7 Best Press Release Distribution Services Of 2024 (Ranked)

Looking for Best Press Release Distribution Services, you are at the right place.

Press coverage for your business is no easy task.

Developing relationships with reporters and editors take time and effort so they can give you the attention you need to grow.

As with guest blogging, you build your brand name by choosing the appropriate sources that present you in the best possible light.

In order to publicize a new product launch or company milestone, a press release distribution service is used.

A number of digital marketing agencies offer press release distribution in their ongoing services since press releases are among the best marketing strategies for digital growth.

Best Press Release Distribution Services

It’s crucial to know which service offers you the best return on investment because many business owners don’t fully comprehend just how important dialing in the purpose of a press release is.

Let me cover the best press release distribution services available right now in this post.

The following factors will be considered:

  • Reach of the distribution.
  • You’ll get different features with different services.
  • When the press release goes live.
  • There are many more.

Let’s get right to it.

What Is The Best Distribution Service For Press Releases?

The following are the best distribution services for press releases as of right now.


Accesswire reviews

ACCESSWIRE’s Press Release Distribution Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help your company announce the debut of a new product or service, earnings reports, investor relations communique, new hire announcements, an acquisition, or any other type of news.

They make it simple for you to get started and there aren’t any hidden costs. All you pay is a low, one-time fee that has global media sway.

Pay-as-you-go and package pricing options are available for ACCESSWIRE’s Press Release Distribution Service.

Using their press release distribution, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your news out there. If you want to get the word out about your company, ACCESSWIRE press release distribution services can assist. ACCESSWIRE is the sole news platform you should choose to distribute your company’s news and press releases because of its WIDE DISTRIBUTION and FLAT FEE price.

Accesswire testimonials

Languages Supported

Czech, Danish, German, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (Simplified)

At ACCESSWIRE, their ideals strive to expand minds, heighten awareness, promote empathy, and foster empowerment of all individuals.


Highlights include a variety of bundles and bulk discounts.

  • The website has an editorial tool that automatically formats the text submitted by users into press releases.
  • There are no word limits or additional fees associated with embedding YouTube videos.
  • The online newsroom is fully customizable, automatically uploads press releases, and includes an analytics dashboard.
  • Clients on the National and Premium plans enjoy 24-hour customer care and editorial support, a dedicated onboarding specialist and account manager, and PR report analytics.


  • The services are more expensive than those of competitors such as EIN Presswire, PRWeb, and Send2Press Newswire.
  • ACCESSWIRE only provides editorial support and does not write press releases.

2. PRWeb

PRWeb review

This is the best way to distribute your press release to hundreds of sources.

Through their distribution network, PRWeb allows you to syndicate your release to their network of sources.

Reporters and bloggers can embed multimedia content into your release to drive digital word-of-mouth with new and improved tools from PRWeb.

We can help you spread the word about your product launch, the release of a new virtual conference platform, or news about your company.

As an added bonus, PRWeb allows you to distribute your press releases across all major search engines, news outlets, social media channels, blogs, and podcasts, enabling you to build content easily.

This is very beneficial when it comes to increasing your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts through increased backlinks to your website.

Key Features:

  • PRWeb’s tools will help you create a story that will capture the public’s attention.
  • PRWeb distributes your press release to targeted media outlets according to editorial focus, geographic region, and circulation size.
  • Your social media links will be more visible if you use images, videos, and quotations.
  • Ensure that your brand is visible and has a positive impact on your target audiences’ online experience with your content.


PRWeb pricing

Prices for PRWeb are as follows:

  • A basic news release costs $99
  • The standard price is $189 per news release
  • A news release costs $289 in advance
  • News release premium: $389

3. PR Newswire

PR Newswire - press release

Engaging material is the best way to engage your target audience.

By using PR Newswire, you can listen to your consumers, share your story with the media, develop interesting material, and measure your success.

You may just find PR Newswire the best option for your company if you want all that.

No matter your level of experience or where you’re starting, PR Newswire gives you the tools for distributing newsworthy content efficiently across social sites, search engines, and top-tier publications.

By leveraging PR Newswire services, you can create compelling content to drive demand, engage readers, increase client connections and increase investor confidence.

The PR Newswire website offers a range of branding and measurement tools for evaluating the success of your campaigns in addition to top-tier distribution.

Utilizing their tools, it is easier to keep track of the issues taking shape, influence conversations, and make the right decisions regarding distribution.

