Token

A bit degree token referred to as BDG is an ERC20 utility token, acting as an exchange medium among the users of BitDegree and is based on Ethereum BlockChain.

These token can serve the following purpose-

  1. Incentivize educational achievements.
  2. To pay for advertising.
  3. For recruitment services.
  4. To pay for other digital services availed by third-party on BitDegree.

Features of BitDegree:

Bitdegree features

BitDegree is believed to solve problems. Various online learning platforms cannot efficiently solve the problems but BitDegree clearly wins here.

  • Perfect Education: Most of the online platforms inevitably provide theoretical knowledge but cannot solve practical problems. Practical skills are the most important factor when it comes to solving the problem. BitDegree has created an online platform that fills the gap between the employees and employers making the communication robust.
  • Equipped With Technology: BiteDegree connects the employees with the companies that use modern workforce and technologies to stay updated with the competitive world. This platform teaches the skills needed in the market.
  •  Human Focussed Learning Model: BitDegree works perfectly when it comes to experimenting. It focuses on the latest education model. Instead of old techniques, the company courageously focuses on gamification techniques and developing systems for better learning.
  • Earn While You Learn: To improve the course completion rates, BitDegree provides a lot of incentives with each course. With these incentives, students can get the BitDegree tokens and exchange it with the course or other currencies. The amount often varies by geolocation, language, and tutors.
  • Cheap Courses: The BitDegree courses are highly affordable and provide lifetime access to each of the courses. Some of the courses, tutorials, and videos are free to use whereas a number of courses come at a nominal price with the perfect content quality.
  • Guides and Tutorials: BitDegree has separate guides and tutorials section where you can find all the tips, tricks, videos, and references with the screenshots to help learners in the best possible way. You can subscribe and receive the guides in your inbox.

Why BitDegree?

 online elearning platform

  1. Affordability – the online courses on bit degree come free or with a nominal fee to ensure that quality education is accessible to all.
  2. A lot of choices– a learner may choose from a wide array of digital and other courses which include coding, game development, graphic designing, and many more.
  3. Earning opportunity– learners can earn while learning which results in a higher number of students motivated towards course completion. Student’s achievements are best rewarded in this platform.
  4. Ease of learning– students don’t have to go through the rigor of classroom studies. The courses are well designed so that they are decipherable and engaging.
  5. Quality education– bit degree platform has the best instructors joining to impart their expertise in digital skills. The best part is that instructors are from across the globe which promotes multi-dimensional learning.

How To Get Started With BitDegree?

BitDegree Coupon - sign up

Whether you are a student or an instructor you can sign up simply with your E-mail, Facebook or Google account.

  • Register for free
  • Later you can log in with your details and browse their courses.
  • You can then pay for the selected course using PayPal or a credit card. If you opt to pay with BitDegree tokens, you can get 20% additional discount.

They have a variety of courses ranging from 5.00 USD to 53 USD to choose from.

BitDegree Courses Review:

Bitdegree courses comprise lessons through interactive videos and notes. These lessons have numerous examples, screenshots, and references for better comprehensibility.

BitDegree courses


The categorized courses are:-


  • Web development– coding with CSS, HTML, website, javascript, tutorial on becoming at hacker, SQL commands, mobile app development, PHP, etc.
  • Programming languages- Space Doggos, Java 101, python, SAS, etc.
  • Game development– developing 2D and 3D games, mapbox unity tutorial, build games using pixel art, etc.
  • Code theory– HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, BootStrap, jQuery, Git, chrome DevTools.


  • Business– sale skills and negotiation, SEO, data science for business, Social media marketing, Digital marketing.
  • E-Commerce– Google advertisement, break-even marketing, Agile project management, Shopify dropshipping, financial ratio analysis, etc.
  • Marketing– small business marketing, keyword research, digital marketing, etc.


  • Blockchain– blockchain programming, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and trading, etc.
  • Guides and tutorials– these systematic videos have lessons like building a catchy resume, game making, changing careers, etc. Which are interactive.


  • Graphic design– adobe InDesign, photoshop, calligraphy, AutoCad plant 3D, vector art, Camtasia masterclass, etc.
  • Data science– data science for business, making python structures, applied calculus for engineers, MATLAB master class, QGIS tutorial eic.
  • Machine learning– building machine learning applications, TensorFlow tutorial on neural networks, R programming, statistics, iOS 11 and swift 4, etc.
  • Personal development – these lessons include photography composition, learning how to focus, presentation skills, personal growth lessons, personal branding, developing emotional intelligence, etc.

BitDegree Pricing:

BitDegree has four types of pricing plans or licensing models that explain the pricing between the enrollers and instructor.

  • Instructor Promo: Instructor receives 99% of the course fees
  • BitDegree Platform: Instructor receives 50% of the course fees
  • Affiliate Program: Instructor receives 25% of the course fees
  • BitDegree Ads: Instructor receives 25% of the course fees

If we talk about the BitDegree courses, the courses are quite affordable and start with as low as $5. It depends upon the course type and the level of the course that you want to enroll in.

