5 Best Rated Popular WordPress Cache Plugins: Updated 2018

A WordPress cache plugin is something which is very important for a WordPress blog! All these plugins are really useful to boost your websites speed to the maximum extent. Your website loading should be really fast and you all know how it’s gonna effect your business if it isn’t fast enough. You all need to take certain steps so that your website will load much faster than your competitor.

While setting up your WordPress blog, it’s very important to setup a cache plugin, because this will reduce load on your server and also offers great performance.

1.W3 Total Cache:-

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugins

When you think of cache plugins, W3 total cache is the first thing which comes into your mind. This is one of the best plugin available out there which will drastically change your websites loading time and also it has got tons of settings which can be used to boost the performance of your website. If your newbie, don’t mess up with the setting because the pre settings which comes at the time of installation are good enough.

But to use all the settings in this plugin, you need have some basic knowledge on how actually the cache system works. I recommend everyone to try out the advanced settings as they are too good and it’s worth giving it a shot! If you are looking to  guide to install W3  total cache click here.

Download the Plugin

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2.WP Super Cache:-

WP Super Cache

WP super cache is another well known cache plugin for shared hosting servers. Compared to the W3 total cache, WP super cache is much easier to configure and this might probably be the best option for all the newbies out there. WP super cache is the most popular and most commonly used WordPress cache plugin because of it’s easy to use interface.

Most of the bloggers prefer WP super cache plugin other than others because it occupies less server space and also because of it’s easy to use options. It’s like just select the settings which you want and then save it, boo, you’re good to go!

Download the Plugin


WP-Rocket plugin

Though WP-Rocket is a premium WordPress plugin, it’s worth buying because it’s really effective and user friendly as well. This plugin is going to offer a great experience to your readers by increasing your websites loading time insanely! As this is a premium plugin, you can expect hell lot of impressive features. The best of this premium plugin is that it provides you with cache preloading option, which basically means that all your posts will get indexed instantly.

This plugin also comes with various options such as GZIP compression, DNS prefetching, multisite compatibility and also Google font optimization as well.

Download the Plugin

4.Hyper Cache:-

Hyper Cache WordPress Plugins

Hyper Cache is another best WordPress plugin which has got more than 60k+ downloads! It’s a plugin which is easy to use, unlike other plugins it doesn’t come with any complicated settings. This plugin will automatically cache all those non-cached pages which will automatically result is over performance of your blog.

This is a HTTPS cached plugin which means that it can be easily mingled up with Google’s algorithm. The best part is that this is a free plugin and it is really effective as well.

Download the Plugin

5.Quick Cache( Now Zencache) :-

ZenCache WordPress Plugins

ZenCache  is another popular plugin when it comes to cache, it has got more than 100k+ downloads! This is a kind of plugin which gives you best performance without any compromises in quality. The best part about this plugin is that it provides you with real time screenshots while building cache of each and every page, category and links as well!

This plugin comes with a beautiful and easy to use dashboard which will help you a lot! But ZenCache won’t be serving cached pages to the users who are logged in or not even to the users who have recently commented on the blog.


A cache plugin is something which is very essential for all the WordPress websites! If your using shared hosting or an VPS, the hosting company it self will ask you to install a cache plugin. So top mentioned are the 5 best WordPress cache plugins, coming to my opinion, I have been personally using W3 Total Cache on my website which is hosted on VPS.

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  1. Great post after this i brought wprocket cache plugin for my blog and the blog speed is under 1sec. thanks for this awesome post.

  2. @Jitendra Vaswani

    This plugin accompanies an excellent and simple to utilize dashboard which will help you a great deal! However, ZenCache won’t be serving stored pages to the clients who are signed in or not even to the clients who have as of late remarked on the web journal.


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