3+ Best Logo Design Ideas For Business To Try 2024 (Top Pick)

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All people want are things which are crisp and dainty. Especially if you are a business owner, it’s easy to understand it, taking into account the case of logos. They might be minimized and pushed to corners, but they are integral to every brand. Designing a logo, therefore, is a very vital process. Read the article Logo Design Ideas for Business to get a sneak peek into everything it takes to design a logo.

You will get to read some solid tips to spark your inspiration, some popular logo generators, their pricing plans, and get a few of your questions answered.

Popular solutions for online logo generation

3+Best Logo Design Ideas for Business To Try 2024

1)Tailor Brands- The most popular solution for designing logos online

Tailor Brands is one of the most suitable and popular logo makers. It has successfully overcome the limitations posed by its competitors. This is AI-based and the logo designing journey will be slightly different from them. From the very first step, you have a wide array of options to choose from. Feel free to decide whether your logo should only be an icon or the initial alphabets of your company name. They will design based on the type you want.

Tailor Brands-Overview

They provide inspiration for logos under all categories. You might work in any industry, Tailor Brands guarantees you an idea. You can browse through all that is available and decide the one that suits you the best. They not only help you frame the design but also give tips to create logos of every type.

Tailor Brands allows you to play with designs while you create your logo. Every element of it can be customized. One, the most significant feature which makes it stand out is, with Tailor Brands, you can create absolutely unique designs. Yes, absolutely unique. They let you draw abstract shapes as layouts for your logo. Shapes that are confined to your imagination. So the fear of copyright issues is ruled out.

Business becomes flawless with them. Since they are integrated with social media tools, you can immediately share your logo after the creation is complete. Not only that, the resizing tool automatically resizes your logo according to the accepted size of different social media platforms. They have partnered with Zazzle to help you print your logo on anything you want without having to switch sites.

The benefits don’t stop here. They still have more to give. On every special occasion, they add relevant elements to your logo automatically. For instance, a Santa cap on Christmas Day. Interesting, right?

Like most other logo generators, the designs are saved before buying. But what makes Tailor Brands different is that all the changes you make in the process will be saved. So even if you have made 10 different changes and feel that the second one was pretty good and the most favorable, you can get back there and buy it.

The customer support team is efficient. Your queries can be addressed through email or live chat. They provide for three plans, basic, standard, and premium with gradually upgrading features and thus the prices. Taking into account the benefits it confers, the price can be said to be reasonable enough.

2) DesignMantic : Best Logo Design Ideas For Business

It is an online Logo generator that can ease the process of getting inspiration and designing your logo. It does not run on AI algorithms and is library-based like a lot of its contemporaries. By choosing the industry you work in and entering the name of your company, it becomes easy to look for ideas and proceed.

They provide for 6432 icons of the logo on an average. All of them might not be very interesting. But you have the freedom to change the colors and certain segments to make them look pretty exciting. Because there is a drag and drop option available, it becomes suitable for users to shuffle elements and layouts as per their needs. DesignMantic also allows you to add different shapes to customize your logo.


It is very user-friendly. There are no over complications and the icons are self-explanatory. If you are a newbie and are not acquainted with the buttons, do not hesitate to experiment. The undo button will get you back to where you were. So feel free to click and see everything that’s there.

You can create your logos for free and save them while you decide to buy them. But remember, in order to download the logo, you need to pay. Besides logos, they also design other graphics. Be it a T-Shirt, Letterhead, Card, you can get it done with DesignMantic. The customer support is quite impressive. You can contact them through phone, live chat, or ticket system. The plans are quite affordable. You will be given an idea about it in the ‘pricing’ section of this article.

3) Looka : Best Logo Design Ideas For Business

Looka is an AI-based logo maker. It has some add-ons that make it more choosable. You just have to specify what kind of logo you wish to create. Then just keep on clicking ‘generate’ till you are satisfied with a design. Artificial intelligence takes care of the rest.

They claim to have your logo ready in minutes and also live up to that. The icons, colors, fonts, typefaces can be customized. But when it comes to the gradient, the options are not much. It’s better to know beforehand that you cannot drag and drop. So the layouts cannot always be exactly the way you want.


But Looka is not only about limitations. The logos available by default look pretty good and satisfactory. That is a great advantage. In comparison to its alternatives, Looka provides a longer span for revision. Within 72 hours of purchase, you can alter it as many times as you want. To compensate for the limitation, they offer the possibility of hiring a designer for an hour. This can help you add a professional touch to your logo. 

You can save your logo for further changes before you purchase it. It is easy to use and everything is self-explanatory. Because of the add-ons, you can design other graphics too. And there are accent marks, in case your company’s name is something other than English. When in doubt, you can engage in live chat with them.

