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Are you here because you’re looking for some Best RedTrack Alternatives? RedTrack is one of the best software platforms for ad tracking. Not just tracking but it also enables measurement and reporting of these ads, all in one place. But if RedTrack is not your cup of tea there are a plethora of options out there for you to choose from. 

There is much software that stands very close to RedTrack in its similarity, pricing, and reviews. It may be a hard, tedious, and time-consuming job to analyze all these options to find the one that suits you the best. 

So to help you I have narrowed down the list to a few best options after extensive research. Here, we will be introducing some of the best RedTrack alternatives. I will compare the features, pricing, and other relevant details of these RedTrack alternatives.

Bottom Line Upfront:  If you are on the go and looking for an alternative to RedTrack then FunnelFlux Pro is the best choice. FunnelFlux Pro is a marketing automation platform that can track your marketing campaigns on many platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, and many more. Get started with FunnelFlux Pro.

FunnelFlux is different because it tracks everything in one location. The platform does not just track your marketing performance but also synthesizes data to help generate better content for you.

List Of Best RedTrack Alternatives 2024

About RedTrack

RedTrack is an advanced cloud-hosted software that enables top-notch ad tracking and attribution solutions. This will help you to consolidate all the ad data across different channels. Software of this sort can help you solve inaccurate decision making which can lead to wasted time. 

Well, wasted time is wasted money and wasted opportunities. RedTrack is really accurate and uses real-time data. It is privacy-friendly since they don’t use any 3rd party cookies to track the multi-channel campaigns

With its automation on alerts, data sharing, and teamwork the software has proven to be very helpful for the growing businessman. There are options to automate your routing media buying and all data activities. 

RedTrack- Overview

RedTrack is insightful with its detailed yet consolidated reports and multi-touch attributions. The speed and accuracy with which RedTrack handles all the data are really appreciable. With all the automation tools you can concentrate on the complex works that matter, not the sill cut and copy works. 

RedTrack helped keep me ahead in the race. I had the option to share my data content with peers and customers. In my opinion, RedTrack is best suited for ad agencies, publishers, media buyers, who are looking for all one solution for their team and to optimize their performances. 

Top 9+ Alternatives of RedTrack

I’ve mentioned some RedTrack Alternatives here, in case you want a wide choice to choose from. I have made the choices and selections easier by creating a list of features, pricing, pros, and Cons of different options and comparing them with each other. 

1) FunnelFlux Pro

FunnelFlux Pro is an online platform that enables you to track marketing campaigns from different platforms like Facebook, Google, Taboola, or even email. Simply to say from anywhere you can think of!

It has got tons of great features like options to analyze page visits, create visual journeys, click and convert options, etc. you can do all these without even knowing a single line of code. 

Whatever your idea may be, you can easily accomplish it with the help of this exceptional platform, without worrying about the burdens of coding. Its visual funnel builder can easily transform ideas of any magnitude, into a great marketing campaign that can take your business to the next level, with added profit margins. 


What I loved about the platform was its powerful reporting system, filled with useful insights, that I could effectively use to gain the right ROI, and apply it to my marketing campaigns. The stellar platform, also seamlessly integrates with other tools, to help you reap the maximum benefits from marketing. 

The best part? The reporting is grouped and filtered according to global parameters, and sorted into up to 20 different parameters! Great, isn’t it? The redirects take place at lightning-fast speeds, which I would honestly say, is much better than other platforms, any day. Quality, speed, and affordability, all encompassed into one platform! 

The ability to track users across different platforms is a game-changer. And by carefully analyzing the real-time value of the advertising campaigns, you can make sure that you’re way ahead in the game. Now let me get into the detail to help you understand this tool better.


  • Visual funnel builder: build a visual funnel of any size or type. With this software, it is as easy as drawing on a whiteboard.
  • Powerful reporting: you can select from an endless list of attributes to build a powerful yet easy-to-understand report.
  • Multiple platform templates: you can choose from your preferred traffic sources. Everything is just a click away.
  • Has one of the best support systems
  • Limitless funnel sizes.
  • Javascript tracking system: provides cookie-free and redirect less tracking. It just does all the hard work.
  • Many important metrics for a marketer need to boost up his sales.
  • In FunnelFlux, templates can even be built using scratch rather than just choosing from the available ones.
  • It can be used by freelancers, small, medium, and even large-scale businesses.


