Referral Programs That Pay Cash: PayPal or Payoneer Options 2024

As we enter a new year, it’s always exciting to think about the possibilities—especially when it comes to making money.

For those looking for ways to make extra cash while not sacrificing too much of their own time or resources, referral programs are often an attractive option.

By leveraging your network and efforts, you can benefit from cash bonuses offered by companies like PayPal and Payoneer that provide incentives simply for referring others.

Let’s take a look at how these two payment processors compare in terms of referral program options and rewards offered in 2024!

Referral Programs That Pay Cash

⭐️Bottom Line Upfront:

Are you tired of referral programs that only offer small discounts or rewards? Look no further than referral programs that pay cash via PayPal or Payoneer.

These programs offer real incentives for referring friends and family to their services or products. Not only can you earn cash for every successful referral, but you can also use the money however you choose.

Plus, with the flexibility of PayPal or Payoneer, redeeming your earnings is quick and easy. So why wait? Start referring and earning real cash today!

Best Referral Programs That Pay Cash Via PayPal or Payoneer 2024

Follow the list of best referral marketing programs based on earning opportunities, payment flexibility and legitimate status. You also get paid commissions in below ways:

  • You get high up-front commissions or residual income per referral.
  • You can get paid per free signups, when referred user start using the services or when they make a sale.

Now, it’s time to elaborate those referral programs that you can imagine how diversified it is to make money through referral marketing.

1️⃣ Ezoic –  Upto 3% lifetime commission

Ezoic - Referral Programs That Pay Cash Via PayPal or Payoneer

Ezoic is an affiliate program for its publishers to promote the Ezoic platform among its users and get compensated for efforts. You can earn a monthly commission by referring someone to Ezoic.

How it works?

Refer your audience to Ezoic and earn 3% lifetime commission. The referred site needs 10,000 page views per month to be accepted.

So, 3% from blogs getting 50,000 to 200,000 visits a month and getting $15 CPM is really considerable. And it is a recurring commission.

Ezoic claims to boost your actual adsense revenue by 300%. They are a certified adsense partner. If you want to give it a try, create your free account today. Click here to join the referral program.


Ezoic Pricing

You get paid via ACH, PayPal, international wire transfer and check. You can get paid via Payoneer if you enter your U.S payment service account detail in ACH settings. The minimum payout is $20.

Ezoic Customer Review

Ezoic- Review


Earning money with is easy. Simply sign up and start completing surveys.

You’ll be providing valuable opinions and insights to companies for commercial purposes such as product development, pricing research, brand protection, and content delivery.

What’s even better is that uses your home IP address, which is beneficial for these types of uses. Review

  • Maximizing Your Earnings

To maximize your earnings on, make sure you complete as many surveys as possible. The more surveys you complete, the more money you can earn.

Additionally, make sure you have spare bandwidth available to share. This will allow you to earn even more money while helping companies with their content delivery needs.

  • Protecting Your Information

At, protecting your information is a top priority. We use the latest security measures to ensure your data is safe and secure. Additionally, we will never share your information with third parties without your consent.


Pawns App - Earning

Pawns.App Customer Review

Pawns App Review - Customer Review

3️⃣ RevenueHits – upto 5% per ref for 12 months

RevenueHits ad network

RevenueHits  is a self service for publishers Sign up as a publisher to become part of the family, and let the revenue do the talking. If you refer your audience to use one of the best managed CPA ad networks.

Earn 5% per referral for their first 12 months. It gives you special banners you display on your site. It shows the best CPA offers for your readers and you get paid per completed actions.


RevenueHits Benefits

You can earn $25+ per month from a few referrals. So, 5% are considerable if you can tell your audience who enjoy CPA to that site.

They don’t have to update offers every time, nor tweaking links to show the right one based on geo-location. Go to RevenueHits. They pay via Payoneer when you accumulate $20 in earnings.

RevenueHits Customer Review

RevenueHits Success Stories

4️⃣ SwagBucks – get paid per referral sign up

swagbucks - money making app

SwagBucks  is a site where we have several activities to do like watching videos or shopping online and in return can earn swagbucks. With Swagbucks, you get paid $2.5 per referral sign up.

The referred member earns $5 signup and get paid up to $25 per survey completed. It’s more than just paying survey opportunities. Members get paid to search online, to watch videos, and they earn cash back on online purchases.

It accepts referrals from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and Canada.

If you have friends in these countries, refer them and earn real cash per referral. If you can’t create an account because you’re not living in these countries, join their affiliate program at ImpactRadius or FlexOffers.

Swagbucks Customer Review

Swagbucks Customer Review

5️⃣ Payoneer – $25 per card holder

payoneer india payment system

Payoneer is a global payout platform to get paid online. It offers you multiple ways to get paid by international clients and global marketplaces. It helps you save money on fees allowing payment in more than 210 countries.

It is a flexible, tightly regulated, and best method of payment. You can use it to get paid for freelance jobs, Amazon, Google Adsense, etc.

You get paid onto your Payoneer account and you can withdraw using many methods. You can withdraw at local ATM or purchase in stores local or online.

It has a referral program. Refer and earn $25 per account holder who upload or receive $1000 in cumulative transactions. Your referral get $25 too.

Payoneer Customer Review

Payoneer Customer Review

6️⃣ Mr Rebates – upto 20%


Mr. Rebates is a reputable cash back shopping portal. It is easy to recognize many of the brand names MrRebates partners with, like Best Buy, Ebay, Dell and Amazon.