Pros and Cons Best Logo Design Ideas For Business

With technology creating a wider space for itself every single day and digitalization being the trend, the transformation of activities from offline to online modes is starkly visible. So is the case for designing a logo for your business. 

Gone are the days when people used to hire professional designers, take hours to conceive an idea, and bring it out on paper. The endeavors were a lot. Nowadays, the process has become extremely simple and fast. With exceptional online tools and unlimited designs, available by default, all you have to do is make minor changes and fit your business name. Online Logo generators have become the first choice of business owners nowadays. 

Yet, there are questions left to be answered. Are they worthy of all the praise? Do they really have an edge over the offline mode or have risen to importance because they super simplify the process?

Without much fuss, let’s have a look at the merits and demerits of creating your logo online.


  • It is easy: Whether you are tech-savvy or not, creating a logo for your business is always a piece of cake for you. All thanks to these online logo makers. They come with tools and exceptional features that allow you to create the best of designs even if you are an infant in designing. All you have to do is click multiple times according to the instruction and your suitability. The responsibility of the final product is theirs.
  • It is not time-consuming: Have the deadline for your launch approaching? No worries. With these online creators, you do not even need a full day to design your logo. It is just a matter of a few hours. From trying out hundreds of templates to making all changes you want, everything can be done in a very short span since you do not have to start from scratch.
  •  You can tailor your logo according to your needs: While working with online logo makers, you are exposed to a lot of possibilities. They provide you with different font styles, colors, graphics, etc. You have the freedom of trying all of them out and find what suits your business idea the best.
  • You can make changes as many times as you want: It is expected that you will go on altering the design until you are satisfied with the final product. But if you hire a designer for the purpose, the person might find you annoying and snobbish. So creating logos online is a big rescue. If you have enough patience and you are a perfectionist, then carry on. No one will stop you even if you make hundreds of changes.
  • It is pocket friendly: Online logo making will certainly save your pocket. There are very affordable plans to which you can subscribe and get your work done. Even free logos with watermarks are available.


  • The logos might not look professional: Experts in the field are of the view that creating logos online, dilutes their professional look. Therefore, the identity of the business suffers a setback in the industry and consequently fails to bring about the desired results.
  • They lack uniqueness: Even though there are a lot of options to try out, after an extent you will find yourself getting back to the same point and switching between similar designs. Besides, there is sufficient probability for someone else to have used a similar kind of design as yours. So, the logos might appear as if they are copied.
  • It creates confusion: As discussed in the earlier point, someone else can use the same tools to design a logo that resembles yours. When both of your logos are out in the market, customers might get confused between you two. This might lead to the division of your consumer base.
  • You might not get exactly what you want: Online logo makers provide a limited number of options to create your designs. In contrast, your professional designer will look at what is necessary to attract customers and can go to any extent of creativity to bring that out in your logo. But while making logos online, you will have to get satisfied with whatever is available.
  • You might face copyright issues: Since there is a fair possibility that your logo can look like someone else, one of your contemporaries can register a similar-looking logo and you might be sued for copying his.

Pricing Best Logo Design Ideas For Business 

The pricing section is the most vital section of any article we read. Often we scroll down to this area even before laying our eyes on anything else. That’s too obvious. We toil for hours to hear the pennies clink in our pockets. So recklessly spending them without getting assured of the returns does not sound judicious at all.

But when it comes to buying a logo for your business, penny-pinching isn’t a good idea. Your logo must be cornered everywhere but remember, that is the identity of your business and is probably one of the first noticed things. You wouldn’t like spoiling your first impression, right?

Don’t throng your mind with the worries of expenditure. You are in the perfect place. We will provide you with the pricing options of some of the most popular logo creators. Of course, there will be slim differences in the features they offer, but it’s absolutely manageable. Besides, you have complete autonomy over your choice.

Let’s see how much these favored logo creators can cost you:-

Tailor Brands

This also provides three plans like a lot of its contemporaries. While the Basic Plan is available at $9.99/month, The Standard Plan is available at $19.99/month and Premium Plan at $49.99/month. But if you want to pay beforehand for the year, then these may cost you $3.99/month, $5.99/month, and $12.99/month respectively


This basically offers 4 plans. The Fast Track plan that promises impressive quality and negligible time, offers a 100% money-back guarantee, 20+ designs, unlimited designers is available at $249

The Standard plan which is the most popular one comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, 40+ designs, fantastic and unlimited designers, and offers a newsletter and social media promotion is available at $399. 

The Executive plan is the one that most of the top designers resort to. This plan provides a 100% money-back guarantee,60+ designs, unlimited designs, and expert designers. It also offers promotions of newsletters, social media, and blogs. It costs you $699.