  • Development is moving at a breakneck pace.
  • Advanced tracking
  • FunnelFlux Pros is fast. It has top-notch redirect speeds.
  • No advanced knowledge is needed to build advanced funnels.
  • Any type of funnel with any size or complexity can be built.


  • It is the process that is taking a long time, though they are adding quickstart wizards and other things to speed this up
  • It takes time to get comfortable with the tool and make full use of it.


FunnelFlux-Pro- Pricing

  1. Core
  • The core plan will cost you $99 per month. It comes with a 14+ days free trial period (you get 14 extra days, so 28 days total, by doing some basic onboarding tasks).
  • You can have 1,000,000 visitors/month, after which it will be $0.20 per the next 1000 visitors.
  1. Growth
  • This plan costs $299 per month, and it comes with a 14+ days free trial period.
  • The limit is 5,000,000 visitors/month, after which you will be charged $0.10 per the next 1,000 visitors.
  1. Scale
  • The Scale plan costs $499 per month, and it comes with a 14 days free trial period, as well. The limit is  20,000,000 visitors/month, after which you will be charged $0.05 per the next 1,000 visitors. 

2) Tune

A SaaS platform that has a specialization in partner marketing services in two forms web as well as mobile platforms. It is helping upon building, managing, changes for betterment in the current partner programs with great features.

TUNE- Overview

The difference in tune and different platforms are customizable dashboards, white labeling, efficient saved reports, etc. The various things helping for partner marketing are postback capabilities and affiliate automation tools as it acts as an added plus and also quite efficient in business streamline too.


  • There is Affiliate marketing happening.
  • Conversion tracking is also there.
  • Commission management is looked at.
  • The user interaction tracking tool is also there.
  • Channel management is helpful.
  • API and Developer tool enhances.
  • Managing things by the employee.
  • Current-time reports are properly done.


TUNE- Pricing

  • Free excess  is about 30 days
  • Professional – $279/month
  • Enterprise – $799/month

Contract its custom pricing.


  • The report building feature is more convenient for usage.
  • These platform features are periodically done and changes are there on user feedback.
  • It is a more convenient and user-friendly interface.


  • This software is a steep learning platform for beginners and quite expensive.
  • There is no procedure for multi-level marketing.
  • There is a lack of simplified documentation of payout history.

3) Post Affiliate Pro

The first rated software and most reviewed. Post affiliate Pro software is for tracking the performance and its clicks, leads, signups etc. It empowers the organizations as they get the power to handle things and manage setups, commissions, affiliates etc.

Post Affiliate Pro - Overview

It is easy to start and connects well with virtually a payment gateway or website. SEO can be improvised and also the Page rank by having an affiliate link back to the company website.


  • In affiliate:

Affiliate marketing is done, affiliate tracking is kept watch on, Email/ Newsletter connection  is the best way, fraud detection is checked, banner management is easier, information on social sharing done nicely, multi-language is done, contest management played a role, the coupon is also given, multi-level marketing etc.,

  • In Referral:

Campaign management is made, employee referral management is good, contact management, feedback management have a vital role, loyalty program, rewards management, lead engagement, referral tracking, etc.,


Post Affiliate Pro - Pricing

A free demo is available.

  • The starting price is $97/month
  • Pricing Details are for Pro: $97/month
  • Ultimate : $197/month
  • Network: $497/month


  • The dynamic affiliate links are generated on the fly via their email address.
  • The affiliate account is done easily with the URL, email, and unique identity as then there will be approved or disapproved in specific commission. 


The purchase pixel was not that much tough for the implementation process yet PHP I didn’t know so it became tougher for me.

