List Of 22+ Best Web Scraping Tools 2024 What is the Best Tool for Web Scraping?

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In this post, we have listed Best Web Scraping Tools which you should try now. So let’s dive in. 

Web Scraping tools are specially made for extracting data from websites. Also known as Web harvesting tools or Web data extraction tools, these tools are helpful for people who want to gather some sort of data or information from Internet sites. Web Scraping is the modern data entry technique that eliminates the requirement of repetitive typing or copy-pasting information.

These kinds of software look for new data either manually or automatically and fetch the updated data and store them so that you can access it easily. For example, you can gather information about the products and their cost from Amazon with the help of a scraping tool. 

If you are copying data from a site to a spreadsheet or a database or any other central location for retrieving later on, then you are scraping the web. But if you do it manually, it can consume a lot of time. 

Bottom Line Upfront: 

The world’s #1 web data platform, providing cost-effective ways to perform fast and stable public Websites at scale. With Bright Data’s Next Generation Data Collector you can automate your collection efforts without compromising on quality or accuracy with one dashboard that handles all needs for any size of the set – from eCommerce trends in social networks right through competitive intelligence reports!

You can do this data collection process automatically using web scraping tools.

You can do Web scraping with the help of the following eight techniques:

  • Document Object Model (DOM) parsing
  • HTML parsing
  • Manual copy and paste
  • Vertical aggregation
  • Text pattern matching
  • Semantic annotation recognizing
  • Computer vision web-page analysis
  • HTTP programming

Looking for the best web scraping tools of 2024?

Procedures like Web scraping, HTML scraping, or any other form of data extraction can be complex. From attaining the accurate page source and reviewing the source accurately to rendering the javascript and getting the data in a usable configuration, there is actually a lot of work to be done. While different users have different requirements, there are tools available for each of the – people who want to create web scrapers with zero codings, developers who want to create web crawlers to crawl bigger sites, and much more

In this post, we are listing down the top 20 web scraping tools for collecting data, with zero codings. We have also listed 4 complementary tools following the top 20 list, making it 24 web scraping tools for you to choose from.

Top 22+ Best Web Scraping Tools 2024:

Here is a list of the top 20 web scraping tools for July 2024 that you should use for sufficing your website data extraction needs. These tools have been acclaimed by both users and critics for their features, overall performance, prices, and other key aspects as being some of the best tools you can use for web scraping.

1) Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) #1 Best Web Scraping Tool

Luminati Networks has created a next-generation Data Collector tool that provides an integrated and personalized data flow in a single, easy-to-understand dashboard. Data sets are tailored to your company’s needs, ranging from eCommerce trends and social media content to business intelligence and consumer surveys.

Luminati - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • You can get automated data intelligence from the Data Collector whenever and wherever you want it.
  • There’s no need for a complicated data collection platform.
  • You have total control over the data collection process.
  • Data Unblocker
  • Luminati proxy manager lets you handle your proxies like a pro with no coding.
  • In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a stable data flow.
  • With a single order, their next-generation Search Engine Crawler allows you to get real user search results for any keyword across all major search engines.
  • Data collection that is versatile and sensitive to substitutes on the target site end, resulting in a high success rate.
  • Their user-friendly browser extension makes it easy to target particular geolocation and change your proxy settings.


Luminati - Pricing

2) Scraping Robot #2 Best Web Scraping Tool

Scraping Robot is an effective user-friendly web scraping tool. As it is very easy to use, it is suitable for beginners.  It has some modern tools and features that most of the other available sites do not offer and even if they do, they charge you a lot more.

Scraping Tool

This is the best tool for data collection and to boost up your business. They have established multiple partnerships in the industry to reduce the price in several places and have built up a well-organized procedure that reduces the development and technical costs. All these features thus create a product that supplies a higher level of output for a lower price than the competitors.

Tools and Features

  • Module Filter:

Although this feature is under development, they may add features such as product filters, profile filters in the coming future.

