10+ Best Cloudways Alternatives 2024: Find The Top Competitors!

Over the years, I’ve noticed that Cloudways has become a hosting solution among many small and medium businesses.

I appreciate its solid infrastructure, advanced security features, speedy performance, and flexible pricing structure.

However, I also discovered plenty of Cloudways alternatives available today that can provide similar or even better benefits and services.

So, in this blog post, I want to dive deeply into some of the best Cloudways alternatives. This way, I can help you decide which platform is right for your specific needs.

Let’s explore the options together and find the perfect hosting solution!

Best Cloudways Alternatives

✨Overview of Cloudways:


Cloudways is considered an amazing cloud-based hosting service provider. It is always the first option for every user who wants cloud hosting for their WordPress platform.

It has been recorded that Cloudways has recorded the 505 ms response time, which is quite a minimum of 100% uptime record. Cloudways is in the market with outstanding stats in the field of cloud hosting.

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It does not have any servers. It is dependent on third-party services, such as Vultr, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Amazon Web-based Service, etc.

The significant advantage of Cloudways alternatives is that it does not depend on any data servers.

Features of Cloudways:

Cloudways possess some useful features that are discussed below:

  • Simplicity and Choice: There are no restrictions on the growth of the business. You have total freedom of doing business in your own way.
  • Worry-Free Experience: You have complete control over all the connected applications and data servers you use.
  • Scalable Performance: You can measure the performance of the hosting service. You can enhance the loading process of your apps.
  • Transparent Pricing: The offered pricing plans are very clear and easy to understand. There are no hidden charges.

Pricing of Cloudways:

Below is the summary of the pricing plans offered by Cloudways:

Cloudways Pricing Plans

  • DigitalOcean Information Center Plan: The plan costs from $10 per month to $80 per month.
  • Linode Information Center Plan: Its starting cost is $12 per month and goes up to $90 per month.
  • AWS Data Center Plan: In AWS, there are various options you can choose from that cost from $36.51 to $274.33 every month.
  • Google Cloud Information Center Plan: The starting price is $33.30 per month and ends at $226.05 per month.

Top 10+ Cloudways Alternatives 2024: (Handpicked)

1) Kamatera:

Kamatera Review

Kamatera provides efficiency, affordability, and power to your cloud hosting service. It is the best alternative for Cloudways alternatives.

It has the best performance in the market in cloud hosting. Users are well satisfied with the features provided by Kamatera. It has been chosen from thirteen data centers globally.

Why Choose Kamatera Over Cloudways?

  • The cloud servers of Kamatera are compatible with many operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, CentOS, and many more.
  • It will allow you to install many applications like WordPress, MongoDB, Magento, Joomla, and many more.
  • It offers you flexible scaling options to add new components comfortably.
  • You can easily configure the advanced settings for RAM space very quickly. 

Kamatera Pricing:

Kamatera Review- Price Plans

It is an affordable service provider in the market. You can create your servers and what server type you create; you will be charged according to that.

There is no fixed pricing. But it changes with the quality of services you use.

2) DreamHost:

DreamHost Overview

When it comes to managing WordPress hosting, DreamHost has proven itself to be the best hosting service provider. Many users in the market are recommended to use DreamHost to manage WordPress hosting.

With its WordPress hosting feature, it is considered to be the best Cloudways alternatives. It offers 100% uptime along with a 302 ms less response time.

Why Choose DreamHost Over Cloudways?

  • Its high-technology architecture, SSD storage, and next-generation processors will provide you with the fastest hosting services.
  • It is the most straightforward option as a server operating system for Linux, and Microsoft Windows.
  • It will allow you to scale with many developing tools.

DreamHost Pricing:

Dreamhost- Pricing Plans

3) FastComet:


It is very simple and easy to use a hosting service provider that provides you with very quick hosting services. It is one of the top-rated service providers like Trustpilot.

The critical feature of FastComet is the speed. It can utilize about eleven data centers globally. It has many features that make it the recommended Cloudways alternative.

Why Choose FastComet Over Cloudways?

  • It offers a free professional site that can help you make migration smooth.
  • It can provide many developer tools, 450 applications, and 20+ frameworks.
  • Many free services are offered, like cPanel, daily and weekly backups, CDN, etc.
  • You can choose 3-5 IP addresses according to your pricing plan.

FastComet Pricing:

FastComet Price plan

4) BionicWP:

BionicWP Review

BionicWP is a truly managed WordPress hosting solution that offers you both server and application-level support at bare minimum cost.

BionicWP offers guaranteed performance and is considered one of the best Cloudways alternatives because of its super-fast speed, complete site scalability, ironclad security, and impeccable customer support.

Why Choose BionicWP Over Cloudways?

A single hosting server by GCP on Cloudways alternatives costs over $30 that too without application-level edits.

With BionicWP, you get managed cloud hosting, server & application-level support (Unlimited edits) for as low as $27.5 with WordPress core updates, site-wide daily backups, and hack-proof security.

Moreover, BionicWP uses Google Cloud C2 High Compute servers, which host Google’s Search engine.

You can run any WordPress application or WooCommerce-based store on BionicWP with ease. 

The best part about BionicWP is that you won’t have to manage anything, as everything is taken care of by the BionicWP support team.

BionicWP Pricing:

Pricing of BionicWP Hosting Solution

5) HostGator:


HostGator is quite experienced and an old cloud hosting service provider. It is a well-managed platform that offers web, dedicated, WordPress, and many more hosts.