And you can earn up to 30% cash back at many of their participating merchant websites and instead of a flat commission on sign up, you get paid 20% in recurring revenue from your referrals.

It processes payment each month via PayPal or cheque if your earning balance is greater or equal to $10. MrRebates also offers sign-up bonuses. They also provide coupon codes to save even more.

Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Button

Mr Rebates Quick Cash Button

Mr Rebates have a referral program when you earn $1 per free sign ups. Help your friends save money and make money in the process. Go to and create your free account.

You get $5 sign up bonus. It is credited after your first purchase. Join the affiliate program by clicking here.

7️⃣ SurveySavvy – up to $15 per referral

surveysavvy is a best online paid survey panel and a legitimate way to earn extra income from home.

You get repeated commissions per referral. When your referral completes a survey  you get the commission of $2 each time. You can also complete surveys and get paid $3 per survey.

And if your referral refers it to someone, he gets $2 per survey the referral complete, and you earn $1 additional. That’s two-tier referral earning bonus.

It’s a global survey site that accepts worldwide members, so there’s a lot of opportunities there. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal. There’s no minimum payout. They have an app called survey connect.

You earn $5 when you install it if you’re in the U.S. Go create your free account with

8️⃣ FlexOffers – 5 to 50% residual income from ref earnings


It is an affiliate marketing network that connects advertisers and publishers across many retail and service industries.

They have a referral program. Get 5% up to 50% in recurring commission from referral earnings. The percentage you receive is based on your performance over the last 90 days.

Find a lot of high paying affiliate offers to promote on FlexOffers. Promote programs such as BlueHost, Ralph Laurent, Samsung, Lenovo, etc… and get paid up to $900 per sale.

The minimum payout is $50 via PayPal, $1000 via wire transfer.

FlexOffers Customer Review

FlexOffers Customer Review

9️⃣ GetAmbassador – $100 to $400 per referral


It is a  leading marketing software in the world that runs today’s most popular referral marketing programs.

It is a referral software to build a referral program for your business. Refer your audience who wants to start a referral program. You can reward with cash, points or gift cards.

The referral software has its referral program. GetAmbassador pays $25 to $400 per referral. You earn $100 when a referrer completes a demo, you get $500 when he pays for a year.

GetAmbassador Pricing Plans

GetAmbassador Pricing Plans

GetAmbassador Customer Review

GetAmbassador Customer Review

🔟 VigLink / Skimlinks – Earn 35% from your referrals

VigLink Review Join Affiliate Program

It is an easy way to affiliate your website with multiple merchants like Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc… You can just sign up for one account at Viglink or Skimlinks.

These are the two great referral programs worth mentioning. They work the same way.

You can create and set up a free account and then get your code snippet and you paste it onto your website. It turns all normal links (unless you exclude them) into affiliate links.

You can then make money if someone makes a purchase following these links.

The best and relief giving part is that you don’t have to manage relationship with all the advertisers. It’s managed. Refer to these sites to fellow bloggers and earn 35% of the percentage Viglink and Skimlinks get per sale.

They both pay PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.

Viglink Customer Review

Viglink Customer Review

1️⃣1️⃣ Ebates – up to $25 per referral

Ebates Review - Rakuten

Ebates (now Rakuten) is one of the biggest cash back shopping portal site where you get a percent of your purchase back. So, it is a helpful service you can recommend to your audience.

It is free to sign up and your audience can save up to 40%. You earn $5 as credit for each new member that you refer and up to $20 bonus. Your referred user earns $10 sign up bonus. They pay each trimester via PayPal or cheque.

Ebates (Rakuten) – Popular Cashback Stores

Rakuten Ebates - Popular Cashback Stores

FAQs | Referral Programs That Pay Cash Via PayPal or Payoneer 2024

☎️ What is is a money-making app. You can earn money by completing surveys or you can use internet sharing for a 100% passive income source. With surveys, our users share their opinions on all kinds of topics, from fashion and cosmetics to tech, politics, and more. Our partners pay for this data and use it for research, product development, marketing optimization, etc.

📥 Can I redeem my Swagbucks for cash?

At this time, we do not offer a direct exchange of your Swagbucks for cash.

💶 Which currencies does Ambassador support?

Ambassador currently supports the following currencies: USD, GBP, SGD, EUR, AUD, ZAR, BRL, CAD, NZD, CHF and MXN. By default, all accounts will be set up with a currency of U.S. dollars.

📤 Does Ezoic provide 99.99% uptime?

Yes. Ezoic has over 400 data centers around the world. We provide a sophisticated CDN and WAF with advanced features just for publishers inside Ezoic Cloud. We have a proven track record of uptime that often exceeds that of the largest tech platforms in the world.

Conclusion: Best Referral Programs That Pay Cash Via PayPal or Payoneer 2024 📢

In conclusion, earning money from home without any investment in [YEAR] can be done with dedication and hard work.

Take advantage of the abundance of opportunities available online, including freelancing, services, e-commerce, affiliate marketing and data entry jobs.

It’s important to recognize your strengths and capitalize on them while striving to improve in all aspects you undertake. Not only that, but research potential markets carefully so that you can maximize profits by targeting specific audiences.

With the right knowledge and effort, anyone can generate a substantial income from the comfort of their own home—just remember not this isn’t an overnight success story: Rome was not built in a day!

As Thomas Edison famously said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Gather up your determination and make this [YEAR] your year to start earning from the comfort of your home.

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