7+ Best Cloud ERP Solution For Your Business 2024 (Our Top Pick)


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Netsuite is the best Cloud ERP Solution for you to choose because Netsuite offers everything a business requires.

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In this post we shared Best Cloud ERP Solution For Your Business that will help you get Best Cloud ERP Solution For Your Business. lets so dive in

Are you someone with a business who is looking for ways to manage the functions of business within a system that is both integrated and centralized system? Yes? Well, I was too until I discovered these amazing ERP Solutions for my business, also, you would be surprised to know that ERP solutions are used in many different ways. 

Bottom Line Upfront: There are many Cloud ERP Solutions in the market and if you are looking for the best Cloud ERP Solution then Netsuite is the best choice for you. Because Netsuite is an online service which provides you all the required process for your business within a single system and most of the companies use NetSuite for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and to manage inventory, track their financials, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Check out Netsuite Now.

ERP Solutions are helpful in many ways, such as saving an extra amount of money, and improved collaboration, etc. Intrigued? Let’s know more! 

What are ERP Solutions? 

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software that many businesses use to track or manage the daily tasks that need to be completed in a day. For instance, accounting or supply chain operations. 

With the growing life of businesses, ERP solutions have proven to be of immense usage. That is because they do most of the management of the daily chores one would have in businesses. So, to simplify, ERP has become as important as electricity to some businesses

You can use it to save money on manual labour with stressful hours on the computer to keep a track of all the mobile components of distribution and management. 

Uses of ERP Solutions 

There are many benefits ERP Solutions give you. This is what has bought it to this level of usage these days. Although there are other solutions that one can opt for, ERP proves to be the best. Why? Well, let’s take a look! 

  • An additional amount of money is saved.

You may be thinking about how exactly is this possible, and if you are, no need to worry because I had the same question when I first looked at it too. 

This is because while you pay all the men that would do all the tracking for you, ERP Solutions do it for you at a very lower price. Also, a centralized system is formed that helps your staff use all the tools they would need without much trouble. 

By doing so, you help your staff utilize the time they spend working for a little more efficiently. 

  • The collaboration is improved. 

All the features that you provided here are known to improve collaborations in some or another way. Like you would know, the way in which a centralized system is established to make everything a bit easier for you is one unique feature of ERP Solutions. 

Using this database, you just have to provide a single truth for your company to work from. Also, a centralized system just means shrinkage of hesitation or any kind of stalling since each and every member of your team has access to information that is company-wide at all times. 

  • Analytics is better. 

A database that centralized makes analytics and reporting a much easier task. Just make sure that your vendor is someone who provides you with strong functionality, and you will be able to create reports in a short period of time.

ERP Solutions save you a lot of time because you probably would spend days of research to get a proper report that might take way too much time to double-check as well. This also helps you to make quick and clear decisions at any given point in time. 

  • Productivity is improved. 

You know that tedious tasks like processing any orders, monitoring the inventory levels, generating a detailed report and then, double-checking it, etc take hours and hours of wasted energy. 

Plus, doing some manual work here just opens up the possibilities of human errors and a decrease in employee morale. 

So, ERP Solutions have earned their name by ridding you of your most tedious tasks on a daily basis. They also enable advanced calculations that just take a couple of minutes. 

  • Cheery customers! 

You are well aware of the importance of keeping your customers happy. Even you would take other customer reviews while purchasing an item because you know that they are helpful. And happy customers equal good reviews. 

So, focus on fulfilling your customer’s wishes. Although, ERP contributes to that too! It has a CRM, that is, a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you with your customers. 

  • The compliance is simplified and management of risk. 

ERP Solutions are built with a couple of regulations to maintain compliance at each and every stage. Also, it gets easier to formulate any reports with the help of the built-in auditing tools and send them over to the next governing body. 

Another beneficial addition is that it offers many tools that you may need to manage tools. The remarkable reliability and accuracy improve the overall management of finances. 

  • Improved monitoring of inventory. 

A challenging task for the companies that are growing is the tracking and the monitoring of the expanding inventory levels. The monitoring of inventory bolsters reporting since tracking technologies offer you a more accurate range of numbers. 

When you want information on which product has been sailing the ship the fastest, what you can do is configure custom KPIs. they show up with greater demand in products that can increase carrying cost. 

  • Improved management of resources and planning of productions. 

ERP Solutions are known to manage your manufacturing as well as inventory. It offers you insight on all manufacturing operations which also includes the shop floor. 

