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It’s a leading online training platform optimized by the blockchain-based reward system.

The platform aims to revolutionize education through gamification and to reward students for their progress.
BitDegree is based on the belief that everyone deserves appropriate and quality education. However, the existing public education system is decentralized, democratized and interrupted.
The company is also convinced that the success of digital companies is a well-trained technological talent. Therefore, companies must be willing to invest in advanced technologies.
BitDegree Courses Discount Coupon Code
In this sense, BitDegree is founded in 2017.
The platform aims to make high-quality education interesting and affordable for the masses, including low-income and poor people, in search of quality education and stable jobs.
In addition, the platform serves as a common place to bring students and employers together in search of technological success.

BitDegree Review With Coupon Code June 2024 :Is It Worth?

Detailed About BitDegree Review with Coupon Code: –

The BitDegree platform provides the best courses and online training with a simple and transparent token reward system and tracking results.
The aim of BitDegree is also to become a widely used tool that helps employers find new talent in the field of technology through online courses.
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The aim of BitDegree is to bring teachers, students and employers together on a single platform to improve the way online education works.
The company focuses primarily on educational skills such as programming, web development, online business, game development, machine learning and much more.
The online platform implements blockchain technology to record all educational achievements and allows each student to benefit from scholarships.
The goal of BitDegree is to create specialized and high-performance training courses to develop the necessary skills in the job market.
In addition to these courses, you also get the opportunity to get a job offer.
Unlike other blockchain launches, BitDegree has not been fully launched from the beginning.
The BitDegree developers build the platform based on around 29 million existing users. These users come from the worldwide Hostinger communities and are the leading web-based, innovative Native American learning site.
BitDegree is looking for a golden opportunity in the world of Open Massive Online Courses (MOOCs) that are evolving day by day.
BitDegree Coupon - Introduction
The MOOC number quickly exploded after 2K12. Coursera and CodeCademy are the two most popular MOOC providers, with a total value of more than $ 1 billion.

What does that mean exactly?

BitDegree is an online learning platform with blockchain technology that allows users to create courses with a reward system based on blockchain and tracking results.
BitDegree offers online courses to students who have been created with experience while continuing to perform and achieving the same results.
It offers courses on digital skills such as web development, programming languages, game development, machine learning, marketing, cryptography and blockchain and more.
We’ve collected the opinions of BitDegree users from across the web and found that you generally have positive reviews. We also share your available pricing options.
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BitDegree was a great success shortly after its founding. From June 2024, the platform will have:

  • more than 500,000 students
  • Many Blockchain and Cryptocurrency tutorials are Available.
  • 5000+ online courses
BitDegree has a great community. They are active on several social media channels with more than 82,000 active Facebook subscribers and more than 18,000 Twitter subscribers. The company runs a YouTube interactive channel and discussion forum about Reddit.
The company has already ranked among the Top 7 education companies of EDTech in the TOP 7 and won the EdTechX Startup Super League Award, according to web traffic.

How does BitDegree work?

Businesses encourage people who want to take part in BitDegree training to learn new technologies or services. By encouraging, companies explicitly point out the demand for specific skills and information on the skills needed to leverage the recently introduced technology or service.
By capturing these signals, students acquire the skills and knowledge required to deploy the new, sought-after industrial technologies. Job seekers participate in sponsored courses to develop advanced skills in selected technologies.
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All course materials and assessments are divided into small parts to allow short-term efforts in the reward cycle. The BitDegree platform keeps track of each student’s progress and rewards each student.
The platform also offers students the opportunity to demonstrate that they are meeting the challenge of developing and applying problem-solving skills.
Incentive companies make contacts with students who take part in funded courses and offer jobs to high-performance students. Students receive incentives, while inventors can be potential employers, digital service providers, government institutions, or even ordinary citizens.
Incentives creators set the maximum number of applicants, the date and time of enrollment of the course, as well as the time for which the incentives for enrolled students will remain. The smart contract provides for the payment of incentives.
An intelligent contract is a computer code that runs in a series of blocks. Facilitates and numerically checks the execution of a contract. You can exchange money, shares or valuables transparently without third parties. You can track every transaction made under Smart Contracts.
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When it comes to BitDegree, the Smart Smart Incentive Contract receives proof of BitDegree Learning Expense Review and issues a payment to review and capitalize the learning effort.
See how BitDegree and its Smart Intelligent Incentive Contract work.

Why choose BitDegree: –

BitDegree, the first online education portal based on Blockchain, has many factors that put it at a different level than other online learning portals. Some of the key benefits of using BitDegree services are:
It creates a clear balance between students and companies.
This helps companies and students to have better training opportunities.
Reduce the cost of sharing knowledge and contribute to the creation of ratings and skills, among other things.
The small incentive method helps students continue their education and gain valuable skills.
The key advantage of BitDegree is its ability to communicate with future technology specialists and reward them for their outstanding work in their respective fields.
BitDegree Coupon - Global audiences
Companies will provide small incentives to attract and ultimately hire highly qualified talent. A very small advertisement for the BitDegree portal can be very effective for job creation. For the students, this means being paid to acquire new skills and continue to do promising work in the future.

