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When it comes to furthering your education and honing in on key skills you need, Udemy isn’t the only resource out there.

In fact, with the sheer variety of online learning platforms available today, there are plenty of compelling alternatives that may offer more tailored options for what you’re trying to learn.

Whether you’re looking to expand upon a hobby or restart your career path by picking up essential certification programs.

We’ve rounded up 4+ best Udemy alternatives so you can upgrade your skillset without breaking the bank!

Best Udemy Alternatives

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

Online courses have become increasingly popular for anyone looking to improve their skills, knowledge, or even change careers.

While Udemy is undoubtedly one of the most well-known e-learning platforms, many alternative options are just as impressive.

Enter SimpLiv, a dynamic online learning platform that offers a diverse range of courses for professionals & students.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your skill set, starting a new career, or simply pursuing a passion project, SimpLiv‘s flexible and top-quality courses make it a top contender among Udemy alternatives.

Best Udemy Alternatives

Top 4+ Best Udemy Alternatives 2024 | (HandPicked)

Simpliv Learning

Simpliv is becoming popular among the crowd because of its exhaustive course library and proficient lectures that every student wishes for as an alternative to classroom training.

It also allows professionals, industry experts, and tutors to provide lessons through courses.  Some of the highlighting features of Simpliv Learning are:

Simpliv - Overview

  1. Exhaustive Library of Courses: Simpliv Learning offers over 25000+ courses across multiple categories. All these categories cover almost every aspect of skills that one needs to succeed.
    Self-paced courses along with virtual classroom training courses are becoming really popular for their details and in-depth knowledge.
  2. Multiple Options for One Course: A single course is available in multiple options segregated as per the requirement and of skill.
    This makes choosing the right course easier and makes it a better learning platform for learners.
  3. Attractive Course Bundles: Another significant factor that attracts learners to this platform, is, different course bundles.
    Various important and essential skills are grouped together to provide maximum returns to the learners at a minimal cost.
  4. Expert Trainers: The trainers/authors of Simpliv Learning are typically the industry experts and professionals who have provided numerous lectures on various universities.
    This has given a lot of credibility to this online learning platform.
  5. Becoming a Trainer: People who are proficient in their fields, the university recognized professors, or experienced tutors, can become a trainer or author in Simpliv Learning.

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Udemy Vs Simpliv Learning 

Let’s compare and see how these two platforms differ!

Udemy VS Simpliv Learning

Simpliv Learning offers the same quality of learning as you would get on Udemy, only at a lesser price.

Founded in the year 2017, Simpliv Learning has managed to drive a huge crowd towards the platform by simply catering to all the segments of skills. 

The best thing about Simpliv Learning is that the course categories are well-defined and have plenty of courses that can address the diverse segments of aspirants.

Pricing 💰

There are a plethora of Free courses, however, you will not get the course completion certification, same as Udemy.

However, the starting price for paid courses is as low as $2.99, which is way lesser than Udemy. Take a look at this Udemy Free Course Description!

Simpliv Learning - Pricing

Now look at Simpliv Learning’s Free Course Description!

While Udemy allows you to select the courses of your choice with more convenience, using filters like:

  • Topic
  • Level
  • Language 
  • Price
  • Features
  • Ratings
  • Video Duration
  • Subtitles

Simpliv Learning lets you find the appropriate courses using filters:

  • Categories
  • Level
  • Languages
  • Price

However, Udemy does not let you select your price range, which can be a problem if you cannot afford to spend much, or you just wish to experience the online learning format.

Take a look where you will find a similar course on Udemy and Simpliv respectively but in the considerable price difference.

Udemy Course price is ₹ 700, i.e., $9.55, while the similar course on Simpliv Learning is at ₹ 365.48, i.e., $4.99.  Both the platforms offer courses in similar categories and the course durations are measured in hours.

Both the platforms provide course completion certifications, however, Udemy has a 30-days money-back guarantee, while Simpliv Learning offers a 20-days money-back guarantee. 

Both certifications are considered credible in the employment market and are widely popular across the globe. Make your choice wisely!

Customer Review 

Udemy - Customer Review


edX can be considered as a good alternative to Udemy. It is a non-profit organization that is funded by universities and colleges to help students learn the courses for free.