4) Everflow

EverFlow is a unique platform for Affiliate marketing as well as Partner Tracking. It is a performance marketing platform that has the capabilities of having an analysis of automation tools to affiliate marketers and checks the activities on a daily basis.

Everflow - Overview

The reporting is done with precision and its multiple dimensional analytics platforms. There are many other things included like data visualization is done, marketing is made possible and lastly, the mobile marketing activities are done at a greater pace.


  • Affiliate

Affiliate marketing, tracking is done, banner management is made, commission management, email/online is helpful, fraud detection etc.,

  • Mobile marketing

Channel attribution is made in a simple way, contextual targeting is done by targeting things, coupons are distributed, email marketing is there, engagement monitoring is made, Location-based marketing is also done in this.

  • Referral

Analytics/ ROI tracking is done, bonus management, campaign management, contact management, lead engagement, multi-channel marketing, referral tracking, rewards management, third party integration etc.,


  • High-touch- the supporting team is great here. The responses are faster here too.
  • Friendly User Interface – The traffic control feature is best in this, bulk editing is also done here. There are many offers which are given but to have a single offer remains best.
  • Mobile Access – It is easier at any time the work can be done quickly. Nobody needs to wait as it’s a good process.


  • The offer option doesn’t open on a new window but it opens as one offer only in the offer manager section. The backward key is also having issues.


  • Starting rate- $395/month, it is based on the number of clicks.
  • Free version ain’t there just a demo is there.


5) InviteReferrals

It might be hard to convince a person and build their trust in your product or service when you are a stranger to him/her (and that too, via the internet! *Mistrust has entered the chat*). Statistics have proved that people tend to have more faith in brands referred by friends, and the lead conversions in these situations are far more quick and effective.

InviteReferrals- Referral Program Software

InviteReferrals help you exactly with this. InviteReferrrals with its Referral Marketing Software, designed for mobile applications and websites, caters to the specific needs of your business or brand. 

Through my research, I learned that they provide you with complete referral strategy, design, implementation, and insights which assists you to not just create new leads and customers but to retain them as well. Two-way gratification rewards not just the referrer but his friend too.


  • Convert your Customers to Referrers

  Make use of your customers’ positive experience with your brand to win over more customers.

  So with each satisfied customer, you gain numerous new customers.

  • Unlimited referrals

  No upper ceiling on the number of referrals you can create. Build your brand and customer 

  base to the sky!

  • Support throughout

  You will be constantly helped and guided by the engineers who built the product so that you do not go astray while navigating.

  • One time installation and Fully Automated

  Once you opt for a plan, you do not have to go about looking for updates or new installations. All you need will be in one place, that too fully automated. So make sure you choose what you need.


  • Adaptability: Referral programs adapt seamlessly to any device (tablets, mobile phones, desktops) or any platform. It functions equally well in Android as well as iOS applications. 
  • Depth Analytics: It monitors each step of progress from shares, clicks to successful referral conversions, and provides you with a detailed analysis of your performance insights.
  • Integration is Key: Integrate with renowned platforms WordPress, Shopify, Zapier, Magento, MailChimp, and win best of all platforms instead of getting restricted.
  • Additional benefits: GDPR Compliance, Template Support, Payout Management, wallet integration are some other notable features to be explored.
  • Language is never a Barrier:  Invite Referral is available in over 25 languages, enabling global expansion and reach. 


  • Not Beginner Friendly: InviteReferral has been reviewed to be less beginner-friendly by users. Some say it to be overwhelming and difficult to handle in the beginning.
  • Not suitable for Viral Contest Referrals: Some users find it to be limited in goals, though it delivers to those limited goals well.


Pricing - InviteReferrals

Basic plan $79 per month billed annually or $99  month-to-month

Standard Plan: $199 per month billed annually, or $249 month-to-month

Enterprise Pack: customized according to your needs.

The basic and standard plans come with a free 30-day trial. 

6) Affise

Affise is a performance marketing platform that assists online businesses in managing their multiple ad campaigns to secure and hook the attention of the target audience. Affise promises to manage, track, analyze, and optimize your advertising campaigns. It yields services for brands, advertisers, networks, partners, basically anyone closely working with e-commerce platforms. It is a platform to Align, integrate, and expand.