  • Demos Library:

This library consists of all the details and information on How every module works.

  • API:

They give their customers access on the developer level. This can help you organize and manage proxies, servers, and developer resources.

  • Roadmap:

Under this segment, you can see what all they are designed for the future. This will let you know what all features will be available for you in the coming future.

It is split up into three parts: 

  • Live
  • In progress
  • Planned

You can also vote for or suggest some features also. They also promise to bring more and more features on their pricing page. 

Plans and Pricing

When you sign up, they will provide you with 5,000 scrapes every month for free. This is quite sufficient if the data which you are looking for is less, but if you are in a need for more data, then you have to pay $0.0018 per scrape. According to them, the reason behind this is their collaboration with Blazing SEO, the premium proxy provider.

Scraping Tool - Pricing

3) Scraper API #3 Best Web Scraping Tool

Scraper API is a program that allows programmers to build web scrapers. It works for proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, enabling developers to get the raw HTML from any site using a simple API call.

Scraper API

It’s the ultimate web scraping platform for developers with dedicated proxy pools for social media scraping, ticket scraping, search engine scraping, eCommerce price scraping, and more! l. You can apply for a bulk discount if you need a large number of pages on a monthly basis.

Tools and Features

  • It helps you to render JavaScript
  • You can customize the headers of each request and also the type of request
  • It offers exceptional speed and reliability which helps in building scalable web scrapers
  • Geolocated Rotating Proxies


Scraper API - Pricing


4) ScrapeSimple

ScrapeSimple is the best web scraping tool for developers searching for a custom scraper designed from the ground up. Data extraction is now as simple as filling out a form with all of your preferences and instructions for the type of data you want.

Scrape Simple - Overview

ScrapeSimple shows that it is a professionally operated tool service that produces and manages custom web scrapers for its users. Simply tell them what kind of data you want to collect and from which site and your personalized web scraper will be set up to send the data to you in CSV format on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you want) straight to your inbox.

This tool is suitable for businesses that only need an HTML scraper and do not need to manually write down any code. Their response time is lightning fast, and their customer service is extremely helpful and welcoming.


Scrape Simple - Pricing


5) Octoparse

Octoparse is a great and quick web scraping tool for both coders and non-coders who want to extract information from websites without having to write code but still have total control over the process. It’s very common for scraping eCommerce data.

Octoparse - Overview

It can be used to retrieve web data at a larger scale (up to millions) and the data can be stored in organized and structured files such as Excel and CSV for download. Customers can also take advantage of a free plan and a trial deal for paying subscribers.

Popular features of this tool include-

  • Cloud extraction with IP rotations to bypass captcha and blocking
  • It has an  embedded RegEx tool to clean data automatically
  • You can schedule web scraping and obtain data updates periodically
  • It uses API connection to set up a data pipeline directly into your database
  • It supports both Windows and Mac systems


Octoparse - Pricing

6) ParseHub 

Parsehub is a wonderful and efficient free web scraping tool that allows you to create web scrapers without having to code. Many analysts, journalists, data scientists, and others use it. It’s really easy to use. It’s very easy to render web scrapers. You just need to click on the data you want to export, and it will be exported in JSON or Excel format.

Parsehub - Overview

Users can enjoy features such as automatic IP rotation, scraping behind login doors, navigating dropdowns and tabs, extracting data from tables and maps, and much more. Furthermore, it provides a generous free plan that allows users to scrape up to 200 pages of data in under 40 minutes! It offers desktop clients for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, enabling you to access them from your computer regardless of the operating system.

Tools and Features

  • Cleaning of text & HTML before downloading data
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Collect and store information on servers automatically


Parsehub - Pricing

7) Diffbot

Diffbot identifies useful data on a web page using computer vision rather than HTML decoding, which sets it apart from other web scrapers available online. This means that even if a page’s HTML layout changes, the web scrapers will continue to function as long as the page’s visual appearance stays the same.

