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Overall Verdict

BigSpy is an ad spy tool for you to cover all the statistics you need to start your marketing campaigns. It has a big database, so you can access a huge number of ads creatives for your Ecommerce business.

Out of 10


  • Big Ad Database
  • Multi Platforms
  • Powerful Search
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Unlimited Featured Ads
  • Landing Analysis (Beta)


  • Limited free access
  • A big gap in prices


Price: $ 9

Are you looking for an ad tracking tool that gets very comprehensive stats and analyzes your ads?

Struggling to find the right marketing campaigns?

Trying to spend too much time on your marketing campaign?

Let me introduce a powerful ad spy tool — BigSpy,  I will do detailed BigSpy review and will talk about BigSpy Coupon Code too.

I guess you may be familiar with this ad spy tool, as it was originally free to use, so it catches much attention and gets recommended by some influencers. Nowadays with the big upgrade of features and extending its service scope, it started to charge their customers, but I have to say it’s a good product, no matter if it’s a free tool or paid service. 

Bottom Line Upfront :

Briefly, BigSpy is an ad spy tool for you to cover all the statistics you need to start your marketing campaigns. It has a big database, so you can access a huge number of ads creatives for your ads inspirations. As well, it provides ads analysis, so you can check the performance of the ads.

Who knows how many marketing campaigns your competitors are currently running? BigSpy can help you to find out, and more. It has a big database, so you can access a huge number of ads creatives for your ads inspirations and get insightful stats.

BigSpy Review

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BigSpy Review 2024: (ADs Include Facebook, Instagram,Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest)

In-Depth BigSpy Review : Top Pros & Cons of BigSpy

BigSpy is a database consisting of millions of ad creatives, however, except browsing the ads creatives, you can download the creatives and check the ideas of the ads for your marketing inspiration. It’s a fact that we may get stuck when you start a perfect advertising campaign, you may lack good ideas to promote your products, or you just intend to get inspiration to output an interesting ad text, all of these needs can be met by BigSpy. 

BigSpy Review - BigSpy

It is a great ad spy tool when you are competing with your rivals in digital marketing. If you’re interested in your competitors, or when you’d like to learn how many ads your competitors have run, and the performance of their ads. BigSpy would assist you and you always can discover something valuable there. 

As well, it also features a new function to track the ad and present the daily trend of the performance of the ads, so you will not waste time searching again or miss some important data. 

That’s when ad spy tools like BigSpy come into play, and I have to say BigSpy is a must-have software for every team of digital marketers.

How does BigSpy work 

The UI interface of BigSpy is intuitive and user-friendly. When you visit the website, you can find access to try the main function straightforward. Here is how BigSpy homepage looks like.

When you click to “SEARCH NOW”, you will be guided to register, you can sign up with email and password, or just log in with Google account, both work to log in and test the tool.


After that, you can find navigations straight to different features, the frequently used function is AD SPY. At first, you would see seven platforms, all are main social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo.

Ad SPy

Just enter the keyword you would like to analyze, and choose the filters for advanced search. You can try various filters, such as language, country, device types, etc. to obtain related results. 

AD Idea

Take Dove as an example, you can set the English language as a filter, you can find 217 results within 90 days. 

When you check the ads, you can find the information about engagement, such as how many people like, share or comment, or the heat of the ad. As shown in the following image, you can track/search or get detailed information, while you can access the landing page by clicking “Shop Now” in the bottom right corner. 

Shop NOw

After clicking “Detailed” of the ad, you will get a popup of the ad, it will list the related data and provide access to download it. 

Ad Creative

As well, you can click “Detailed Insight” to get the demographics, it will allow you to obtain the information, such as age, gender, and location, but not all Facebook ads have enough data to create demographics analysis.



This part is for you to search out some ad ideas for the text of your ads, it presents with different filters, you can make advanced search, and sort it by “Like”, “Comment”, “Share”.

Ad Idea

With this feature, you can find out the advertisers rank with different social media networks, Facebook, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. 

Ad tittle


The part of Top charts is a new feature of BigSpy, it presents with different social media networks, Facebook, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. Besides the “Overall Charts”, it also allows the rank of “Now Trending”. You can make an advanced search, and sort it by “Like”, “Comment”, or “Share”. With this feature, you can find out the advertisers rank in different industries, eCom, Game, and App.

