10 Best Etsy Proxies 2024: 🚀 Find Our #1 Recommended Option

oWant to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Etsy Proxies, most individuals find Bright Data and SmartProxy to be the best options.

Have you ever heard about something called “Etsy Proxies”?

They might sound technical, but they’re cool tools to improve your online shopping and selling experiences.

Whether you’re someone who loves buying unique items on Etsy or if you’re a seller looking to grow your shop, Etsy proxies could be your secret weapon.

In this guide, we’ll break down these proxies and how they can help you have a safer and more exciting time on Etsy.

So, let’s dive in and discover the world of the best Etsy proxies!

What Are Etsy Proxies?

Etsy proxies are specialized proxy servers designed to facilitate access and operations on Etsy, a popular online marketplace for handmade, vintage items and craft supplies.

These proxies act as intermediaries between the user’s computer and Etsy’s servers, allowing users to mask their real IP address with another, often from a different geographic location.

This capability is particularly useful for various purposes, such as managing multiple Etsy accounts, automating tasks, or accessing Etsy from regions where it may be restricted or heavily monitored.

Why Trust Us?

Based on their features, reliability, and user feedback, we’ve fully researched and prepared a list of the best Etsy proxies.

SmartProxy and IPRoyal, for example, were picked for their advanced features, good support, and track records.

We provide important information to assist you in making informed decisions, resulting in a safer and more exciting Etsy experience.

You can improve your online shopping and selling experiences with the right proxies.

10 Best Etsy Proxies 2024

1. Bright Data 

Bright Data Proxy

Bright Data, a leading provider of IP proxy services and data collection solutions, offers one of the world’s largest residential IP address networks, with over 72 million active IP addresses and fast internet speeds.

It is also known for its excellent customer service.

There are both dedicated IP addresses and shared IP addresses from Bright Data, both of which have unlimited bandwidth and a limitless number of concurrent requests.

There is also a ‘cooling period’ where IP addresses are guaranteed not to be accessed for an appropriate time. In addition to Bright Data’s proxy manager interface, you can add it to Google Chrome to monitor all your IPs simultaneously.

2. Smartproxy

smartproxy: Best Etsy Proxies

Smartproxy is a high-end proxy service that provides both residential and datacenter proxies. Its residential proxies are dynamic and drawn from over 40 million IP addresses in over 195 countries.

It also provides proxies for specialized applications, including Instagram, social media, scraping, Craigslist, and SEO.

It does not offer a free trial, but it does offer a three-day money-back guarantee. It also includes a ticketing system and live chat help available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Smartproxy’s key selling feature is its massive residential IP proxy pool. It is also well-known for offering clean and dependable proxies.

3. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Review- Best Etsy Proxies

IPRoyal is a proxy service provider based in Lithuania that was established in the year 2020.

The service provides a diverse selection of proxies, encompassing datacenter, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies, catering to a diverse spectrum of consumers, with a particular emphasis on individuals interested in sneaker culture.

It rapidly acquired a wide array of proxy servers, differentiating itself from other service providers. Despite certain limitations in their services, they might be efficacious, provided they align with your specific requirements.

4. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire reviews

ProxyEmpire, a relatively new proxy service provider, has caught many people’s interest with its amazing collection of resources, which includes 3 million IP addresses from 150 countries.

In addition, the organization is dedicated to keeping its proxies up to date and offering exceptional customer service.

It is an excellent option for organizations and individuals seeking a dependable, feature-rich proxy service.

ProxyEmpire is a popular supplier of top-tier datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies.

The vast number of proxies available can be utilized to circumvent firewalls, surpass geographical restrictions, extract data, and engage in secure internet browsing.

5. Oculus Proxies

Oculus Proxy is highly recommended for providing some of the best proxies for accessing and scraping Etsy.

These proxies are optimized to ensure stable, high-speed connections, which are essential for tasks like product research, competitor analysis, and price monitoring on Etsy.

Oculus Proxies

With a wide range of IP addresses, Oculus Proxy enables users to perform these activities without getting blocked.

Additionally, the service ensures robust security and anonymity, making it a reliable choice for managing multiple Etsy accounts and gathering data efficiently.

6. Shifter

Shifter overview

Since 2012, Shifter has led proxy services. Back-connect, dedicated, and shared proxies are available.

One of the most popular residential proxy services is Shifter. They claim to run the “largest peer-to-peer proxy network globally,” with 26 million residential IP addresses in every city.

In proxy services, responsive customer assistance is key. A proxy failure can have serious effects on both dedicated and general users.

A reliable customer support team is essential. Shifter’s ticket-based customer support system makes getting help and fixing issues easy.

7. ProxyRack

Proxyrack: Best Etsy Proxies

Proxyrack’s vast IP address pool distinguishes it from other rotating proxy services. Its unique features meet many needs.

It can improve network security and bypass regional restrictions. A fast and dependable network reduces surfing and downloading downtime. It gladly offers a service for any legitimate purpose.

It offers both residential and datacenter proxies suitable for Etsy, emphasizing that residential proxies are preferable due to their real ISP-based IP addresses, making them less detectable by platforms like Etsy.

Datacenter proxies, while faster, come from servers and are more easily identified. ProxyRack’s services include over 5 million residential IPs and 20,000 datacenter IPs, with various pricing options starting from $14.95 for premium GEO residential proxies.

They suggest a 3-day trial to test their products, ensuring the best fit for users’ needs.

