10+ Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers In 2024 🤔

Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Content Video Ad Networks For Publishers find BRIGHTROLL and Hulu are the best options. 

Online video content creation and monetization made easy! If you enjoy creating videos or have a website, this is for you. Imagine getting paid to showcase amazing videos on your site.

Advertisements provide a significant advantage by providing a lot of commission for publishers. Video ads can provide a substantial boost in revenue when used correctly.

Publishers with monetizable ad inventory will likely turn to a video ad network to handle the sales for them.

Video ads help advertisers connect with their audience in an interesting and creative way. More advertisers are turning to video ads.

If your revenue is shrinking, it’s time to give video ads a try. These video ad networks have something exciting in store for us. Are you ready to jump in?

What Are Ad Networks?

An ad network is a platform that helps match up advertisers with publishers. Advertisers want to buy ad space from publishers, and as a publisher, you can make money by selling this space.

Ad networks take a cut of the revenue generated from ads sold through their platform.

If you want to use online advertising to reach more people but you don’t know how it works, ad networks can help. They are the ones who negotiate with buyers on your behalf to get the best deals.

This includes setting audience targets and agreeing on a cost per impression. Once the deal is done, they will track, target, and report on your ad campaigns for you.

What to Look for in a Video Ad Network

If you’re wondering how to select a video ad platform, I can help. You’ll want to choose a platform that has the features you need. Here are some things to look for:

1. Targeting Options

To get the most out of your ad campaign, use a platform that allows you to target your audience as specifically as possible.

This means using targeting options like contextual targeting and geo-targeting. It’s also helpful if the network you choose allows you to display ads based on your audience’s behavior patterns.

Showing only relevant ads will have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

2. Powerful Analytics

A video ad platform should give you powerful analytics that evaluate your ad campaigns and tell you how your video ads are performing.

With this information, you can work on perfecting your strategy.

3. A Wide Range of Formats

Nowadays, Everyone tends to consume information and media on all sorts of devices. In fact, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.

This data proves that your ads should be able to reach consumers on different devices. So, choose a network that supports a wide range of systems.

However, remember that you also need a variety of video ad formats. You can experiment with different types and determine which format is the best for your video ad campaigns.

10+ Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers 2024

1) BrightRoll (Yahoo! Advertising)

BrightRoll provides innovative video advertising solutions that include proprietary ad serving and optimization, advanced audience targeting, standard-setting ad units, and transparent reporting.

BrightRoll (Yahoo! Advertising)

Their highly scalable and adaptable technology platform is exclusively designed for video advertising campaigns.

This ensures that the campaigns are delivered effectively and efficiently, maximizing the user experience and minimizing discrepancies in ad measurement.

Advertisers who wish to reach audiences based on their demographics, geographic locations, and interests in other types of advanced targeting can easily reach those audiences at scale.


  • BrightRoll is consistently ranked number one in reach with 152 million monthly US unique viewers and 200+ million globally.
  • Access to 10 billion+ impressions monthly across the four screens on 15,000 mobile apps and websites.
  • The company powers digital video advertising for the world’s largest brands, including 90% of the top 50 US advertisers.
  • It serves more video ads than any other company. Also, the platform enables advertisers to reach 4 out of 5 video viewers online.

2)  Hulu

Hulu is a top internet TV service for watching your favorite shows, including current season releases.


You only need to wait one day after the show airs to access the latest episode. Full seasons with all the episodes of popular shows are available as well.

While Hulu does have some exclusive content, their original series alone may not be enough to convince you to sign up for the service.

However, it’s worth noting that you can watch the full episodes of the shows available on Hulu.


  • Hulu offers an extensive library of content, including current and past episodes of popular TV shows, movies, documentaries, and original series. Subscribers can access a wide variety of genres and content types.
  • One of Hulu’s unique features is its ability to provide access to recent episodes of many TV shows shortly after they air on television.
  • Hulu produces its original series and content, including award-winning shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Ramy,” and “The Act.” These exclusives set Hulu apart from other streaming services.
  • Hulu + Live TV is a premium subscription option that includes live streaming of popular channels, such as news, sports, and entertainment networks. It offers an alternative to traditional cable TV.

3) TubeMogul (Adobe)

TubeMogul (Adobe)

TubeMogul (NASDAQ: TUBE) is an enterprise software company for branding.

By reducing complexity, improving transparency, and leveraging real-time data, our platform enables advertisers to gain greater control of their video advertising spending and achieve their brand advertising objectives.


