15 Expert Roundup On- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blogs 2024

In this post, we have featured 15 Experts Opinions On- Best Way To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blogs In 2024. Learn what’s are the tips and tricks experts sharing to reduce bounce rates on blogs.

Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates


Let’s find-out experts got to say on this lit topic.

15 Experts Roundup On- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blogs 2024

1) Robbie Richards

Robbie is the author of robbierichards.com, a leading SEO blog, and Director of Virayo, a search marketing agency for B2B SaaS companies.

Robbie Richards On- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog


Website/Blog: https://www.robbierichards.com/

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Blogs typically have higher bounce rates due to the intent behind the search. i.e. users search for a specific topic, land on your site, get their answer and leave without an immediate need to learn more about you or read more of your posts. Improve load speed – users expect your content to load quickly. Once you go past two seconds you’re losing readers at a fast rate.

One plugin I recommend is WPRocket. It was voted the #1 site speed plugin in this post (https://www.robbierichards.com/seo/best-wordpress-seo-plugins/), and after installing on my site I dropped the load speed from about 2 seconds down to 1.1 seconds. The best part, it only took me a couple minutes to set up.

2) Marko Saric

I’m a blogger and content marketer focused on creating win-win situations.

Marko Saric on- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://howtomakemyblog.com

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Create content that truly satisfies the visitor and they will have no reason to bounce quickly. Answer their questions, solve their problems, really do deliver on what you promise in your headline and in your description.

3) David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt runs The Happy Guy Marketing, helping to write and promote online content, as well as writing books, screenplays, and speeches.

David Leonhardt- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: http://seo-writer.ca/

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Make your content easy to read. You lose people quickly in one of two ways. Either they feel your page is irrelevant to their search, or the page looks dull or difficult to read. Huge blocks of text look daunting.

Even before visitors start reading, they tend to give up. Long, complex sentences can lose them quickly, even if they do start reading. Too many big words or jargon can also make reading a challenge. And that “back” button is so very easy to hit. Make your writing as relevant and useful as possible, and make it easier to read than to hit the “back” button.

4) Joanna Vaiou

Joanna Vaiou is an SEO Specialist/founder of JoannaVaiou.com (Corporate SEO Project Management Brand) and MarketingforArchitecturalFirms.com (SEO Marketing brand for architectural niche related global firms). She is a fierce supporter of work and travel freedom lifestyle and constant personal development.

joanna-vaiou On- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

She has been featured on plenty entrepreneurship and self-growth leading publications as a successful SEO business owner, a digital nomad and a Self-Development advocate like Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Work and Money, Work at Home Success, Growth Mentors, Monetize, Get.Tech, PR on the Go, A City for Her and others (listed on her Quora profile).

Website/Blog: https://www.joannavaiou.com/

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

The best recipe to reduce bounce rate on your web properties is:
1. Have a clear END GOAL when it comes to what you want users to do when they land on your page and strategize accordingly
2. Have a clear Single Call-to-Action on your landing page reminding your users what you want them to do while they are “at it”
3. Have short and “smooth to read” content formatting throughout your content by using Heading titles (H1, H2, H3, etc) and paragraphs with no more than 3 sentences in each one
4. Use attractive and relevant images or infographics for your users
5. Create a Video intro for your content on your landing page, upload the video on your YouTube channel > Embed it on your website page in order to increase the “time on page” User experience metric
6. Include internal links to other relevant pages on your web property that add even more value and educate (or entertain) your users, in order to increase the “pages per visit” user experience metric (give them reasons to stay more on your property)

7. Entice your users at the start of your landing page with something that you offer for free at the end of your content, so they stick through it all

5) Anthon Schroth

Anthon Schroth is a Langley, BC, based web designer and app developer.

DMObjects- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://www.dmobjects.ca

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

The best way to reduce bounce rate is to look professional. People like to do business with people who care, people with a good work ethic. A sloppy website immediately tells them you might not care about the quality of your work. Your website has to look professional. This means:
1. A modern, clean design.
2. Words that don’t look too hard or too crowded.
3. A clear path to what they expect (about, contact, buy, etc.)
4. Above all, not crowded with ads or multiple messages. If your website looks professional, you will have their attention. You won’t make a sale every time, but they won’t back out the door quickly.

