10+ Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers 2024: #1 Choice & Why ?

Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers UberCPM and AdsOptimal are the best options.

Do you have a high-traffic website and are looking to monetize the footer of your website with Best CPM Ad Networks?

One of the optimum ways to earn some side income is by monetizing your website or blog.

The hard work that you put in to make your site popular not only pays off but also keeps filling your pockets every month.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to advertisements for websites; you need to think wisely before making a final call after weighing the pros and cons of each.

Some ads pay you for clicks, but some pay you only after the real purchase is made.

Also, ads are there that pay you for the number of times videos are played while others pay you for the collection of emails successfully from visitors.


Best CPM ad networks

Let us talk about CPM Ads here:-

What are CPM Ads:-

CPM also known as Cost per thousand is used to denote the cost of 1,000 advertisement impressions made on one webpage.

For instance, if a publisher charges $1.00CPM, this simply implies that the advertiser needs to pay $1.00 for 1,000 impressions made on its advertisement. The ‘M’ in CPM stands for 1,000 as represented in the Roman numeral.

If you are a newbie, then CPM is one of the best ways to give you a head-start as you are paid even if visitors do not click on the ads.

Here, you are paid for impressions and NOT for CLICKS.

The best part is; that if there are 4 Ads on your webpage and a visitor comes to your page, you are paid automatically for all the ads placed though the page view is only 1.

Mostly, the CPM Ad networks pay you ranging from $1 to $10 per one thousand impressions.

This payment is dependent on many other factors which you need to consider before you select one network. Keep reading our article, as by the end you will get your best-suited ad network.

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The websites that attract quite a lot of viewers, CPM ads prove to be highly monetary beneficial even if their payout is less when compared to that of CPA and CPC ads.

Advantages of CPM Ad Network

  • Tracking ad performance is simple for publishers; publishers are paid every time a page is loaded (regardless of whether or not a user clicks on an ad)
  • Reasonable delays due to heavy foot traffic.
  • There may be a lower traffic eligibility barrier for CPM ad networks that are designed for smaller publishers and bloggers.
  • As a result of its low cost, this approach has become the dominant one among advertisers. As a result, you can find it in many places around the web where advertisements are traded. Online cost per thousand impressions is the currency used to compensate publishers (effective cost per thousand impressions).
  • It’s the gold standard by which publishers assess the return on their ad sales. The higher the eCPM, the more money the publisher made from serving ads, whereas the lower the eCPM, the more money the publisher made in general.
  • The following formula can be used to calculate effective cost per millisecond (eCPM): eCPM is calculated as follows: Revenue = Impressions x 1000 / 1000. Due to the high traffic levels required by the CPM ad revenue model, increasing monetization income by as much as 60% is possible through the use of an ad network that runs on CPM publishers.

If you’re a small or medium-sized publisher with at least 1000 unique visitors per day, you can simply monetize your traffic on the ad networks (without traffic thresholds) we’ve listed below.

How to Calculate CPM?

CPM (Cost Per Mille) is a commonly used metric in advertising that represents the cost of reaching one thousand impressions of an ad.

To calculate CPM, you need to know the total cost of the advertising campaign and the number of impressions generated by that campaign. Here’s the formula:

CPM = (Total Cost / Number of Impressions) * 1000

To calculate CPM, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the total cost of the advertising campaign. This includes all costs associated with running the campaign, such as creative production, media buying, and any additional fees.
  2. Determine the number of impressions generated by the campaign. Impressions refer to the number of times the ad was displayed or viewed by users.
  3. Plug in the values into the formula: Divide the total cost by the number of impressions, and then multiply the result by 1000.CPM = (Total Cost / Number of Impressions) * 1000
  4. Calculate the CPM by performing the necessary calculations.

Is a CPM Ad Network right for you?

Ad campaigns with a clear message or the goal of expanding brand awareness work best using CPM. When an ad appears on a popular website, the CTR is less crucial because of the additional exposure the ad provides for the company.

10+ Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers 2024:

Let’s talk about the top CPM ad networks of the year 2024 that offer the highest payouts

1) UberCPM Ad Network

UberCPM CPM Ad Network Website Advertising

UberCPM Ad Network is highly recommended to small-sized or medium-sized publishers. You can easily enjoy extra income alongside Adsense, or if you are facing any issues in getting approval from other Ad networks, this network shall not disappoint you.