Affise Overview


  • Affiliate Management and tracking

Affise is an Affiliate Marketing software. It manages and tracks progress with affiliates through its web-based, cloud services. 

  • ROI Tracking

Analyze the trend of return on your investment in marketing and understand the niches where you have to further in to withdraw investment. 

  • Landing Pages/Web Forms

Landing pages and web forms are significant in conversions. They bring down the focus to a particular offer, program or function, and a very precise call for action.

Multi-Dimensional Testing


  • User-friendly Interface: Affise has developed a user-friendly interface, enabling users irrespective of their technical expertise to explore and reap the benefits of the service to the fullest.
  • CPAPI – Demand Collector: You no longer have to bother yourself doing tiring routine work. CPAPI or the Demand Collector automates this task for you
  • Customer-oriented Approach: No matter the scale of operations of your business, Affise tailors its services in accordance with the needs and wants of your brand. In fact, I saw several reviews that stated Affise to be suitable for small enterprises. 


  • Reports of errors committed: Some users are concerned about the errors that occur and the tech team’s response to the same.


Affise Pricing Plans

Scalable Business -$499 per month

It is okay since you have a 30-day trial and see if it suits your needs.

Custom -$1299 per month

Comes with complete feature access, white-labeling, panel customization, and design, bulk data export, real-time event delivery service, all of which are absent in the basic pack.

7) Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is an affiliate tracking software. It enables businesses to create, manage, optimize, and track affiliate or referral programs. The software is available in several languages and therefore can be an effective tool to run an international campaign.



  • Affiliate management
  • Customizable reporting
  • Generating leads
  • Fraud detection and multi-level marketing
  • Advertising management
  • Web analytics
  • API


  • Develop affiliate or referral programs quickly
  • Integrates well with toolsets with its optimization options 
  • Available in multiple languages


  • Oddly placed settings



Essential pack – $69 per month

Pro plan -$149 per month

Free Trial: Yes, it is available.

8) Referral SaaSquatch

Referral SaaSquatch is a platform that aids you in developing reward programs, loyalty programs, and referrals. SaaSquatch brings together different brands to strengthen each other’s relationships and develop a loyalty between them. I was really impressed by their triggers as they were able to detect every single activity. 

Referral SaaSquatch -Overview


  • It provides its users with multiple program and multi-level campaigns 
  • It provides segmentation and dynamic rewards
  • It provides seamless web deployment along with mobile deployment 
  • It has flexible triggers to reward on each activity of a user
  • It gives its users’ detailed analysis and insights 


It provides 3 different plans starting from Pro at $1250, Enterprises and managed. Enterprises and Managed are charged according to your needs. 

Referral SaaSquatch -Pricing


  • It is able to create multiple programs altogether and run them simultaneously 
  • The staff is extremely helpful and understand what you want
  • They value feedback 


  • Confusing navigation on the program
  • I was required to contact customer support for too many activities 
  • It Needs more reporting abilities 
  • It needs more email marketing tools

9) Scalio

Scalio is software for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing marketing campaigns for any business. It uses cutting edge AI technology to fulfill the demands of its customers. 

Scalio- Overview


  • It provides an affiliate management 
  • It provides affiliate tracking
  • It aids in banner management
  • It aids in commission management
  • It provides fraud detection 
  • It provides options of emailing 
  • It aids in social media promotion 


Free trial available

The starting price of income access is $99/month


  • Provides extensive reach for campaigns
  • Easy Use interface
  • Details affiliate system 
  • Generates creative links


  • It has an outdated software design 
  • Non-intuitive updates

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FAQs On Best RedTrack Alternatives

👉What do you understand by RedTrack?

RedTrack is a SaaS tracking software. It is a valuable platform that has the benefits of machine learning technologies for allowing users to automatically do campaigns that are optimized.

👉What are the advantages of Invite Referrals?

Adaptability, Depth Analytics, Integration is key, Additional benefits and language is not a barrier.

