7 Best Teachable Site Examples 2024: Online Course, Sales Page & More

You may use Teachable for both beginners and specialists in the field of online education. It’s all about getting you up and running on your web company and producing content rapidly.

It’s possible that you’ll need some inspiration before you get started. It’s here when Teachable course samples and websites come into play.

Using a well-established website’s structure as a model for a new course is a huge advantage. The top Teachable sales page and online course examples for building up your platform are included in this post.

A list of the best online courses and websites for teaching

1. Doctor of Yoga, Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D.

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Check out Alanna Kaivalya’s Teachable website and sales page if you want to get started quickly. Her website is referred to as the Yoga Doctor since it has all the information you need to know about yoga.

The resources in Teachable’s course platform allowed her to create a variety of video lectures and classes to share her knowledge with other users. The fundamentals of yoga are the focus of every class and blog article.

Additionally, students will be able to purchase memberships to have access to premium content. For those who do not want to go beyond their budget, the page gives a list of scholarship opportunities in a separate article.

2. Watercolor by Angela Fehr

Angel Fehr Watercolour is a great Teachable example for entrepreneurs who want to include their creative interest into their online courses and sales pages.

Angela Fehr, the company’s creator and owner, has a wealth of expertise instructing students in the art of watercolour painting. People who were interested in knowing more about her skill may learn about it by watching videos and following her on social media.

As soon as you access the Teachable website, you’ll be presented with a wide variety of free classes and sections. There are more than 200 free tutorials for beginning watercolorists.

A premium 26-course package of lessons is available for individuals who desire additional unique content. What you learn in each lesson depends on what you’re interested in. In addition, if you don’t want to learn about all of the topics, you may choose to subscribe to them separately.

3. Keep Charles in the Dark

Don’t Tell Charles is a Teachable website for online cake decorating classes and workshops, although you won’t be able to tell just by its name.

You may enroll in one of the featured courses on the website directly from the landing page. It’s also possible to learn about the school’s curriculum and browse other online courses.

Not only that, but Don’t Tell Charles even has its own website dedicated to the project. On a regular basis, users will be able to read up on the latest cake decorating news and information.

As a whole, this page provides a simple and easy experience for its visitors. Teachable has made it simple for clients to find and watch any article or video they choose.

4. 52 Kards

52 Kards focuses on card magic and card tactics. This online magic school was built with Teachable and offers courses on how to improve your magic abilities to its consumers.

Visitors to the landing page will be able to sign up for free online courses for newbie magicians and magic lovers. Students will learn the fundamentals of magic for free.

If you’re looking for a more exclusive training experience, you may pay for a paid training course.

52 Kards is also an online store. Visit the page and you may buy the 52 Kards personalized card deck for any student who wants it.

5. The Self-Publishing Formula by Mark Dawson

This website, maintained by Mark Dawson, has much to offer both prospective authors and seasoned authors. Teachable was used to establish the Self Publishing Formula, which continues to produce useful online courses for its users.

You may go through the available digital items on the home page. In addition to podcasts and paid courses, Self Publishing Formula offers a private Facebook community for members.

There is a distinct topic for each online course listed on the sales page. Additional options include video lessons and e-books.

Teachable, which hosts and creates this course, has email marketing options as well.

Self Publishing Formula uses lead magnets to automatically sign up new students to get emails from the company.

6. Sixth, Stand Up New York’s Education

Stand Up NY Education is a very eye-catching example of a Teachable online course website. Standup comedy can be taught online just as easily as it can be taught in person.

Stand Your Ground Since its inception, NY Education has taught a number of well-known entertainers, including Chris Rock and Kevin Hart as well as Jerry Seinfeld. However, it wasn’t until recently that they began using the internet to educate kids.

There is a vast list of courses to be taken order on the Stand Up NY Education sales website. Students may learn anything from the basics of standup comedy writing to more advanced techniques.

The sales page is guaranteed to have something fresh to teach every learner. They have the option to select the course or video lesson plan that best suits their needs and preferences.

As a starting point, the courses will assist you to add your own personality and views to your comic writing. You’ll sound and seem more genuine if you use them.

7. Sword training

If you’re looking for a Teachable example of a martial arts course, Swordschool is an excellent one.

This Teachable sales page contains everything students need for a martial arts course, even if it is difficult to teach a physical activity with the written word and video instruction.

There is only one button on the sales page, which is all that is needed for students to sign up and enroll in the course. Prior to enrolling in a paid course, students can take one of three free online courses offered by the university.

Once you’ve completed the sign-up form, you’ll be sent to a new sales page. For certain premium memberships, you may select from a variety of payment alternatives.


We hope this post has provided you with some ideas and inspiration for creating your own Teachable page.

An example Teachable page is always a wonderful place to start when you need help setting up a single post or the entire platform.

Your Teachable course page is now complete, thanks to the help of examples and sophisticated Teachable features!

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