BidX Review 2024 : Best Amazon PPC Advertising Platform ? (Top Features & Pricing)



  • Fully automated ads
  • Profitable advertising budget
  • Individual support
  • Full AMS automation
  • Transparent ad optimization
  • Key Account Manager


  • Pricing is bit on higher side


Price: $ 175

In recent years, Amazon PPC advertising has gone a long way. It used to be limited to, with Sponsored Product as the only option. Amazon is the world’s largest and most profitable online marketplace today, and Amazon PPC Ads including Sponsored, Product/Sponsored, Brands/Sponsored, and Display Ads are among the most profitable methods to generate money online.

As technology evolves and Amazon PPC marketplaces become more competitive, sellers are always looking for Amazon PPC software that can save them time and money. As a result, choosing the right software to assist Amazon sellers to build their business without increasing their costs is crucial.

Understanding Amazon PPC

Before deciding which tool to use, you need first to understand the basics of Amazon PPC and how it works. Understanding the most important metrics, such as ACoS, RoAS, and CTR, as well as the differences between Broad, Phrase, and Exact Match is covered.

Looking for a Powerful PPC Tool?

It’s practically impossible to keep up with your competitors’ Amazon PPC strategy these days if you don’t have the right tools to help you manage your ads.

At times it will become difficult for you to find the right PPC tool that suits your business needs. To make this task easy for you, we are here with an in-depth review of BidX, a powerful and dependable tool designed to cater to the needs PPC needs of Amazon sellers.

In this post, we will study the essential details about this Amazon PPC software and analyze the software to tell you why you should try it to boost your Amazon selling game. So, let’s begin!

BidX Review

What is BidX?

BidX Overview- review

BidX is an Amazon PPC software tool with extensive campaign management and setup options. BidX’s main innovation is a sophisticated machine learning system that automates campaign management for its users.

BidX’s one-click campaign development is up to twelve times faster than setting up a campaign on Amazon’s seller central.  To save even more time, campaign settings for many commodities can be made at the same time.

After the campaigns are launched, good and bad performing keywords are discovered, and their bids are automatically changed for maximum ROI.their selling plans include regular strategy phone calls and email help to review ad performance and how you can increase brand awareness.

Tools to play with!

Features - BidX

Automated Suggestions

It is always important to identify relevant keywords to trigger your ads to ensure the overall success of any ad marketing campaign. BidX allows you to select and retrieve all of Amazon’s automatically generated keywords that are most relevant to your products.

Search Term and Negative Search Term Harvesting

A list of search words or ASINs can be generated using user-defined rules. To be added as a new target or a negative to the Amazon advertising account campaign/ad group, either automatically or by the user via the program.

Create 1-Click Campaigns

BidX allows you to create straightforward campaigns for your brand’s advertisements. Their state-of-the-art “1-Click Setup” feature lets you establish fundamental campaign settings like the structure of campaigns, match types to use, bids, budgets, as well as syntax in only a few clicks. These settings will be loaded and implemented as presets that can be assigned to a variety of objects during the campaign creation process and any further revisions.

Keyword Management

BidX has been developed around automation. Their smart automated keyword management will enable you to identify and segregate keywords that are both profitable as well as unproductive and respond to them with ease. Automatically formed campaigns’ best-performing search terms can be transferred to manual ad groups for more individualized management, while ineffective search queries are automatically saved as “negative keywords.”

Bid Adjustments

You can cut or raise your bids by having complete control over keywords. Keywords that drive your ad to play out and create a significant number of orders should have higher bids. For keywords that generate a lot of clicks but do not generate orders, tend to lower your bids. The BidX automated system adjusts bids that are based on the search terms and keywords performance analysis, and also your campaign’s stated goal ACoS.

Individual Rules

Along with automated bid adjustments, one should also utilize their personalized rule sets to trigger bid optimizations. Individual rules can be created and executed in a computer-assisted manner. These are built on the IF-THEN concept and can be customized as needed.

Currency Converter

Even when selling on many marketplaces, their currency converter converts the US Dollar to the Euro instantly, so you will only see a single currency on the dashboard.

Advertising Reports

Among the advertising agency clients of BidX, their customer-specific advertising reports, which include your brand’s logo, font, as well as your brand’s corporate colors, are a popular feature. Present your clients with the most essential details of your ad campaigns in a prepared PDF, which includes critical information such as your keywords that create the maximum orders and help you boost your ACoS.

MWS Interface

The MWS interface is a Seller-only interface that gives you access to products that haven’t been promoted yet in your BidX account. Due to this, the product management of your brand is enhanced by full Amazon titles as well as product images.


What we do - BidX

  • Product Management

Allow filtering parameters, such as a marketplace or a certain ACoS target, to be used to display your marketed products.

  • Discover

You can filter all your campaigns in the “Discover” section by the statistics you need, like clicks and sales.

