10 Best Photoshop Plugins You Must Have 2024

Photoshop plugins act like what is called mini editors which can modify images. These plugins play an important part while editing images to make them life like. A point has to be noted here that about these plugins enhance the performance of Photoshop in a promising way. In fact some of these plugins have won awards as they can regenerate an ambiance with a personalized artistic frame.

10 Best Photoshop Plugins


These plugins are easy to install and most of them can be installed by accessing Photoshop. What this means is that some of them can be manually installed and quite effortlessly. This is very true as most of these plugins are easy to work with, yes but one needs to get the hang of things. Otherwise it may look confusing at times but with little practice and knowledge, the use of Photoshop plugins can seem to be a cake walk.

A little about Host applications
Moreover Photoshop supports these plugins and mention has to be made about host applications that are graphic application which aid these plugins to run successfully. In fact post 2005 Adobe has granted rights to developers could access SDK through the web without any fees.

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So here is list of 10 Best Photoshop plugins

Here is a list of such 10 best Photoshop plugins that developers have found to be compatible and useful with of the operating systems:

1) Exposure 3

Exposure 3

This is an excellent tool which lends a natural look to the photographs. It has more than 500 organic looks and analog techniques with a lot of creative choices. It has to be added that the plugin is easy to handle for cross processing and there is no mumbo-jumbo required for this. 

2) Filter Forge

Filter Forge

This plugin has proven to be of great help for developers as they can customize an image in any way they want for filtering effects. It is a versatile tool that gives a creative edge to images by providing special effects to single applications. Hence developers get to choose from a range of colors and styles to redecorate their work. 

3) Web Zap

Web Zap


So far is the best friend of web designers and blogging because it allows the layout to be conducted on 960 grid system. This tool can create and style text along with add buttons very quickly. Hence this can save time and effort for all and sundry. There is a reason behind this pace which lies in its using feature, fold and navigation technique in the best possible ways. 

4) PhotoTune 3

PhotoTune 3

This application can enhance and correct the colors of images in a jiffy. Additionally it augments the sharpness and color of an image that can be handled even without the actual knowledge of curves and levels in Photoshop. This certainly is a user friendly plugin that can do wonders to a picture. 

5) Pixel Dropr


While working on multiple projects this plugin really serves like no other one can. That is very true as this authorizes the user to create around 100 button, photos, UI kits and icons. One can fill in the Photoshop by converting these into files which means it is a beneficial plugin for productivity any day. 

6) Blow Up 3

Blow Up 3

In simple words this is a wonderful plugin that adds precision to images. It can enlarge pictures without causing significant changes to the picture quality. This comes handy when designers work with pictures sent by clients that usually lack clarity. 

7) Renamy ­


Renamy is a tool that saves time from naming all the layers separately which can be a painful work while in operations. It also has an auto complete function that can be used over typing to save more time. This plugin also offers free version that can tried and tested before getting into the real one. 

8) Portraiture


This is a plugin that gives images the ultimate boost that is required. It retouches portraits and makes them blemish free. This means it refines and even tones the texture of the skin of images without disturbing the details of the required areas. 

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This can save that coding time as it is used to calculate and convert layers of Photoshop into CSS3 This renders live effect and can easily get feasible with CSS. As a result of which strokes, outer glows, rounded corners, drop-shadows and text all get transformed into CSS3 by design. 

10) Knoll Light Factory

Knoll Light Factory


This is the most famous plugin that is used for stills as well as movies. The reason being that of one can get around 100 or more realistic presets which will assist the lens merge ordinary clicks in just s few seconds.

Advantages of using Photoshop plugins  

These Photoshop plugins quite obviously serve as a great boon to developers all across the world. There is more to them and why people prefer using them which can be further explained like this:

  • These plugins come with multiple presets which mean there are many creative options to choose from.
  • These presets on the other hand mean that they offer the user ideas that may not have crossed their mind otherwise.
  • In the same way developers can get editing ideas which they would not have thought about.
  • These tools can help developers with the look of the images in a resourceful way.
  • Makes a developer use innovation in an unrestrained manner.
  • In short these applications can save time if one can use them properly.
  • Gives an aesthetic look to images.

One may find it difficult to use in the beginning but they are the best of creativity blended with technology. This suggests that there is no dearth of plugins, thought provoking ideas and inspiration while using these Photoshop plugins for digital artists. These plugins offer artists with an array of colors, user friendly interfaces and instruments that are important for producing that effect.

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Think about content writing, infographic information as implementing these plugins can do wonders. In other words these plugins can provide that finishing touch that is a necessity for any piece of art!

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  1. Nice listing. How often you see an enterprise web content management solution coming up with this variety of tools. WordPress certainly is a first choice Content Management System (CMS) considering the availability of tools for each business requirement. Article is a good example of plugins used for Photoshop graphics. Usually, these are the tools which you don’t find easily in other CMSs. I feel these type of tools are available only with Joomla, Drupal and Sitefinity CMS apart from WP.
    Article defines number of plugins each with some unique qualities, I would like to use specific plugins for particular tasks. For example I use CSS3Ps if there is trouble in sizing, coloring and naming the CSS elements, Pixel Dropr is majorly used for Icons, Buttons or Photos where it gives me hundreds of option to choose from. Then I use PhotoTune, this helps me to improve photo quality and adds sharpness to images. Make sure to use proper mix of tools over your website for best results.

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