To Chart

With this feature, if you click the data in the “Ads count”, you can get all ads created by the advertiser during a specific time, as well, it clearly shows the trend, ads performance, and the industry rank.

Ads Count


The last part is for ads tracking, it works with “Featured Ads”, “People Tracked” and “My tracked”. In “Featured Ads”, it collects the featured ads with good performance, by intelligence, so you can directly access some popular ads.


“People Tracked” is a collection of people tracked ads, you can find out what ads other people paid attention to, it would be helpful for you to follow the advertising trend. 

“My Tracked” is the place for you to find out the ads you’re interested in. After clicking to track an ad, then you will find it here. 

 Is BigSpy Legit? Honest BigSpy Key Features

1. The creative power of BigSpy

While BigSpy is a powerful spy tool, it holds an exceptional reputation for its massive number of creatives. Instead of spending time pondering on the type of creative to use for ads, BigSpy gives you numerous creative options as well as ad ideas that you can use to create killer converting ads. The single factor places you ahead of the competition.

2. The multi-platforms ads search

BigSpy also allows you to monitor ads with different social media networks, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. With this tool, it can be achieved to access ads on the top seven social media platforms. 

3. On-the-go experience

Another remarkable feature of BigSpy is that it encompasses every ad type, niche as well as any country. It allows you to monitor all the advertising activities of your competitors, so just with several clicks, you can find competitors’ ads to keep up with these insights of the performance of their ads. 

4. Detailed Analysis 

BigSpy also provides you with ads analysis, ads trends, and advertisers rank. You will be able to access the detailed information of the ads, and use designated creative to promote your products or services. 

Cons and Pros of BigSpy 

While BigSpy is a very powerful tool that assists advertisers in getting ads inspiration and making marketing campaigns, it also has its own downsides. Some of these are explored in detail below. 

BigSpy pros 

  • User-friendly interface
    BigSpy provides an intuitive user-interface for both beginners and experts. It’s not difficult for you to figure out different features and test them. It also provides the tutorial and demo on the homepage, so it would be friendly to beginners to get guidance to try the tool.
  • Detailed ads analysis
    As mentioned above, BigSpy has a big database, it also comes with a simplified filtering and in-depth analysis. You will be allowed to see the marketing data of products you are spying on. This is immensely beneficial as you’d know how a particular product converts.
  • Online support
    BigSpy has online support that you can use the tool to contact for help when running into a snag.

BigSpy Cons

As has been said, BigSpy also has its own disadvantages. Some of them are discussed below:

  • A big gap in prices
    BigSpy works with three kinds of price packages, they are  $9 of the basic plan, $99 of the premium plan, and $399 of the elite plan, respectively. The price gap is kind of big, but the price of a premium plan is reasonable, even cheaper than some competitors’ tools. We dare say the pricing is fair, seeing as they provide more detailed information in ads analysis than supposed competitors.
  • Limited free access
    BigSpy has free access, but it is quite limited. users can only test Facebook ads with 10 queries, it may be difficult to try it out well. 

Membership Plan and Pricing BigSpy: BigSpy Discount Coupon Code May 2024 Get 15% off

Coupon : BID15 on $ 99 & $399 Plans only

When you register on BigSpy, you can access by applying the free plan , basic plan, premium plan, or elite plan. Free members are not required to pay any amount as the services they are offered free. However, they have limited search counts and filtering.

BigSpy Review - Pricing Plan

On the other hand, premium members are required to pay $99 to qualify for specific events or permissions, such as unlimited search counts and filtering. For members with an elite plan, you would have access to the daily updated rank of advertisers. 

BigSpy Reviews & Testimonials?

BigSpy - Testimonials

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Conclusion: BigSpy Review 2024 | BigSpy Coupons & Promo Codes 2024

All the attributes of BigSpy make it one of the best Facebook ads spy tools for digital marketing. The various plans allow you to access detailed ads analysis and spy on your competitors. All of these features would be helpful for building better and competitive ad campaigns. BigSpy is highly recommended for every team in digital marketing, especially working for e-commerce. 

In short : BigSpy is a one-stop solution that does all the work for you. It saves you time by providing high-quality creatives for you to grab from our database.

There you have it. After having read this, you should head to the BigSpy website to register. You can choose the free plan to start with and upgrade later when you are satisfied with what the tool offers. Did you like our BigSpy Review & and BigSpy coupon code please let us know in the comments have you tried BigSpy yet.

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