Key Features:

  • PR Newswire helps you build brand awareness and drive revenue by interacting with your target audience.
  • Your newsroom should showcase your organization’s top stories, RSS feeds, and press releases.
  • Utilize PR Newswire’s tools to create compelling content and identify coverage opportunities.
  • Our industry-leading network will help you reach thought leaders and key influencers when you distribute your message.
  • PR Newswire offers a unique suite of planning and measurement tools to help you plan and execute your communications program effectively.


On their website, pricing information is not displayed. You will need to register for an account (the registration process is free) in order to get more information.

4. PR Underground.

PR Underground

Those who wish to be featured on Google News should use this service.

Media relations, press releases, and social media are all easy to manage with PR Underground.

You can rely on PR Underground to develop compelling content and reach the right people at the right time.

With their press release builder, PR Underground makes it easy to write powerful press releases.

More than 80 online news sites distribute the press releases via Google News, Apple News/Twitter/Instagram, Bing, and Google News.

Using this method, you can create content quickly, distribute it to targeted media outlets and monitor its performance.

Using a linking newsroom, you will be able to host your releases, photos, and videos in a branded newsroom.

Key Features:

  • Within minutes after releasing your press release, your headline may appear in Google News as a result of a keyword combination.
  • You will reach a large and diverse audience quickly by posting your press release to 80+ regional online news websites.
  • Send out a personalized outreach message to the appropriate journalists and influencers.
  • Public Relations Underground doesn’t just offer distribution tools – they also offer media monitoring tools. It allows you to see how many times your press release is shared on social media and what people are saying about it.
  • The social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook can be used to track related trends on your press release.


press release distribution- PR Underground

Pricing is available in four tiers:

  • Starting price: $49.99 per release
  • Gold: $99 a month
  • The premium plan is $149 per month
  • Prumax: $309 per release (maximum 750 words)

5. 24-7 Press Release

24-7 press release

Suitable for companies that need more brand exposure.

Our user-friendly, cloud-based platform can be used for traditional as well as digital distribution channels.

As well as creating media alerts, pitching stories, and tracking coverage, their platform can be utilized.

Your press release is likely to be picked up by major news outlets thanks to their extensive network of contacts.

You can use them to publicize your company or brand in the way you prefer.

With many years of experience providing press releases, 24-7 Press Release has the knowledge that comes from years of practice.

The majority of what is said and how it is delivered will be under your complete control.

By using this service, you also share your news with prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others.

Key Features:

  • By posting your narrative on their websites, their online distribution partners can increase your visibility.
  • During the time you choose, your press release will remain live on the 24-7 Press Release Newswire website.
  • The 24-7 Press Release service not only forwards your news to journalists, bloggers, and customers but also provides website owners with fresh, original content that can be posted online for more exposure.


press release service pricing

The following five pricing plans are available on Newswire:

  • Simple Post $19 for every release
  • Visibility Boost costs $49 for every release
  • PR Network PLUS costs $89 per release
  • Integrated Media PRO costs $139 for every release
  • Mass Media Visibility will cost you $389 per release

6. EIN Presswire

The best for going live within a few hours with a press release.

Uploading and creating press releases has never been easier than with EIN Presswire.

Using their wire service, you can distribute your release to other wire services and search engines.

Your story can be easily found by journalists and bloggers. Their platform allows you to see how many people have viewed it.

When it’s business hours, it takes them around an hour to check for distribution; at night and on weekends, it takes six hours.

The press release will be sent out immediately if it is approved without being scheduled to go live at a later date.

The release can also be scheduled for a specific time and date in the future.

Key Features:

  • With one click, they can reach millions of people through their extensive network of trusted news sites.
  • Publicize your business on suitable sites that cover closely related topics.
  • You can get the word out about your story by getting in contact with journalists and media influencers.
  • Make an impression without breaking the bank with budget-friendly choices that are economical and cost-effective.


einpresswire review

  • Basic: $99.95 for a press release
  • Pro+: $399 for ten releases plus four for free
  • Corporate: $999 for 50 releases plus ten for free

These free press releases are a special offer occurring now on Pro+ and Corporate plans, meaning that they might not be available indefinitely.

7. Business Wire

businesswire press

Storytelling can be a powerful tool for businesses that want to grow.

It is a full-service PR firm that helps you spread the word.

Their credentials include many years of experience and a wide network of contacts in traditional and digital media.

Since 1961, Business Wire has delivered breaking news to publications and online news sources.

Corporate communications, investor relations, public policy, marketing professionals, and more rely on its distribution service, which includes a collection of up-to-date news sites and media.

