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15+ Best Facebook Ad Spy Tool 2024: Find the Free and Paid Ones!

Imagine having a special tool that lets you peek at what advertisements others are running on Facebook. That’s exactly what a Facebook Ad Spy Tool does!

It’s like a secret window into the ads that businesses and marketers are using.

By using this tool, you can see what kinds of ads are working well for others, get creative inspiration, and understand the strategies behind successful Facebook ads.

It’s a handy way to stay in the loop and boost your own advertising game!

In this article, I will discuss the best tools for Facebook Ads. Stick around and choose the one that suits you best.

facebook ad spy tool

What is Facebook Ad Spy Tool?

A Facebook Ad Spy Tool is a program that helps you see what kind of ads other people or companies are running on Facebook.

It’s like a tool for doing research. You can look at these ads and learn things like what kinds of pictures or words they use, how they try to get people’s attention, and what kind of products or services they are advertising.

This can be really helpful for people who want to create their own ads for Facebook because they can get ideas and see what works well for others.

It’s like being able to peek at your competitors’ strategies to make your own ads better.

15+ Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools In 2024

1) AdPlexity 

AdPlexity is a top-notch Ads Spying Solution and one of the leading Ads Spy Tools available.

By accessing the platform, you can effortlessly monitor and download all promotional materials, including banners and landing pages, from the most popular ad networks across over 70 countries.

Best Facebook Ad Spy Tool- AdPlexity

AdPlexity is a tool that lets you spy on desktop, mobile, native, and API ads. You can see successful campaigns running in over 75 countries and get real-time insights on desktop and mobile exchanges.

With AdPlexity, you can easily discover profitable campaigns that are turning on desktop and mobile popup traffic sources. You can also find ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks.

AdPlexity provides Landing Pages, Pop-up Redirects, Banner Ads, Device Integration, and Country Support, along with 120 carrier support.

2) PowerAdSpy 

PowerAdSpy is a reliable and advanced Facebook Ad-Intelligence Spying tool that allows you to spy on your competitors’ best Facebook Ads strategies. You can use these strategies for your own business and succeed in the market.

With over 1000 users worldwide, PowerAdSpy provides an option for Advanced Search and Filtering, which helps you search for all relevant ads. You can filter the ads by age, gender, relationship, interest, keyword, or landing page.


PowerAdSpy also provides In-Depth Analytics, which helps you find your target audience with a click of a button. You can target market segments for every ad that interests you.

Overall, PowerAdSpy is an advanced and easy-to-use Ad Tool that is affordable and packed with advanced features that you won’t find in other ad-spying tools.

3) Dropispy 

Dropispy- Best Facebook ad spy tool

Dropispy is a powerful tool for spying on social network ads.

It has one of the largest ads databases and provides access to thousands of social network ads every day. You can get inspiration from other shops and winning products, too! 

With Dropispy, you can see ads in detail, find out what people are buying and selling, and how much they’re paying for things. It’s perfect for Dropshippers who want to stay up-to-date on the latest product trends. You can use in-app notifications and push alerts to save time.

Dropispy is accessible through smartphone app marketplaces and offers frequent updates, efficient search, a responsive interface, successful ads, and a large database. Save time and money with one of the best ad spy tools on the market!

4) Anstrex 

Anstrex is a Native Ads Spy Tool that helps you become the best advertiser. It provides competitive intelligence data of ads, so you can get all the details about any products out there.


You can spy over the best working native ads and stay ahead of the competition. With Anstrex, you get access to more native ad networks than any other tool in the market.

It has the largest database, currently having more than 10 million native ads, and supports more than 15 countries. With Anstrex, you can save on marketing, learn their secrets, and drive more traffic.

5) Adspy

Adspy is one of the leading Facebook Ads Spy Tools just for social advertising. It will let you discover the Ads your competitors are running on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Just go with Adspy, uncover the competitor’s advertising secrets, and replicate them easily.

adspy facebook ad spy tool

AdSpy is a platform that offers one of the largest indexes of ads in the market, with over 3 million ads indexed. With just a few clicks, you can find new winning ad variants. The best part is that AdSpy is the only ad platform that provides both Facebook and LinkedIn.

This amazing tool allows you to create the best social ad campaigns with multiple sources. You can follow any number of competitors without any boundaries.

AdSpy also allows you to target and use location data for better statistics. You can even bookmark ads for future reference.

6) SEMRush

SEMrush is one of the most popular and legitimate competitive research and business intelligence software available. With the help of this tool, you can easily find out your competitors’ keyword research, whether it is paid or organic.

SEMrush- Best Facebook ad spy tool

In my experience, SEMrush is a must-have tool to see what your competitors are actually doing. You can discover your competitor’s organic and paid search strategies and use all of the profitable keywords for your website.

According to data, 2597000 SEO and SEM professionals use SEMrush to uncover all of their competitors’ secrets, along with finding the best keywords and online marketing ideas.

