7 Best SEO Proxies To Scrape SERP 2024: Our #1 Pick

Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best SEO Proxies, most individuals find SmartProxy and IPRoyal are the best options.

In the digital marketing industry, search engine traffic is king. If your content ranks high on Google or Bing, you’ll attract more visitors and earn more revenue. However, ranking high is competitive, and you need to understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to develop a winning SEO strategy.

One way to do this is to conduct SEO audits. SEO audits can be expensive, but they’re a great way to identify areas where you can improve your site’s ranking. Another option is to use SEO proxies.

SEO proxies are specialized proxy servers that allow you to access search engines without being detected or blocked. This is useful for a variety of SEO tasks, including:

  • Conducting SEO audits
  • Scraping SEO data from competitors
  • Tracking keyword rankings
  • Performing SERP analysis
  • Avoiding IP bans

If you’re serious about SEO, then SEO proxies must be used. They can help you improve your website’s ranking, increase traffic, and earn more revenue.

This article will introduce you to the best SEO proxies in 2024. We’ll also discuss using SEO proxies for various SEO tasks and provide tips for getting the most out of them.

Why Trust Us?

Our suggestions for the top SEO proxies are based on thorough study, including examining over 70 proxy providers and reviewing over 4,000 client testimonials.

We prioritize dependability, performance, and price to ensure our recommendations match the wide range of SEO professionals’ needs.

Our objective is to give honest and helpful reviews that will assist you in making informed decisions about your SEO proxy needs. Trust our knowledge to lead you to the most effective and dependable solutions in the ever-changing sector of SEO proxies.

7 Best SEO Proxies 2024

1. SmartProxy


Smartproxy is one of the best SEO proxy providers in the market. It offers a large pool of residential IPs, the best proxies for SEO tasks. Smartproxy proxies are also fast and reliable, making them ideal for high-volume tasks such as SERP scraping and keyword research.

Overall, Smartproxy is a great choice for SEO professionals who need a reliable and affordable source of residential proxies.


  • Large pool of residential IPs: Smartproxy has a pool of over 65 million residential IPs from over 195 countries. This gives you a wide range of IPs to choose from, which can help you avoid getting blocked by websites.
  • Fast and reliable: Smartproxy proxies are fast and reliable, with an average response time of less than 1 second. This is important for SEO tasks, such as SERP scraping, which can involve sending many website requests.
  • Sticky sessions: Smartproxy allows you to set sticky sessions, meaning you can connect to the same IP address for a certain period. This is useful for monitoring website performance and tracking keyword rankings.
  • Easy to use: Smartproxy is easy to use and integrates with the most popular SEO tools. It also offers a user-friendly dashboard to manage your proxies and track usage.


  • Limited customer support

2. IPRoyal

IProyal Proxies

IPRoyal is a proxy service provider that offers a wide range of proxy types, including residential proxies, datacenter proxies, and mobile proxies. It is one of the best providers of SEO proxies, with a large pool of IPs worldwide, high speeds, and reliable uptime.

If you are looking for the best SEO proxies, IPRoyal is a great option. They offer a large pool of IPs, high speeds, reliable uptime, affordable pricing, and 24/7 customer support.


  • Large pool of IPs
  • High speeds
  • Reliable uptime
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Some users have reported issues with customer support

3. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire reviews

ProxyEmpire is a premium proxy provider offering various proxy services, including residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies. Residential proxies are the best type for SEO, as they are sourced from real devices and users.

This makes them appear more legitimate to search engines, which can help to improve your website’s ranking.

Overall, ProxyEmpire is a great choice for SEO proxies. They offer a large network of high-quality proxies at a competitive price. They also offer a variety of proxy tools and integrations and 24/7 support.


  • Large network
  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24/7 support


  • Some proxies are slow: Some of ProxyEmpire’s proxies can affect your SEO performance.

4. TrustedProxies

Trusted Proxies- Best Residential Proxy Network for SEO Link Building

TrustedProxies is a leading provider of SEO proxies, offering a large network of residential and mobile IP addresses worldwide. Their proxies are highly reliable and fast, making them ideal for various SEO tasks.

TrustedProxies is a great choice for SEO professionals who need reliable and fast proxies. Their large network of IP addresses, fast speeds, and sticky sessions make them ideal for various SEO tasks.


  • Large network of IP addresses: Trusted Proxies has a network of over 10 million IP addresses from over 195 countries, giving you a wide range of options.
  • Fast speeds: Trusted Proxies’ proxies are highly reliable and fast, so you can quickly get the desired results.
  • Sticky sessions: Trusted Proxies offers sticky sessions, which allow you to keep the same IP address for a certain period. This can be useful for tasks such as site scraping and backlink building.
  • 24/7 customer support: Trusted Proxies offers 24/7 customer support if you need help.