  • Rules

You can also use a filter to filter the rules you’ve applied.


Using the new function “Tag,” you can now designate products with “tags” and then easily group them based on a criterion you choose, such as product types, models, and margin. You can also in just a few clicks, design a complete campaign structure for product variations that can be classified under the same tag.


The BidX “Focus” tool makes sure that numerous campaigns of the same match type may be created for a single product, and the keywords can also be combined to pursue different methods. This enables you to create a focus for the keywords of your own brand or high-performing keywords. In the end, this will allow you to quickly assess and adjust the performance of various keyword groups.

Total ACoS (TACoS)

To measure the overall success of your advertising, we’ve launched a new KPI called Total ACoS (TACoS). TACoS stands for the ratio of advertising expenditures to total sales, which includes both advertising and organic sales. The TACoS is a far better strategy for evaluating the  success of your advertising activities than the ACoS because advertising almost always has a positive effect on organic sales. The key performance indicator TACoS is available to every BidX customer who works as a seller.

Why should I use BidX?

The BidX tool continuously analyzes the ad performance of Amazon merchants and makes a bid and keyword adjustments to make them more successful, according to self-learning algorithms. For both sellers and vendors, this saves time and money. Furthermore, the BidX tool may be used to manage ads across all platforms, not just on the German Amazon marketplace.
Their patented technology determines which keywords perform well and adjust their bids accordingly. This tool optimizes Sponsored Product Ads (SPA), Sponsored Brands (SB), Sponsored Display Ads (SD), and Kindle Display Ads.

How does BidX work?

The ad’s profitability is multiplied by a factor of 10 through daily changes. Thanks to the configurable dashboard and unique report that can be downloaded, their customers can keep track of the efficacy of their advertising, and they have all the required key information for evaluation and performance measurement at their fingertips. Their customers can also meet with Their experts on a regular basis to discuss the performance of their ads in order to get the best possible results. If their customers have any questions about the product, they are also available by chat, email, and phone.


Each Amazon seller has different expectations and preferences when it comes to analytics and how they are displayed. Because they are stiff and do not allow you to customize them, static charts and tables (such as those seen in Seller Central or the Advertising Console) are often insufficient to accomplish these objectives.

To better meet the demands of their consumers, we’ve designed a new dashboard. This gives you two major advantages: on the one hand, you may customize your dashboard to your liking, and on the other side, you can utilize multiple dashboard layouts in one account. Their new dashboard has unrivalled features, making their Amazon advertising offering the most potent on the market.

Flexible appearance and individual adjustments

If that’s what you want, you can rely on tried-and-true data and charts, as well as their best practices, to display the most important essential figures in your basic dashboard “Home,” according to their expertise.

Their new interface, on the other hand, allows you to customize all charts and tables to your individual needs and adapt them at any time with a few clicks.

All critical figures in your dashboard that are displayed as charts or tables can be customized individually, not only in terms of content but also in terms of graphic design. This allows you to infuse your company’s brand into the charts by changing the chart colours, for example. You can also change the size and position of the charts at any moment.

Creation of multiple dashboards

You can now build several dashboards as a single user as a result ofTheir modification. With a simple click, the dashboards’ view may be altered. This enables you to create many dashboards for various purposes, making your data much more clear. Of course, you’re free to customize the various dashboards any way you like.

For agencies, their new dashboard has a lot of advantages. You can now manage all of your client accounts from one spot. As a result, you can create a personalized dashboard for each customer as well as a comprehensive overview of all data for all customers you manage.

Special features for agencies

For agencies, their new dashboard has a lot of advantages. You can now manage all of your client accounts from one spot. As a result, you can create a personalized dashboard for each customer as well as a comprehensive overview of all data for all customers you manage.

You can also customize your customers’ dashboards to meet their specific needs. You may include all relevant data for a specific customer in their dashboard and capture it in one glance.

You can also use graphs to compare data from several customers. In a single chart, you can display as many clients as you want. These graphs can be added to your overview page to help you make faster and better decisions for certain customers.

How much does BidX cost?

Pricing - bidX

Ideal for vendors, individual sellers, and agencies, BidX currently offers customers to choose from 3 different subscription plans starting at $199 per month for the Starter pack. A good thing is that all the plans come with a free 14 days trial period. Here is a quick overview of the packages offered by BidX:


Description: Spend up to $5,000 on monthly advertising
Price: $199 per month (Annual – $149 per month)


  • Automated bid and keyword adjustments
  • 1-Click Campaign Setup
  • KDP Support
  • Support of all advertising solutions (SPA / SB / SDA)
  • Availability of PRO-Features
  • Chat & Mail Support


Description: Spend up to $10,000 on monthly advertising
Price: $399 per month (Annual – $299 per month)

  • Automated bid and keyword adjustments
  • 1-Click Campaign Setup
  • KDP Support
  • Support of all advertising solutions (SPA / SB / SDA)
  • Availability of PRO-Features
  • Chat & Mail Support
  • 1-to-1 onboarding