  • TubeMogul encourages all employees to stay active by subsidizing Fitbits for participation in weekly fitness challenges.
  • Each year, TubeMogul appoints 2-3 culture ambassadors from each office, who then partner with the company’s co-founders to ensure a consistently excellent employee experience and build upon our company culture.
  • TubeMogul offers a one-month sabbatical for employees who have contributed five years of services as an opportunity for personal or professional development or simply a time to recharge.

4) Tremor Video

Launched in 2005, Tremor Video is a digital video technology company that serves the complementary needs of the media community.

Tremor Video

Their SE2 technology offers advertisers massive reach and proven engagement with their marketing messages in 100% brand-safe environments.

At the same time, their Acudeo income engine provides publishers easy access to multiple sources of revenue and the ability to manage and monetize every video impression.

They continue to push the boundaries of ad formats by introducing new engagement triggers and in-stream innovations to enhance the viewer experience and maximize ad performance.


• Manages catering for all internal meetings
• Day-to-day office upkeep for all offices w/o office support, including stocking kitchens and office supplies, ordering as needed against budgeted amounts, liaising with the building on any office issues as reported
• Manage office requests via the wiki ticket system
• Manage Master Calendar
• Reception duties, including answering phone lines, managing incoming and outgoing mail, and greeting and seating guests
• New Hire support – key cards, desk set up, etc.
• Expense Support- Review and approve concur reports for payment following company expense guidelines

5) OpenX

OpenX is a leading independent advertising technology company that provides digital advertising solutions for publishers, advertisers, and buyers.


It’s known for its commitment to transparency, technology-driven solutions, and its role in helping the digital advertising ecosystem function efficiently.


  • OpenX operates a global ad exchange that connects publishers with a wide range of advertisers and buyers. This exchange facilitates the buying and selling of advertising inventory in real-time auctions.
  • OpenX offers solutions for publishers to maximize their ad revenue. This includes access to a diverse pool of advertisers, various ad formats (including video and mobile), and advanced yield optimization tools.
  • OpenX provides header bidding solutions that help publishers increase competition for their ad inventory and maximize their earnings.
  • OpenX specializes in programmatic advertising, enabling automated buying and selling of ad inventory.

6) Select media

Select Media is a platform that offers a great solution for monetizing cross-screen video on both desktop and mobile devices worldwide.

However, it’s important to note that they have high requirements for publishers to be accepted to their platform.

Select Media

The platform uses an advanced programmatic system that allows advertisers to access high-quality, safe, and fraud-free video media on a global scale with optimized pricing and reach.

They work with over 650 premium direct sites across 55 countries and use proprietary predictive trading and delivery technologies, which leverage big data to go beyond RTB for optimal video yield and performance.

SelectMedia works with the industry’s leading advertisers and is widely recognized as one of the most trusted and reliable video supply and distribution platforms.


  • SelectMedia has developed a complete video ad-serving stack that provides high-quality, verified, and effective experiences for advertisers.
  • The company uses big data and advanced predictive algorithmic trading technologies to guarantee optimal yield in real-time.
  • Select Media’s proprietary Video Guard Technology (VGT) analyzes each impression in real-time to guarantee our advertisers get clean, transparent, and fraud-free media that is viewed according to industry regulations.
  • SelectMedia deployed a private content delivery fabric for guaranteed low-latency video delivery.
  • Innovative ad programs that include standard as well as small (in-stream) videos for budget diversity and efficiency.

7) Adobe Auditude

Auditude is a unique ad platform that was bought by Adobe in 2011. It allows publishers to use the platform to sell ads directly and fill any unsold inventory with the network’s own ads.

This gives full control to the publisher, who can then leverage direct sales and have Auditude fill in when their sales run dry.

Adobe ensures that viewers will be able to see your content on any device with one ad for every screen, providing consolidated reporting as well as TV-like ad insertion for your own videos.

Adobe video ad network


  • Adobe Auditude is primarily used for ad insertion and monetization in online video content. It enables publishers to seamlessly integrate video ads into their video streams, whether they are live or on-demand.
  • One of the core features of Adobe Auditude is dynamic ad insertion. This allows publishers to serve targeted ads to individual viewers based on factors such as location, demographics, and user behavior.
  • Adobe Auditude supports various video ad formats, including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. It also enables the integration of overlay and interactive ad units.
  • Publishers can manage their ad campaigns through the Adobe Auditude platform. This includes scheduling ad placements, setting frequency caps, and tracking ad performance.

