Top 7 Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives To TRY (2024)

As someone who’s always on the lookout for tools to make my online business grow, I know how crucial it is to track my affiliate marketing efforts accurately. That’s why I’ve been diving deep into finding the best Thrive Affiliate Tracker alternatives.

Whether you’re a newbie just starting out or a pro looking to switch things up, it’s essential to have a tracker that’s reliable, easy to use, and really gets the job done.

I’ve spent hours researching and comparing different options, and I’m excited to share my findings with you.

If you’re also on the hunt for a tool that can help you keep a close eye on your affiliate campaigns, stay tuned. You’re about to discover some fantastic tools that could be game-changers for your online business.

Before knowing about several other tracking software let’s see what thrive tracker has got us:

About ThriveTracker:

ThriveTracker is a standout amongst the most essential stages in the market.

When you experience the registration procedure, you get an introduction email that is really very much organized!

ThriveTracker- Thrive Tracker Alternatives

In it, you’ll become acquainted with that ThriveTracker is a tracking platform to be utilized in all current rush hour gridlock sources.

We’re discussing Ad Networks, DSPs, Facebook, Twitter, and other movement sources. On ThriveTracker, you can without much of a stretch make campaigns in mass.

There are numerous solutions that join the cloud solutions:

1. You’ll have access to an extraordinary number of spaces for a single install. ThriveTracker can give UNLIMITED scale and an UNLIMITED number of redirection domains

2. A cloaker/Bot filter is incorporated into the pack

3. You have got access to multiple-user access

4. You can control and limit alternatives for each sub-client

5. A Landing Page Pixel for click tracking is accessible. It’s an amazing component in the event that you deal with Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords among others.

Why? Since you can set your landing page as the last goal URL. It’s ideal to use with CDN, as it diminishes the idleness and in this manner expands execution.

List Of Top Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives In 2024

Affiliate Trackers Links
1. VoluumVisit Site
2. Post Affiliate ProVisit Site
3. AdsBridgeVisit Site
4. FunnelFluxVisit Site
5. Mobidea TrackerVisit Site
6. RedTrack.ioVisit Site
7. TrackingDeskVisit Site

1. Voluum

Voluum is a standout amongst the most affiliate tracking platforms around. It has a whole lot of features, which makes it a standout amongst the most complete stages in the market.

It doesn’t have a self-hosted platform service. It’s about cloud-hosting. This methodology considers an attention on the cloud-hosting administration and its features.

Voluum - Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

The cloud service is a great inspiration for some confident associate advertisers who want to become acquainted with this platform.

The way that Voluum has data centers in various nations will unquestionably positively affect your execution. Cloud hosting offers different points of interest, for example, data protection.

You’ll unquestionably feel more secure against outsiders than if you somehow managed to deal with your own server or shared servers.


Voluum is incredible with regards to this perspective. For sure, it even has a calculator on the home page, which illuminates you about the amount you’ll pay.

Voluum pricing- Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

We can disclose to you that Voluum isn’t the least expensive arrangement. The inquiry you ought to ask yourself is: Despite the expenses, is it reasonable for my movement and the manner in which I work?

If you want to try it out, agree to accept Voluum here!

Also read,

2. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a great affiliate software based on 300+ reviews of 3 autonomous software marketplaces and survey stages (G2Crowd, Capterra, GetApp).

Post Affiliate Pro- Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

Post Affiliate Pro contains several features and a super dependable tracking backed by different following strategies. Which ones?

Look at them now!

  • Browser cookie tracking – the first-party cookie put away on a tracked domain
  • HTML5 cookie tracking
  • Browser cookie tracking – third cookie put away on the domain of Post Affiliate Pro
  • Flash cookie tracking
  • IP address tracking



You can look over 3 changed plans, beginning from $129/month.

There’s no server or web space required.

3. AdsBridge

AdsBridge is one of the greatest tracking solutions in the market and it gives various points of interest in the examination with different trackers.

AdsBridge Review- Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

It’s likewise one of the tracking arrangements that extensive players lean toward.

We’re alluding to affiliate networks which put their whole tracking game in this current stage’s hands.

The platform additionally has a simple joining with a portion of its “confided in accomplices” which permits you to complete a combination in less than 5 minutes.

With regards to this, AdsBridge is very easy to understand since you can:

  • Single out and check each extraordinary element with obvious routes on how they function, on the left side
  • You can gather by Campaigns Created, Country, Carrier, Devices, Landing Page, Creative, among different parameters.
  • You can likewise imagine details as Clicks, Conversions, CTR, CR, Costs, Profits, among others


The pricing of AdsBridge is neither excessively costly nor excessively cheap.