8. HydraProxy


HydraProxy- Best Etsy Proxies

HydraProxy is a great choice because it is cheap, covers a lot of locations, and has a large group of IP addresses.

Even though it has some limits, like the fact that you have to contact support if you want to use your IP address for a long time, it is still a good choice for people who want reliable proxy services that won’t break the bank.

It offers a range of proxy services, including 4G/5G mobile proxies and residential proxies, catering to various needs including those related to Etsy.

Their mobile proxies feature unlimited bandwidth, multiple IP rotation options, geo-targeting capabilities, and support for both HTTPS and SOCKS protocols.

They emphasize the quality and undetectability of their proxies, making them suitable for sensitive applications.

9. Nimble Proxy

Nimble Proxy Review

Nimble is a simple data-collection tool that lets you establish data pipelines quickly, avoiding days-long backlogs. It makes it easy to collect massive volumes of data worldwide and send it to S3 or GCS.

The simple API interface streamlines data collection and transmission. Nimble offers infinite data collecting, unlike Selenium and Puppeteer.

It provides premium IPs with rapid speed and advanced analytics for ETSY data collecting. It’s IP rotation automation is great. Sticky IPs allow Nimble users to use their IPs longer.

10. SOAX

soax - Best Etsy Proxies

As a leading backconnect proxy service provider, Soax has a large IP pool that allows seamless access to any proxy resource.

Additionally, their residential IP addresses come from real devices like desktop computers and mobile phones, assuring a diverse and legitimate pool.

It’s exclusive IP pool gives consumers access to secret information, a distinct advantage. Their easy-to-use design improves participation and security. Soax’s various payment options make it accessible to everyone.

It also has a secure, robust server infrastructure with controlled access. It shows their dedication to offering a safe and dependable proxy service.

Why Do You Need Etsy Proxies?

I’m sure you’re wondering why you must use proxies to visit Etsy. You do not need them if you have not been blocked and are not attempting to evade any restriction or visit from a place other than your current location.

IP monitoring and blocking continue to be the primary means through which Etsy combats spam. If you can conceal your IP footprint and utilize random IP addresses, you can circumvent Etsy’s anti-spam mechanism. However, do you even have the proxies?

1. Getting Around Obstacles:

If Etsy has prevented you from accessing their site. Typically, Etsy will ban you if you violate their terms and conditions – or if they judge you as an untrustworthy individual or spammer.

However, this block might be an error. When you are banned, your device’s IP address is blacklisted, and you cannot access their platform using that device again.

Proxies enable you to bypass this restriction and appear to them as a different user.

2. Managing Multiple Accounts:

Etsy does not permit the ownership of several accounts by the same individual. However, some individuals possess many Etsy accounts and administer them automatically via automation programs called Etsy Bots.

They use proxies to conceal their IP footprints and fool Etsy into believing each account is on a distinct computer. All accounts will be associated with the same machine without proxies and permanently banned.

Benefits of Etsy Proxies:

1. Account Management: Sellers who operate multiple Etsy shops can use proxies to manage all their accounts without risking account suspension due to multiple logins from the same IP address.

2. Market Research: Etsy proxies allow sellers to conduct comprehensive market research, analyze competition, and understand trends by accessing the platform from different geographic locations as if they were local buyers.

3. Automation: Proxies enable the use of bots and automation tools for repetitive tasks such as listing products, updating prices, and gathering SEO data without triggering Etsy’s anti-spam filters, which might block or limit access to the site.

4. Privacy and Security: Using Etsy proxies enhances privacy and security by hiding the user’s real IP address, thus protecting their activities on the platform from being easily tracked.

5. Geo-unblocking: For users in countries where access to Etsy is restricted or limited, proxies provide a way to bypass these restrictions, allowing them to access, buy, or sell on the platform.


👉Why might I need a proxy for Etsy?

You might need a proxy for Etsy to manage multiple accounts, conduct competitive research anonymously, access the platform from a country where it is blocked, or bypass IP bans or restrictions imposed by Etsy.

👀Are all proxies safe to use with Etsy?

Not all proxies are safe or reliable. It's crucial to choose proxies from reputable providers that offer high-speed, secure, and private connections. Using low-quality or shared proxies can lead to connection issues or even get your Etsy account banned.

🚀 Can using a proxy get my Etsy account banned?

While using a proxy is not inherently against Etsy's terms of service, any behavior that violates Etsy's policies can lead to your account being banned. It's important to use proxies responsibly and adhere to Etsy's guidelines.

✨How do I set up a proxy for Etsy?

Setting up a proxy for Etsy typically involves subscribing to a proxy service, receiving a proxy IP address, port, and login credentials, and then configuring your web browser or Etsy management tool to use the proxy server. Detailed instructions should be provided by your proxy service provider.

❓Can I use free proxies with Etsy?

While free proxies are available, they are often not secure, reliable, or private enough for business use. They can be slow, easily detected by Etsy, and may even expose your data to third parties. Investing in a reputable paid proxy service is generally safer and more efficient.

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Conclusion: Best Etsy Proxies 2024

Using high-quality Etsy proxies can be extremely helpful. They enhance the privacy and security of online shopping and selling.

With the help of these proxies, sellers can better manage their shops while reaching a wider range of customers. Similarly, buyers can access unique items from various locations with ease.

In summary, the use of the best Etsy proxies can significantly improve the overall experience of buying and selling on the platform.

But remember, it’s important to use these proxies correctly and follow the rules. Overall, Etsy proxies can make online shopping and selling more exciting and secure for everyone involved.

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