The Best Social Upgrade Alternative Kicksta 2024 | Why Did Social Upgrade Close?

Every individual and every organization deem it in their best interest to have a larger following on Instagram. There are different automation tools that can be utilized to earn this mark. Kicksta being the best one, is Social Upgrade alternative too.

Here, I will compare Kicksta with Social Upgrade to access which one hits the sweet spot. Go and check the complete write-up.

Is Social Upgrade Blacked out? Why Did Social Upgrade Close?

Social Upgrade shutdown - Kicksta

Previously, there was plenty of gossip and whispers considering that Social Upgrade has collapsed. Was there any validity and certainty behind these tales and sagas or were these just deluding anecdotes?

Momentarily, Social Upgrade has padlocked their administrator and they haven’t amassed any authorized announcement and declaration on their existing reputation and stature, but this information on their webpage enunciated vast proportions about their present status.

This is apparent and plausible now that Social Upgrade is not ratifying any fresh customers yet, they may assist and promote their prevailing consumer faction.

Former news and reports emit that Social Upgrade has been hooked and anticipated by a case from the side of Instagram for peddling fraud likes.

Let us assist you in preparing a decent selection of what aids and services to wield. Let’s carry the parallel a glance at Social Upgrade in adversary to our own Instagram development service, Kicksta.

Let us correlate and contrast the below-mentioned sectors to exhibit and expose how Kicksta’s conventional and formal procedures are unique and unusual in keeping your account and record stable and secure than the methods of Social Upgrade.

  1. Development and expansion techniques.
  2. Filters
  3. Assistance and support options.
  4. Announcements and reports.

How and wherein Social Upgrade Works?

Before the blackout, you had to put on hashtags, usernames of the stoners and users, geotag on the Social Upgrade, in return Social Upgrade was automatically following and unfollowing the masses keeping in concern the data that you have provided.

Social Upgrade also furnishes people with a structure where people can halt those users to whom they don’t want to communicate.

As referred to early, Facebook formerly crammed a claim against the follower deal service, which may be a justification of what drives the Social Upgrade to latch their job.

Social Upgrade worked by the classic input-output method. It worked in the following manner

The input is your choice where you are interested in selecting, the Social Upgrade automatically makes your account follow and unfollow and barricades the people on your inputs. This might make your experience a little worse.

There are disturbing elements on Instagram, besides some of the accounts you don’t want to interact with, Social Upgrade at little extent helps it’s users to list out these elements and halts their appearance.

Facebook did something which forced Social Upgrade to go down independently. They earned from filing a trial against anyone purchasing Social Upgrade likes through hoax and fraud.

How and wherein Kicksta works?

Social upgrade alternative- kicksta for instagram

With our Instagram expanding assistance and services, our customers can maintain a watch on users, hashtags, locations, and settings to attract and entice the committed and determined audience. Having particular and special denominations and brands in their mind, they can easily keep looking at them.

Once the users of the Kicksta tab recognize the audience, Kicksta will bring their interest and attention to your specified brand.

Our services and duties are entirely formal and legal. There is no option of manipulating and stealing the likes, comments, and follows.

Kicksta will endeavor it’s best to grab the attention of the audience towards your specified brand, in the end, it remains the choice of users whether to attend or not.

Kicksta is not only supporting you to progress and attain your maximum stretch but it is pertaining to you with your genuine and real followers and supporters. It engages your real lovers with your profession, who call and visit your website, who purchase your products and other stocks, who value your hard work.

Kicksta works in the following manner – the user selects different hashtags, geotags, locations of people they want to interact with, the trends they want to follow. The Kicksta automatically suggests to them the pages they want to follow. Locations and specific masses they want to communicate.

Kicksta is absolutely free and users don’t have to spend bucks to purchase likes and followers.

Read our in-depth Kicksta Review.

What sort of filters subsist at Social Upgrade?

As notified earlier, Kicksta has a structure that allows one user to confine it’s the extent. It had the capacity to barricade the people with whom you don’t want to communicate.

What kind of filters Kicksta is proposing?

Kicksta for real instagram followers

Kicksta is devoted to connecting you with the quantity of folk which is standard and definitive for you. It will entice the audience that would be fit for your specified label or brand.

Kicksta also has a pattern where before setting on the platform, you have to determine with which hashtags, locations, geotags you want yourself engaged.

Kicksta never furnishes any hoax, it believes in transparency. It will never like, dislike, follow, unfollow, or comment without user permissions. It respects and esteems the preferences of its users.

We yearn and prefer those accounts which lay in the center or middle. The reason behind our appreciation of the middle range accounts Is because these accounts who have a following of less than one million are efficient and productive.

Kicksta is also equipped with a modern and progressive targeting technique, which helps in detecting and instant sweeping out of spams, bots, unpleasant activities, and unsatisfactory accounts.

Kicksta offers various filters to make it very much user friendly. Basically, users choose the specific hashtags, usernames, types of accounts they want to follow, the organization pages they want to be part of, and much more. Then Kicksta automatically connects it’s users with all these inputs so the user experience becomes very smooth and easy.

It blocks all the pages and types of accounts users do want to communicate with. It filters everything that is not a part of your target users.

Kicksta bestows its users with the following filters.