Description: Spend up to $15,000 on monthly advertising
Price: $599 per month (Annual – $449 per month)

  • Automated bid and keyword adjustments
  • 1-Click Campaign Setup
  • KDP Support
  • Support of all advertising solutions (SPA / SB / SDA)
  • Availability of PRO-Features
  • Chat & Mail Support
  • 1-to-1 onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Strategy Calls

Automation & Tool
1-Click Setup Yes Yes Yes
Keyword management Yes Yes Yes
Bid adjustments Yes Yes Yes
Individual rules Yes Yes Yes
Profit calculation Yes Yes Yes
Strategy Proposals Yes Yes Yes
Individual campaign processing Yes Yes Yes
Clean up Yes Yes Yes
Currency converter Yes Yes Yes
Rule logs Yes Yes Yes
Undo rule logs Yes Yes Yes
Data export Yes Yes Yes
MWS interface Yes Yes Yes
Filters Yes Yes Yes
Tags Yes Yes Yes
Focus Yes Yes Yes
Supported advertisement
Sponsored Product Ads Yes Yes Yes
Sponsored Brands Yes Yes Yes
Sponsored Display Ads Yes Yes Yes
Kindle Display Ads Yes Yes Yes
Chat & Mail Support Yes Yes Yes
1-to-1 onboarding Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager Yes
Monthly Strategy Calls Yes

For more information about the prices and the features included in the plans, visit the BidX official pricing section right away.


Apart from the conventional features that are included in the aforementioned subscription plans, BidX also offers several tools which you can individually purchase as an Add-on. These tools include:

Create Brand New Campaigns

Price: Starts at 2,995€
Use a brand-new structure for your campaign with a consistent syntax for all components that viewers have never seen before, such as keyword recommendations. In order to meet the required ACoS goal, bids may be put in this procedure.


Price: Starts at 2,995€
Check to see if your campaigns are on track. BidX helps you create a completely new campaign structure based on all current keywords from the various ASINs, with a common syntax for all your already-advertised products.

One-Time Optimization

In a follow-up visit, BidX will optimize your already existing advertisements, giving you advice for future changes and analyzing the performance of the targeted programs.

Keyword Research

Price: 495€ per ASIN
Use a brand-new campaign structure with a consistent syntax for all never-before-seen components, such as keyword recommendations. In order to meet the required ACoS goal, bids may be put in this procedure.

Sponsored Brands (SB) and Sponsored Display Ads (SDA) Creation

Price: 14€ per SB/SDA
Check to see if your campaigns are on track. they create a full new campaign structure with a uniform syntax for all your already-advertised products based on all current keywords from the various ASINs.

Customized Functions

In a follow-up visit, BidX will optimize your existing advertisements, giving you advice for future changes and analyzing the performance of the targeted programs.

Consulting & Workshops

Sponsored Product Ads (SPA), Sponsored Brands (SB), and Sponsored Display Ads are just a few of Amazon’s advertising choices for businesses (SDA). they provide customized training so that you and your employees are up to date on topics that are relevant to your company. These will be tailored to your preferences and can take place either at their office or at the client’s.

5 REASONS why they like BidX!

1.Ease of Use

The user interface is straightforward and easy to use, and the onboarding resources, such as video and tutorials, are plenty. It will take roughly 2-3 hours to complete the setup, depending on the number of marketplaces and SKUs.

2.Reporting and Analytics

The reporting is really straightforward. The initial dashboard allows you to look at everything in great detail and at a high level. You may also customize the dashboard by creating a new tile and selecting from a variety of graphics, metrics, date ranges, and KPIs. You can personalize a Line Chart, a Bar Chart, a Doughnut Chart, a Table, a Score Card, and a Text Box. This is a fantastic feature in general.

3. Manual Bulk Optimization

In BidX’s “Discover” tab, you can manually alter the bid and status for up to 100 rows at a time. Each sub-tab has its own sub-tab: Marketplace, Portfolios, Campaigns, Ad Groups, Targets, Product Ads, and Search Terms.

4.Search Term and Negative Search Term Harvesting

To begin, you can use Bidx to structure where the search term/negative keyword destination should go.


BidX is a monthly ad spending-based tier-based pricing scheme. If you want to utilize Bidx on multiple marketplaces, you’ll have to pay twice the monthly subscription fee.

Final Thoughts – BidX Review

Now that we are through with the in-depth review of BidX, we hope we must have made it clear how good and effective a tool BidX is for businesses who are aspiring to make it big in the Amazon selling environment.

The overall program is an overall balanced solution for new as well as existing Amazon sellers and offers all the right tools you need to enhance your selling spree on Amazon and earn higher revenues.

All in all, sellers and vendors, especially advanced ones, as well as Amazon agencies will be happy with the BidX tool and its advanced features!

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