7) SpyFu

SpyFu is an excellent Ads Spy Tool that allows you to download your competitor’s most profitable keywords, along with their paid and organic search ads. In other words, SpyFu reveals the secret formula of search marketing, as well as the secrets of your competitors.

SpyFu Facebook Ad Spy Tool

This tool lets you search for any domain and see its rankings on search engines, including Google. You can find out about their AdWords keywords, organic rank, and ad variations from the past 12 years.

You can also research your PPC competitors, check their activity, and avoid their mistakes.

The tool includes AdWords Competitors Keywords Spy Tool, Monitor PPC Competitors, AdWords Keyword Grouping Tool, AdWords Advisor, PPC Negative Match Recommendations, PPC Ad Rank Tracker, and more.

8) AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a powerful tool for managing ads that helps you create effective advertising campaigns. It makes Facebook advertising easy and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.


With AdEspresso, you can test different variations of your ads, including images, headlines, and text, to optimize their performance.

AdEspresso also provides a Facebook Ads Gallery, which is a free tool that allows you to browse a vast collection of ad examples. The best part is that the gallery is updated every 30 minutes with new ads.

Anyone can use this tool, even if they are not a member of AdEspresso. Their database is full of thousands of real-world Facebook Ads.

9) SocialPeta

SocialPeta is a powerful marketing data analysis tool that covers almost all major channels worldwide, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, and many others.

It provides an in-depth analysis of marketing data from different angles and captures materials in the global mobile advertisement industry. This tool can help you gain deep marketing insights and make wiser decisions.


SocialPeta tracks ad creatives, targeting, and the performance of 500,000 apps worldwide. It captures trending apps, new releases, new marketing cases, and their performance by country and updates all new features quickly.

The best part about this tool is that it covers more than 50 countries, including America, Japan, India, China, and many others.

10) Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is an excellent tool that allows you to spy on social media ads. It provides access to numerous social ad examples from 21 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, and more.

Social Ad Scout

This tool is loaded with unparalleled features, including detailed search filters that allow you to search by text, URLs, and demographic information.

You can also get an extensive breakdown of the ads, including timelines, ad visibility, who saw it, and how it ranked.

You can view actual screenshots of all the ads and easily download the landing pages. The interface is extremely fast, and your search results will be processed within a fraction of a second.

11) Connectio

Connectio is a highly recommended solution for advanced marketers. It is a reliable Facebook Ads Spy Tool that is readily available in the market.

With Connectio, you can easily connect your autoresponders to Facebook Custom Audience and link all your Facebook lead ads to your CRM Autoresponders.

Connectio- Best Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Retarget based on website behavior to understand your audience. Discover Facebook interests with by Wilco de Kreij. Get a targeted audience in seconds and go after high-targeted interests without competition. is an automated research tool that uncovers your competition’s interests and lets you hyper-target fans in many niches. Optimize ad results with detailed interest performance stats.

12) AdSector

AdSector is another reliable and must-have ad spy tool that generally allows you to create the most effective ads. Using this tool, you can design hundreds and even thousands of landing pages within seconds.

Basically, this tool shows you what is generally working right now on the internet so that you can easily create the most promising and effective messages in order to grab the interest of potential prospects.

AdSector- Best Facebook Ad Spy Tool

AdSector is a tool that provides a simple interface and a status checker to monitor the database as it grows in real-time.

It allows you to search for relevant ads, filter them by interest or keywords, and view hundreds of landing pages and ads that are relevant to your business.

You can bookmark and organize the most productive ads into your personal collection. With AdSector, you can find your target audience with just a click of a button and view social engagement stats and weekly trends for all the same pages.

13) AdClarity Display

AdClarity Display is a reliable media intelligence platform that can help you uncover the advertising ecosystem. With AdClarity, you can easily discover successful traffic sources and find the ones that actually convert.


You can also identify the networks, publishers, and audiences that are right for your offer. Additionally, you can learn from your competitors’ media strategies and avoid the mistakes they make.

By emulating successful strategies in the marketplace, you can increase your conversions. AdClarity also provides automated alerts and counteractions to help you stay ahead of the game.

14) iSpionage

iSpionage is a tool that can help you gain an edge over your competitors by allowing you to analyze their traffic and conversion strategies. With this tool, you can drive targeted traffic, generate more leads, and increase your conversion rates.

iSpionage- Best Facebook Ad Spy Tool

One of the key features of iSpionage is the ability to quickly find profitable keywords using your competitors’ PPC keyword lists. You can also download their SEO keyword lists. Additionally, you can white-label your competitor’s reports to land more clients.

The best part is that iSpionage can even help you determine how much your competitors are spending per month on Google AdWords.

This information can be invaluable in helping you make informed decisions about your own advertising strategy.

15) Adbeat

Adbeat is a powerful tool that can help you uncover any advertiser’s online strategy quickly. With Adbeat, you can gain detailed insights into the world of digital advertising.