All thanks to their faster approval system in place, UberCPM is proving to be the number one choice for publishers these days. And why not as this network shares 80% of revenue with its publishers.

UberCPM is an exchange platform for ads all across the globe.

It works by putting your inventory on the largest ad exchanges in the world, where a number of advertisers can bid on your website.

All thanks to this procedure, some of the publishers can earn up to $10 CPM.

Keep your calm and give 4-5 days to the advertisers to review your website or blog to optimize your eCPM.


  • CPM rate can go as high as 10$.
  • Monthly payout process through Paypal.
  • Real-Time Statistics and Reports for your convenience.
  • The ads are safe to run along with Google Adsense.
  • The network is highly recommended to medium and small-sized publishers.

2) AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal has a partnership with major Ad players like Google Adsense and DoubleClick. It was started in the year 2012 in San Francisco.

The network offers both CPM and CPC ads and is considered an awesome alternative to Google Adsense by the top bloggers.


  • The company has more than 100k satisfied and happy customers who have been using AdsOptimal to monetize their websites and blogs.
  • The minimum payout is $50, and on signing up, they give you a free bonus of up to $15. Free $15 is paid to those websites that are premium and have good Alexa Ranking, and other all sites are given $10. So, all get something!
  • Payments are made through PayPal and also through Check.
  • To make your life easier, they have integrated WordPress and Joomla Plugins.

3) AdMaven

admaven review

AdMaven is a comprehensive ad network that offers a range of ad formats, including pop-under ads, native ads, push notifications, and Content locker.

With more than a decade of experience, the network has built a reputation for providing high-quality service and innovative ad solutions.

One of the standout features of AdMaven is its proprietary optimization technology, which ensures that publishers get the highest possible eCPM for their traffic.

The network also offers a range of targeting options, allowing publishers to target their ads to specific audiences based on location, device type, and other factors.

In addition to its advanced technology and targeting options, AdMaven also offers flexible payment terms, with weekly and monthly payouts available.

The network also provides fast reporting and analytics, giving publishers valuable insights into their ad performance and revenue.


  •  Offers a range of ad formats and targeting options
  •  Proprietary optimization technology for maximizing eCPM
  •  Flexible payment terms with weekly and monthly payouts
  •  Real-time reporting and analytics for monitoring ad performance
  •  Excellent customer support

4) InfoLinks

Infolinks Review

InfoLinks is considered one of the most profitable ad networks as it provides many free ad units like InText (text links ads).

InFold (overlay ads), InFrame (banner ads in margins and frames), nTag (tag cloud ads), and screen (smart interstitial ads).

As a result of these innovative ad units, you can utilize the space on your webpage in a better way, and earn brownie points from your users as less intrusion and better SEO. Check Infolinks Review here


  • The ad network has managed to make more than 200,000 publishers happier in about 130 countries.
  • It offers a multitude of user and SEO-friendly ad formats.
  • Also, the ad network has a partnership with major players like Microsoft, Facebook, eBay, and Amazon.
  • There is no minimum requirement for visitors or page viewers.

5) AdpushUp


For publishers looking to grow their ad revenue, AdPushup is a hybrid ad network with advanced revenue optimization features such as ad layout optimization, header bidding, innovative ad formats (including native), ad mediation, Adblock recovery, and AMP conversion.
AdPushup is a managed service, i.e., publishers don’t have to do the heavy lifting of managing their ad operations—the ad ops team at AdPushup will take care of that.
In addition, they have demanded partnerships with top-tier ad networks and exchanges such as Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and Criteo, among others.
Their ad optimization tools coupled with premium demand help publishers deliver better user experience and achieve higher CTRs and CPMs, with an average revenue uplift of 33% for their publishing partners.


  • Offers types include both CPM and CPC 
  • Quick setup and easy onboarding
  • A comprehensive suite of revenue optimization tools
  • Partnership with top ad networks and exchanges
  • Dedicated account manager and after-sales support

6) Smarty Ads

smarty ads reviews

Full-stack programmatic developer SmartyAds has built a proprietary infrastructure for publishers and advertisers that optimizes CPM according to KPI and revenue purposes.

It features media-selling SmartyAds SSP and media-buying SmartyAds DSP platforms that incorporate the sharpest advertising technologies, AI and MA revenue optimization, interactive ad formats, header bidding solutions, and a direct connection to the top global demand and supply partners.