This allows your users to optimize the schedules for production, labor to the maximal capacity, and equipment. They also manage your Bill of Materials (BOM) and the fixed assets. 

The Best Cloud ERP Solutions You Can Choose From

List Of The 7+ Best Cloud ERP Solution For Your Business 2024

1) NetSuite

Netsuite brand has been known for its ability to perform exceptionally well as an ERP solution. It consists of several cloud-based applications that manage your work without much trouble. 

NetSuite - Overview


  • The customization. 
  • Workflow Capability. 
  • Management of Users, Rolls, and Access. 
  • Performance and reliability. 
  • Seamless payroll. 
  • Journal Entries. 
  • Invoice Customization. 
  • AP Automation. 
  • Processing of payments. 
  • Statements regarding finances. 
  • Dashboards. 
  • Orders regarding the purchase. 
  • Output document generation. 
  • Tools on data input and export. 


  • The basic functionalities were quite easy to learn, for me, it was the reporting and such functions. 
  • This company enables you to do anything you want that has anything to do with accounting, such as, shrinking any manual efforts and swelling up the efficiency of leading auto solutions.  
  • Reports can be created in a short length of time once you get familiar with them. 
  • The entire system is business-centralized. 
  • The smooth flow of information all around the world. 


  • It takes time to get used to all the functions. 
  • I found a couple of restrictions a little unusual. 
  • An addition of cost if you require 24/7 customer support service. 


The pricing has not been specified here. It is a common practice to do so, but if you would like to discuss the pricing for this using this brand, you can give a call to the customer service system provided there. 

Netsuite Pricing

2) SalesForce

Whether you own a multi-dollar company or a small-scale business, SalesForce is here to help you accelerate the speed of your business growth. It consists of many benefiting features. To take a look at them, keep reading! 

 Salesforce overview


  • Management of contacts, leads, and opportunities regarding sales. 
  • Integration of desktop. 
  • Management of customer contracts, activities, projects, and accounts. 
  • Dashboards and forecasting. 
  • Marketing on emails. 


  • This brand offers a variety of benefits. 
  • You will find many great opportunities on your journey here. 
  • I would say that the ohana culture was absolutely lovely. 


  • It may get a little difficult to manage the work-life balance, I know that it was for me. 


SalesForce - Pricing

  • Sales essentials edition- $25 per user each month. 
  • Professional edition- $75 per user every month. 
  • Enterprise edition- $150 per user per month. 
  • Unlimited edition- $300 per user per month. 

3) QuickBooks 

Use QuickBooks brand to manage all the finances with one of the two versions provided by the company. It also comes with a free version that you can opt for to see if it is the ideal choice for you or not. Get instant information about customers, employees, and vendors. 

QuickBooks  - Overview


  • Invoice and billing. 
  • Management of payrolls. 
  • CPA Firms. 
  • Bank reconciliation. 
  • Tracking of all your business expenses. 
  • Project accounting. 


  • QuickBooks makes tracking and calculating super easy. 
  • You can use this brand to track the expenses of your business, sure. But what I found especially admiring was that it lets you track your personal expenses as well. 
  • An exceptional interface. 
  • The selection of features here are known to be outstanding, and I wouldn’t disagree. 
  • You will find it easy to transmit data to the CPA without any difficulties. 


  • I found it quite troubling when there was no beforehand warning about the expiration of my account. 
  • The modes may open up and cause small errors here and there. 


 QuickBooks  - Pricing Plan

  • This company starts the pricing at $5 per each user for every month. 
  • A free trial is offered here, so, check it out if you aren’t sure about choosing this option. 

4) Tally

Tally other company is purely for lessening the number of errors that might otherwise cause trouble for you. Also, they increase the correction of capabilities to give you the most possible opportunities to enlarge your business. 

 Tally Overview

Quickbooks vs Tally 2024


  • CRM is available. 
  • Management of distribution, order, inventory, and orders regarding purchases. 
  • Analytics. 
  • Reporting. 
  • Management of the supply chains. 


  • It is applicable to all types of businesses, whether it’s small or big, they will all be benefitted. 
  • It is exceptional for professional accountancy. 
  • You will find that updating any sort of details becomes easy at Tally! 
  • It also ensures that your data regarding business is safe. 


  • It may not be the best option for the construction industry since it has some limiting functions. 
  • There is a possibility of lag that may cause you to lose all the information. 


