Becoming Focused And Indistractable Review 2024: Is Nir Eyal Course Worth It?

Become Focused and Indistractable

Overall Verdict

I’m sure you’d think it was a good investment if you invested a few hundred dollars in the first place and then made thousands more.

Out of 10


  • Nir Eyal presents well
  • Really interesting to understand the science behind behaviors
  • Course helps you identify and address the “root causes” of your distractions
  • Course discusses important areas


  • Be prepared for the work to be done internally


Price: $ 59

Your quest to read Unbiased Becoming Focused And Indistractable Review has come to an end as you landed the right post.

The quest Become Focused and Indistractable has just been added to Mindvalley.

Nir Eyal created it. He is a very well-spoken man who clearly explains ways to become more focused and less distracted using psychology and hacks.

We completed the entire quest in two days because I am a member of Mindvalley and I had full access to this quest instantly.

Read my review below.

Becoming Focused And Indistractable Review 2024:

An expert in habit formation, Nir Eyal teaches the 4-hour online Mindvalley course “Becoming Focused and Indistractable” over 27 days.

Despite the fact that habits aren’t the most exciting topics, they drive us all.

Think of them as our brain’s automatic pilot.

I think we can agree that habits are great when they serve us well, but those that don’t serve us well are notoriously hard to break.

It has become a habit for most of us to know what we need to do, but not to do it.

We break our promises to ourselves time and time again due to the “I can’t be bothered” effect.

“I’m going for a run today”, “I’m learning a new language this year”, “I’m updating my CV”.

There are so many good intentions, but there are so many distractions as well.

While we may have good intentions, we often procrastinate, come up with excuses, and instead mindlessly scroll through our phones.

Using neuroscience and psychology to retrain your brain, this program helps you regain your focus.

This new focus will enable you to achieve higher levels of performance, productivity, and work.

Who Teaches It?

It is Nir Eyal’s first time collaborating with Mindvalley.

The bestselling book Becoming Focused and Indistractable made me aware of him before I took the course.

I didn’t get around to reading it (which a friend recommended, although it was too distracting for me).

He’s a leading expert in his field, just like many of the Mindvalley teachers.

Becoming Focused And Indistractable- Nir Eyal tutor

In addition to Time, The Harvard Business Review, Inc., Psychology Today, etc., his work has been featured in a variety of publications.

Throughout his career, he has also been involved in a lot of groundbreaking research in human behavior, which has been published in numerous academic journals.

I’d say this guy knows what he’s doing.

Becoming Focused And Indistractable Review: What Is Mindvalley?

In case you are unfamiliar with Mindvalley, let me quickly describe the platform.

In the past, I have participated in many of their programs.

There are a lot of platforms out there that offer personal development courses, but Udemy is one of the most popular.

Their website lists 10 million students worldwide, to give you an idea of their size.

These programs cover a wide range of self-improvement subjects, including entrepreneurship, career, relationship, parenting, and more.

It’s not like you get all famous teachers with MasterClass.

However, they are all highly regarded in their fields.

Jeffrey Allen, Jim Kwik, and Ken Honda are all experts in the field of energy.

Price: Becoming Focused And Indistractable 

Buying anything is one of the biggest factors to consider when I’m thinking of it, so I’ll begin with the cost.

When paid in full, the cost of lifetime access to Becoming Focused and Indistractable is $399.

Payment plans are also available at $149 per installment, so the final price works out to $447.

For the current cheapest price on Becoming Focused and Indistractable, click here.

However, if you are interested in taking any other Mindvalley courses, you would be much better off with another option.

Becoming Focused And Indistractable price

You can purchase an annual Mindvalley membership for $499.

This gives you access to pretty much all of their quests – including becoming Focused and Indestructible.

If you like variety in your learning, you can take more than one course at a time.

There are about 50 courses to choose from.

If you are specifically trying to create better habits and become more productive, I will also suggest a few other programs you might find useful in this review.

For just $100 more, you might consider the Mindvalley Membership.

Can I Get A Refund?

One more useful thing to know about this course before diving into my results is the refund policy.