Through a one-look dashboard, publishers can offer their mobile, desktop, and in-app inventory at several DSPs, ad exchanges, and networks at the same time and extract greater value from traffic monetization.

With these advancements, advertisers can shrink their normal ad spending, and publishers can earn eCPM that reaches $10,5.


  • Mobile, desktop, and in-app header bidding. Maximize demand pool and competition to raise inventory costs for every ad slot.
  • SDK mediation. Shift to SmartyADs lightweight, GDPR-compliant SDK to maximize partner count with mediation solution. Easily add or remove partners with whom you are already working.
  • User-friendly ad formats. Personalizing targeted ads, like mobile, video, native, playable, and rewarded, overcomes banner blindness and wins over your viewers.
  • Yield optimization and protection: Apply dynamic floor prices to establish trading rules. Join in RTB or direct and preferred deals (to enhance the value of your premium and exclusive inventory).
  • CPM rates: From $10,5 for top-tier countries and 99% fill rates.
  • Flexible payouts: Paypal, wire transfer

7) Media.net

One of the leading tech Ad companies, media.net is the popular choice of both publishers and advertisers. The company consists of more than 800 employees and has offices spread all across the globe: New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Zurich.

The company stands at #2 when it comes to contextual ads programs run worldwide.

Some of the trusted publisher clients are Yahoo, Forbes, MSN, Me redith, Ziff Davis, The Street, Kiplinger, Hearst, NY Daily News, Reuters, and many others.

To get approval from Media.net, companies need to get original content from another website that needs to be regularly updated without violating any intellectual property rights of the third party.


  • Payment methods like PayPal or Wire Transfer are available.
  • Payment is made after 30 days when the minimum payout of $100 is met.
  • You get to enjoy the support from Personal Account Manager.
  • The customer support team is easy to contact with a faster response time.
  • The ads are compatible with Google AdSense.

8) Monetag

Monetag reviews

Monetag is extremely profitable as a CPM monetization platform. Many blogs and websites are using it on a daily basis for both mobile and desktop visitors. 

Working with Monetag gives you access to AI-enhanced ad formats and monetization solutions, including mobile web SDK & APK with an excellent income and user experience balance.


  • Real-Time Reporting, so you are completely in the picture of what is working and what is not.
  • Higher CPM rates
  • Wide Payout options with min payout of $5
  • Clean and safe ads

Do give this high-tech platform a try; you will not regret!

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9)  Exponential (formerly called Tribal Fusion)


Exponential is an Ad network that is well-known among advertisers and publishers for improving its advertising services.

It is best suited for those publishers who enjoy generous viewers on other websites or blogs to get approval from this ad network, a minimum of 500,000 views are required monthly, and also 5000 unique daily visitors.

Some of you might consider it as an ad network that is tough to get approval. YES, it is, but once you are approved, your life is smooth!


  • Offers high CPM & CPA rates
  • You get a wide range of options for ads to select from. Thus, you can put only the perfect ads on your website.
  • After an interval of 45 days, you receive payment which can be collected through PayPal or Cheque.
  • A great opportunity for you to earn higher revenues with the aid of highly targeted ads.

10) BuySellAds

How To Apply For BuySellAds and Get APPROVED Instantly

If you have just ventured into your website or blog and wish to earn money from it, then BuySellAds is for you. There are no minimum traffic requirements. Thus you get faster approval.

Thus, to start with if you have a few hundred visitors on your blog or website, they won’t go waste and give you some amount of income. As you put in more effort, your traffic will increase and so your income. Also BuySellAds Approval here


  • The ad network offers 75% of the revenue it gets from advertisers.
  • When you put the demand for your money, you get it in 2-3 working days with a condition; you can make such requests only twice in a month.
  • The minimum threshold for payment is only $20 for PayPal and cheque $50 and online wire $500.
  • A large variety of ads is available that can be customized to suit your specifications.
  • The ads are also Google Adsense compatible.

11) AdRecover

It is one of the exclusive types of ad network that works solely to recover the ad blocked inventory. Thus, you can just increase your ad revenue by 10-35% with the help of this ad network as most of the ad networks can’t monetize these as they are blocked by the ad blockers.

With the help of Adrecover, you are able to monetize and measure your ad blocked traffic.