BitDegree Course

All BitDegree courses are divided into four different categories:
  • CODIFICATION: Web development, game development, programming languages, interactive courses, code theory.
  • BUSINESS: commerce, electronic commerce, marketing.
  • CHAIN ​​BLOCKING: cryptography and blockchain, tutorials and tutorials, interactive courses
  • OTHER: Graphic Design, Machine Learning, Computing, Personality Development
    By the end of 2020, BitDegree will introduce courses on robotics, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

BitDegree Video Course

BitDegree offers interactive video tutorials on game development, ecommerce, data science, gamified coding courses, information security, graphic design, programming languages ​​and web development. In addition to digital knowledge, you will have access to cryptography and blockchain video courses, business, marketing and personal development.
All courses are designed by industry experts, including academics, CEOs of IT companies and other experts. You will receive excellent courses that cover all levels of difficulty – beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Most video classes are free and give you lifelong access. You can access these courses anytime, anywhere.
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Interactive courses BitDegree

BitDegree offers interactive lessons to make learning while playing as fun as you want. The company uses the  Gamification Framework to design these interesting and interactive courses.

Currently, the platform offers the following lessons for free:

  • Learn Strength: The Last Strength Course to Start Your Career
  • Space Doggos: Interactive course on the solidity of learning for beginners
  • Interactive Programming for Beginners: What is CSS / HTML / Web Development?
  • Interactive SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL Commands
  • Learn PHP Online: Basic PHP Concepts with Interactive PHP Tutorials
  • Interactive JavaScript tutorial: Learn JavaScript in a fun way
  • Master web design reactive
  • Bootstrap tutorial: Learn how to use Bootstrap and introduce Bootstrap 4
  • Interactive jQuery tutorial: effects and events

BitDegree Coupon - Languages

BitDegree is currently working on creating more attractive and human-centered courses.

The team behind BitDegree: –

The most important member of the BitDegree team is Ervinas Rimdeika, who is currently CEO. Putna has nearly 11 years of experience in software engineering applications. He is the founder of BitDegree and brings this platform to success day after day.

The model of learning focused on humans.

Most of the accredited MOOC providers were founded years ago and are based on the old education system. Most of these providers cover their expenses by offering paid courses, sponsoring universities, branding products and businesses, etc.
Today, they are afraid of new experiences after gaining too much fame in the educational world.
Meanwhile, BitDegree is overdue in the market and relies on the latest education model.
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Instead of old and monotonous approaches, the company uses a proven gamification technique to motivate people to learn and grow.

Instructions and tutorials

In this section, you’ll find procedural instructions, technology updates, tips, guides, and more in one place. Each tutorial and tutorial contains detailed information and examples, screenshots, and helpful hints to help students get the most out of their help. You can subscribe to this section to receive every new article in this section right in your inbox.

Cheap or free courses

Most courses, tutorials in BitDegree are free and will give you lifelong access to the course. BitDegree strongly believes that everyone should have access to quality education.
For this reason, the company is pursuing a pricing model that focuses on affordable and quality education for people around the world.

BitDegree against competitors

If you’re looking for online training, you may have heard of other popular online education platforms, including Udemy, Udacity, EdX, CodeAcademy, and Coursera.
These are established names that provide online education to millions of students around the world.

Start with BitDegree

You can also join BitDegree as a student or teacher. Just register with your email address or your existing Facebook or Google Account. You can register for free at BitDegree.
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Log in with your data and browse your courses. Click here to become an instructor in BitDegree.

BitDegree Coupon (Pros and Cons)


  • Join students and employers
  • No costs for acquiring technical skills.
  • Interesting, entertaining courses that motivate students to complete the course.
  • Ability to communicate with other students and mentors.
  • Win while learning


  • Needs Flash player
  • Certificates and Diplomas cost
  • Pay in order to remove ads

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Conclusion:- BitDegree Coupon Code June 2024 | (My Opinion)

You may have a good knowledge of BitDegree and the benefits of this online education platform. Given the use of gamification in course design and course costs, BitDegree seems to be a revolution in the world of digital learning.
Gamification market will grow by 500% and reach 11 billion by 2020, and online education will support manual learning, which clearly shows that BitDegree will do so with certainty.
It is an excellent and affordable platform for
  • those who want to learn
  • those who want and can to teach
  • those who want people to hire
  • those who want to start a funding initiative
Inventive creators have the opportunity to engage with the best talents, to reward them for their achievements and to commit them. Students are paid to acquire new skills that are in great demand in the marketplace. Learning with BitDegree is a great opportunity to achieve a promising job.
BitDegree is already on the road to success. The company still has many projects to meet the demands of technology and the ever-changing education system.

In my opinion, you should give BitDegree a chance and you will never be disappointed. What is your opinion and thoughts about BitDegree? Let me know in the comments below.


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