By using their patented NX Network high-speed system and partnering with dozens of international agencies around the world, Business Wire allows your important news to reach the widest audience for maximum impact.

Key Features:

  • Their team of experts can help you reach your business exposure objectives when it comes to both writing and distributing press releases in a manner that is consistent with your business principles.
  • A well-established company with a team of seasoned press release experts, they can assist you all along the way.
  • Various multimedia services are available to enable you to tell your story as effectively as possible.


There are three pricing options, which include logical, regional, and national coverage. Here are the prices:

  • Local costs are $475
  • Regional costs are $510
  • National costs are $940

A 400-word press release is used to calculate these prices.

8. GlobeNewswire

globenewswire review

To communicate your message effectively, multimedia is best used in press releases. GlobeNewswire offers specific distribution methods to help you reach journalists, investors, and customers. Brand awareness, internet exposure, and media attention can be achieved through targeted distribution approaches.

You can reach your target audience more effectively and gain their trust if you translate your message into their language.

Based on the contents of your press release, you will stand a greater chance of doing business with them.

Since GlobeNewswire’s solution is flexible, automated, and intuitive, it can be adapted to your everyday conversations.

Key Features:

  • You can create, distribute, and monitor your news globally with GlobeNewswire’s press release distribution service.
  • Their Press Release Distribution service allows you to target press releases for specific countries or media types. It reduces costs while increasing reach.
  • The site has been home to breaking financial and business news for years, so you can share your story there.
  • Make your story more engaging by using multimedia.


Their website does not mention pricing when logged out. Registering on their website will allow you to discover what services they offer.

Associated Press, Send2Press, eReleases, and PR Pro are other services not mentioned in this article.

What Are Press Release Distribution Services?

Press release distribution services assist you in submitting your press release to news organizations, blogs, social networking sites, journalists, newspapers, magazines, etc.

One of the best ways to spread the word about your business is through press releases. They’ll let people know what you’re up to.

This approach is generally used by companies to increase visibility and credibility.

Getting media attention is also a great benefit. You can reach the right people with the help of the best press release distribution companies.

Press release services are available in a variety of forms, but they are not created equal.

Those that provide comprehensive services and reach a wide audience allow you to tell your story more effectively.

The following are some qualities you should look for in the best press release services.

Characteristics of Press Release Distribution Services

Press release distribution services should have the following characteristics

If you’re looking for a company to distribute press releases for your business, then you should consider the following points.

A Good Reach

Using a press release service that has a large audience will help you reach as many people as possible. Getting your story published in major newspapers, magazines, and news sites, especially those that cover your industry, is key to getting your story noticed.

A company that is in a completely different industry and that does not sell products or services that anyone would be interested in reading about is of no interest to anyone.

Additionally, broad coverage increases the likelihood of other media outlets picking up your story, providing you with more exposure as a result of the initial release.

Distribution Channels

The channels a distribution company has access to are crucial when choosing a distribution company.

The following channels are examples of channels:

  • Social media marketing
  • Media outlets and websites
  • Online directories
  • Outbound websites

Larger companies with a long history have access to more channels than their competitors.

Visit the company’s website or speak with them directly if you want to know which ones they use.

A company with many distribution channels should be able to send the same press release to many media outlets at once.

Whenever you need a large quantity of something quickly, you want an option that won’t break the bank or require a longer turnaround time.

With top press release services sending content to ABC, Cision, CBS, NBC, Fox, and more, it’s crucial to know the type of coverage you can expect.

Ease of Use

The best distribution services for press releases are simple to use.

The interface should be intuitive, so it’s easy to submit your press release and track its progress.

In addition, you should also be able to get help if you need it.

If you are experiencing any problems, it is important to find a company with customer service representatives who can assist you.

When a press release company is hard to work with, it is a nightmare.

This is especially true if you’re a new business owner who doesn’t have experience using services like this before.


Having an interface to help you understand the metrics associated with your press releases is essential.

This information can help you improve your strategy and see what’s working and what’s not.

A good press release service gives you comprehensive analytics, so you can see how many people are viewing your release, how many are going to your website, and where you are getting the most traffic from.

Finding industry-specific media, optimizing placements, and syndication can be daunting.

Optimizing your distribution efforts can be made easier with the right analytics.

Reports can be generated in real-time, and are useful for any type of business, including startups, reputation management companies, and everything in between.

Multimedia and customization

Press release services that allow you to upload multimedia (such as images and videos) are the best. You can also customize the design and layout of your press release.