Diffbot - Overview

This is an excellent feature for long-running mission-critical web scraping workers. AI extractors allow you to extract structured data from any form of URL with this tool. While it is a little costly, it does a good job of offering a luxury solution that some consumers find worthwhile. Their cheapest plan is priced at $299 per month. 

Tools and Features: 

  • You’ll have access to a number of data sources based on a complete and accurate understanding of each system.
  • With the aid of AI Extractors, it is possible to extract structured data from any URL connection.
  • With Crawlbot Knowledge Graph, you can scale up your data extraction to several domains.
  • This function provides you with accurate, complete, and deep data from the web that BI requires to create useful analytics and insights.


Diffbot - Pricing

8) Cheerio

It’s designed for NodeJS developers who want to analyze HTML in a straightforward way. Those developers who are familiar with jQuery can notice the best javascript web scraping syntax available right away.

Cheerio - Overview

Cheerio has an API that is very similar to jQuery, making it simpler for developers who are already acquainted with jQuery to use this web scraping tool for HTML parsing. It’s lightning fast and has a range of useful features for scraping HTML, text, ids, classes, and more. It has long been the most popular HTML parsing library written in NodeJS, and it is possibly one of the most popular NodeJS or javascript web scraping tools for new projects.

9) BeautifulSoup

BeautifulSoup is the ideal tool for Python developers who need a simple, easy-to-use interface for parsing HTML but do not need the ability or difficulties that come with other web scrapers.

Beautiful Soup is the most common HTML parser for Python developers, similar to how Cheerio is the best web scraping tool for NodeJS developers. It’s been a decade since this method has been so well received and recorded.

Beautifull Shop - Overview

Many web parsing tutorials are available to teach developers how to use this method for scraping different websites in both Python 2 and Python 3. If you’re searching for a Python HTML parsing library, this is most definitely the best option.

10) Mozenda

Mozenda is the perfect platform for corporations and businesses in need of a self-serve cloud-based web page scraping tool. Mozenda has scraped over 7 billion pages and has experience serving customers from all over the world.

Its customers can use their powerful cloud platform to run web scrapers. One feature that separates them from other web scraping tools is their customer support, which provides phone numbers and email addresses for all paying users. This platform is highly expandable, and like Diffbot, it is a little costly, with the most simple package starting at $250 per month.

You can scrape text, images, and PDF material from web pages with Mozenda. It is known as one of the best web scraping applications for handling and preparing data files for publication.

Tools and Features: 

  • You may use your favorite Bl tool or database to collect and publish web data.
  • In just a few minutes, you can create web scraping agents using a point-and-click interface.
  • Job Sequencer and Request Blocking features are included, which assist in the real-time harvesting of web data.
  • It shows that it has the best account management and customer service in the industry.

11) Scraping Bee

Scraping Bee is a web scraping application that works with a number of browsers and proxy servers. It can also run Javascript on web pages and change proxies for each request, allowing you to access the raw HTML page without being blocked. They also have a dedicated API for scraping Google search results.

ScrapingBee - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • It supports JavaScript rendering
  • It offers an automatic proxy rotation.
  • You can directly use this application on Google Sheet.
  • This application is supported in the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Good for scraping Amazon
  • Supports Google search scraping


ScrapingBee - Pricing

12) is a personalized data scraping tool that collects and organizes web data, text documents, PDFs, social media messages, historical data, and even emails into a business-ready format.

Xtract. Io

Tools and Features

  • With the personalized data extraction tool, you can scrape detailed data such as product catalog information, contact details, company details, financial information, work listings, lease data, reviews, location data, and ratings.
  • With a powerful API framework, you can easily incorporate enhanced and clean data directly into your business apps.
  • With pre-configured plans, you can automate the entire data extraction process.
  • In comparison to pre-configured business rules with inflexible data consistency, you can access high-quality data that has been checked.
  • Data can be exported in a number of formats, including JSON, text files, HTML, CSV, TSV, and others.
  • Avoid CAPTCHA problems rotating proxies to extract real-time data effortlessly.

