15+ Best Push Notification Ad Networks 2024 (200% ROI)

Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Push Notification Ad Networks, most individuals find Pushub and Evadav are the best options.

Are you looking for the best push notification ad networks to boost your marketing or monetization strategies? I’ve been exploring various platforms and have gathered some top choices for you.

Push notifications are an incredibly effective way to engage users directly and in real time.

Whether you’re an advertiser aiming to reach a wider audience or a publisher seeking to monetize your website or app, these networks offer unique features and benefits.

Let’s dive into the world of push notification ad networks and find the perfect fit for your needs!

What Are Push Notification Ads? 

A Web Push notification, or simply Push Notification in the simplest of words, is an alert message with an icon of the notifying brand or publisher that appears in your client’s browser or a mobile device.

Whenever a publisher/brand launches or publishes a new update, feature, product, service, or exclusive offer, the customers who have agreed to receive push notifications will get instantly notified about it.+

Push notifications show ads to users on an ongoing basis once a user or subscriber is allowed to receive push notifications from your website.

It has a major advantage that people quite knowingly agree to receive push notifications after subscribing to a website’s notifications.

Whenever a customer receives push notifications, it implies that they are showing instant interest in your brand and are potential conversions that are most likely to purchase your product or service whenever they get a push notification about it.

15+ Best Push Notification Ad Networks 2024 (200% ROI)

1. Pushub


Pushub is a one-stop shop network for advertisers that grants effortless access to valuable and converting push users.

With more than 200 million direct and fresh push users, PusHub has become the favorite push notifications ad networks in the industry by advertisers and agencies.

Consider using PusHub push notifications for your website or app. These notifications are delivered from premium sites such as cryptovot.com and can help you reach a real audience and quality traffic.

With millions of potential users worldwide, PusHub can help increase brand awareness and exposure, even without users clicking on your message.

2. Evadav

EvaDav is a traffic source that provides affiliates with access to high-quality traffic from a variety of sources.

EvaDav is 100% focused on delivering the best results for advertisers. The company’s cutting-edge solutions have helped thousands of advertisers increase their traffic and conversions.


EvaDav is a native advertising company that has extensive experience in managing campaigns for advertisers and publishers.

Additionally, their customer service is excellent and fast, making them helpful when you have questions about traffic suggestions, optimization, or platform functionality.

If you’re looking for high-quality traffic that converts, then you should definitely consider EvaDav. They offer access to a wide range of high-quality traffic sources and provide excellent customer service.

3. Galaksion International Advertising Network-


Galaksion International Advertising Network is a platform that specializes in helping publishers and advertisers maximize their online advertising efforts.

The platform offers various pricing models, including CPA (Cost Per Action), CPM (Cost Per Mille), and CPC (Cost Per Click).

You can choose the model that best suits your campaign objectives, whether you want to pay for conversions, impressions, or clicks.

Their wide range of covered verticals, including E-commerce, Utilities, Nutra, Extensions, Games, Apps, Sweepstakes, Dating, Finance, VPN, Games, Music, and Movie-related offers, has made it easy to find the right fit for my campaigns.

Their expertise in Push Notification Ad Networks has also been a game-changer, providing another avenue for my advertising efforts.

4. UngAds

UngAds Review

UngAds is a self-serve ad network with great volumes of Push Notifications. It is an ad network that allows advertisers to manage their campaigns independently.

Their platform offers a simple and personalized process for creating ads, all managed from one account.

UngAds offers a range of benefits, including various targeting options such as region/city targeting, OS and OS versions, carriers, and IP targeting.

Additionally, the platform features auto-optimization rules and different user activities depending on subscription time. The {city} macro for creatives automatically detects users’ location and adds their city name to creative text.

5. Suomzilla

Suomzilla is an advertising network service that aims to assist affiliates and marketers in reaching a wider audience and earning more money from their traffic.

Since its founding, the firm has worked to provide cutting-edge traffic solutions that boost the success of marketers and affiliates across all sectors.

Whether you’re a novice starting up your first ad campaign or a seasoned pro with years of expertise, here are some tips for you. With Suomzilla on your side, you can do anything you set out to do in your campaign.

Marketers and publishers alike can be certain that our Self-service platform will always provide them with premium ad inventory and the most lucrative ways to monetize their visitors.

Their simple, easy-to-automate procedures mean you can let your campaigns run without interrupting your day, regardless of your level of experience.

6. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the most successful names in the ad networking industry, promising 100% of international traffic and the highest possible CPM.

The network is CPM-based, unlike AdSense, and it outsmarts all other networks by offering a very large variety of ad products.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads offers a good amount of options, and no matter which website or niche you are in, the platform will provide you with a product.

Propeller Ads can work really efficiently for you and be a good monetization solution for you if you have a good volume of social or direct traffic.

Key features include high CPM rates for push notification ads, lifetime incremental revenue from ads, and a large network of active publishers worldwide.

7. Ad-maven

Ad-Maven is one of the top Push Notification Ad Networks and a self-serve platform that possesses over 25 years of experience and, owing to its cutting-edge optimization technology pays you a good margin more than any other network.


Registering and signing up to Ad-Maven is quick and easy, so much so that everything, including picking your preferred monetization, copying a piece of code, and implementing it on your website, will be done in over 5 minutes, after which you can begin to monetize your website.

8. ActiveRevenue

Active Revenue Push ad network

ActiveRevenue is an advertising platform that provides access to high-performing ad units, granular targeting, and real-time bidding on CPM/CPC.

It also offers multiple optimization capabilities, including a sophisticated auto-optimization algorithm. The available ad formats include Push Notification, PPR (Zero Click), and Pop-under.

9. Push.house

push house

Push House is a top self-serve push notifications ad network. It has many hot traffic sources for your adult and mainstream offers. With over 525M active subscribers and 14B daily impressions, Push House has everything you need for success.

This RTB platform means you can bid on traffic in real-time and see your stats appear live from the dash as they happen.

Advertisers can bid on traffic in over 180+ Geos for a share of the ad network’s 31+M daily clicks.

10. iZooto

iZooto offers cost-effective web push notification tools to help publishers with audience building and driving user engagement.

iZooto is the second largest push notification platform in the world, with over 15,000 marketers using iZooto to push over 10 billion notifications a month.

izooto push notifications ad network

iZooto primarily focuses on helping publishers own their audience and invest in building their media assets. It allows publishers to monetize their websites using native content ads by simply tapping into web push notifications to drive traffic.

Native content ads served on push notifications attract CTRs up to 2% – 3%, unlike conventional display ads.

iZooto offers an incremental source of revenue from push notification ads by enabling publishers to generate 15-20% of their traffic using push notifications and consequently increasing their overall revenue by 15%.

11. Push Monetization

Push Monetization is a push notification software that was developed in 2017. It is designed to help advertisers send push notifications to their users while providing publishers with an additional revenue stream.

Push Monetization Review

With the help of superior targeting, users and subscribers can become potential customers with just one click or tap on the screen. This leads to better ROI for both advertisers and publishers.

Push Monetization has a massive outreach, reaching over 22784116 customers and sending over 150,000,000 monthly notifications.

It offers an untapped inventory and a unique monetization solution that makes it one of the best in the industry. You can target your desired audience by country, city, state, device, OS, browser, and many other categories.

The best-performing websites that use Push Monetization for push notifications include torrents, music MP3s, movie streaming, anime, picture-sharing sites, and more.

12. Adsterra


Adsterra is a friendly and flexible advertising network that delivers over 30 billion ad impressions worldwide per month. It works with 12K+ direct publishers and 8K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks.

Adsterra has a great multilingual support team that is ready to answer any inquiries 24/7. It also takes serious measures to detect, prevent, and fight fraud and scams.

Each website is thoroughly inspected before being approved by its own in-house security software, reliable third-party solutions, and a human check.

The brand invests in long-term relationships with publishers to produce stable growth of traffic flow at reasonable rates. This can drastically ease whitelist optimization for you.

13. MegaPu.sh

Megapu.sh is one of the newest ad networks in the internet industry and perhaps the very first ad network that allows you to send ads with push notifications.

MegaPush Review- Advertising Network Push Notifications

Megapu.sh is the perfect solution for you in case you are an affiliate marketer and are constantly looking for creative and effective ways to optimize your campaigns.

This network provides more control over your ad campaigns and is a great tool to engage readers and drive new people to your site.

14. Richpush


Richpush offers very high conversion rates and advanced targeting and is considered one of the best push notification ad networks because almost all niches show good performance under this network, whether shopping, health, education, gambling, finance, crypto, app installs, etc.