Let’s see how edX is making a difference in the domain of online learning:


  1. Non-profit Organization: edX is a non-profit organization that allows the students to come forward and gain a quality education that is recognized by various universities.
  2. Variety of Courses: edX offers a huge variety of courses which cover topics ranging from computer science to social science, and a lot more.
  3. Availability: edX courses are freely available to common people without having to spend a single penny. 
  4. Open edX: Open edX is an open-source platform that is developed by edX and made available to other institutions for selling MOOCs that wish to make similar offerings.
  5. Trainers/Authors: Various universities and schools are partners with edX and are trainers for various courses.

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Udemy Vs edX 

Let’s see where does edX stand in comparison to Udemy!

Udemy vs edX in courses features

edX is a bit different as it is a non-profit learning platform, unlike Udemy and Simpliv Learning. While the course category is quite wide with 31 categories in the catalogue, some of their categories are not really defined well.

edX teaches courses in following formats:

  1. MicroBachelors Program: Undergraduate level, for career advancement or a degree path.
  2. MicroMasters Program: Graduate-level, for career advancement or a degree path.
  3. Professional Certificate: From employers or universities to build today’s in-demand skills.
  4. Online Master’s Degree: Top-ranked programs, affordable, and fully online.
  5. Global Freshman Academy: Freshman year courses for university credit from ASU.
  6. XSeries: Series of courses for a deep understanding of a topic.
  7. Executive Education: Courses designed for business leaders for developing strategic skills.

edX collaborates with universities to design its course programs which is very impressive in case of students who wish to get into certain universities for higher education or wish to learn the same curriculum taught in partner institutions.

However, it does include certain conditions. 

Take a look at this course program with the name “Master’s Degree in Analytics”, created in collaboration with Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering, College of Computing, and Scheller College of Business.

This course covers following three broad topics:

  • Analytical Tools
  • Business Analytics
  • Computation Data Analytics

Following are the pricing details for this course:

This means the courses are not completely free of cost. Moreover, if you compare these prices with the prices offered by Udemy or Simpliv Learning, this is pretty high. 

Also, gaining a certification does not guarantee that you will be able to get into the university in a full-time program.

As far as accessibility to a particular geographic location is concerned, the above two online platforms do not have a constraint, while edX has.

edX offers a huge list of categories to choose the courses from. Take a look:

  • Architecture
  • Art & Culture
  • Biology & Life Sciences
  • Business & Management
  • Chemistry
  • Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Data Analysis & Statistics
  • Design
  • Economics & Finance
  • Education & Teacher Training
  • Electronics
  • Energy & Earth Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies
  • Ethics
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Health & Safety
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Language
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Math
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Philanthropy
  • Philosophy & Ethics
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

Out of all these, Business & Management, Computer Science, Data Analysis & Statistics, Humanities, and Language are the most popular ones. You have all the time in the world to make the right choice!

Pricing 💰


Customer Review 

EDX - Customer Review


Teachable is a similar platform that allows learning and teaching both on the same platform. It covers courses of all kinds and helps.

Launched in the year 2013, this company provides courses in all technical and non-technical courses. The top highlighting features of Teachable are:

 - Teachable

  • Domain Connectivity: Teachable allows you to connect you to your website through its domain which is quite a new and impressive technique for the companies that wish to train its people.
    It makes keeping the business in line and analytics in check.
  • Variety of Courses: Similar to Udemy, Teachable offers a variety of courses ranging from technical to non-technical, including free, paid, and workshops.
  • Categories: As per the Teachable website, it offers courses in a total of 13 categories covering plenty of areas beginning with Art to Writing.
  • Trainers and Authors:  On Teachable, anyone can become a trainer or an author. It is just a matter of filling a sign-up form.

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Udemy Vs Teachable 

These were some of the prominent features of Teachable. Let’s see if Teachable is suitable for you!

Udemy Vs Teachable

Similar to Udemy, Teachable also offers courses in 13 categories. Both the platforms are pretty much similar in terms of certification as well and offer course-completion certification.

However, if you take a look at their credibility in the market, Teachable has lesser in comparison to Udemy.

Udemy and Teachable both offer free courses, however, the free courses on Teachable are available for a limited period of time. Take a look!

A constraint that this platform poses on you, is the inability to find the right courses within your price range, as there is no price filter. Though both the platforms are almost alike, the prices are pretty different.

Take a look at the following email marketing course from Teachable which is ₹ 29,244.72. Now have a look at a similar course on Udemy!

Clearly, if you do not find an option to select the right course by setting the price range, you may end up spending a larger amount for the similar courses that are available on other platforms for lesser prices. The decision is up to you.

