Top 5 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins You Must Check In 2024

‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’ or CAPTCHA is a real test that helps determine if a user is human. In short, this challenge can only be solved by a human, and this assessment alone can distinguish a machine from a human in computing.

It is used to crack lost passwords, register online, and set up email accounts, against privacy violations and spam. It can protect a website from unwanted bots from the internet. Of course, this way, it ensures that the whole system is free of any damage and that it runs suitably without much difficulty.

best wordpress captcha plugins


The term CAPTCHA was first coined by John Langford from IBM along with Nicholas J. Hopper, Manuel Blum, and Luis von Ahn of Carnegie Mellon University. Sometimes CAPTCHA is designed with letters in a distorted form, puzzles, pictures, and numbers. The most interesting part about this test is that a computer evaluates the test, which is why it is also known as the reverse Turing test.

Top 5 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins You Must Check In 2024

Yes, here is a list of 5 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins that have helped content writing and blogging as well:

  1. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam – This particular plugin helps to eradicate all spam from WordPress. This is because users have to register and type the CAPTCHA code as per the image displayed. This way they can proceed to post a comment, recover passwords and even to login. Not to mention that this prevents spam that is otherwise created from automated bots and also makes a website secured.
  1. Google Captcha – This plugin is for making web forms secured and the best part about this plugin is that it comes for free. This can be used to convert newspapers, old radio shows and newspapers into digital form. Like any other CAPTCHA this too can be used for logging in, recover lost passwords, registration and letting readers post comments.
  1. Sweet captcha – This is really a cute plugin as the name suggests and it comes for free which can be customized for making it more fun filled. This protects a website against spam by adding appealing illustrations that make it look lively over the regular boring CAPTCHA images. It can be used for registration, comments and even as a form because it comes with an integrated Contact Form 7.
  1. WP Captcha Bank – This works as a WordPress shield that can be used to protect sites against spam in a big way. It is loaded with over 50 settings that even use some of the advanced features like that of Auto IP Block, Login Logs and Security Protections. This can be used for form filling, comments, registration or even for simple log in. It can hide the CAPTCHA for already registered users as well.
  1. Free Captcha – This plugin works great with Askimet and it has to be added that it makes a WordPress site super secured. This is that anti spam CAPTCHA that can block automated bots from spamming against a site. This can be used for recovering passwords, registration, login and even for posting comments.

One more plugin

This section will discuss about one more bonus WordPress Captcha Plugin, that of:

Contact Form 7 – This is a form which easily blends with any kind of CAPTCHA. This can be of great assistance for blocking that email spam from entering important mails. It can integrate with CAPTCHA and redirect to go to my contact plugin. This way it keeps the environment safe and secured.

Contact Form 7

Advantages of CAPTCHA plugins

There are many advantage of using CAPTCHA plugins which can be started by saying that it makes a site secured and safe from spam. Listed below are a few more pointers that can make it clear:

  • It can block spam comments by stopping it in the very place first.
  • A CAPTCHA form can also stop spam emails.
  • This also protects registration forms programmatically.
  • It also keeps a website and highly confidential webpages safe from search engine bots which may crawl into a system.
  • This way dealing with spam comments can be curbed down to some extent.
  • This indicates that it can protect blogs from spam comments while backlinking their blogs.
  • This means that using a WordPress Captcha Plugin will ensure that webmasters concentrate on running their site more other than spam.
  • The CAPTCHA codes are auto generated which means website owners do not have wrack their brains for the inventing new codes.
  • Avoid affecting the SEO of websites in an adverse way by blocking all that spam by using CAPTCHA.
  • These plugins are extremely user friendly and can be implemented as soon as the installation of the plugin is over.
  • Using CAPTCHA plugins means that one can run their online business smoothly and more efficiently.

Conclusion : Best WordPress Captcha Plugins You Must Check

Like any new concept, CAPTCHA has also been criticized by many people for slowing down their work and especially by disabled people for the words look illegible. Another point that should be added to this discussion is that of humans with an intention to spam cannot be controlled by CAPTCHA alone. This is a big problem that cannot be sorted as spam has to be taken care of at the first instance.

However CAPTCHA has evolved into a tool for keeping websites secured and safe. In order to keep away from all the additional headache of filtering spam manually, it is better to use a CAPTCHA. There is no end to trying hands with this software as there are over 20,000 or even more CAPTCHA plugins that one may choose from.

Just remember to keep it simple and add a dash of fun to it. This definitely has led people to use it all the more and in reality the number of websites and blogs using this revolutionary software called CAPTCHA has increased in the past which adds to its popularity.

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  2. First of all thank you for posting. The plugin I am looking for is the one you are having on your website. Could you please let me know what plugin are you using.???

  3. I don’t know why, but none of them working for me, maybe issue is in theme or something

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    Thanks a lot for sharing a nice article on Top 5 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins: Get Rid Of Spam. Really captcha plugins are awesome to protect spam. Hope users will get benefit from your great contribution.

  5. Nice article. I feel WordPress is a good platform that can be used as enterprise web content management system that has ability to suit any business requirements. WordPress tools and effortless admin console makes it easier for CMS developers to design and manage any powerful website effortlessly. For sites with sensible data and number of users, it is important to have a platform that ensures safety. WordPress has some great built-in and third party tools that help in enhancing website security. All in one security is one such WP native plugin that provides a firewall to keep track of the data flow and imparts security measures for user authentication. It allows a developer to add login, password and captcha fields to improve the way by which users are permitted to access website. To add captcha along with form, Captcha code is a helpful tool that adds anti-span methods with any type of WordPress forms. WP captcha bank, as mentioned in the article is highly rated tool that adds captcha to almost everything on a website. It comes with 50 plus settings to select from making it tough on bots and easy on humans. The captcha login included with Captcha bank makes it a powerful tool.

    • One of my clients websites was infected by malware delivered by Sweet Captcha. She lost a few potential clients (who thankfully told her about the malware popups) and narrowly escaped being blacklisted by Google. Since she heavily relies on great Google positions this could have totally destroyed her business.


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    Captcha plugins are most important to get rid of spam comments. I’m using Google Captcha in all of my WordPress Blog to protect my blog from spam comments.

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