Best Top Online Storage For Photos & Videos Sharing 2024 (Working)

If you are photo manic and you have thousands of photos on your phone and unfortunately you do not have storage to store them all. Then you do not have any other option to delete or save them to your PC but you do not want to share it with your family or friend them in that what will you do.

The best option for that is you can save them in a cloud storage, that is what I am doing here giving you the list of five best online cloud storage services for photos.

You can choose any one of them given providers,. You can create a single library and many upload features from your phone, digital camera or tablet. You can access them anywhere anytime but in one condition you must have internet access. We have found many convenient best cloud storage for photos. They will provide 5 GB of storage with

 Best Top Online Storage For Photos & Videos Sharing 2024 (Working)

 If you have a lot of albums you can choose a free storage space in an online photo storage solution. If your data is then less 15 GB then you can use these types online photo cloud backup. it also allows you to share your photos with friends and social media. It also has file syncing across multiple devices so that you can sync it from the laptop.

If you want to upload your file and you are having thousands of photos and you want to upload them to their locations then you can choose Google drive.  Here in this post, we have compiled the list of best and reliable Online Storage For Videos & Photos. Check out our complete list here.

List Of Best Online Storage For Photos & Videos Backup In 2024


It provides 5 GB of free storage and gives zero knowledge encryption. It is most secure and the best cloud photo storage. It also provides end to end encryption. It is one of the secure DROPBOX alternatives. Online Storage For Photos & Videos

You can choose over many platforms to upload your data by mobile, desktop and tablet. The upload time may vary from all other providers because it provides encryption and gives you privacy. In those images and slideshows are possible. But this process depends on your internet speed. Sharing of the picture is as secure as storing pictures.

You can send links which I protected with passwords protected. It provides easy syncing and tops the list with the seamless interface and high security. If to want to use its free service then you can visit

It also has a vault option apart from syncing which is for backups. It also has an amazing feature having the ability to deactivate the “rest account password”. If somehow your email got compromised then also your cloud vault will protect your data.


  • 5 GB free storage
  • Zero knowledge encryption
  • Password protected file sharing
  • No file size limits


  • Up and downloading takes time
  • Slow slideshows

2. pCloud:

This is the best option available to store your photos. pCloud has zero-knowledge encryption .

pCloud- Online Storage For Photos & Videos

They have preview for many formats. It does not encrypt files locally. In this images, pull-ups are faster than others. When your data is transiting on the cloud then it will encrypt your data.

pCloud provides up to 10 GB of free storage. There is not need to download neither the pCloud Drive or the mobile app in order to use it. It can be accessed only via the browser version.

If you are sharing your link then it will public links, the other private link option is available for paid users. Overall you can go for this outstanding backup option. You can sync files across multiple devices.  Through the desktop app, you can view shared files, public links, and current downloads. It supports file versioning.


  • Automatic uploads from camera
  • File syncing and versioning
  • Options to save the email address
  • File uploads via custom email


  • Better pricing options needed

3. IDrive:

It also provides file syncing and storage as an extra feature. It also gives private encryption and free 5 GB space. It comes with tons of feature, options, and other customization. It provides incredibly fast speed. It is the only cloud backup option which comes with file sync features.

Online Cloud Backup IDrive®- Online Storage For Photos & Videos

The result of that you can even turn any folder into a dedicated synchronizing folder. This feature is like a miracle and will solve many problems for people who struggle between personal and work computers. It will upload even viruses and nasty stuff.

It does regular backups. When you install it, it will automatically select folders and files to be uploaded. And you can also choose specific folders to backup it whenever you wanted. It only gives true downside highest amount of storage is 10 GB. It works smoothly with windows explorer.

Its backup servers including:

  • SQL
  • Exchange
  • Oracle
  • VMWare


  • Up to 10 GB storage
  • file syncing
  • private encryption
  • continuous data protection
  • windows explorer encryption


  • a bit expensive
  • no unlimited storage
  • no monthly payments plans
  • no preview with encryptions.

4. Google Drive:

It is enhanced version of PICASA, when they started it was a photo editing tool now it’s a cloud storage. With Google Drive, you will get unlimited space for photo storage. It is absolutely free of charge. With some extraordinary features it has some catches:

Google Drive Cloud Storage - Online Storage For Photos & Videos

Like photos can be of 16 megapixels resolution, if you wanted to save the higher quality of photos or in the Raw format it definitely count towards your total Google drive storage. And there is the limit of a number of photos like you have 2000 photos per folder and you want to store more then you will have to save in another folder.

In the Google photos, it has an incredible search that will identify elements in the picture. Suppose you had saved some photos related to beach background then if you search beach then it will automatically search that photo. But in some cases, it will not work perfectly.

If you have uploaded some documents then you can have search text option through which you can search many documents. Its mobile app is providing automatic backup of photos.  If you have some data and you do not want to share it with anyone then you can go to Google Drive.


  • free unlimited photo storage
  • 15 GB free storage space
  • Automatic camera roll back up
  • Robust search algorithm


  • Hi-res pics meet storage limit
  • 2000 photos per album limit
  • No encryption option available
  • Google has privacy issues

5. OneDrive:

You may ask that what this one is doing in the list but it should be there in the top list. For users, it provides 15 GB of free storage space. It automatically tags to your photos which makes you easy to find it again.

Microsoft OneDrive- Online Storage For Photos & Videos

But the search algorithm is not as powerful as Google. It is the only cloud storage which tells the images details like camera type, aperture. It has an amazing option which allows a user to add their one drive images to website pages known as “embed” option.

A user who is currently using office 365 will get 1TB of free storage from this outstanding OneDrive. It’s a Microsoft cloud storage due to which it has good integration with Windows 10. When you save any of the MS Office files, it will automatically be uploaded to its servers.


  • 15 GB of free storage for all
  • 1TB for office 365 users
  • Detailed camera information
  • Automatic tags for each image


  • Slow uploads and downloads
  • No local encryption
  • 20,000 file limit per account

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Over To You: Best Online Storage For Photos & Videos 2024

These are the options you will ever have for cloud storage provider. When you upload your pictures in cloud storage then you are setting privacy in case your device stolen or files may get corrupted then all of your data will be safe. After all, pictures carry a moment which you had created earlier and you will never want to lose that. We would like to recommend following cloud backup services.


Get Started With IDrive


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Get Started With Google Drive


Feel free to tell us which cloud backup service you use in order to backup your photos. videos and files right in the comment section. Do share this post on all trending social media platform.

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