Interactive courses BitDegree:

BitDegree offers interactive lessons to make learning while playing as fun as you want. The company uses the  Gamification Framework to design these interesting and interactive courses.
Bitdegree discount and coupon

Currently, the platform offers the following lessons for free:

  • Learn Strength: The Last Strength Course to Start Your Career
  • Space Doggos: Interactive course on the solidity of learning for beginners
  • Interactive Programming for Beginners: What is CSS / HTML / Web Development?
  • Interactive SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL Commands
  • Learn PHP Online: Basic PHP Concepts with Interactive PHP Tutorials
  • Interactive JavaScript tutorial: Learn JavaScript in a fun way
  • Master web design reactive
  • Bootstrap tutorial: Learn how to use Bootstrap and introduce Bootstrap 4
  • Interactive jQuery tutorial: effects and events

What Users Say About Bitdegree Courses- The Success Story

Bitdegree was not something talked about a few years back when it had just begun in the year 2017. But With continuous hard work and dedication, the bit degree team is getting mighty with more than 29 million existing users on the platform. By May 2019 bit degree had been hitting 500k student sign-ups.

In June 2019, bit degree received national recognition as the award for a most original and compelling digital solution for learning and education. It is now headed towards the World Summit Awards 2019.

Bitdegree may bring more impactful innovations in the field as a result of its partnership with Vilnius University to research a new way of dealing with low online course completion rates.

Bitdegree customer reviews

The team is continuously working on shortcomings while enhancing the user experience.

User Son le from Vietnam thanks Bitdegree saying that it is a new world for all people and the lessons are easy to learn.

Yet another user from Mexico says that he was a novice in programming but thanks to Bitdgree, no more.

A user from the UK is of opinion that Bitdegree has huge potential to provide affordable education to everyone.

Many users have rated bit degree with 5/5 stars in terms of the price value, content quality, learning experience, features, and ease of use.

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Joining BitDegree As An Instructor?

To become an instructor on Bitdegree, one just needs to sign up and after completion of the required information, upload the course with the videos to get started.

Instructors have availed an opportunity to get 99 percent of their course fee that the student spent to purchase the course. The remaining 1 percent comprising the administration costs. This happens because while dealing with cryptocurrencies there is no interference of a third-party as a result of which a teacher may earn nearly the exact amount the learner is paying for the course.


The instructor can opt for payment in BitDegree Tokens (BDG) or in traditional currencies including USD/EUR which are transferred into their PayPal account which is secure and hassle-free.

The courses that are uploaded by the instructors also are secure. With the help of machine learning, BlockChain technology, and timestamps, an automated service can be created that would seek out copyrighted content and remove or report it.

Global audiences


BitDegree Pros and Cons


  • Join students and employers
  • No costs for acquiring technical skills.
  • Interesting, entertaining courses that motivate students to complete the course.
  • Ability to communicate with other students and mentors.
  • Win while learning


  • Needs Flash player
  • Certificates and Diplomas cost
  • Pay in order to remove ads

Quick Links:

Frequently Asked Questions:

👉What is BitDegree?

BitDegree is the blockchain-powered online education platform. Its goal is to make learning fun and rewarding

👉Does BitDegree accept non-cryptocurrency payments?

Yes, you can pay for BitDegree courses using PayPal or credit card.

👉What is the symbol of BitDegree token?

BDG is the symbol of BitDegree token.

👉Is BitDegree accredited?

No, BitDegree is not accredited online learning platform.

👉Is BitDegree certificate free?

Yes, BitDegree gives free certificate.

👉How can i get free certificate?

Three easy steps to get free certificates Sign up for a bitdegree account. Choose your subjects and categories of your interest and complete the course. Get your free certificate.

What People’s Say About BitDegree On Facebook:

bitdegree reviews

Amazing platform. Love the idea of giving power to students. Earn to Learn what is needed by the marketplace. Many courses are discounted others are free so try it out now. Education is power!
Rafael Skubisz
Amazing progress made after the ICO, the team must be working very hard so even though the website is still in Beta version and some improvements are needed, I want to give you 5 stars. Good job
– Tomas Ged

Conclusion: Is BitDegree Platform Worth Money?

With the belief of “Knowledge is a Human Right” Bitdegree is working to curb the gap between quality education and its reach.

Bit degree’s customer-centric approach is leading to a higher number of content users.

To summarise we can now say that a bit degree offers a lot to gain from. For all the parties involved in this platform, there’s something rewarding and fulfilling.

In the ensuing years, one can hope that online education will prove to be more opted for their convenience property. And surely bit degree will become the leader in the field.

If you are someone who does not believes in just a sustaining career rather if you want a growing one, then a bit degree is the most optimal choice for you because the useful digital skills that you might learn from it can give you a competitive edge over your peers.

So grab this opportunity without thinking twice and kick start your career with BitDegree. For further information on courses and course prices, you can visit at

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