List Of Top 10 Best WordPress Content Locker Plugins 2024 (Handpicked)

If you want to be successful in the area of blogging on WordPress, then Content Locker plugin will help you a lot. Now you have the authority to lock any part of your content with the help of these plugins. These plugins will help you in increasing your social engagement exponentially. Here in this article, you will have the sorted information about the best WordPress Content Locker plugins for your website.

This process will help you in getting the desired traffic as well as it will assist you in achieving high ranks. This content locker will create good quality, and the best part is that it will help you add valuable content to your site.

Most of the popular WordPress blogs use content locker plugin to increase the engagement on their site. It will help you in getting vast traffic in social media and in search engines also.


List Of Top 10 Best WordPress Content Locker Plugins 2024

1) Content Locker Pro:

Probably this one is the best locker plugins, along with that the inbuilt MyThemeShop helps you in getting more shares and likes. Here it will help you in increasing the engagement on your site that will help you in good SEO for your website.

Content Locker pro- Premium Locker Plugin

It will work with the entire WordPress theme that will be the best way to take advantage of this plugin. If you do have the knowledge of SEO then the parameters like engagement, bounce rate, and social sharing count are the most significant algorithm of this plugin.This plugin will offer you 16 different design options. The feature of this plugin

Excellent and you should go for that.

2) Bloom Plugin:

This is the one of the best emails opt-in plugin. It will offer you content locker option along with some other options. The Elegant Theme plug will give them access to the 87 new amazing themes which will help you in creating the best appearance as you can.

Bloom Email opt in plugin - Content Locker Plugins

This a comprehensive plugin and it will help you in increasing the number of the email Subscribers. It will provide the modern interface to the new subscribers of your email list.

3) Social share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin:

 Social Share and Locker Pro - Content Locker Plugins

This one is the top quality plugin. It is efficient social sharing and content locker plugin that will help in establishing the success of the site. You will get 10 magnificent and the modern social themes along with the flat options on your site.

The placement option is good for social sharing buttons. You just place it in the sidebar, above and below content.

It will offer 8 different themes to show the content locking features and best themes for the content locking process.

4) Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress: 

This one is the premium content locker WordPress plugin. The best part is that it will allow you to lock the important content and you have the choice to display it to the subscribed users only.

Opt-In Content Locker Plugin - Content Locker Plugins

The hike in email list subscription is more important because it will bring massive traffic to the site. And the traffic will collect revenue to your site. Replace the widgets whenever you want to do it with the help of the shortcode provided.

5) Easy Social Locker:

Here we go this one is another social locker plugin. It will automatically lock the content which will be only accessible when the user will share your content by using any of social media platforms.

With the use of the shortcode, you have the authority to lock any content as per your requirements. You will have the social sharing buttons which will help in sharing your posts and just to unlock your content.

Easy Social Locker Plugin - Content Locker Plugins

The best thing is that it will allow you to generate the unique URL due to that user can share them as many times as they want without any hindrances.

6) Social Traffic Pop for WordPress:

This is the best solution because it will really increase the social sharing count for the post. It will automatically lock all the pages unless and until popup is closed. Here you will get the optional closing buttons if you want to provide a user such a feature just by clicking on the widget.

Social Traffic Pop Plugin WordPress

This plugin will offer you smart mobile support due to that you can use this great plugin on all the devices and the tablets.

7) Viral WordPress Locker:

This one can be defined by the name itself, and this will help you in locking your content, and it will help you in increasing the social counts for the content. It has the search engine bots. It has the option that you can set it for the unique blogs posts. In that social blog post blog, you can offer some of the valuable products.

Its operation is straightforward and the best part is that it is SEO friendly WordPress blog plugin.

8) WordPress Like Locker:

The motto of this theme is to increase your Facebook traffic, and it will lock the content, and if the user wants the content, then he will have to like the material on his Facebook account.

Like Locker - Content Locker Plugins

As e all know that Facebook has the large and the massive traffic and it holds much online business, and by using this, you can bend some traffic towards your site. This plugin is straightforward to use.

The system of this will track the users IP address and will not promote them to like the content again if they have already done this.

9) Viral Lock:

This one is like the content locker, and it will lock your content until and user like it on the social media platforms. It will somehow make your site go viral and, the user share link to the unlock content.

Viral WordPress locker - Content Locker Plugins

It will generate viral buzz for your site. There is no configuration required, and the integration into the WordPress is impressive.

10) Real Content Locker:

This one is the free and the best content locker plugin. Again it will lock your content until and unless the user will share the content.

Real Content Locker- WordPress Plugin

The viral content set by you on the site will help you in engaging the traffic on your site. Trust me if you are setting the plugin on the WordPress site then it will definitely help you in getting more traffic to your site.

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Final Thought: List Of Top 10 Best WordPress Content Locker Plugins 2024 (Handpicked)

These content locker plugins will play an important role in locking your content and help in making your blog successful. And this will definitely increase the traffic on your site.

If you are investing in these content locker plugins, this will be the proper use of the money. Do let me know if you are using this content locker plugins then let me know in the comment section. Show your love by sharing this on the all the trending social media platforms.

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  1. I have been forced to use “Ultimate Membership Pro” by the Seller “azzaroco”.
    I spent a solid year building the infrastructure of my membership around this plugin, only to find, at the end, that it had a terrible way of actually displaying the content for the membership.

    I purchased their course variation “Ultimate Learning Pro”, which advertised backwards compatibility with their UMP plugin, but it’s like it was designed by someone who barely used their previous version, because it is practically unusable.

    Their Support has been pretty uncooperative, and Envato is doing everything they can to make it impossible to get a refund.
    As soon as I made a fraud report through PayPal, Envato locked my account, and it is now hindering me from ALL of the purchases I have made through their platform.

    It has been a nightmare, and I completely regret investing into their plugin, so I am looking for an alternative.
    I don’t really want to use Envato, anymore, because they are clearly untrustworthy, if something goes wrong.

    It’s too bad that there aren’t more simple paid content locking options available.
    That’s what I really need.

    I want to be able to create content through posts, and then simply associate those posts with paid access.
    It’s a membership concept, but a little different.

    My Site is at, for anyone who is curious to see what I’m trying to do…

  2. Hey Shubham,

    Welcome to Jitendra’s blog,
    always good to see more Guest Posts!

    Content locking is surely a great way to let the readers take an action. While I would say that as a reader, the best user experience is to let the content stay visible and let the reader consume without distraction and blocks – but ultimately, not all readers contribute after they are satisfied … and hence a locker is far more effective!

    I have mostly used content lockers for social shares but good to see more plugins coming up with opt-in options after all, emails are far more valuable than just social shares …

    Thank you for sharing so many plugins, I have used a few of those lockers – time to test out the rest,

    – Shantanu

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