30+ Best WooCommerce Themes For WordPress 2024 (Handpicked)

Are you making money on selling any goods? Would you like to increase your profit? We can help you with that. First of all, you need a website if you still don’t have one. In the other case, if your website looks outdated, you will be able to rebrand with one of the WooCommerce themes featured in this showcase.

All of them were created by TemplateMonster.com, a reputable company in the web design and development field. These guys have 15 years of experience, 26 400+ templates in stock, and more than 3 million happy customers. By the way, did you know that TemplateMonster has become a marketplace not too long ago? Does this tell you anything about the quality of their templates? It’s safe to buy from this resource.

But let’s get closer to the topic and talk about the WooCommerce themes available for you here. Actually, they are design mock ups demonstrating sample appearance and providing a functional tryout of an online store powered by WordPress. Right now, you will be able to select the optimum solution for your online business venture.

Let us sweeten the deal for you. In this blog post you will find some additional information about WooCommerce themes. To begin with, the point is that WooCommerce is not just another eCommerce platform. It is a fully-fledged shopping cart plugin seamlessly integrated into WordPress. More than that, WooCommerce is absolutely free, it provides a cart for websites and blogs where you need to highlight your important content.

There is an opinion that WooCommerce is the eCommerce solution suitable for small retailers who are putting up or already have an online store powered by WordPress. Read what a WordPress + WooCommerce combination offers you in terms of online sales:

  • Responsive shop designs. Your e-store will be displayed flawlessly on any modern gadgets screens.
  • 80+ Shortcodes help to embed video and audio files, as well as other data including grids, elements, lists, tabs, Google Maps, and many more.
  • Intuitive admin panel and detailed reporting. WooCommerce offers total control over the customers’ accounts and provides sales reports showing net and gross amounts earned from sales.
  • Clear shipping and tax settings. WooCommerce offers simplified tax features. Tax rates can be defined and calculated using the data of your customer’s location/address. Standard/zero rates can also be selected.
  • Easy-to-handle orders, customers, and inventory. You can manage the inventory, track the stock, hold the stock in case the customer cancels an order. Even more, the platform allows to hide out-of-stock items, set up notifications to an email address for different stock items, and more.
  • Advanced marketing and promotion options.

Moreover, you can use SEO features, coupons, product reviews, and additional marketing extensions as intelligent product recommendations to reach out to your target audience.

  • Numerous payment gateways. WooCommerce provides a variety of payment gateways: five pre-installed gateways are available as well as numerous supplementary ones through paid extensions.
  • Support of custom widgets. Page editing is easy and convenient with Theme Customizer. You can view all changes in real time via its Preview function.

There is so much more to tell you about the benefits of Awesome WooCommerce Themes for Different Kinds of e-Shops. But you’d better give them a try yourself. By the way, you can use a Free WooCommerce Theme to practice to install, fine-tune, operate its layouts and use this precious experience when you get a paid theme for your project.


30+ Best WooCommerce Themes For WordPress 2024 (Handpicked)


1) Pink Cosmetics WooCommerce Theme

This is a very feminine theme suitable for cosmetics, perfumes, and skin care products stores. It is equipped with the WooCommerce Quick View plugin. Try it out and find out how easy the buying process will become for your prospective customers. The plugin activates a quick view button, which displays all the necessary features of a product and allows to view it full size, vividly demonstrating all its advantages.

Tm Francy WooCommerce Theme


2) Bright Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Woostroid was specifically made for online sales and is a universal solution for e-stores in any business niche. It supports both WooCommerce and Ecwid eCommerce plugins. Your website will look and perform excellently for years to come, as you’ll get free updates for as long as the theme adds new features. If the theme looks a little complicated for you, don’t worry, address all your questions to 24/7 customer support included in the Woostroid package for free.

Woostroid - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme


3) Natural Cosmetics WooCommerce Theme

Handling this “blooming” theme is as simple as its layout is beautiful. You don’t need any extensive coding skills to install, fine-tune, and maintain it. All this is carried out via a user-friendly interface with a heap of settings. The theme goes with a usable product sorting filter, which lets you find the proper products much faster avoiding scrolling through long product lists.

Organica - Organic Food, Cosmetics and Bio Active Nutrition WooCommerce Theme



4) Furniture Store WooCommerce Theme

This is a powerful and user-friendly e-store theme with modern design and neat code. You can use its default WooCommerce grid shop layout or opt for a fancy puzzle. Store functionality allows adding products to a wishlist with Yith Wishlist addon, which is fully styled and integrated. Additionally, use the Yith Zoom addon to offer product zooming.