6) Maureen McCabe

Maureen McCabe is an award-winning Marketing Consultant & Business Growth, Specialist. McCabe Marketing’s proven team delivers results and works with established business owners and entrepreneurs in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Maureen McCabe On- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://www.mccabemarketing.ca

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

When visitors arrive at your website, usually through a search engine or a social media link, they don’t know what to expect. You could be an authority. You could be sketchy. They have no idea. Nothing reduces bounce rate better than showing visitors right off that bat that you are credible. That’s why you will find a “client review” on each of my website pages.
When visitors click to a second page, they find a different review from a different client – and the credibility builds. It is best to include the full name and company of the client, as an anonymous review doesn’t carry the same weight. Even better if you can include a headshot to make it more tangible, or to use video testimonials (which is what I often recommend to my clients).
Let’s take this one step further; getting positive reviews on third-party review sites like LinkedIn or Yelp or Angie’s List can also reduce bounce rates. Even before landing on your website, some people do their research. They search for a business name with the words “scam” or “review” or “satisfaction”. Good off-site reviews can sell visitors on your credibility before they even get to your website. On-site or off-site, customer reviews can significantly cut back on your bounce rate.

7) Joe Williams

As a teacher and student of search engine optimization, I provide online SEO courses.

Joe Williams On- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://www.tribeseo.com

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

This one is simple but not always easy. It’s about meeting the needs of the user. For SEO, it’s understanding the underlying intent of the keywords you want to rank for, and delivering content that satisfies that intent, and fast. When you do this, you build up trust with your visitors, so they stick around longer and view more pages.

8) Sara Davis

Sara Davis is the VP of Growth at CanIRank, she enjoys helping businesses of all sizes grow and spread their purpose.

Sara Davis On- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://www.canirank.com

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Find out where they drop off: Using heat-mapping software, or searching through analytics, it’s relatively simple to identify where users drop off your site. Is the content relevant?
Does it answer the searcher’s query? Are you optimizing for the end user’s experience? Ask yourself these questions on your highest bounce rate pages, and do some A/B testing, you never know what minimal tweaks will make a huge impact on your website’s conversion rates.

9) Joel Klettke

Joel Klettke is a sought-after conversion copywriter for SaaS and B2B. He’s also the founder of Case Study Buddy, the case study specialists who help clients capture, share, and cash in on customer success stories.

Joel Klettke- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://www.casestudybuddy.com

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

The right strategy for reducing bounce rate is going to vary greatly depending on the page type you’re trying to improve for. For example, it’s perfectly natural for blog posts to have very high bounce rates: people come in, get the information they were interested in, and leave. Here, your goal might be to proactively suggest related content or to simply capture the opportunity to follow up with that person before they leave (like earning a newsletter subscription.)
On a sales page, high bounce rates happen for many reasons — one of which is cognitive dissonance. If the messaging/promises made in your ads or title tags don’t IMMEDIATELY align with the copy on the page, you’ve created a confusing scenario for incoming leads that may cause them to leave.
Generally, reducing bounce rate means working on your hero section copy and imagery to pull a lead in and get them interested in continuing on down the page or exploring other areas of the site. But a high bounce rate in and of itself may not a bad or unnatural thing.

10) James Parsons

Founder and CEO of Blogpros

James Parsons on- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://blogpros.com

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Aside from great long-form content, which you should already be producing, I’ve found a couple things to be helpful: linking to related posts on your site (both contextually and after your post), and adding a sticky nav and sidebar. Linking to related posts keeps users on your site and enables them to continue reading, which significantly reduces bounce rate; it’s only a bounce if they leave without staying on your site.

Adding a sticky nav bar and/or sidebar accomplishes this same thing; if they’re at the end of the article, most people want to click “Back” in their browser. With a sticky nav bar, they see your logo and other links to pages on your site, which enables them to continue checking your site out without scrolling all the way to the top of the page. A sticky sidebar on your content can be useful to showcase offers or popular content to keep your users on your site.

11) Chris Raulf

My name is Chris Raulf and I’m an international SEO expert. Originally from Switzerland, my three decades of professional experience in multilingual and global digital marketing, as well as my 15+ years’ background in the globalization industry, have made me one of the few international SEO consultants who live and breathe this topic on a daily basis. You can learn about me by visiting www.chrisraulf.com and www.boulderseomarketing.com.