15. Ezmob

Ezmob is a mobile advertising company that helps you set up campaigns using a self-serve interface by allowing you to purchase mobile traffic and ultimately leverage the true power of real-time bidding.

You have complete control over your ad campaigns and are allowed to spend your advertising dollars more efficiently, making faster decisions and wasting less time.


Ezmob would get you traffic from over 160 countries, ensuring almost unlimited reach. It also offers a neatly organized self-serve dashboard that lets you have better control over your campaigns; you could even choose one of its highly skilled managers to do that for you.

16. Hilltopads

HilltopAds – Advertising Network

HilltopAds is a highly effective global advertising platform with a worldwide ad-serving network that aims to assist online businesses, advertisers, webmasters, and ad networks in increasing their conversions and revenue.

The platform provides some of the best-converting offers and high eCPMs, ensuring significant profits from website traffic monetization.

HilltopAds offers a wide range of ad formats and strives to maintain high-quality ads.

Why Should You Use Push Notifications Ads and Its Benefits?

Push notification ads are a highly visible and effective way to engage with your audience in real time. They offer direct interaction, personalization, and the ability to reach users on various devices.

Using push notifications allows you to deliver timely messages, promote offers, and increase brand awareness while targeting specific user segments.

However, it’s essential to respect user preferences and provide relevant content to ensure a positive user experience.

Using push notification ads can be beneficial for advertisers and businesses for several reasons:

1. High Visibility: Push notifications appear directly on users’ screens, grabbing their attention instantly. This high visibility increases the chances of users noticing and engaging with the ads.

2. Instant Delivery: Push notifications are delivered in real-time, making them ideal for time-sensitive promotions, flash sales, or breaking news updates. You can reach your audience quickly and effectively.

3. Direct Engagement: Push notifications allow for direct interaction with users. You can include clickable links that take users to a specific landing page, app, or website, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

4. Personalization: Push notifications can be personalized based on user preferences, behavior, and location. Personalized messages tend to be more relevant to users, leading to higher engagement rates.

5. Segmentation: Advertisers can segment their audience and send targeted push notifications to specific user groups. This ensures that the right message reaches the right people, improving campaign effectiveness.

6. Cost-Effective: Compared to some other advertising channels, push notification ads can be cost-effective. You can reach a broad audience without the high costs associated with some traditional advertising methods.

About Push Ads and Push Traffic

Push Ads: Push ads are like little notifications that pop up on your device screen, just like the ones you get for messages or app updates.

These ads come from websites you’ve visited before. They want to remind you about stuff you might be interested in, like new products, special offers, or news.

Push Traffic: Push traffic is when these notifications are sent out to lots of people who’ve agreed to receive them.

So, if you’re okay with getting these notifications and you’ve said “yes” to them, you’re part of the push traffic. It’s a way for companies to share their messages with people who want to hear from them.

Think of it as getting a friendly wave from your favorite store to let you know about their latest deals. It’s all about keeping you in the loop about things you might like.


💼 Who can benefit from using Push Notification Ad Networks?

Anyone who wants to advertise products, services, or information to a wide audience can benefit, from businesses to app developers.

📊 How can I target the right audience with push notifications?

You can target specific groups of people based on their interests, location, or behavior to make sure your messages reach the right people.

📈 How do I measure the success of my push notification campaigns?

You can track metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to see how well your campaigns are performing.

⚙️ Is it essential to get user consent for push notifications?

Yes, it's crucial to have users' permission before sending them push notifications. It helps maintain a positive user experience.

🔒 How can I ensure my push notification campaigns comply with privacy regulations?

Adhering to privacy regulations and obtaining proper consent from users is essential to ensure compliance.

😕 What should I do if users opt-out of receiving my push notifications?

If users opt-out, it's essential to respect their choice and not send them any more notifications to maintain a positive user experience.

About Push Notification Ad Network

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Conclusion: Best Push Notification Ad Network of 2024

After delving into the world of push notification ad networks, it’s clear that each platform has its unique strengths and offerings.

As someone who’s passionate about effective digital marketing and monetization, I believe that choosing the right network can significantly impact your engagement and revenue goals.

Remember, the best network for you depends on your specific needs, audience, and the kind of interaction you’re looking for. But I find Push.house and Evadav are the best options.

It’s worth noting that push notification ad networks can offer either lifetime revenue share based on ad impressions or a flat subscriber rate.

You can watch your needs and choose the right Ad network for you. This was my list of Best Push Notification Ad Networks of 2024.

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