8) Magnite (SpotX)

SpotX, now known as Magnite, is a leading advertising technology company that specializes in programmatic video advertising.


Magnite offers a comprehensive platform and a suite of solutions for both publishers and advertisers to optimize their video advertising campaigns.


  • Magnite focuses on programmatic video advertising, which involves the automated buying and selling of video ad inventory in real time.
  • Magnite provides solutions to help publishers maximize their ad revenue. Publishers can access a wide range of demand sources, including premium advertisers, through Magnite’s platform.
  • Magnite operates a unified ad marketplace that connects publishers with multiple demand sources, including demand-side platforms (DSPs) and advertisers.
  • Magnite offers header bidding solutions for publishers, allowing them to increase competition for their ad inventory, improve yield, and achieve higher CPMs (cost per thousand impressions).

9) Publift

Publift is an ad tech company that specializes in helping digital publishers maximize their ad revenue through various monetization strategies and technologies.


Their expertise lies in programmatic advertising, header bidding, and ad optimization, making them a valuable partner for publishers looking to maximize their advertising income while maintaining a positive user experience.


  • Publift focuses on helping publishers optimize their ad revenue by implementing various strategies, including header bidding, ad layout improvements, ad quality enhancements, and ad network management.
  • Header bidding is one of Publift’s core offerings. They assist publishers in implementing header bidding solutions to increase competition among ad demand sources and achieve higher CPMs (cost per thousand impressions).
  • Publift manages relationships with multiple ad networks and demand partners to ensure that publishers have access to a diverse range of advertisers, increasing competition and revenue potential.
  • Publift provides recommendations and optimizations for ad placements and layouts to enhance user experience while maximizing ad viewability and engagement.

10) Admedia

AdMedia is a digital advertising network and technology company that provides a range of advertising solutions for both advertisers and publishers.


AdMedia offers various tools and services to help businesses effectively reach their target audiences and optimize their online advertising campaigns.


  • AdMedia offers a variety of advertising solutions for businesses and advertisers. These solutions include display advertising, contextual advertising, video advertising, and retargeting campaigns.
  • Advertisers can use AdMedia’s self-serve advertising platform to create and manage their ad campaigns. The platform provides options for targeting specific demographics, interests, and geographic locations.
  • AdMedia provides display advertising options that allow advertisers to place banner ads on websites within its network. This helps businesses increase their online visibility and reach potential customers.
  • AdMedia specializes in contextual advertising, which involves displaying ads that are relevant to the content of a web page. This ensures that ads are more likely to resonate with the audience.

10) Teads

Teads is a global advertising technology company that specializes in out-stream video advertising and innovative advertising solutions for both advertisers and publishers.

Teads is known for its focus on delivering non-intrusive video ads within premium editorial content.


Their out-stream video advertising format has gained popularity for its ability to deliver video ads without interrupting the user’s content consumption.


  • Teads is a pioneer in out-stream video advertising, which involves placing video ads within non-video content, such as articles and news stories.
  • Teads operates a “Viewable Marketplace” where advertisers can access high-quality, viewable ad inventory across premium publishers. This marketplace ensures that ads are seen by real users.
  • Teads’ InRead video format places video ads between paragraphs of text, ensuring they are seamlessly integrated into the content.
  • Teads offers mobile and in-app advertising solutions, allowing advertisers to reach audiences on smartphones and tablets effectively.

The Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is a mobile advertising network offered by Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Facebook, Inc.).

Facebook Audience Network

It allows advertisers to extend their Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to third-party apps and websites, thereby reaching a broader audience across the mobile ecosystem.


  • Facebook Audience Network enables app developers and website owners to monetize their content by displaying Facebook and Instagram ads within their digital properties.
  • FAN supports various ad formats, including native ads, banner ads, interstitials, rewarded video ads, and in-stream video ads. This diversity of ad formats caters to different content types and user experiences.
  • Advertisers can leverage Facebook’s rich user data and targeting capabilities to reach specific audience segments, ensuring that ads are relevant and engaging to users.
  • FAN operates on a real-time bidding (RTB) auction system, allowing advertisers to bid on ad inventory in real-time. This competition can lead to higher ad revenue for publishers.

Metrics Video Ad Networks Use:

The different ways that publishers can make money from their websites depend on the analytics software they are using.

Ad networks use metrics like how far down a user scrolls on a page, how long they stay on the site, what type of device they are using, and other factors to decide how well a website is performing.