It allows users to have an excellent performance with 99.82% uptime and a minimum response time of 261 ms.

Why Choose HostGator Over Cloudways?

  • The high-technology hardware, low-density servers, and multiple caching layers provide a two times faster hosting experience.
  • It will allow you to easily monitor and allocate resources.
  • HostGator is very scalable.
  • It provides a free domain name and SSL when registered for the first time.

HostGator Pricing:

HostGator Pricing

6) DigitalOcean:


DigitalOcean can provide you with an abundance of hosting services. It is the market’s most recommended hosting service provider and the best Cloudways alternative. 

DigitalOcean uses Droplets’ technology, which is simple to use and has upgradable virtual machines to provide fantastic quick hosting services.

Why Choose DigitalOcean Over Cloudways?

  • It allows you to have the Droplets service operate virtual machines to increase Intel processors’ performance.
  • It has a stable 99.99% uptime with data centers located in 8 different locations.
  • You can choose from different operating systems like Debian, CoreOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD.

DigitalOcean Pricing:

DigitalOcean- Pricing

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7) Hostinger:


Hostinger will provide you straightforward cloud hosting services. It offers three times faster site loading. It allows you to experience exceptional performance with 99.99 % uptime with a minimum response time of 681 ms.

Why Choose Hostinger Over Cloudways?

  • It will provide you with resources and additional facilities to experience an excellent cloud hosting service.
  • Hostinger will allow free daily backups of all your databases and sites.
  • It acts as a built-in cache manager, giving you IP addresses with a dedicated hosting environment.

Hostinger Pricing:

Hostinger Pricing

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8) A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the most preferred web and WordPress hosting service provider. It has a high performance with 99.99 % uptime and an average response time of 1134 ms.

It offers SSL certification site migration for free with other features.

Why Choose A2 Hosting Over Cloudways?

  • It has offered 20 times faster servers for hosting services.
  • A2 Hosting uses an exceptional cache that boosts up the loading time.
  • It will provide you the best recovery feature, server rewind file backups.

A2 Hosting Pricing:

A2 Hosting- Pricing

9) InMotion Hosting:

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is not that popular in the market, but it’s an excellent Cloudways alternative. It provides an outstanding deal for WordPress hosting than any other hosting service provider.

It has increased performance with an uptime of 99.99% and a minimum response time of 361 ms.

Why Choose InMotion Hosting Over Cloudways?

  • It has SSD servers for better and faster hosting. You can easily install applications like WordPress, Node.js, Django, Magento, etc.
  • It offers 3 to 5 IP addresses, unlimited email addresses, subdomains, and many more.
  • It will provide daily backups, DDOS attack protection, and SSL.

InMotion Hosting Pricing:

InMotion Hosting- Pricing

10) Liquid Web:


LiquidWeb has been the best performer and best Cloudways alternative.

It has 100% uptime with a minimum response time of 292 ms. It has been proven to be the fastest hosting service provider than Rackspace, AWS, and DigitalOcean.

Liquid Web features a Cloud spectator that can help you analyze the speed of any hosting service provider.

Why Choose Liquid Web Over Cloudways?

  • It can migrate from any hosting server to its servers.
  • Liquid Web has three control panels for cloud hosting: InterWorx, cPanel Pro, and Plesk Web Pro.
  • It has many technical features, including built-in backup modules and DDOS attack protection.

Liquid Web Pricing: Liquid Web Comparison- VPS Hosting

Liquid Web is quite expensive and the fastest hosting service provider. The expense is the primary reason why it is low on this list.

  • RAM of 2 GB: This plan will cost you $59 per month with 40 GB of SSD space for storage 2vCPU.
  • RAM of 4 GB: This plan will cost you $99 monthly with 4vCPU, 100 GB of SSD space for storage, and a control panel.
  • RAM of 8 GB: This plan costs $139 per month with 8vCPU cores and 150 GB SD space for storage.
  • RAM of 16 GB: The plan costs $189 per month with 8vCPU, 200 GB of SSD space for storage, and many more.

11) SiteGround:


It is the second most recommended WordPress hosting service provider. It offers excellent performance with an uptime of 99.99% and a minimum response time of 452 ms.

It provides the lightning speed of loading WordPress sites.

Why Choose Site Ground Over Cloudways?

  • It has an experienced developer who can correctly manage cloud hosting and is the best Cloudways alternative.
  • Site Ground provides dedicated cloud server hosting accounts to every user.
  • It has an SG optimizer, a dynamic caching plugin that helps improve performance.

Site Ground Pricing:

SiteGround- Pricing

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✨Conclusion: Cloudways Alternatives 2024

Overall, I’ve found that there are a number of options for cloud hosting that offer excellent service.

As someone who has explored different hosting solutions, I’ve come to appreciate whether you prefer quick Cloudways Alternatives and easy setup, have larger budgets, or are looking for managed services, all of these alternatives.

I believe it’s important for businesses and developers like myself to do thorough research when selecting a cloud hosting provider. It’s crucial to understand precisely what our needs and expectations are before making a decision.

In my experience, taking the time to review the features of each company goes a long way in finding the right solution for my business.

With so many good options available, I can confidently say that your cloud hosting experience will be nothing but positive.

So, let’s dive in, explore these cloudways alternatives, and find the perfect cloud hosting solution for you!

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