7 Best eBay Proxies 2024: Get The Cheap & Fast Proxies

Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best eBay Proxies, most individual find Oxylabs and ProxyEmpire to be the best options.

Searching for the best eBay proxies feels a lot like looking for hidden treasure.

Imagine you’re on a digital adventure, trying to find that secret key that unlocks smooth, uninterrupted access to eBay, no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you’re managing multiple accounts, scraping data for market research, or just trying to snag deals without hitting any roadblocks, the right proxy can be your best buddy.

It’s like having a magic pass that lets you zip around any restrictions or limitations, making sure you’re always in the eBay game.

This guide will introduce you to the 7 Best eBay Proxies that ensure a smooth eBay experience.

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What Exactly Are Ebay Proxies?

eBay proxies are intermediary servers that mask your IP address, making it appear as though you’re accessing eBay from a different location.

They are often used for various purposes such as managing multiple eBay accounts without triggering security alerts, automating tasks, or accessing eBay from regions where it might be restricted.

By using an eBay proxy, users can maintain privacy, overcome geographical limitations, and manage their buying, selling, or account management tasks more efficiently.

7 Best eBay Proxies 2024

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a top contender when looking for the best eBay proxies, particularly useful for businesses involved in competitive market analysis and automated bidding.

Their residential proxies are ideal for eBay because they mimic genuine user behavior, reducing the risk of being detected and blocked by eBay’s sophisticated monitoring systems.


Oxylabs provides a vast pool of IP addresses, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted access to eBay from various global locations.

The reliability, speed, and high anonymity of these proxies make Oxylabs a strong choice for eBay users needing to operate without disruptions.

Oxylabs Pros:

  • Avoids detection and ensures eBay access.
  • An extensive IP pool enhances reach.
  • Fast, reliable browsing performance.
  • Access to Global coverage
  • Scalable solutions fit various businesses.
  • Anonymity protects user identities effectively.

Oxylabs Cons:

  • Technical setup required.

Oxylabs, In a nutshell:

What sets Oxylabs apart as a premier eBay proxy provider is its extensive network of genuine residential IPs, ensuring users can operate on eBay without triggering security alerts.

This global coverage facilitates access from anywhere, which is ideal for tasks like price monitoring and automated bidding.

Oxylabs’ proxies are specifically designed for high reliability and speed, accommodating large-scale operations seamlessly and providing robust customer support that enhances the overall user experience.

2. Bright Data

Bright data: Best eBay Proxies

Bright Data have more than 72 million IP addresses, eBay and most other web services can’t find them. To get to the pool, we only get one proxy address.

This makes it simple to use. On their end, they change IP numbers randomly or after a set amount of time.

It’s location support is the best; it works in all countries and places worldwide.

Prices depend on how much broadband you need, with 20GB starting at $300. We can also pay as we go, starting at $25 for 1GB.

Bright Data Pros:

  • Worldwide Coverage.
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Customer Support 24/7.
  • Money-back option.
  • Fast & Affordable.

Bright Data Cons:

  • Compared to other proxies, the cost is not competitive.

Bright Data, In a nutshell:

Bright Data stands out as the frontrunner in the proxy market, offering a robust suite of tools tailored for comprehensive web data collection.

With its extensive network of over 72 million IPs globally, users enjoy unparalleled access and anonymity.

It’s advanced targeting options, including country, state, and city-specific IPs, cater to precise geographic requirements. Its real-time data collection capabilities make it an invaluable asset for businesses relying on up-to-the-minute market analysis.

However, its premium services come with a price tag, positioning Bright Data as a top-tier option for professional and enterprise users.

3.  SmartProxy

SmartProxy: Best eBay Proxies

SmartProxy boasts an impressive pool of 40 million IP addresses from over 195 places worldwide. What’s intriguing is that they offer some of the fastest residential proxies you can find.

Moreover, these proxies are highly reliable and maintain exceptional uptime performance.

It specializes in rotating proxies within its residential proxy network. But they also support sticky ports, allowing sessions to last up to 30 minutes.

One extra feature is their proxy list generation tool, which you’ll find quite handy.

Pricing costs $75 per month and includes 5 GB of storage space.

Smartproxy Pros:

  • 40M+ residential proxy pool.
  • 99.99% uptime.
  • Unlimited connections and threads.
  • Full anonymity and security.
  • 195+ locations worldwide.

Smartproxy Cons:

  • There is no free trial.

Smartproxy, In a nutshell:

SmartProxy shines with its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing structure, making it an attractive choice for both beginners and seasoned proxy users.

With over 40 million IPs in its pool, it ensures a reliable connection with minimal risk of being blocked or detected.

Its proxies are optimized for high-speed and bulk operations, ideal for eBay scraping, bidding, and account management tasks.

The lack of required IP rotation maintenance simplifies operations, allowing users to focus on their eBay activities without technical distractions.

4. Shifter

Shifter overview

Shifter is one of the oldest proxy services before rebranding, previously known as Microleaves. It’s a top choice for eBay users needing undetectable residential proxies.

What sets it apart is its pricing model, which is based on ports rather than bandwidth. This means you get unlimited bandwidth without worrying about extra costs.

It boasts one of the largest proxy pools with over 31 million IP addresses, covering most countries and major cities worldwide.

Their residential proxies, known as backconnect proxies, change IP addresses every 5 minutes. Beyond eBay, you can use these proxies for various tasks.

