7 Best Reddit Scrapers 2024: Does Reddit Allow Scraping?

In this article, we will discuss the 7 Best Reddit Scrapers 2024

When it comes to social data, Reddit is a big source. If you want to scrape Reddit as part of your social research, you’ve come to the right place.

Use the best Reddit scrapers to scrape Reddit using Python as an individual or a business.

As far as Reddit is concerned, it is a place where people can talk online.

For a lot of people, it’s a place where they can get away and talk about their favorite things with people who think the same way they do.

But if you want to do social research or market on the Internet, it’s a pretty important source of social data.

It is one of the most popular online forums, and if you look at the subreddits, you can find just about anything you’re interested in.

If you can pull out Reddit conversations from a certain niche, you can analyze them and use the results in your next marketing campaign.

Reddit gives you a free way to access data that is available to the public. You can use the official Reddit API to get the most out of this.

But this API can’t be used for scraping. Instead, it can be used to automate Reddit in general.

There will still be some limits that will get in your way and force you to use a web scraper.

Using a web scraper to get your data from complicated web pages can be hard, which is why we have put together the list below.

7 Best Reddit Scrapers 2024

1. Phantombuster

Phantombuster: Best Reddit Scrapers

Phantombuster is a good Reddit scraper in terms of price and free trials. We think $50 a month is a good starting point, and a 14-day free trial is more than enough time to see if it works for you.

But keep in mind that their free trial has limits, so you can get a good idea of how they work and what they offer, but if you want to see the whole picture, you’ll have to pay for their features.

It supports both on-premises and cloud storage, and it allows you to export your Reddit data into CSV, Excel, and other formats.

These guys are one of the most advanced web scrapers out there. This means they have a lot of features and have been made to work every time.

2. ScraperAPI

ScraperAPI: Best Reddit Scrapers

ScraperAPI is another really affordable Reddit scraper. It starts at $49 per month, and they give you 5000 free credits to try it out.

A variety of export formats are available for Reddit data, such as Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets.

They might be one of the best web scraping tools on the market right now, and they have a really simple and easy-to-use interface so you don’t have to know a lot about web scraping to use them.

3. Bright Data

bright data

Bright Data is a Reddit scraper that lets you get data from web pages on Reddit and export it to Excel.

They offer a free trial, which you can take advantage of if you want to see how they work before making a commitment. Their prices start at $500 for 151,000 page loads.

One of the features is called “data collector.” There are many collectors included, so you can scrape more than just Reddit.

One thing to keep in mind about these guys is that they don’t have too many Reddit collectors, so you might end up having to ask for a custom collector.

The good news is that the team will be happy to build you one.

Also, if you know how to code, you can use their coding system to do this yourself.

Their prices are based on a “pay as you go” system, so you’ll need to add money to your account before you can start using them.

4. Apify


Apify is another Reddit scraper that you might want to check out. Their prices start at $49 a month, which we think is pretty reasonable.

As far as their free trial goes, this is a fully functional free account that gives you $5 credit every month.

You can export Reddit to CSV and more, and they support both desktop and cloud, so it’s up to you whether you want to download anything or just keep everything in the cloud.

They offer a ready-made scraper that gives you access to Reddit information without using the official API.

This means you don’t have to sign in, and you also don’t need permission. In fact, you don’t even have to sign up for Reddit.

5. Webscraper


Web scraper is a browser extension, so you don’t have to pay to use it. The format of the data it gives you is CSV.

It works with Chrome and makes scraping easy for everyone to use, whether they know how to code or not.

Even if you don’t know how to code at all, this browser extension makes it easy to scrape websites like Reddit.

Since it’s a browser extension, you can add it right to your web browser, and as we said at the start of this review, it’s free to use.

6. Helium Scraper

Helium Scraper

The way Helium Scraper sets prices is a little bit different. They do it in the form of a licence, and they say that the price for one licence starts at $99.