Pricing 💰

Teachable Pricing

Customer Review 

Teachable Customer Review


Alison is a for-profit learning platform that is running to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It offers all kinds of courses in wide varieties covering all sorts of categories.

Founded in the year 2007, Alison provides diploma and certification courses free of cost. Let’s see how if you should go for it!


  1. Course Categories: There are in total of 16 categories that cover all the areas of skills such as IT, Science, Heath, Humanities, Business, etc. 
  2. Course Types: Alison offers Diploma Courses, Certification Courses, and Learning Paths, enrolling in all of which are Free of Cost.
  3. Trainers/Authors: Only the government institutions, non-profit organizations, qualified publishers, and subject matter experts can become the authors and instructors on Alison.

Udemy Vs Alison 

Let’s compare Alison’s top features with that of Udemy and give you a proper picture before you decide to take a course on either!

Alison Vs Udemy

Alison is a platform that lets you learn new skills without any cost, unlike Udemy. It allows only qualified partners, subject matter experts, and non-profit organizations to become trainers/instructors.

Unlike edX which also provides courses free of cost, it does not collaborate with universities to enroll students. However, similar to edX, Alison also charges for the official certification.

Alison offers courses in three different formats, namely Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, and Learning Paths, all three of which have different pricings.

Alison categorizes its courses in 16 different categories, give it a glance!

  • IT
  • Language
  • Science
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Humanities
  • Business
  • Math
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Skilled Trade
  • Software Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Life Science
  • Health Care
  • Operations

If you give a close glance at these categories, you will find that some of the categories are overlapping with each other. For instance the categories, Health and Health Care. Similarly, IT, Software Development, and Software Engineering.

These kinds of overlapping may actually confuse the learns. Coming to price comparisons, the prices are pretty much similar. Have a look!

Whereas, the pricing strategy for Alison is a bit different from the rest. Apparently, upon enrolling in a course, you may have to get interrupted by adverts which is completely unusual for a learning platform.

Pricing 💰

You can pay € 79.00 to remove the adverts from the entire website for a lifetime if you want a distraction-free browsing experience. Which is pretty high.

Upon subscribing to the Premium Grade with € 7. 99 per month, you can get a 50% off on the certificate purchase, along with many other features like CV building, monthly discounts, etc. 

Alison - Pricing

The minimum price for a digital copy of the certificate is worth € 21.00 or $24.66 or ₹ 1,807.69, which is apparently higher than that of Udemy.

The striking feature on Alison is its flexibility to allow you to select the course duration for each category, which is unique. Give a glance!

However, the courses are less professional and less structured. Other platforms like Udemy, Simpliv Learning, and edX, provide better course structure than Alison. Therefore, choose after considering all the alternatives.

Customer Review 

Alison - Customer Review

FAQs: Best Udemy Alternatives 2024

💵 How much does Alison's Premium Monthly cost?

Premium Monthly costs €7.99 per month, which will be taken monthly from the payment method you provided when you subscribed. If you need any further assistance, please email [email protected] and our support team will be happy to help.

💁 How can I pay for an edX course?

You can pay for the certificate track in an edX course with a credit/debit card or PayPal. To complete a payment, enroll in the Verified Track or click Upgrade to Verified next to the course on your edX dashboard or on the right side of the main page within the course. We currently accept credit and debit card payments from the following networks: American Express, Discover, Mastercard & Visa.

🙇 What training modes are available for SimplivLearning courses?

SimplivLearning offers its courses in the live Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) mode. This mode of learning facilitates thorough interaction between the learner and the tutor, ensuring that the learning is imbibed in the sense and spirit it is meant to be. This learning is imparted online at each course's scheduled date and time. The duration of these courses could span from half an hour to several hours, depending on the topic and the content of the learning course.

🙆‍♀️ Which course should I take up on Simpliv?

The course you choose depends entirely on what learning need you have. Get in touch with us about your current situation vis-à-vis your learning, and we will guide you with which course suits you best.

Conclusion: List Of The 4+ Best Udemy Alternatives 2024 

All the platforms have their benefits and disadvantages.

Some platforms are offering better services, but charging more, and some platforms are lacking in providing a strong curriculum to look forward to.

However, if there is one platform that turns out to be a clear winner is Simpliv Learning, which offers great variety of courses, with no hidden charges for certification, in way less price range than all the others mentioned above.

So, be wise while making a choice. 

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