Furniture Store + Woocommerce WooCommerce Theme



5) Cheerful Multiconcept Store WooCommerce Theme

The theme has a fair, sweet color scheme that will be loved by your customers. The template is packed with a huge set of premium widgets allowing to build feature-rich and versatile layouts. Posts carousel, simple slider, image grid, category tiles are just to name a few. Use these widgets and WordPress live Customizer to build your website and see how changes take effect in WYSIWYG mode.

Shopable - Multiconcept Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme



6) Handmade Art Store WooCommerce Theme

This theme’s layout is clean and minimalist. It lets the users completely focus on its content and the offered products. The theme includes cool WooCommerce Quick View plus Wishlist & Compare plugins, which will surely increase your conversion rates. By the way, you get all the images for your template in the demo content pack.

Craftstamp - Handmade Art Store WooCommerce Theme



7) Flower Shop WooCommerce Theme

This delicate theme was developed specifically for flower stores. The tender colors of its layout are highly relevant for the topic. Each element of design corresponds with the latest trends, so you will enjoy the sleek, modern layout of your theme. Thanks to the additional optimization of this theme’s code and structure, your web store will reach high Google rankings.

Amaryllis - Flower Shop WooCommerce Theme



8) Cute Flower Store WooCommerce Theme

This pretty flower store has a rather unusual slider. It is divided into two parts – image and text. The text itself is over a nice pattern. The theme goes with Bootstrap and ensures absolute responsiveness and compatibility with all modern device browsers – both desktop and mobile.

Valentia - Flower Store WooCommerce Theme



9) Dark Jewellery & Accessories Store WooCommerce Theme

If you want to sell expensive products, your website should look luxury. This template is a perfect fit. It is delivered with an ultimate pack of the Best plugins. All of them are intended to enhance your website’s functionality.

Zirconia - Jewelry & Accessories Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme



10) Stylish Multipurpose Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme

The theme offers its owners a rich WooCommerce package. It is a free, yet powerful plugin, which gives extra impact on the way you present your products. Here are some of the features you get with the plugin: advanced banner grid management, product carousel, categories widget, and on-page custom menus. The theme is 100% GPL.

Hypernova - Multipurpose Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme



11) Home Decor & Furniture WooCommerce Theme

The theme’s layout is neat, fair, and easy for the eyes. However, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is if nobody is able to find it in search engines. This will never happen with this theme. Its code and structure are additionally optimized to meet Google’s guidelines for websites.

Walden - Home Decor & Furnishing Online Supermarket WooCommerce Theme



12) Gifts Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme

If you like Instagram-style layouts, choose this theme for your gift store. With its roots in Bootstrap, this template ensures absolute responsiveness and compatibility with all modern devices and browsers, both desktop and mobile. Written in accordance with conventional web-standards, theme’s code is clean, well-structured, and commented in a way to let you quickly grasp the purpose of any of its elements. The product sorting filter allows visitors to sort out the products by several criteria.

 - Talisman - Gifts Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo


13) Hair Care & Styling WooCommerce Theme

Thick hair is a real treasure that contributes greatly both into male and female looks. Your website related to hair care and styling should possess the same beauty. This theme can become a great starting point for your topical site. It is equipped with Cherry Sidebars, which let you create custom sidebars and add them to your page layouts easily. Place supplementary links, widgets, social media icons, ads, and so on to boost the efficiency of your website.

Style Factory - Hair Care & Hair Styling WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo


14) Agricultural & Farm Supply WooCommerce Theme

This theme will feature your agricultural products in the best possible way. Their images will look great over the white background. You can choose from a collection of integrated fonts to customize the site in accordance with the specifications of your projects. Changes take place quickly and easily.

Agrilloc - Agricultural Supply & Farm Foods WooCommerce Theme



15) Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

Want to look trendy online? Choose this current fashion store. The store offers WordPress Live Customizer. This is a tool which enables you to view any changes you make to your website’s design in action before saving them. It will help you avoid mistakes and eliminate the need to turn on the maintenance mode.

Fairy Style - Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme



16) Food & Wine Store WooCommerce Theme

Your food products will look especially appetizing over the white background. Customers will be able to easily navigate through the website pages with the help of a sticky menu. Special store offers are framed, which draws visitors’ attention to them. The products have a star rating, which helps hesitant buyers make decisions.

Chef Plaza Food And Wine Store WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo


17) Urban Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

This theme looks irresistibly appealing, thanks to multiple catching images available on the page. Main store navigation is enhanced by big, noticeable banners. Call-to-action buttons appear when hovering the product pictures. As a result, the web page seems more dynamic and interactive. Latest company news can be read at the bottom of the page.

Fleek - Urban Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme



18) Sport & Fitness WooCommerce Theme

The combination of dark and red colors is highly relevant for the sport topic. It is associated with power and hard work. Athletic men’s and women’s bodies featured on the images make a deep impression on the user. The Instagram feed at the bottom of the page imparts on the web page a modern feel. In addition, it will help you promote your products on this popular social network.