The Premium Plan should be purchased if you are a master in the field. Besides the basic features, it promises 80+ designs, highlighted contests, and one free paid invite. It’s not difficult to infer that this cost a bit more and is available at $999.



This offers six different plans with a gradual increase in the cost depending on the additional features promised. You can find out the most suitable one and purchase accordingly. But all of them are fairly affordable. The Basic Plan is available at $37, Standard Plan at $57, Pro at $97, Platinum at $197, and Custom Logo Design is available at $49.



Looka offers three plans. The Basic Plan is available at $4.99 per month, The Premium Plan at $7.99 per month.  and the Business Plan at $15.99 per month.  They accept one-time payments also. All three plans come with exceptional features. 


Note text

FAQs Related To Best Logo Design Ideas For Business 

👉 How long should be the business name?

Currently, business names with 22 characters are preferred. It is because a short and crisp name is always more appealing to the eyes and catches attention faster. But, in case you have a long business name that you want to stick to, then kindly contact the support team with your saved logo. They will try their level best to fit the name.

👉 Our printing services offered here?

Tailor Brands deals with providing the files of your logo designs. The standard and Premium subscription plans encompass the design files making it super simple to take a print out. However, they have collaborated with Zazzle to offer printing services also. After customization of your design, a button will show up in the profile which allows you to avail of printing services from Zazzle.

👉 What about the logo sample that comes for free?

After creating a free logo, clicking on the ‘download’ icon gets your sample logo downloaded for free. A 200x200 watermarked version of the logo appears. Keep in mind that the free sample cannot be used for commercial purposes until it is purchased.


The logo is a significant conduit between you and your customers. It is the identity of your brand and is also its voice. When audiences come across you through different means, the logo is responsible for grabbing their attention and for retaining them to explore. It must be obvious by now how important a logo is.

Therefore it is of paramount importance to design one such logo that is attractive, elaborate, and relevant to your business. While traditionally professional designers were hired and a lot of time and money was put into the creative process to bring out a logo, nowadays, there are a lot of online logo generators which not only provide tips and inspirations for creating logos but also make the process super simple. They have a lot of designs and layouts prepared. You just have to click around and your job is done within a few hours with minimal expenditure.

Best Ideas For Designing Your Business Logo

When it comes to designing your logo, it needs squeezing out your creative juices. It might sound very simple and just a sit-down work, but the mental pressure is a lot more than we can imagine. Often it puts designers in a dilemma. They find it very difficult to get their bulb lighted which would illuminate the ideas for inspiration. But once you get hold of the right rope, you will climb up the hill in no time.

If you too are stuck, then read a little further to get the much-needed inspiration.

  • Browse through sites which deal with design

This will set your creative juice to flow freely. The sites need not necessarily be logo generators. You can look up for general illustrations, arts, photographs. Who knows what will strike a chord with you. You can mingle all your inspiration and come up with something really exciting.

  • Go through the logos of your competitors

This is a must, no matter which industry you are a part of. Be it cuisines or finance or education, look at how your contemporaries have designed their logos. Of course, you are not expected to copy those. They will not only give you a basic idea, but also an opportunity to develop what they lack. This way, you can take your business a notch higher.

  • Know your client well

Study what the business is all about. Know in detail, what services are provided, with what people they deal with, how do they respond, what are they heading towards. These tit-bits will shape the nuances of the logo and make it appear professional and authentic.

  • Stop Overthinking

Leave your mind free to brew ideas. Don’t complicate your thinking process. Jot down whatever comes to your mind. The designing process happens in layers, so modifications will be done. But do not take long to start.

  • Make your logo simple and relevant;

Do not add a lot of elements to the logo. Keep in mind that the logo will always appear as a tiny icon. So loading it with a lot of things will make it unclear and redundant when minimized.

Stick to your perspective. Design your logo in a way that best fits the business. If the business deals with eco-friendly products, then keep it green. If water is the central idea, then you know, blue would do. The logo should be such that a quick glance should be enough to know what the business is all about.

Reminder: Creativity has no boundaries. Do not set norms for yourself by looking at others. You might do something for the first time and that might start a trend. Free yourself from the shackles of general rules and go beyond it. Just keep it relevant.

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Conclusion: 3+Best Logo Design Ideas For Business To Try 2024 

At this point in the article, nothing needs to be said about your first choice if you want to design a logo. Be it in terms of features, ease of use, options, or price, Tailor Brands has an edge over its competitors. The AI-based logo generator will keep your logo generation process seamless and will promise you a unique logo at the end. With the best ideas for design, you will never be short of inspiration. Our recommendation will always be Tailor Brands. Try it out once and you just can’t look back. 

However, the choice is yours. You have possibly, everything at your disposal. Create such a logo that your audience cannot take its eyes off it. 

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