13) Scraping-Bot is a well-organized method for extracting information from URLs. It provides APIs customized to your extraction needs, such as a general API for retrieving a web page’s raw HTML, an API framework for website scraping, and an API for extracting property listings from real estate websites.

Scrapingbot - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • Easy to integrate
  • JavaScript rendering with headless browsers
  • Affordable price plans
  • Handles proxies and web browsers
  • High quality proxies
  • Full Page HTML
  • Up to 20 concurrent requests
  • Geotargeting
  • Allows for wide range of bulk scraping requirements
  • Basic usage monthly plan for free

14) Apify SDK

Apify SDK is a Javascript and NodeJS web crawling, scraping, and automation library. It allows you to use headless browsers for creation, web automation, and data exchange.

Apify SDK - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • Automates any web workflow- Run headless web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, WebKit or other browsers. 
  • Manage and organize lists and URLs for crawling and run crawlers simultaneously at the maximum system capacity.
  • Deal with storage and export of outcome and rotate proxies.
  • Trouble free and speedy crawling across the web
  • Can work on any system
  • Runs on JavaScript

15) assists you in the development of data sets by importing information from a single page and exporting it to CSV format. It is one of the most commonly used web scraping tools for integrating data into apps through an API framework and HTTP push API.

Import . Io - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • Interactions with web forms or logins are simple and straightforward.
  • You can also prepare your data extraction ahead of time.
  • With the support of cloud, you can store and access data.
  • Make a visual report with charts and graphs.
  • Interactions and projects on the internet are automated.

16) offers you direct access to built-in and real-time data for crawling thousands of websites. It gives you access to authentic feeds with over ten years of useful knowledge.

Webhose - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • JSON and XML data sets that are standardized and machine-readable.
  • It allows you to gain access to a broad database of data feeds without having to pay any additional fees.
  • Its advanced filter assists in the management of granular analyses and data files that need to be fed.

17) Dexi Intelligent

Dexi intelligent is another popular web scraping application that lets you turn any amount of data into business value immediately. This tool for web scraping allows you to cut costs and save time for your company. - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • Increased quality, accuracy and efficiency
  • Ultimate speed for data intelligence
  • Fast and efficient extraction of data
  • High scale capturing of knowledge 

18) Outwit

It’s a Firefox add-on that’s easy to install from the Firefox add-ons store. To buy this product, you will be presented with three distinct alternative plans based on your needs.

OUTwit - Overview

  • Pro Edition (Powerful easy Web scraping)

Yearly subscription : $69.00 

One – off purchase : $95.00

  • Expert Edition (The Power User Scraper)

Yearly subscription  : $195.00 

One – off purchase  : $275.00

  • Enterprise Edition (High volume, Multi user)

Yearly subscription. : $535.00

One – off purchase  : $745.00

Tools and Features:

  • You may use Email Sourcer V.9 to get contacts from the internet.
  • Outwit hub does not require any special programming skills to extract knowledge from websites.
  • You can start scraping thousands of web pages with just a single click on the exploration button.


OUTwit - Pricing

19) Data streamer

The Data Streamer tool assists in the collection of social media material and information from all over the web. It is one of the best web scrapers that uses natural language processing to retrieve important metadata.

DataStreamer - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • It has an integrated full-text search powered by Kibana and Elasticsearch
  • Integrated boilerplate removal and data extraction based on information retrieval techniques
  • It is built on a fault-tolerant infrastructure and guarantees high availability of data
  • User-friendly and overall admin console

20) FMiner

FMiner is another well-known web scraping tool that can be used for data extraction, crawling, screen scraping, macros, and web support on both Windows and Mac OS.