SportLabs WooCommerce Theme



19) Motivating Sports Store WooCommerce Theme

This theme is a great choice for non tech-savvy merchants. It allows to build pages easily without coding using flexible Power builder. It also offers to benefit from more than 25 modules, library of presets, and drag-and-drop functionality. You can customize the design of your theme with ease with an advanced set of configuration options.

Athletic - Sports Store WooCommerce Theme



20) Medical Equipment WooCommerce Theme

The theme is designed in blue and red colors that are traditionally associated with medicine. It has a fixed position menu that always stays at visitor’s hand. Featured store products are showcased in a slider. Also, they are accompanied with descriptions and call-to-action buttons. Each product has ‘Add to compare’, ‘Add to wishlist’, and ‘Add to cart’ functionality.

MedKit - Medical Equipment WooCommerce Theme



21) Drone Shop WooCommerce Theme

Drones are popular across all age ranges: from kids to seniors. We are sure that this lilac theme will be appreciated by all of your customers. The website greets you with a pop-up offering to subscribe to the newsletter. It may irritate some users, but this is a working tool for building your email list.

Moox - Drone Shop WooCommerce Theme



22) Online Fishing Store WooCommerce Theme

If you prefer out-of-the-box functionality for starting to sell instantly without a moment’s delay, choose this theme. A variety of design options makes this e-store a first-rate platform for unlimited personalization. The theme goes with Lazy Load effect, which is a delay in loading images on long web pages. Images outside of the viewport don’t get loaded until the user scrolls to them, which makes the pages load faster.

Fishing Online Store WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo


23) Responsive Bike Store WooCommerce Theme

This theme comes with ‘Quick View’ plugin. You should try it out to find out how easy the buying process will become for your prospects. The plugin enables a quick view button, which displays all the necessary features of a product. Besides, it allows to view it full size, showing even the smallest details.

WeelFour - Bike Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme



24) Powerful Tools WooCommerce Theme

This white and bright-yellow color combination will draw customers’ attention to your online store. Furthermore, you get the theme along with a pack of custom widgets. They enrich it with advanced functionality: Simple Slider, post carousel, and social widgets, to mention just a few. Those widgets help you build a stronger online presence. More than that, they offer you additional ways for displaying content.

Willard - Tools & Hardware WooCommerce Theme



25) Car Spares Store WooCommerce Theme

This theme is 100% responsive, so your customers will be able to shop on the go from their favorite gadgets. It is fully editable, which means that you will be able to fine-tune your slider, sidebar position, typography, whatever. The template is multilingual ready, so you won’t have any problems if you are going to sell your products online. Additional SEO optimization will help your clients find your store on the web.

Car Parts Store WooCommerce Theme



26) Solar Panels and Accessories Store WooCommerce Theme

Eco-friendly alternative energy solutions are in demand nowadays. That’s why, if you are in this business, chances are that a website will considerably increase your conversion. Take a look at this professional design. This is exactly what you need for your well-off future.

Helios - Solar Panels and Accessories Store WooCommerce Theme



27) Pet Store WooCommerce Theme

This is probably the cutest theme in our collection. No doubt, images of pets and soft colors are ideal for pet supplies stores. What is more, the theme has a product sorting feature. To illustrate, the filter allows visitors to sort out the products by several criteria. This way, they will be able to find the proper products much faster.

 PetTown Pet Store WooCommerce Theme



28) Sport Clothes & Footwear WooCommerce Theme

This easy and intuitive theme will help you sell your sport goods more efficiently. Indeed, people who go in for sports live an active lifestyle. Consequently, they like to shop on the go. Having this template, you will give them this possibility with this Bootstrap theme. The theme ensures absolute responsiveness and compatibility with all modern devices and browsers.

GrannaLi - Clothes & Footwear WooCommerce Theme



29) Innovative Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

This electronics store looks current and expertly done. It is 100% GPL. This is a huge benefit, as compatibility with General Public License allows you to modify the template and its sources however you see fit. In addition, this theme’s code is valid and well-documented.

TechLab - Innovative Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme



30) Accessories & Gadgets WooCommerce Theme

Contemporary people got used to smart gadgets. Moreover, they can’t live a single day without their favorite tablets, smartphones, smart watches, and so on. This is one of the most profitable niches, so you should take your piece of the cake and eat it. But you definitely need a quality website for that. Grab this template, customize it, and start getting super profit asap.

SmartHouse - Accessories & Gadgets WooCommerce Theme


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Over To You : 30+ Best WooCommerce Themes For WordPress  (Handpicked)

Did you like Best WooCommerce Themes 2018 from our collection, please share which is your favorite ecommerce themes from above list and do comment if you have suggestion for more ecommerce themes.

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