Contrasted and other tracking arrangements in the market, we figure it’s marginally less expensive yet it’s not something that is going to abandon you yelling with euphoria.

Thinking how prevalent AdsBridge is when contrasted and alternate arrangements accessible.

adsbridge pricing plans-Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

You can be charged month to month or yearly. The cost is somewhat less expensive (15% markdown) in the event that you happen to be charged yearly.

That being said, as your tracking needs develop, the platform starts to have its price favorable position as a major in addition, particularly in its huge scale “elite” arrangement, in case you’re driving huge volumes of activity.

There are systems which utilize this tracker each and every day. This implies the funds must be huge, in fact!

4. FunnelFlux

It is one of the most outstanding self-hosting tracking platforms; FunnelFlux is the world’s only “visual tracker”.

It enables you to make, enhance and change campaigns utilizing a simple visual interface, expecting you to utilize zero coding aptitudes!

FunnelFlux - Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

FunnelFlux works by postback by an S2S basis and is quite similar to the other following frameworks to the extent coordination with member systems goes.

That being stated, one thing that makes this tracker emerge is simply the way that – it being self-hosted.

The initial setup will require some specialized abilities which the group at FunnelFlux is cheerful to help with (in the event that you make an installment for an extra expense of 49$).


The details given by this tracker are extraordinary. To begin with, you have the capacity to track GEOs, Carriers, IPs, Operating Systems, among others.

Altogether, you have around 60 KPI you can utilize. You have Custom following fields, worked in measurable Significance examination.

The Powerful Statistics Engine and Funnel Heatmaps enable you to effectively discover bottlenecks or gold mines in merely seconds in an outwardly animating manner.

The stats are always refreshed and can work with Affiliate and direct Vendor channels. API integration is likewise possible. Being self-hosted means you should make certain your own server limit can deal with the volume of data you’re taking care of.

You additionally have what’s known as the “Lifetime Value of Leads” which enables you to see whether the leads you’re paying for have a good return for the venture you’re making.

All the more significantly, you’ve likewise got a Visual channel developer which enables you to assemble and alter the streams for the diverse battles you’re at present running.


It costs 99$ every month.

In any case, you should understand that there are extra costs springing up due to the number of occasions and the database increment.

You may locate the base cost for “unlimited tracking” appealing, however, you have to get ready for different costs a self-hosted arrangement expects you to manage.

funnelflux self managed- Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

If you want to scale up, you ought to consider procuring another staff part to deal with all the specialized issues that may come to your direction.

You can likewise pay 99$ for help in the underlying setup and establishment of the tracker. Each permit enables you to introduce one single occurrence of FunnelFlux.

5. Mobidea Tracker

To wrap things up, Mobidea!

Mobidea has got some enormously valuable affiliate tracker software capabilities you can investigate for FREE. This is the main affiliate network that enables you to approach an abundance of scientific information.

Mobidea Review - Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

That – in addition to the way that we have the best Affiliate Service in the business – implies that Mobidea can truly enable you to track your campaigns, approach solid and hyper-point by point information, and increment partner showcasing benefits like a lord.

This implies there are nothing unexpected commissions to hurt you or hidden charges that are intended to take a greater amount of your well-deserved money! Completely, absolutely free!

Another awesome part of Mobidea’s secure tracker?

The way that you can utilize it right now.

No compelling reason to experience the issue of a long endorsement process.

You won’t need to hold up for a considerable length of time until the point when you find the opportunity to investigate this instrument. Simply agree to accept Mobidea and get ready to make a ton of batter.

Mobidea - Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

Mobidea likewise has a key component that members love:

The way that we have a large number of assorted offers you can advance.

Summarizing, the Mobidea Tracker has various server centers, the Smartlink, fantastically high-changing over offers from an abundance of beneficial verticals

The capacity of playing out A/B testing, plentiful measures of diagnostic information for you to track each and every perspective and upgrade quicker, a one of a kind level of division, a shiny new Opportunities area.

And the opportunity to utilize our API, a Live Feed of Offers, and the specific best Affiliate Service in the whole world, constantly accessible for you!

This is the best versatile affiliate system ever, friends!

6. is a highly viable stage for affiliate campaign tracking. Truth be told, it’s a simple to utilize affiliate campaign tracker. With, you can without much of a stretch handle complex perform tracking issues.