This tool allows you to see what your direct competitors are doing and how they are doing it. It’s a great way to stay ahead of the competition and improve your own digital advertising strategy.

Adbeat Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Adbeat offers global coverage across 120+ top ad networks, providing high-quality data on media buying strategies, creatives, landing pages, and ad spending.

Generate reports in various formats, set up alerts, compare advertisers, and access detailed publisher data with ease.

16) Native Ad Buzz

With NativeAdBuzz, you can easily improve your native advertising campaigns. You can see what is currently working for your competitors and build winning campaigns.

NativeAdBuzz monitors over 10 ad networks, followed by 5103236 ads and 42,042 advertisers across 12 countries.


This tool allows you to launch your campaigns with a bang by using the products, ad text, images, and strategies that are currently working online. You can also join the NAB Mastermind forum to share and learn from other successful internet marketers.

NativeAdBuzz helps you discover what is hot right now by providing research and analysis in just a few minutes, which would otherwise take countless hours manually.

You can save your favorite social media ads and create a library of your favorite campaigns for future reference. You can also filter ads to follow your competitors and stay ahead of the game.

17) Skyword (TrackMaven)

Skyword is one of the legitimate marketing analytics software as it really makes it easy to prove marketing ROI. Here this platform generally allows you to compare all kinds of social and traffic metrics against all of your competitors.


They have combined their marketing expertise with world-class technology to provide you with the insights you need to succeed in the industry.

Now you have the list of the top-notch Facebook Ad Spy Tools, which is a really useful resource for you for spying on Facebook Ads of your competitors.

What are Facebook Ads Spy Tools, And How are They Used?

Facebook Ads Spy Tools are software or online services designed to help marketers and businesses gather information about the advertisements running on Facebook.

These tools enable users to analyze and gain insights into various aspects of ad campaigns, including creatives, targeting strategies, and overall performance.

Here’s how they are used:

1. Ad Monitoring:

Facebook Ads Spy Tools continuously monitor the ads appearing on Facebook. They collect data on active advertisements, creating a comprehensive database of ad content.

2. Target Audience Refinement:

Spy tools offer information on the demographics and interests of audiences targeted by different ads, helping marketers refine their own target audience for better ad targeting.

3. Performance Analysis:

Users can access data on ad performance metrics, such as engagement and reach. This information assists in benchmarking and optimizing the performance of their own ad campaigns.

4. Ad Performance Metrics:

Users can access data on the performance of ads, including metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversion rates. This information assists in benchmarking and optimizing the performance of their own campaigns.

Advantages of Using Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Here are five key advantages of using Facebook Ads Spy Tools:

1. Competitor Insight:

Gain valuable insights into your competitors’ advertising strategies, allowing you to understand their tactics, messaging, and targeting approaches.

2. Creative Inspiration:

Discover effective and engaging ad creatives within your industry, providing inspiration for your own ad content and helping you stand out.

3. Efficient Targeting:

Identify and refine your target audience based on the demographics and interests of successful campaigns, improving the precision of your ad targeting.

4. Performance Optimization:

Analyze the performance metrics of ads, enabling you to benchmark your campaigns, optimize ad copy, and enhance overall performance.

5. Stay Updated on Trends:

Keep abreast of industry trends and changes in advertising preferences, ensuring that your campaigns remain current and aligned with market dynamics.


✅ How do Facebook Ads Spy Tools work?

These tools typically scan Facebook's ad database and collect information on active ads. Users can then search, filter, and analyze this data to gain insights into ad creatives, targeting strategies, and ad performance.

🤔 Why would I use a Facebook Ads Spy Tool?

Using a Facebook Ads Spy Tool provides valuable competitive intelligence. It allows marketers to see what types of ads are working in their industry, get inspiration for their own campaigns, and stay updated on trends.

✌ Are Facebook Ads Spy Tools free to use?

Some tools offer free versions with limited features. In contrast, others may require a subscription or one-time payment for full access to advanced functionalities.

👀 Are these tools legal to use?

Yes, it is legal to use Facebook Ads Spy Tools. They operate within the guidelines set by Facebook and are designed to provide publicly available information on active ads.

🧐 Can I use these tools for Instagram ads as well?

Many Facebook Ads Spy Tools also cover Instagram since Facebook owns Instagram. This means you can gain insights into both Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

🤷‍♀️ Do I need technical skills to use a Facebook Ads Spy Tool?

Most Facebook Ads Spy Tools are designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal technical skills. They often have intuitive interfaces that allow users to easily navigate and extract valuable information.

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Conclusion: Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools In 2024

Using Facebook Ads Spy Tools can be a game-changer for digital marketers and businesses who want to gain a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of online advertising.

These tools provide valuable insights into what your competitors are doing, inspire creative ideas, help you target your ads more effectively, and optimize their performance.

By staying up-to-date on industry trends and learning from successful campaigns, you can make informed decisions, save time, and discover new opportunities.

In the world of digital advertising, these tools are your secret weapon for staying ahead and making a lasting impact.

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