There is a refund for every quest in Mindvalley. Your purchase is backed by a 15-day money-back guarantee.

If you choose a single program, the same applies to the Mindvalley Membership.

This 27-day course has a refund period that is not the longest, but it will take you more than halfway through.

Thus, you have plenty of time to see if it’s the right fit (risk-free).

I Liked The First 14 Days Of The Quest The Best (And Day 17 and 18)

In Becoming Focused And Indistractable, I liked the first few weeks the best.

We lose focus when we give in to distractions.

Nil Eyal discusses the root cause behind distractions, how dissatisfaction can make things better in one’s life, and how important it is for us to change our mindset to become insoluble.

It was a good start for my husband as well.

My husband would probably enjoy the first video after I watched it alone. It was entertaining to him.

This was a surprising amount of information that Nir Eyal shared about distraction and focus that we didn’t expect to get in a course on becoming more focused.

Becoming Focused And Indistractable first 14 days

It provided more insight than we expected and was more in-depth than we expected.

It was quite interesting how he approaches topics such as focus and distraction in a scientific way.

My favorite days were days 17 and 18. Nir Eyal offered a few tips on holding yourself accountable.

Learning about this was important for me.

As an online worker, I find it difficult to always hold myself accountable.

Sometimes I can go a week or longer without actually accomplishing my goals because, aside from not sticking to them, there is no real consequence, other than feeling crappy.

Nir Eyal has already recommended some things and they are working.

Distractions Are Understandable And Can Be Eliminated By Learning These Things

There were tips for eliminating external triggers and internal triggers discussed.

I had heard about some of these things before, but I was surprised by how much good information was given that I had not thought of before.

The information was explained so clearly by Nir Eyal.

As a matter of fact, Nir Eyal explains how you can understand what distracts you and how you can deal with it.

Each lesson builds upon the previous one so you can see the big picture and become more focused and less distracted.

In order to be focused and less distracted, you need to understand and work on what he says.

Distractions Are Understandable mindvalley by nir

The process is similar to peeling an onion.

To maintain focus and avoid distractions, you must address your external and internal triggers.

Throughout the book, he also emphasizes the importance of a focused mindset and how to develop one.

It was fun to learn how to make tasks seem enjoyable.

 Be enjoyable, not just seem so.

A woman I worked with years ago stressed the importance of play at work, and she truly enjoyed her job as a result.

In the quest, Nir Eyal discusses and teaches about this.

Becoming Focused And Indistractable gives you the tools to find out why you get distracted and to fix the issue if you do not know why you get distracted.

You Learn How To Structure Your Day Better:

Become Focused And Indistractable can help you if you lack a plan in the morning.

Here are Nir Eyal’s tips for staying focused on your work.

As well as how to balance life between work and home, he talks about how to structure your day.

This Course Teaches You How To Focus More And Stay Distracted Less:

Nir Eyal offers tips on being more focused and less distracted whether you’re working from home or at work.

My husband and I work from home, so I find his lessons to be relevant to both of us (I work from home and my husband usually works in an office).

In response to Nir Eyal’s comment about being distracted at work, my husband nodded.

As a result, I could relate to the distractions of working online and gained a few tips for making my computer an effective workspace rather than a distraction.

Concentrate On More Than Just Work Become Focused And Indistractable

Furthermore, Nir Eyal speaks about how to be more focused and less distracted at work and in our relationships.

On some level, My husband and I have this one down to a tee.

As a consequence, we’ve learned that we should leave our smartphones in the car when we visit people so we won’t be tempted to check out the stats or other things on our phones.

It prevents us from being present with others.

Concentrate On More Than Just Work Become Focused And Indistractable

During Day 23, he explains how to raise indistractable children, including identifying their triggers, managing their distractions, and helping them follow through on tasks and goals.

We don’t have any children so we didn’t find this very interesting.

However, I could see this being helpful for parents who want to help their kids focus.

Today and the next two days are dedicated to helping kids focus.

To Become More Focused, I highly Recommend This course: 

It was a good quest. I was not prepared for how in-depth a quest to be focused could be.