Kicksta review for increasing instagram followers

  • Filter for abusive content and vulgar speech.
  • A personal and confidential account filter.
  • Time constraint filter. Users have to remain active if the user fails to post for straight ninety days, Kicksta will put him on trial according to its terms and conditions.

As mentioned earlier Kicksta doesn’t promote any hoax. All the users must have to maintain a specific follow- following ratio.

Account must be valid for some months.

Besides the above-mentioned filter features, Kicksta also empowers its users with the following customer desired activation filters.

  1. Kicksta furnishes gender-based filters. The users of Kicksta can apply the special filter to confine their reach. This feature bestows users with the option of gender filtration. They can barricade their chosen ones.
  2. Kicksta has also a special filter that can halt non-English speaking users.
  3. It also provides a business account filter.
  4. It also procures a blacklist filter. With this filter, users can avoid the folk with whom they don’t want to connect or engage.

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How users can reach Social upgrade?

From the time, Social Upgrade has closed down, their website is equipped with only one connection through which its existing customers can reach their assistance team. They have left their customers in crisis and dilemma. They are not taking not responding to any sale-related queries.

Additionally, if any of their users are wondering how to discontinue Social Upgrade, he has to simply reach them at

How to catch up with Kicksta supporting squad?

Kicksta-Contact-Us team

Kicksta delivers assistance to its users all the time. It remains available for 24×7. The users can reach Kicksta’s supporting service both through email as well as live talk.

With its premium platform and the program, Kicksta gives its clients a special assistance supervisor which helps users to pull and accelerate targets with optimal growth.

Kicksta also equips its costumers with a helpful and extensive FAQ page where customers can fetch for fast answers and simple sign in.

Kicksta is very concerned and helpful with the satisfaction of its users. If users get into any difficulty while using Kicksta they can seek help from Kicksta in the following manner.

They can directly email Kicksta and communicate their problems where they will get appropriate answers.

We can directly have a live chat with our customer executive.

There is also FAQ where users can submit their queries and can get a response inappropriate time.

Does Social Upgrade processes?

In present moments Social Upgrade is not functioning. They are not demonstrating any customer dashboards. To receive and give rise to updates on your account, users can drop an email to their helping team. Only then Social Upgrade will stimulate updates and other dashboard activities on your account.

Does Kicksta works?

Kicksta utilizes formal methods and approaches to exhibit your growth and performance. It wields high-level assessments to review your advancement.

Kicksta offers its users a section where they are competent to check their aficionado following. The users can also detect the total number of their followers from a particular stats section.

Kicksta also delivers bonuses and other premia on the former post sections.

Kicksta -Features & Benefits- social upgrade alternative

Kicksta specified panes also help its users to track and trace any likes, dislikes, comments that follow. It furthermore elucidates likes and dislikes on fresh posts, which, in turn, helps users to check the interest of the audience.

Kicksta also helps users to observe and personally examine that which posts are profitable and efficient and which are incompetent.

It furthermore helps the users to assess their personal marks and targets. Users can handle and monitor their accounts. They can set an achievement by posting more and more to yield adequate results.

With all these advanced characteristics and traits Kicksta customers are capable to achieve any mark. They can differentiate between the performing and underperforming posts, they can recognize new directions and ways. They can expand their targets and marks.

These all improved structures and configurations made Kicksta extremely unique and extraordinary where users can trace all activities on a single platform.

Everyone wants to be connected with a capacity audience that is both ethnically and geographically related to them. Kicksta is a tool that focuses on achieving this motive and make Instagram a palatable place for all. Bots and spam accounts are a menace on Instagram.

They not only annoy and irritate but also dupe a lot of people. Kicksta helps with overcoming all these problems. Its target marketing strategy gets rid of the bots and spam accounts so that users can have a smooth experience with Instagram.

This allows you to substantially increase your followers and more importantly, you can easily create, distribute, and access high-quality stuff.

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👉How many followers can I get using Kicksta?

Well on Kicksta users are not fake, so the number of users you will get will directly defend the quality of your content and the consistency of your porting.

✅ Will Kicksta help me to expand my business?

The answer is simply yes. It will add fame to your services. The better the quality of your business, the more the outreach. The more followers you will get, that will add sales to your business.

⚡ Why should I choose Kicksta over other agencies?

We hold the Trust of thousands of social media influencers and deliver what we promise. And also furnish services that other platforms don’t share in common with us. We have better automation, best customer facilities, secure filters, and enthusiastic squad.

💥 Can I cancel my subscription at any moment?

Well, we are optimistic that you won’t have such an experience with us which may force you to cancel our subscription but still if you want to, yes, you can easily do that.

🔥 Can you post our content?

No! Currently, we don’t offer such a service. Posting is purely subjective and no one can post better than the client himself.

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Conclusion: Best Social Upgrade Alternative 2024 | Is Kicksta Worth It?

Everyone wants to be connected with a capacity audience that is both ethnically and geographically related to them. Kicksta is a tool that focuses on achieving this motive and make Instagram a palatable place for all. Bots and spam accounts are a menace on Instagram.

Undoubtedly, Kicksta is one of the best alternative to tools like Social Upgrade. If you really enjoyed this post please like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section. Hoping you will have a nice experience with us.

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