4 Best PowerAdSpy Alternatives: Which PowerAdSpy Alternative is the best?

Are you going to start a digital marketing effort? After that, you’ll need to take some time to make sure your web advertisements look and work properly.

However, if you employ technology like PowerAdSpy, you might save yourself the tiresome task.

You can use PowerAdSpy to learn more about the most effective advertising campaigns of your top rivals. The greatest advertising tracking program for your business might not be PowerAdSpy.

4 Best PowerAdSpy Alternatives

1) Adspy

PowerAdSpy Alternatives - Adspy

The best PowerAdSpy choice on our list is AdSpy, a tool that can monitor ads across several platforms. It is considerably more widely accessible than PowerAdSpy, which is only available in 20 countries, with a distribution of over 203.

Approximately 50 million advertisements are in the PowerAdSpy database, while over 93 million are in the AdSpy database.

Facebook and Instagram advertisements can be tracked and recorded using AdSpy and PowerAdSpy. On the other side, PowerAdSpy is more thorough because it includes both native and GDN adverts.

Utilizing AdSpy has the benefit of giving you more search possibilities. You can search for ad data using keywords, URLs, or page names. You can filter your results by affiliate ID, affiliate network, offer ID, and other identifiably related elements.

You can also browse the comments to find out what kind of client feedback your rivals’ websites are receiving.

The user-friendly interface of AdSpy sets it apart from PowerAdSpy in another way. You can quickly search for and find advertisements using AdSpy’s intuitive interface. This is as a result of how quickly our servers respond.

Additionally, AdSpy offers exact demographic information. You can discover the area, gender, and age of the audience that each advertisement is intended for.

Customers are not given enough support or resources by AdSpy. In actuality, PowerAdSpy offers you more trustworthy information and support channels than AdSpy.

AdSpy Pricing 

AdSpy Pricing 

AdSpy promotes its pricing policy as being “transparent and fair.” For $149 per month, you can use the entire application and all of its features. AdSpy is still in its infancy, so bear in mind that this is just the beginning.

The conclusion is that AdSpy’s ad database is substantially bigger than PowerAdSpy’s. In other words, AdSpy offers more ad monitoring options than PowerAdSpy. AdSpy costs less than PowerAdSpy, so you can use it and save money.

2) Social Ad Scout

PowerAdSpy Alternatives - Social Ad Scout

Similar to PowerAdSpy, Social Ad Scout enables you to keep an eye on advertisements across various social media platforms. Both services watch commercials from more than 20 different countries, which is what they both do. Millions of advertisements can be found in the Social Ad Scout database.

Furthermore, thanks to its simple user interface, Social Ad Scout is easy to use. Your ad searches are finished in a matter of milliseconds, and you can trust that every one of the results is precise.

In many ways, PowerAdSpy and Social Ad Scout are fairly similar. There are different ways to search, and each platform shows both picture and video advertisements.

You can utilise language, URLs, different ad types, different devices, different indicators, etc. to find advertisements. On the other hand, compared to PowerAdSpy, Social Ad Scout offers additional search options.

Utilizing cross-device variety, you can distinguish between your desktop and mobile advertisements. You’ll be able to tell apart ads that run on the two most widely used mobile platforms as a result.

The database of Social Ad Scout’s ads contains comprehensive usage instructions for each advertisement. This includes the total number of times the advertisement was watched, who saw it, what devices they used to view it, how well it performed, and other details.

You can also interact with live advertisements.

PowerAdSpy just displays the destinations of adverts, but Social Ad Scout enables you to download copies of these pages to your computer.

The package contains all of the landing page’s components, including scripts, pictures, and videos.

Social Ad Scout Pricing

Social Ad Scout Pricing

Social Ad Scout fees are available on a monthly, bimonthly, or annual basis. The price breakdown is as follows:

  • The monthly cost of the Monthly Plan is $147.
  • The semi-annual plan has a cost of $127 per month, or $762 every six months.
  • An Annual Plan is offered for $1,164 per year (or $97 monthly).