Chris-Raulf-SEO-Training-Expert - Chris Raulf

Website/Blog: https://chrisraulf.com/

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Besides creating the highest quality, well research, and interesting content that your target audience actually is interested in reading, there are several other things that you need to do in order to reduce the bounce rate. For example: Don’t add annoying popups to your website. They are a major distraction and will turn off the person that landed on your site.
Optimize your content for longer-tail and high intent keywords. These people know exactly what they’re looking for and if they find your high-quality content, there’s a good chance that they’ll read the entire piece. Long-form content of 1800 words or so is doing really well in organic search these days.
Invest the time and energy in creating long-form content and make sure that it addresses something that very few other websites (or not) are currently addressing. There’s a lot more than you can do to reduce the bounce rate but these tips should get you started.

12) Daniel Stanica

Daniel is the founder of MediaDigi.com digital growth agency. For over 12 years he has helped hundreds of customers to establish a presence online and win the digital race.

Daniel-Stanica On- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://mediadigi.com

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

To reduce the bounce rate of a page I take a holistic approach. There isn’t one single thing that will magically produce results but there are many little things that add up. Here are several tips I’ve successfully implemented and managed to reduce the bounce rate with around 20% on Monetize.info [LINK: https://monetize.info]
* Improve the page speed, as one second delay costs a 7% loss of conversions and 11% fewer page views according to stats. * Improve the visual experience (better images, better typography, modern visual elements). This decreased the bounce rate with around 5% by simply adding round images instead of square and add gradients and shadows to buttons and boxes giving a fresh, modern look to our digital magazine.
* Reworked the content by adding up to date information, real case studies, videos, and tutorials making it more useful to visitors. Also, I added a section with 6 related articles at the bottom so our visitors may read more articles from us instead of leaving the website.
There is a lot of testing and monitoring you need to do to decrease your bounce rate but the results are rewarding. You will get a better user experience which means better conversions and better SERP rankings.

13) Itamar Blauer

Itamar is a digital marketer who specializes in SEO and video optimization and has experience in running various social media channels.

Itamar Blauer On- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://www.rockyeti.com/

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Incorporate videos within your landing pages. Engaging videos help keep visitors on your site for longer, thus reducing bounce rates. It’s very important to note that people’s attention spans get lower as there is so much content available online – stand out and show yourself on video!

14) Jeremy Knauff

Jeremy Knauff is a published author, podcast host, and the founder of Tampa-based digital marketing agency, Spartan Media.

jeremy-knauff on- Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates On Blog

Website/Blog: https://spartanmedia.com/

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

The key to reducing bounce rate is to hook your visitors early, give them a reason to stay and make it easy for them to take the next step. This means first you’ll need to get to the point with your copy. Skip the fluff and start with a question or statement that directly addresses why they are there.
The biggest mistake I see most people make is writing from their perspective rather than from the perspective of their visitors. You should also try to include media, like videos, images, and podcasts, along with the text on your pages. While some visitors will want to read, others may prefer to browse images or watch a video.
By providing several types of content on a page, you’ll increase the chances that more visitors will stick around longer. Eventually, though, every visitor will need to leave a page. And when they do, we’d probably like them to move on to another of our pages, right? So we need to make it easy for them to do that. Internal links are one way, and another is to include calls to actions in the header, throughout the content, and in the footer.

This ensures visitors will always see at least one call to action no matter where they are on the screen. More often than not, they will see two or more.

15) Olga Andrienko

Olga is the Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush. Together with her team, she has built one of the strongest international communities in the online marketing industry. Olga has expanded SEMrush brand visibility worldwide, bringing >90% YoY growth from top 10 new markets. She currently leads all SEMrush branding and PR initiatives across over 50 countries.

In 2018 Olga was mentioned among the 25 most influential women in digital marketing by TopRank. Olga is one of the main SEMrush spokespeople, occasionally appearing in media such as Business Insider and Washington Post, and at main industry events.

 Olga Andrienko

Website/Blog: https://semrush.com

Best Tip to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Check pages that have the highest number of visits from search and have a high bounce rate. It means Google ranks it high, but the content doesn’t match the keywords it ranks for. Steps to improve it:

1. Identify what keyword this page ranks for. In SEMrush you can do it with the help of Organic Research, advanced filters, pick the URL you need, and filter by TOP-10 positions.

2. After you identify keywords in SEMrush or another SEO tool, gather content ideas on what to improve on the page – keywords to add, CTAs to optimize, tweak structure of the page.

3. A/B test – and do so with every change, not after all changes. That way you won’t be able to understand what brought you the results.

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