Moreover, some press release distribution services provide their own multimedia tools so you can create videos and images that help promote your story.

This is an excellent feature because you’ll know that you are producing high-quality content that will help you stand out from the competition.

Comprehensive Services

The best press release distribution companies provide comprehensive services that help you tell your story in the most effective way possible.

Pre-written templates are provided, as well as tips for creating a successful press release and ways to reach out to various media sources.

As well as helping you track your campaign’s results, they should also show you how effective it is.

When it comes to press releases, these services can be extremely helpful, especially if you are new to them or don’t have much experience with them.

Pricing of Press Release Distribution

The cost of a press release distribution company is one of the most important factors to consider.

If you are on a budget, it is essential that you find a PR service that offers affordable pricing.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of mediocre companies out there, they charge outrageous prices for their services. Conversely, you might not be able to get all the features you need from cheap press release distribution services.

It can be challenging to find the right balance, but it is not impossible.

Comparing options is the best way to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Some services charge by the number of words in your press release, so the longer the release, the more it will cost.

Same Day Distribution

When a PR distribution service is able to deliver your press release on the same day, you will be able to quickly reach your target audience.

It’s a great idea to use a company that provides immediate services when your news is timely, as you might be able to save some money in the long run. You want to send out a press release as soon as possible in order to get people to read it and start taking action.

Blogger Outreach

Online influencers and bloggers are frequently connected to PR distribution companies through media outlets and websites.

You should take advantage of the benefits that blogger outreach will bring to your campaign if you can tap into this network.

You can also find influencers through blogger outreach who might not have been included in a traditional release distribution campaign.

Your company will receive more exposure as a result.

Professional Press Release Writing

You should never be worried about a poorly written press release, whether you submit one or many.

A well-written press release, no matter what type you’re sending out, is essential if you’d like it to be noticed by the media.

PR distribution services should offer professional press release writing services that allow you to reach as many people as possible with your message while being properly written.

When signing up with such a service, you might receive proofreading as one of the features, so your press release can be mistake-free before being submitted.

Sites that offer Press Release Creation in Addition to Press Releases

Several top press release sites have begun offering content marketing services instead of just press release distribution.

Some of these services provide content other than press release a result. Examples include:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Webinars

The top PR distribution companies can become more competitive by providing these types of content. Furthermore, you can also promote the cause or brand of your company more comprehensively.

Customer Support

Businesses that provide customer-facing services, like press release distributors, need 24/7 customer service.

It’s important to realize that your chosen company will be there for you at any time if you need assistance.

It is essential for a business to have someone there to answer questions when something goes wrong and to troubleshoot.

National vs International Distribution

It is important to understand your target audience whether you are expanding nationally or internationally.

If you are choosing a service, the following things should be kept in mind:

  • The language in the press release
  • This press release will be released in a cultural context
  • The countries in which the service is available

It may be appropriate in some circumstances to distribute a national press release if your company is multinational or your target audience is international.

Those who specialize in this type of distribution reach a far wider audience than those who specialize in national distribution.

They are also often in contact with media outlets in more than one country, giving you more exposure.

There are, however, some services that offer international distribution that does not have the same reach and functionality. Before making your decision, do your research and compare services.

You will receive a certain number of press releases

Depending on the service, you may be able to send an unlimited number of press releases over a certain period of time, while others might have a limit.

If you want to plan accordingly, you need to know how many distributions your chosen service will provide.

You’ll want a service that offers unlimited distribution if you’re sending out multiple press releases.

A service that limits the number of distributions might be more cost-effective if you plan on sending only one or two press releases.

Quick Links

Wrap Up- Best Press Release Distribution Services 2024

When choosing the best press release distribution service, it’s important to keep the specific audience in mind, the type of content you wish to send along with the press release, and how often you want the press release sent out.

Ideally, a relationship between your company and the distribution company should be built over time in order to ensure that you get the best service for your particular needs.

Here are the best websites for distributing press releases right now:

  • PRWeb: Best for reaching hundreds of media outlets.
  • PR Newswire: The best way to share engaging content with your target audience.
  • PR Underground: Easily distribute press releases with PR Underground.

Consider these press release services when planning your next big move, whether you own an international third-party logistics company or run a small business that just launched event management software.

Do you ever publish press releases? What was your experience? When selecting a PR distribution company, what should you look for? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Press releases aren’t just used to announce new products. As well as improving your reputation management, you can influence what others think about your business when you use them.

They can also help you build links from relevant sources, ensuring you get a lot of exposure in your industry.

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