  • Offers a perfect balance between UX and Monetization.
  • Provides a Visitor-friendly Approach.
  • Their demand partners are some of the largest brands and networks.
  • Simple activation and installation as they only have a single line of javascript code, thus getting activated in less than 5 minutes.

12) Conversant Media

Conversant The Leader in Personalized Digital Marketing

Previously it was known by the name ValueClick Media. The company has publishers from varied domains like telecom, retail, automobile, and pharmaceutical.

Even if your site doesn’t have a lot of traffic, still you can get approval from this network and start earning some passive income.


  • The ads are compatible with Google Adsense.
  • Varied kinds of ads are available to suit your requirements like 120×600, 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 468×60, 180×150, InVue, pop-unders, half-page, flexible banner, interstitials, in-text links.
  • The minimum threshold for payment is only $25.
  • You can get the payment through PayPal or get the cheque delivered to your mailing address.
  • Though the company has a NET 60 payment model, most of the users have said that they got their payment in the first 25 days.

13) ActiveRevenue


ActiveRevenue is a global self-serve advertising platform for mobile and desktop which allows advertisers access to high-performing ad units, granular targeting & different optimization faculties.

ActiveRevenue offers various ad formats: POP, Native ad & Display banner ads (including JS and iFrame tags) with extensive targeting, helping you to reach your audience by using carriers, states, OS, browsers, and devices alongside advanced optimization options.
In addition, ActiveRevenue uses the anti-fraud system to ensure that every campaign will receive the highest .quality of traffic.

Read our ActiveRevenue review here


• Reach everyone, everywhere on any device – Very intuitive and friendly interface including many targeting options.
• ActiveRevenue’s team is an EXPERT in analyzing the traffic and modifying it to advertisers’ needs.
• Variety of payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, and Wire.
• FULL integration with Voluum.
• ActiveRevenue traffic is made up of 85% direct sites and apps.ActiveRevenue is a global self-serve advertising platform for mobile and desktop which allows advertisers access to high-performing ad units, granular targeting & different optimization faculties.

FAQ On Best CPM Ad Networks 2024

What is a good CPM for digital ads?

CPM, or the cost per 1,000 website impressions, is the standard by which the success of an online ad campaign is judged. Los Angeles local TV spots can cost as much as $34 per thousand impressions (CPM).

What are CPM networks?

An approach to network analysis known as the Critical Path Method (CPM) It determines which activities have the lowest level of scheduling resilience and uses that information to estimate the project's completion date. An estimate of the time required to complete a task is used.

Is 7 a good CPM?

Purchasing: The CPMs that I typically see when running ads range between $7 and $15. Because I prefer to target a small number of people, my advertising costs are higher than those of other companies. You'll typically pay more for a more targeted (specific) group of people you're advertising to.

How much do ad networks pay?

In order to make good money from CPM ads, you need to have a steady flow of traffic that averages in the tens of thousands per day. Most CPM networks pay between $1 and $10 per 1,000 impressions (depending upon various factors)

Which ad network offers the highest CPM (cost per thousand impressions)?

1. AdSense 2. Media.net 3. Propeller ads 4. Criteo 5. Pop ads

What is the most effective alternate to Google's AdSense?

Some of the best Adsense alternatives are: 1. Media.net 2. Taboola 3. RevenueHits 4. PopAds 5. Propeller ads

What country has the highest CPC?

CPCs in the US, AU, Canada, UK, and DE are greater than in most other countries.

What criteria should be used to select an advertising network for your business?

First, you should choose what kind of marketing help you'll need, then you can begin your research into the various ad networks available to you.

Conclusion: Best CPM Ad Networks 2024

Advertising technology does not have a one-size-fits-all solution.

To find a CPM advertising network that can provide you with high-quality CPM ads as well as specialized CPM advertising programs, take a look at the CPM advertising networks on this page.

The user experience and CPM rates on all of these networks are excellent, but before making a choice, consider carefully what you need to accomplish and how CPM fits into that.

In the world of adtech, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Experimentation is the only way to learn. It’s critical, however, to understand the proper methods for conducting experiments.

CPM ad networks can wreak havoc on your bottom line if you abruptly cut them off. Decide for yourself what you like and don’t like.

As a starting point, focus on a few of the most lucrative CPM-based ad networks. Measure, analyze, and improve.

Thus, this was the list of top CPM ad networks for the year 2024.

For any further queries, post them in the comments section below, will be happy to answer them, and till then HAPPY EARNING!

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