It works as an “across the board” answer for viable affiliate campaign battle tracking an investigation.

RedTrack- Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternative

Utilizing, you can open doors for higher ROI with your affiliate campaign. use machine learning advancements helping you to mechanize battles enhancement.

It offers various intense apparatuses, for example, Affiliate Marketing Tracker. Also, it underpins a large portion of the propelled methods of information arrangement, for example, Cloud, SaaS, Web, and so forth. gives media purchasers, offices, and offshoots access to:

  • Advanced Analytics and Instant Reports
  • Smart joins improvement
  • Fast click diverts
  • Custom dashboard
  • High-stacked Interface
  • Automatic offer Integration through CPAPI

Besides, works as an amicable answer for starters.

It is stacked with all the center arrangement of features for affiliates and performance marketers.

For instance, it tracks the accompanying attributes for each click: source, offer, network, geo, campaign, OS, device, connection compose, IP address, program composes and form, click date and time, and referrer.

Additionally, there’s substantially more with!!

7. TrackingDesk

TrackingDesk is an intense traffic and conversion tracking platform for member advertisers and media purchasers.

It offers one straightforward dashboard for dealing with every one of your crusades. It’s a solitary stage for checking and looking at your campaigns.

With TrackingDesk, you have a chance to enhance and scale up your campaigns.

TrackingDesk- Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives

Basically, It is intended for offering simplicity and effectiveness with offshoot crusade following. It is a tracking platform that spares your opportunity and exertion.

With TrackingDesk, you get more out of your assets and can enhance your campaigns quicker.

It will enable you to maintain your business with truly no specialized assets. You can deal with your customers and movement sources easily. It’s an altogether proficient stage for overseeing and following your subsidiary battles.

With TrackingDesk, affiliates can more readily screen their exhibitions over the entirety of their offshoot programs. They come to know which offers to advance, in which nations, and from which activity sources.

Media purchasers can undoubtedly and rapidly set up, run, and streamline campaigns. They can rapidly scale up performing efforts and stop failing to meet expectations movement fragments.

It offers a bunch of features as an affiliate campaign tracker. It offers quick, noteworthy investigation. You can track numerous change pipes (CPL, CPA, CPS) and A/B Test greeting pages. You can run worldwide or geo-focused on battles.

All things considered, TrackingDesk works as a total associate tracker.


👉What are the top alternatives to Thrive Affiliate Tracker?

Some of the top alternatives to Thrive Affiliate Tracker include Post Affiliate Pro, AffTrack, ClickMeter, Voluum, and TUNE. Each of these platforms offers unique features designed to cater to various affiliate marketing needs, from tracking and reporting to integration with other tools.

👀How do the features of these alternatives compare to Thrive Affiliate Tracker?

Each alternative offers a unique set of features. For example, Post Affiliate Pro is known for its robust reporting and commission management tools, while ClickMeter excels in tracking affiliate links and analyzing performance data.

🤷‍♀️Can I integrate these platforms with my existing marketing tools?

Yes, most Thrive Affiliate Tracker alternatives offer integration capabilities with various marketing tools and platforms, including CRM systems, email marketing software, and payment gateways.

❓What kind of support can I expect from these alternatives?

Customer support varies among platforms. Some offer 24/7 live chat and email support, while others provide detailed knowledge bases, video tutorials, and community forums.

👍Do these alternatives offer any mobile tracking capabilities?

Yes, many Thrive Affiliate Tracker alternatives provide mobile tracking capabilities, recognizing the growing importance of mobile commerce. Platforms like Voluum and TUNE offer advanced mobile attribution features, allowing you to track and analyze affiliate traffic from mobile devices accurately.

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Conclusion: Best Thrive Affiliate Tracker Alternatives 2024

Options like Post Affiliate Pro, AffTrack, ClickMeter, Voluum, and TUNE offer a range of features tailored to different needs, from detailed tracking and reporting capabilities to integration with other marketing tools.

Each platform has its unique strengths, whether it’s in-depth analytics, user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, or support services.

The choice among these alternatives should be guided by your specific requirements, including the size of your affiliate program, the complexity of your tracking needs, and your budget.

Integration capabilities with your existing tools, the level of customer support, mobile tracking, and security features are also critical considerations.

By thoroughly evaluating each option and leveraging available trials or demos, you can select a Thrive Affiliate Tracker alternative that not only matches your current needs but also scales with your business growth.

Ultimately, the right platform will empower you to efficiently manage your affiliate program, optimize your marketing strategies, and drive better results.

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