FMiner - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • Using a simple visual editor to build a data extraction project
  • It assists you in navigating the website pages by integrating link structures, drop down collections, and URL pattern matching.
  • Data can be derived from difficult-to-crawl Web 2.0 dynamic websites.
  • It enables you to use third-party automated decaptcha services or manual entry to target a website’s CAPTCHA security.


Now that we are through with the top 20 web scraping tools for February 2021, here is a an additional list of 4 web scraping tools which we think require an honourable mention in this post. These tools have also been acknowledged by several users and critics as being among the best web scraping tools that you can use.

21) Content Grabber

Content grabber is a robust big data solution for scraping based web data. It helps you to scale your arrangement because it is one of the best web scrapers. This platform offers basic functionality such as a visual point and click editor.

Content Grabber - Overview

Tools and Features:

  • Extraction of web data is faster than other tools
  • Helps you to build web apps with a dedicated web API that permits you to execute web data directly from your website
  • Helps you to move between various platforms

22) Zyte (Formerly known as ScrapingHub) 

Zyte, formerly Scraping Hub, is a cloud-based web scraping tool that assists developers in retrieving essential data. It transforms the entire web page into well-organized content. If their crawl builder fails to fulfill your needs, their professional team is available to assist you. The standard free plan allows you to run one crawl at a time, while the premium plan, which costs $25 per month, allows you to run up to four crawls concurrently.

ZYte - Overview

So now, which one is your favourite web scraping tool? And what kind of data do you want to scrape from the Internet? Let us know in the comments below and suggest any other good web scraping tool which you think should be on the list.

Why should you use Web Scraping Tools?

Web Scraping tools can prove to be useful for limitless reasons in different scenarios –

Collection of information for market research

These tools can help keep you updated on where your company is heading towards in the upcoming six months, thus serving as an important tool for market research. These tools can obtain the data from more than one data analytic provider and market research firm and combine them into one spot for easy reference and analysis purposes.

Extract Contact Information

These tools can even be used to obtain information like emails and contact numbers from different websites which makes it possible to list the suppliers, manufacturers and other people of interests to your business, with their respective contact numbers and addresses.

Download Solutions from StackOverflow

With a web scraping tool, you can also download some solutions for the purpose of offline reading or storage by collecting information from sites like StackOverflow and many more Q&A sites. This leads to the reduction of your dependence on a stable Internet connection as the resources are quickly available despite the availability of Internet.

Look for Applicants or Jobs

For employees who are looking for applicants to unite with their team or for those job seekers who are finding a particular job vacancy, these tools function great to easily fetch the information and data based on separate applied filters and retrieve data successfully without any manual searches.

Tracking Prices from Multiple Stores

If you are interested in online shopping and like to track current costs of the products you are looking for in several markets and online sites and stores, then you surely require a web scraping tool.

Quick Links:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on What is the best tool for web scraping?

👌What is meant by Web Scraping?

If you are wondering what is data scraping? - Web Scraping (synonymous with data scraping) is the procedure of extraction and import of data from a particular site to a spreadsheet. Data scraping helps to obtain data or information from the internet and then transfer that data into an output that can be read by humans.

✌What is Web Scraping used for?

Web Scraping is very useful for Market research, Finding leads, comparing products, content analysis, price comparison, data collection for business intelligence, etc.

🤞What all factors I must consider when selecting a Web Scraping Tool?

You should take a look on the factors listed below while selecting a good web scraping tool: It should be easy to use Cost of the web scraping tool Functions and features Performance and speed Flexibility of the tool as per the requirements The data formats which are supported Availability of customer support

Conclusion: Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction in 2024

Web scraping can be a tedious and complicated process. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, but in the end you should pick whatever tool suits your needs best! Bright Data has saved me from dealing with all that hassle by providing an easy-to use interface for pulling data from diverse sources into one spreadsheet – saving hours every week or month as needed without sacrificing accuracy thanks again their amazing customer service team if anything ever goes wrong.

Price:$ 9
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