However, remember that Shifter may be more suitable if you have high bandwidth needs, as their starting price is $300, which may not be cost-effective for everyone.

Shifter Pros:

  • Good Pricing.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Full anonymity and security.

Shifter Cons:

  • Connection errors.

Shifter, In a nutshell:

Shifter sets itself apart with its unlimited bandwidth offering, making it a cost-effective solution for data-intensive tasks. Its pool of over 31 million IPs supports a variety of use cases, from web scraping to social media management.

It’s residential proxies are particularly suited for eBay use, providing genuine IP addresses that minimize the risk of detection.

The flexibility in selecting specific IPs or rotating them dynamically adds a layer of customization for users with specialized needs.

5. IP Royal


IPRoyal is all about honesty and reliability when comparing proxy services. They offer various incredibly helpful options for eBay businesses, including access to four different proxy networks and a beta Google scraping API.

In my experience, IP Royal has proven to be a trustworthy partner as I’ve navigated the complex world of IP networking. Their strong reputation in the industry has given me peace of mind.

What sets it apart is the simplicity of its solutions. Their services are incredibly easy to set up and use, making them a dependable long-term solution as my eBay business has grown and evolved.

In summary, if you’re an online merchant looking for flexible IP address services, IP Royal’s eBay proxies are an excellent choice.

Their dedication to their customers and outstanding service have made them an essential part of my eBay business.

IPRoyal Pros:

  • Simple & easy to use.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Spread over more than 150 countries.
  • Fast & reliable.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

IPRoyal Cons:

  • Not that much secured.

IPRoyal, In a nutshell:

IP Royal is a rising star in the proxy world, known for its affordable pricing and robust performance. Its dedicated eBay proxies are tailored to ensure anonymity and high uptime, crucial for continuous eBay monitoring and operations.

With a focus on security, IP Royal offers both residential and datacenter proxies, giving users the freedom to choose the optimal balance between speed and authenticity for their eBay tasks.

6. Squid Proxies

Squid proxies

SquidProxies is a great choice for eBay proxies. They offer reliable and effective proxy services that cater to eBay users.

With it, you can count on their proxies to work smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free eBay experience.

Their service is known for its simplicity and effectiveness, making it a solid option for anyone looking to enhance their eBay operations with proxies.

SquidProxies Pros:

  • No bandwidth limitation.
  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • 1000+ Mbps.
  • Super-fast servers.
  • Simple & easy to use.

SquidProxies Cons:

  • Native SSL Support Is Missing.

SquidProxies, In a nutshell:

Squid Proxies is celebrated for its straightforward, no-frills approach to proxy services.

Specializing in private proxies, it ensures a high level of anonymity and speed, catering to users with intensive eBay browsing and bidding needs.

Its commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its unlimited bandwidth and fast server speeds, although its geographic targeting options are more limited compared to other providers on this list.

7. Rayobyte


Rayobyte is a good choice if you need datacenter proxies for managing your eBay account but only have a little money. The performance is among the best in the server proxy market and supports 27 countries well.

It also works with 9 ASNs and more than 20K subnets. Its non-sequential IPs help keep subnet blocks from happening.

From Rayobyte, you can get both secret and rotating proxies. The rotating proxies are a cheap way to scrape eBay.

Rayobyte Pros:

  • Free Trial.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Simple ease of use.
  • Money back option.

Rayobyte Cons:

  • Features are limited.

Rayobyte, In a nutshell:

Rayobyte, previously known as Blazing SEO Proxies, has rebranded and expanded its services to include a wider range of features tailored to eBay users.

With a strong focus on speed, reliability, and security, Rayobyte offers both residential and datacenter proxies.

Its unique selling point is the emphasis on ethical proxy use, ensuring that all operations are compliant with legal standards.

This makes Rayobyte a trustworthy partner for businesses and individuals prioritizing ethical considerations in their eBay proxy usage.


👉Why use eBay proxies?

eBay proxies allow you to manage multiple accounts, conduct market research, and scrape data without restrictions or risk of IP bans.

👀Are eBay proxies legal?

Yes, using proxies is legal, but they must be used ethically and in compliance with eBay's terms of service to avoid any potential issues.

❓Can I use free proxies for eBay?

While tempting, free proxies often lack reliability, speed, and security, making them unsuitable for critical eBay tasks. Investing in a reputable proxy provider is recommended for optimal performance and safety.

👍Which is Better for eBay - Proxies or VPNs?

If all you need is to conceal your IP address to manage several accounts or a stealth account, VPN software is the ideal option.However, if you need automation or often change your IP address, proxies are the ideal option.

✔How Do I Choose the Right eBay Proxy?

Choosing the right eBay proxy depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like speed, privacy, location options, and reliability.

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Conclusion: Best eBay Proxies 2024

Proxies play a crucial role in helping advertisers avoid strict website rules like eBay’s. They allow businesses to break free from these limitations and expand their reach.

Whether you prioritize speed, geographic targeting, or ethical practices, there’s a proxy service out there that fits the bill.

But it’s not just eBay; many other top websites also have IP-based restrictions that proxies can help bypass.

Oxylabs excels as a top choice for eBay proxies due to its vast, authentic residential IP network.

The proxies mentioned above aren’t just useful for eBay; they can be used on various online services to overcome similar restrictions.

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