7 Best Places To Sell Your Gift Cards Online Instantly 2024

Listen up, gift cards – they’re like a ticking time bomb of shopping potential. But let’s face it, and sometimes they just don’t hit the mark; they’re just cash left idle in your wallet.

But fear not, ’cause if you’ve got a bunch of unwanted gift cards gathering dust, you can turn that dead weight into cold hard cash by selling them online.

And let me tell you, if you’re in the market for a quick and easy gift card sell-off, you’ve come to the right place, my friend.

I’ll show you the ropes, give you the rundown on the Best Places To Sell Your Gift Cards Online Instantly, where to sell ’em for top dollar, and most importantly, how to keep yourself safe while doing it.

How To Sell Gift Cards Online?

Listen up; If you want to sell gift cards online, you gotta know the right steps to take. 

First, find a reputable platform to list your cards, whether an auction site or a direct sales site (that we will share in this article). 

Next, set a price, and provide information about the card and its worth. And finally, ensure to securely process and safely deliver the card to the buyer. 

That’s how you do it, like a boss.

Now let us dig into the best sites where you can cash them out.

Best Places To Sell Your Gift Cards Online 2024

1. CardCash

Well, let me tell you something, one of the best places to sell your gift cards is CardCash.

CardCash is an online platform that specializes in buying and selling gift cards. They offer a convenient way for people to exchange their unwanted gift cards for cash or use them to purchase cards from popular retailers at discounted prices. 

CardCash provides a secure platform to ensure that buyers and sellers have a positive experience. 

So if you’re looking to offload some gift cards you don’t want or looking for a great deal on a card you do, CardCash might be the place for you, so check it out, my friend.

CardCash: Best Places To Sell Your Gift Cards Online


  • Quick Payments
  • Minimal fees


  • The chances of being scammed are high, so be careful.

2. Gift Cash

GiftCash is another platform that allows individuals to sell their unwanted gift cards for cash. 

They provide a quick and simple solution for people to turn their unused gift cards into cash that they can use. 

They ensure a secure transaction process for both the buyer and the seller, making it a reliable choice for people looking to offload their unwanted gift cards. 

So I suggest you sell the unwanted gift cards that you don’t plan on using with GiftCash. It’s simple, fast, and convenient.

Gift Cash: Best Places To Sell Your Gift Cards Online


  • You can pay even in Crypto
  • Highly secure and authentic


  • You can buy cards that are worth $25 or above.
  • Physical card selling requires you to undergo the tedious process of the card reader and all such verification processes.

3. Raise

Third, on our list for selling away your gift cards is Raise.

Raise, which is available on both iOS and Android, has earned a good reputation as a top destination for selling gift cards online. It is an e-commerce platform that allows you to turn unused gift cards into cash.

Selling gift cards on Raise is simple. Just create a free account, input the details of your card, and place it on the market. 

Remember that a 15% seller fee will be charged once your gift card sells. Physical gift cards may also incur a fee of either $2.75 or 1%, whichever is greater.

With Raise, you can preview the amount you stand to make from your gift card before selling it. So, why wait? Start selling your gift cards today and reap the rewards.


  • Have really good control over your cards
  • Fully secure and safe platform to sell your cards.


  • The only drawback is a higher seller rate of 15%

4. GameFlip

Unlike its peers, GameFlip can be found on iOS and Android. It’s not just any ordinary website for selling gift cards – it’s specially crafted for video game-related items. 

If you have gift cards for video games, GameFlip is the perfect platform for converting them into cash.

Accepted gift cards on GameFlip include Amazon, Xbox, App Store, Google Play, and PSN. 

As a seller, you have full control over the sale, including the price you set for your gift cards.

Withdrawing your earnings requires an electronic wallet, such as Skrill or Bitcoin. Unfortunately, PayPal is not supported.

Please note that using GameFlip comes with specific fees. There is an 8% fee for all seller listings and an additional 2% fee for digital-only products.



  • Great platform for selling gaming cards
  • Have a wide range of options other than gift cards.


  • Minimal ways to draw your money

5. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is your answer if you’re looking for an easy and simple way to sell your gift cards. You can access this platform through both iOS and Android devices.

To get started, you simply need to enter the brand and balance of your gift card. Soon enough, offers will start to appear your way. Pick the one that works best for you, select how you’d like to receive your payment, and confirm the offer by providing all the necessary information.

Within a few days, you’ll have your payment in hand. It’s that easy.

Gift Card Granny


  • The platform is very simple to use
  • Have a good amount of trust and reliability among its customers.


  • The value of the cards is significantly less

6. CardPool

Cardpool is another platform known for offering competitive cash-back rates for unused gift cards, up to an impressive 92%. 

However, the exact amount you can receive back depends on the type of card you have; some cards can only be redeemed for up to 35% of the original value. 

The website is generally considered reliable, which means buyers have a higher chance of successfully selling their cards.

When it comes to customer service, Cardpool has been known to fall short of expectations. They do not have a dedicated customer service team and instead rely on automated responses and limited FAQs. 

This can be a downside for those looking for a more human touch when it comes to customer service.


  • Lot of options to choose from


  • Customer service is poor and needs a lot of improvement.

7. CardKangroo

Last on our list is CardKangaroo. This is an online platform where you can buy and sell gift cards.

You can also use this site to trade gift cards.

With these steps, you can effortlessly sell your gift cards:

Login to the website and upload your card details and wait until cashKangroo sends you some exciting offers. You can choose from any offers and trade your gift cards for cash.

When you sell gift cards here on this platform, they offer you a whopping 92% or above cash back.

FAQs On Best Places To Sell Your Gift Cards Online 2024

👉 How can I sell Amazon Gift Cards Online?

Amazon gift cards have become a common headache for most. You keep on receiving them for every single occasion. But just because you have a gift card, you cannot keep buying something right. So you got to do something about it. However, most platforms mentioned above accept amazon gift cards. But make sure to check before, as many websites out there don't really accept these electronic gift cards.

🤔 What to do with unwanted Gift cards?

This is a real problem, to be honest. I have been there, and trust me; I wish I had known this before. But if you have loads of unwanted gift cards, then you can regift them to your friends. It might be a cruel idea, but someway you got to get rid of them. Another way is to sell them out for cash or exchange them, a giveaway for charity, or even if you have some money, buy something for yourself or your family, friends, or loved ones. I would say if you really feel that the card is not worth much to you, then simply give it away as a charity.

👉 How can I avoid being scammed with Gift cards?

To avoid being scammed with Gift cards, I would say stick to some good websites. Who are in business for a long time and have a good number of reviews and some excellent customer support. The above-mentioned sites are reputable, but again, I have to mention this, don't just go blindly. Do your research.

✔️ Can I transfer my card to my bank account?

Although you cannot directly transfer a gift card to a bank, you can transfer the money from a gift card to a bank account by Paypal, Venmo, or any other cash app. Whenever you use that card, your amount will be directly credited to your bank account.

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Conclusion: Best Places To Sell Your Gift Cards Online 2024

So, here we are at the end of our list. I hope you have found some amazing places to sell your old, piled-up gift cards for some instant cash.

Try out these platforms and let us know in the comments box how you feel about them.

Also, if you are aware of any more platforms like these which are authentic, secure, and spam-free, then let us know below.

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