 Tally Pricing

  • Starting price- $637.05 per user. Luckily, it is a one-time payment. 
  • Also, you can pay about $1911.14 per user which is also a one-time thing but has an addition of many other features. 

5) Sage

Automate all your finances when you run a business with many features like tracking of payment, expense, invoicing, and remote access. It is super simple to use, and get it set up to save time that otherwise may have been wasted. 



  • The product has the ability to let you tackle any sort of accountancy you would like. 
  • It simplifies the tracking of sales and reporting. 
  • Invoicing. 
  • Stay on top of the bookkeeping schedule at all times. 
  • Use it on any device and find no trouble or difference in the brand’s power. 


  • The reporting is easy and nice. 
  • It allows you to update real-time regarding account balances. 
  • API.
  • The integrations of payrolls. 
  • It is super user-friendly, even for someone who is a non-accountant. 
  • You can get access to it from any place and any device of your choice. 


  • The process to gain access to the API is not all that user-friendly. 
  • The interface has the potential of improving and I think that it is a good option. 


Sage - Pricing

  • A free trial is available here, so, remember to check it out before finalizing your choice. 
  • Sage business cloud account start- $3 per month. 
  • Sage business cloud account- $7 per month. 

6) Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP 

A brand that has proved to be of use. It comprises clouds like the Oracle Procurement Cloud, Oracle Project Management, Oracle Accounting Hub, Oracle Financial Cloud, etc. 

Oracle- Overview


  • Invoicing and billing. 
  • Tracking of expenses. 
  • Management of taxes. 
  • Project accounting. 


  • A very reliable and secure software. 
  • A brand that is focused on business process management.
  • Data mining gets easier here. 


  • It gets confusing when all the multi modules have been packed in a single suite. 


No specification on price has been finalized by the brand. To know more, you can contact their customer support system. 

7) Bizautomation 

When you own a wholesale business, professional services, retail, or manufacturing. A direct approach takes place to satisfy every customer you have. 

Bizautomation  - Overview


  • Management of backorder.
  • Management of inventory. 
  • Management of special orders. 
  • Returns management. 
  • Management of shipping jobs. 
  • Orders that have the ability to recur. 
  • Tracking of orders. 
  • Fulfillment of orders. 
  • The entry of orders. 


  • The functions are quite valuable. 
  • A nice customer support system. 
  • The software is impressive. 
  • It is affordable for small businesses too. 
  • Have the ability to troubleshoot any problems you find. 


  • A high learning curve. 


Bizautomation  - Pricing

  • A free trial is offered here. 
  • The minimum amount at which you can start using this company is $79.95 per month. 
  • The order based price is $995 per month that lets a countless number of users use it.  

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FAQs On Best Cloud ERP Solution For Your Business

👉How do you compare brands?

Compare brands could be difficult. But to make that simple, you keep your limit of expense on an ERP Solution in mind. Then, fish for brands under that amount. Be mindful about the cons too and see if they are a couple you can excuse.

👉Which ERP Solution should you go for?

A question only you can answer! Yes, that is because you’re the only one who knows exactly what you need, all anyone else can do is guess unless they are a bunch of mind readers.

👉What are the uses of ERP Solutions?

When you have a business, you have to look for ways to save money on other things so that you can invest more in your business. ERP Solutions make it possible!

Conclusion: 7+ Best Cloud ERP Solution For Your Business 2024 

Now that you have seen some of the leading ERP Solutions available out there, it is up to you to choose one among them. Remember to research thoroughly before you select a specific option because this is your business we are talking about. 

We want it to be successful and to do that, you have to choose the ideal option that is the most favorable to you. Here, I have listed a couple of brands that I found the most reliable and beneficial to me and would help you as well. 

Once you have a couple of brands you think are best for you and are available under your pricing rate, compare the pros and cons.

Now, with pros, come cons, so, be mindful about the cons that you may experience with each brand and not only the pros. For example, if Tally can make it possible for you to lose all your client information with a single lag but you have another reliable way to keep track of them, then, Tally is a nice choice for you. 

Although, if it is not the case, then, I would suggest you keep far away from Tally, and head over to NetSuite. Just make thorough research, gather information about the companies you want to go for, and remember them while finalizing one. 

You should realize that ERP Solutions have been a great help to humans that engage in business activities in many ways, for instance, they help you save money almost instantly, and increase the productivity of your entire system, saving a lot of time. 

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