👉What are the pricing details for Scalio?

There is a free trial available and the starting price of income access is $99/month.

👉What is FunnelFlux used for?

FunnelFlux offers a range of features for professional technical documentation. It allows users to collaborate with other team members, has a drag and drop functionality, is developer-friendly, can import/export data from various sources such as CSV files or APIs. Some examples of diagrams created include flowcharts and process maps which can be exported in .AI file format so they are easily editable by the client's IT department if needed after deployment

👉Does FunnelFlux provide API?

FunnelFlux provides an API that allows you to create marketing campaigns and integrate them with your website.

👉Do I need to know coding to use RedTrack?

RedTrack is a smart solution that can be used by anyone. You do not need coding skills if you are an affiliate marketer and want to run paid traffic from your source pages, which also has the potential for more complex flows depending on what conversion rates we're looking at in terms of target results

Conclusion: Best RedTrack Alternatives 2024

You might be thinking, “But I want to know what the best alternative is!” The answer is simple… FunnelFlux Pro! But just because it’s our favorite doesn’t mean that you won’t find something better than us or even different than us for your business needs.

Make sure when looking at other software solutions to take into account any features they have that are unique and specific to your company–and then compare them with ours in order to make an informed decision on which of these tools will work best for you.

FunnelFlux Pro has been a great alternative for me and my company. With its many features, it is the best choice for anyone looking to improve their business process with time-saving tools like automated campaigns and lead tracking.

Price:$ 29
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9 User Reviews on Best RedTrack Alternatives

  1. Funnelflux is the best software that helps to track you’re your ads. All your number one traffic sources templated and all set. The part I love most about Funnelflux is how much time it saves me because it automates the opt in process for my list, which keeps our conversion rate way up there! This app let’s me stay updated with little things like likes on ads, shares on social media sites – see why this software will be a game changer for you too!

  2. TUNE has completely changed the way I can reach my partner marketing goals. As a brand new startup, it was hard enough to justify the cost of advertising with traditional options; an option like TUNE is essential for our development!

  3. The TUNE platform is one that any brand can use, no matter how small or large. It’s the best thing I would recommend to anyone out there.

  4. TUNE is a must-have for any new business looking to partner up with other brands. Unlike most other programs, TUNE offers a rotating selection of partners that means your company doesn’t have to compromise on who we can work with! I use it and am really happy with the tremendous range of features they pack into their pricing, which is much cheaper than other services. Give it a go today!

  5. I’ve used this for years and I can’t live without it! Funnelflux has been great for my company

  6. Well, if you’ve got another red track alternative already, save it for later. Funnelflux is the best system so far with its auto-tracking of traffic sources and company templates. I just started using the platform not too long ago to organize all my campaigns into one place. You can edit templates or set up new ones with ease which saves me time on copywriting who have lots of ads to put out there!

  7. TUNE Partner Marketing Platform is indisputably the most attentive platform I’ve seen so far. It takes care of all my requirements with its powerful features and user-friendly quality. With the help of this TUNE product, you can take control over your partner marketing efforts, analyze your partners’ performance on a comprehensive level and even set up automated or manual campaigns to get better results without any effort at all!

  8. FunnelFlux is an amazing platform that is easy to use and helpful in comprehending the marketing strategies put into effect. I wanted an alternative way of tracking my advertising campaigns, but didn’t want anything too complicated or lengthy. This program had all the basics covered like keyword search that was easy to understand, follower growth chartings, who your target audience is, and where they’re located. I can also see how much money has been invested on various social media adverts as well as other formats for companies in any industry sector such as retail jewelry quality earrings . A fully functional dashboard offered a lot more than just numbers; it provided me with screenshots from Facebook Live videos made by prospective customers which enabled me to craft a better response strategy.

  9. There are so many best features in this platform, it’s hard to find where to start. I love how TUNE has the most flexible partnership plan you can imagine; there’s a price for every budget and no long-term commitments–perfect! And what really sets TUNE apart is their customer service. They’re always available on chat and via email, which makes my experience with them much more personal. Highly recommend!

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