As for the free trial, it lasts for 10 days and is fully functional. Among the formats available for exporting Reddit data are Excel, CSV, and others.

You will need to install the software on your computer, but they can help you extract complicated web data very quickly, and we think their interface is easy to use.

7. Parsehub

Parsehub - Overview

Parsehub starts at $149 a month, so it’s a bit on the pricey side. If you want to try it out for free, they have a desktop version that’s free but has a few restrictions.

They can help you get your Reddit data into Excel, and they work with both desktop and cloud, so you can decide at the end of the day if you want to download them or not.

They are a general-purpose tool for scraping the web, which means you can use them to scrape websites other than just Reddit. They have high-tech features.

Reddit Scraping

Getting data from Reddit means using a computer program called a “web scraper” to get data that is available to the public on Reddit.

When you use Reddit’s official API, you’ll run into limits that led to the creation of tools like this.

You should know that Reddit won’t like it if you use a Reddit scraper.

This is because a web scraper won’t use the official Reddit API. Because of this, it is breaking Reddit’s rules.

But even though it might be against their terms and conditions, this doesn’t mean it’s illegal to use this method to get data because, in general, it’s legal.

Since Reddit doesn’t allow web scraping, you will have to find a way around anti-scraping systems to have a smooth scraping session.

The good news is that Reddit isn’t as strict as other social media sites when it comes to keeping bots out.

Using one of the web scrapers we talked about above, you should be able to get the information you need from Reddit without too much trouble.

How To Scrape Reddit Using Python

As we’ve already talked about, Reddit has an official API that lets you get information from web pages.

But before you even think about scraping publicly available data, you should make sure that the API that Reddit gives you isn’t useful.

This is because it is much easier to get to this kind of information through an API, so you should get rid of this method first.

If you can’t do what you want with Reddit’s API, you’ll need to use web scraping.

If you know how to code, you can use Python and some of its third-party frameworks and libraries that are made for building scrapers and web crawlers to make your own Reddit scraper.

If you want to use Python to make your own Reddit scraper, you will need to look at the HTML of the Reddit page you want to scrape and write down the HTML tag.

Then, you can send an HTTP request to download the page. After that, you can use BeautifulSoup to parse the data you need using a CSS selector or one of the other methods it offers.

FAQs On Best Reddit Scrapers 

Why Scrape Reddit in The First Place?

You might think of Reddit as just a place to talk to people who share your interests and ideas, but it is so much more than that now. There is nothing more important to Reddit than being a community that researchers and marketers can use. If you look at Reddit from the point of view of a brand, you will see that there is a lot of information that you can use to improve your marketing strategies. Reddit is a great source of information, just like other big social media sites. If you want to improve your marketing campaigns in the future, you should definitely take advantage of Reddit when it comes to web scraping.

What Can I Expect from A Reddit Scraper?

With a Reddit scraper, you should not only be able to get all the information you need from the web pages you choose, but you should also be able to do so safely. Your Reddit scraper should keep your personal information safe and have good security, so you don't have to worry about Reddit finding out about you and possibly blocking you. A good Reddit scraper will also make sure you can export or download the data you need in a format that is easy to read.

Is It Illegal to Scrape Reddit?

As we've already said briefly, it's not against the law to scrape web pages like those on Reddit. However, each social media site has different rules about this kind of activity, so at the end of the day, we just recommend that you look into these rules and decide if you can use the official API or not. Again, Reddit has pretty loose rules about this kind of Internet activity, but if you plan to scrape a lot of Reddit web pages, I still recommend that you use a web scraper that scrapes the majority of Reddit pages.

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Conclusion: Best Reddit Scrapers 2024

You can get important marketing information from Reddit, but you have to do it the right way.

It is possible to get banned from Reddit if you don’t follow these rules, or you might have to use a web scraper that isn’t very reliable and might not save all the information you need.

Use the Reddit scrapers we’ve talked about above, and if you know a little bit about coding, there’s no reason you can’t make your own Reddit scraper using Python.

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