Consider using Social Ad Scout if you want to find more advertising and are looking for a PowerAdSpy substitute. Both programs keep track of social media advertisements, however, Social Ad Scout is not site-specific like some of the others. However, Social Ad Scout is substantially more expensive to use than PowerAdSpy.

3) BigSpy

PowerAdSpy Alternative - BigSpy

BigSpy is a respectable alternative to PowerAdSpy in the area of online advertising. The site claims to have a library of over 650 million unique ad creatives and has been used by over 320,000 digital marketers to date.

You can track advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and the Google Display Network using PowerAdSpy. On the other hand, BigSpy offers even more resources for tracking adverts.

You can keep an eye on social ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Yahoo with the help of BigSpy.

Additionally, BigSpy evaluates advertisements from about 40 countries, whereas PowerAdSpy investigates adverts from about 20 nations.

BigSpy’s ad database is so bigger than PowerAdSpy’s. In fact, they have more than a billion commercials in their database.

Use the advanced search facility to look for advertisements. It lets you use a variety of keywords and sorting options. Filter by call-to-action (CTA), date, country, format, ad kind, and other factors.

BigSpy chooses the most efficient and well-liked advertisements each day and presents them to you as “Featured Ads.” Use BigSpy to check out the search phrases that other users are entering.

You can monitor all tracked advertisements hosted on the website using the program’s My Tracked dashboard.

Users of BigSpy have access to a wide range of resources and solid support options. A LiveChat option, a page with frequently asked questions, a website with tutorials, and other services are available.

A Google Chrome browser plugin from BigSpy performs identical duties as the PowerAdSpy extension.

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy Pricing

There are four separate pricing tiers available from BigSpy, including the following:

  • The entirely cost-free Free Plan.
  • Basic Plan: Your credit card will be charged $9 each month
  • The Pro Plan has a monthly price of $99
  • The $399 monthly Elite Plan, which is billed to you.

BigSpy, as opposed to PowerAdSpy, enables users to keep track of over a billion advertisements across six of the most well-liked social media platforms.

4) Ad Sector

A PowerAdSpy substitute called AdSector concentrates on advertising statistics rather than ad espionage. It is a well-designed spy tool that will be very helpful to eCommerce merchants and affiliate marketers.

You may track advertisements from online advertising campaigns with AdSector.

Its target market is not restricted to social media networks, unlike PowerAdSpy. You can use this tool to look for advertisements and sort them by keywords, platforms, affiliate networks, advertisers, and publishers.

The AdSector user interface is made to be accessible to all users. If you’re specifically interested in advertising photos, this is a fantastic PowerAdSpy substitute to take into account.

You can store ads that attract your attention so you can read more about them later.

This application is mostly used for advertising analytics, as was previously stated. You will get comprehensive statistics that cover all the metrics important to each advertisement in their database.

You can discover information about the country, gender, age, relationship status, ad type, ad placement, likes, comments, and views, among other things.

AdSector can be used to locate every ad landing page. You may download these landing pages with one click and then add them to your marketing campaign with another.

On the other hand, AdSector is a poor customer service substitute for PowerAdSpy.

AdSector Pricing

AdSector is currently available for a special introductory price. The app must be purchased on a monthly basis, but the first month only costs $249, which is $79 less than the $349 standard price.

AdSector will, without a doubt, offer a higher return on investment than PowerAdSpy. Consider this alternative if you need a more sophisticated ad snooping service that offers more in-depth data.

These are a few of the elements that go into the platform’s comparatively high price.

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Wrapping up: Which PowerAdSpy alternative is the best?

The top ten PowerAdSpy alternatives have been gathered in case PowerAdSpy does not meet the needs of your business.

I think AdSpy is the best of the PowerAdSpy competitors that are currently available.

More secret information is available to you through AdSpy than through the other options. AdSpy provides a beginner-friendly interface and a reasonable pricing structure.

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