Some metrics are common to both display and video advertising, for example:

Click Through Rate (CTR): This tells us how many people clicked on a call to action within a video.
Earnings: A measure of the total revenue from ads.
Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM): This is the amount of money it costs to show an ad 1,000 times.

There are also some key metrics specific to video advertising:

Playback started – The number of times someone started playing a video
Play count – The number of times a video has been played in total
Video Playback error– How many times there was an error when an attempt was made to play a video

How to Do Video Ad Networks Work?

There are two types of video ads: Instream and Outstream. Most people have seen both of these types of ads.

An example of an instream ad is when you watch a YouTube video and see ads before the video. Ads that play on a natively-hosted video on a publisher’s website are also instream ads.

However, if you visit a website and there is a video ad that isn’t followed by the publisher’s own content, that would be an outstream ad. Outstream ads are often found in the content, sidebar, or “sticky” (move as you scroll) and tend to pop up.

What are the main differences between Instream and Outstream video ads?

Key Differences Between Instream Video Ads vs. OutstreamVideo Ads: 

Aspect Instream Video Ads Outstream Video Ads
Placement Within video content Standalone, within content
Viewership Seen by viewers of specific videos Placed where viewers choose to engage
Engagement High visibility, the potential for viewer resistance Potentially lower viewability but less intrusive
Cost CPV (Cost per View) or CPM (Cost per Impression) Often CPV, competitive pricing
Suitable for Brand awareness, broad audience targeting Content marketing, niche campaigns, engagement-focused
Viewing Platforms Video-sharing platforms like YouTube, streaming services Websites, social media feeds, articles
Skip Options Skippable or non-skippable Typically skippable or can be closed
Ad Intrusiveness It can be more intrusive Generally less intrusive
Campaign Goals Maximize reach and visibility Prioritize engagement and value delivery

This table provides a quick overview of the key differences between instream and out-stream video ads.

Keep in mind that the choice between these formats should align with your specific advertising objectives and target audience preferences.

How to Work With Video Ad Networks?

As a publisher, there are two ways to work with a video ad network.

One way is to host your own videos and then apply them to the ad network. The ads will be integrated into your videos in different ways depending on the specific network.

The second way is to upload your videos directly to the video player tools provided by the ad network. In this case, both the video and ad content will be fetched by the video player from the third-party platform’s servers.

It is important to note that different video networks have different requirements. You will need to decide if you require a third-party video player or if the network allows you to upload and monetize videos simultaneously.

If you choose to self-host, JW Player is an HTML5 video player that enables publishers to host their own videos. Their tools also allow publishers to monetize their video content through various integrations.

Ezoic’s Video Player is another option that allows publishers to self-host their videos, upload them directly to the site, and monetize them without a third party.

Diversifying Revenue Options Is Crucial to Success

In order to be a successful publisher in today’s market, you need to be prepared to make compromises and try new things all the time. You also need to diversify your revenue options.

Utilizing one or more of the best video ad networks together with big players like Facebook and Google is the best way to expand and evolve your business.


🤔 Can anyone become a publisher with a video ad network?

Yes, many video ad networks welcome all types of publishers, from big websites to smaller ones and even bloggers.

🧐 How do publishers make money with video ad networks?

Publishers earn money through a revenue-sharing model. They get a percentage of the money that advertisers pay to show their videos on the publisher's website.

✅ Are video ad networks easy to use?

Yes, most video ad networks make it simple for publishers to get started. They provide tools to choose videos and place them on websites.

🤑 Do I need a lot of website visitors to make money?

Not necessarily. Even if you have moderate traffic, you can earn money by showing engaging videos that keep visitors interested.

👉 Can I choose what videos to show on my site?

Yes, publishers usually have control over the types of videos they want to display. You can select videos that match your audience and content.

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Conclusion: Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers 2024 

To sum it all up, video ad networks open an exciting door for publishers to earn money through engaging videos. These networks connect publishers and advertisers, making it easy to showcase videos on websites and make some cash.

You can earn between $9 and $20 for every 1,000 views of your video ad. This makes it a good idea to test video ads on your website.

However, managing multiple video ad networks can be challenging. Each site has its own best-performing ad networks, types of ads, and layouts.

So, it is important to customize your ads for each site. An ad optimization expert can help you get the most from your inventory.

As technology keeps changing, video ad networks will keep growing, too. They’re always looking for new and better ways to help us earn money from our videos.

This brings us to the conclusion of the best CPM Video Ad Networks for 2024.

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