We can learn a lot from him about why we do what we do as well as how to become more focused and less distracted.

There are many people who can benefit from this topic, especially those who have goals and want to maximize their time.

Members of Mindvalley should take advantage of it.

Who Is It For?

  • They don’t feel like they’re making the most of their days right now.
  • Focus is imperative for people who are juggling busy lives or have goals they wish to achieve.
  • Procrastinators and overachievers who have had it with procrastination getting in their way.
  • When people get distracted or don’t feel productive enough, they feel guilty or beat themselves up.
  • They feel compelled in 1000 directions, but they are unable to control the situation.
  • Those who want to learn how things work. The wiring of my brain makes me seek explanations for why my behavior is the way it is.

Who Is It Not For?

I found this course to be a very useful all-rounder for those who wish to alleviate distractions in their lives.

However, it might not be suitable for:

  • Those who are only interested in a few quick-fix hacks to boost productivity, but don’t have the necessary introspection skills to truly change bad habits.
  • If they cannot commit to watching the videos and doing the exercises afterward for 20 to 30 minutes a day. You won’t get the results without commitment, but it won’t be much work.

​​Is There An Alternative To Become Focused and Indistractable?

Check out these other Mindvalley programs if you like Becoming Focused and Insistractable:

  • Jim Kwik, a brain trainer renowned for his Superbrain and Super Reading courses. Here are my reviews of Superbrain and Super Reading.
  • An effective way to overcome blocks and lazy habits that stand in your way is Habit Ferocity, a 35-day peak performance program designed to unleash your creativity, passion, and motivation.
  • The hero. Brilliant. Legendary. A super performer is someone who follows key habits, practices, and skills.

Becoming Focused And Indistractable: pro’s and con’s

Here are the pros & cons:


  • Nir Eyal presents well. The video content he presented kept my attention. The material was enjoyable to watch.
  • This course’s daily lessons, which last between five and twenty minutes, make it very convenient to fit into your schedule. This micro-style of learning is a characteristic of Mindvalley programs and it complies with the scientifically proven method of learning – in short bursts.
  • It was really interesting to understand the science behind behaviors, which made me feel more empowered to change them. I wasn’t just lazy, but human nature was involved, there is a scientific explanation, and it can be fixed.
  • Instead of just eliminating distractions, the course helps you identify and address the “root causes” of your distractions. So that you may eliminate that behavior, you need to understand the pain that drove you to it in the first place. The majority of this course focuses on changing your mindset before taking action.
  • Besides distractions at work, this course discusses important areas of life such as relationships. As a result, this was an eye-opening experience for me since I had no idea how distracted I can be – for example, checking my phone during mealtimes.


  • In the course’s final sessions, several sessions are devoted to parenting indistractable children. Though objectively it seems intriguing, I’ll admit that I got a little distracted because I don’t have children. However, this is an individual preference. I’m sure that this would appear on your list of pros if you have children or work with them.
  • A heads-up isn’t a con; it’s more of an announcement. Be prepared for the work to be done internally. In this course, you learn more than simply how to avoid distractions (although those are given as well).
  •  As a result, you will be asked to dig deep into your discomfort and to understand why you behave the way you do. So you’ll be asked to do some self-evaluation as well as maybe even some soul searching.
  • Seeing as this program costs $399, it’s clearly not for the faint of heart.

Become Focused and Indistractable Reviews & Testimonials:

Become Focused and Indistractable Reviews & Testimonials

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Let’s Wrap It Up: Becoming Focused And Indistractable Review

I’m sure you’d think it was a good investment if you invested a few hundred dollars in the first place and then made thousands more.

The bottom line is that I came to that conclusion about the Becoming Focused and Indistractable program.

I’d say the initial investment I had to make has already paid for itself.

When? Because time saved is money earned in my line of work. In that case, it definitely paid off for me.

If you aren’t a self-employed person like me, then improved focus, productivity, and clarity will still help your earning potential.

Money isn’t everything, though.

Additionally, this course helps students redirect their energy where it’s most needed so that they can make all sorts of positive changes in their lives – perhaps that cannot even be priced.

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