  • Complexity

5. SquidProxies

Squid proxies- Best Residential Proxy Network for SEO Link Building

SquidProxies is a trusted proxy provider known for and used by many SEO professionals. It provides affordable, high-anonymous private and shared proxies ideal for various SEO tasks.

Overall, SquidProxies is a good choice for SEO professionals because it offers affordable, high-anonymous proxies that are fast and reliable. SquidProxies also has a large IP pool, which makes it less likely that your proxies will get blocked.


  • Affordable prices: SquidProxies offers some of the most competitive prices for private proxies, starting at just $2.40 per month.
  • High-speed connections: SquidProxies servers are located in datacenters worldwide, providing users with fast and reliable connections.
  • Wide range of IP addresses: SquidProxies offers a wide range of IP addresses from over 195 countries, allowing users to access content anywhere.
  • Easy to use: SquidProxies is easy to use, even for beginners. Users can create an account, choose a proxy package, and use their proxies immediately.
  • 24/7 customer support: SquidProxies offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and email.


  • Limited features: SquidProxies is not as feature-rich as some of its competitors. For example, it does not offer an API or support for rotating proxies.
  • No free trial: SquidProxies does not offer a free trial, so users must commit to a paid plan before trying the service.

6. HighProxies

High Proxies- Best Residential Proxy Network for SEO Link Building

HighProxies is a proxy provider that specializes in high-performance SEO proxies. They offer a variety of proxy packages, including shared proxies, dedicated proxies, and private proxies. Their proxies are in over 100 countries and offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


  • Wide range of proxy packages to choose from
  • Proxies are located in over 100 countries
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Fast speeds
  • Reliable customer support


  • Prices can be high, especially for dedicated proxies
  • Some users have reported problems with their proxies being blocked by websites

7. ProxySeller

Best Shared Proxies - ProxySeller

ProxySeller is a proxy reseller that offers access to a wide range of proxy providers, including Bright Data, SmartProxy, and Oxylabs. This gives customers a one-stop shop for finding the best SEO proxies for their needs at competitive prices.

ProxySeller’s SEO proxies are fast, reliable, and secure. They are also geo-targeted, so you can choose proxies from the countries or regions you want to rank in search results.

ProxySeller offers a variety of pricing plans to fit different budgets and needs. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, with available pay-as-you-go options.

If you are looking for the best SEO proxies, ProxySeller is a great option. With its wide range of providers and pricing plans, ProxySeller has something to offer everyone.


  • Large proxy pool
  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible payment options
  • Good customer support


  • No free trial

How To Choose The Best SEO Proxies?

Choosing the finest SEO proxies involves a few variables. In this area, we’ve included a few essentials.

Location Targeting

This is useful whether targeting a global audience or regional keywords. Choose proxy services that geo-target your audience or task. So, switching countries and regions is straightforward.

Residential Pool IPs

Some proxy providers route your request using someone’s home IP address. So-called residential IPs. Ensure the proxy provider or server has adequate IP pools for your online tasks. To avoid captchas, for example.

When the supplier uses datacenter IP addresses, you must be careful because they are easily recognized and restricted, making data scraping on Google difficult, especially on Fiverr. Choose a proxy server with residential IP addresses for fast results.

Poxy Performance

No one wants to perform poorly online. The same goes for internet SEO proxy searches. Choose SEO proxies that are secure, fast, anonymous, and trustworthy without discovery. Trust the proxy provider before signing up for the premium package.

Quality of the IPs

Residential IP addresses are efficient for the reasons given. When on a budget, IP addresses from trustworthy datacenter providers are effective. Overall, proxy choosing relies on online goals. Choose high-quality IP addresses to minimize dangers, which rule out free proxies.

FAQS On Best SEO Proxies

Are Proxies a Must for SEO?

Use Incredible, Ahref, or other scraping tools instead of rank tracker proxies. Proxy servers power these web services. Sitebulb, Screaming Frog, and SEO Powersuite require proxies.

What Are SEO Proxies Used For?

SEO audits can benefit from the usage of proxies. This entails scraping and scanning Google and your rivals' websites for keyword use, rank data, backlink data, and other information. They must also have access to local ranking information. Proxies can also be purchased for rank-tracking reasons.

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Conclusion: Best SEO Proxies 2024

We conduct extensive research to provide unbiased and informative reviews of the best SEO proxies. We evaluate over 70 proxy providers and read over 4,000 customer testimonials, including positive and negative feedback.

This allows us to identify the companies that offer the most reliable, high-performing, and affordable SEO proxy solutions.

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