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BDSwiss is a trusted company in the Forex industry, and they have paid millions of euros to their partners. They are licensed and regulated, providing a safe and secure place to trade. If you're thinking about joining the BDSwiss Partners Program, it's an excellent way to earn money by promoting a reliable and well-regarded broker.

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Are you looking for ways to earn money online?

Whether you’re a trading academy, a signal trader, or provide any trading-related service, BDSwiss offers a tailored solution with dedicated support.Β Β 

Since its founding in 2012, BDSwiss has consistently demonstrated why it deserves its position as one of the most reputable Forex brokerage firms. More than 1.5 million clients from 186 countries, trading 84 billion USD per month, have been supplied.

BDSwiss is a reliable brokerage thanks to its three regulatory approvals from CySEC in Cyprus (BDSwiss Holding Ltd.), the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius (BDS Markets), and the Financial Services Authority in Seychelles (BDS Ltd.). This multiple award winning broker offers a supervised, risk-free trading environment, with safeguards against the loss of capital.

While providing numerous trading goods and services, this brokerage company also offers BDSwiss Partners Programs for both Affiliates and IBs.

If you need to decide whether you should join, this detailed BDSwiss Partners Programs review will help you decide.

I’ll explain how the program works and how it can benefit you. So, if you need clarification, keep reading to make an informed choice about joining.

What is the BDSwiss Partners Program?

BDSwiss is a trusted company in the Forex industry, and they have paid millions of euros to their partners. They’ve been around since 2012 and have millions of registered accounts from all over the world.

They are licensed and regulated, providing a safe and secure place to trade.

So, if you’re thinking about joining the BDSwiss Partners Program, it’s an excellent way to earn money by promoting a reliable and well-regarded broker.


You can promote BDSwiss to other traders and get a commission when they join and trade with BDSwiss. The more people you refer to, the more money you can earn.

You get things like a personal manager and access to real-time reports to help you keep track of your earnings.

Recognized by the prestigious Global Banking and Finance Review, the BDSwiss Partners Program stands out as one of the most competitive programs in the forex industry.

It boasts a rapidly expanding global community, including over 17,500 Affiliate and IB partners across 180 countries.

Awards and Accolades

In online trading and partnership programs, getting recognized is a big deal. BDSwiss recently won the prestigious “BEST GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME 2023” award at UF AWARDS Global.

BDSwiss Award winner

This award ceremony happened on September 21, 2023, during iFX EXPO International. It’s like winning a gold medal in the financial industry.

It shows that BDSwiss is excellent at creating solid partnerships and offering great services. Winning this award proves that BDSwiss is a trusted financial company that works well with others in the finance world.

BDSwiss Partnership programsΒ 

BDSwiss offers two distinct partnership programs: Affiliates and Introducing Brokers (IBs). Let’s dive into the details of each program:


  • Who It’s For:

The Affiliate program is tailored for individuals or entities with a solid online presence. If you operate a website, own social media accounts, run online FX educational hubs, or have access to other digital platforms with a significant audience, this program is designed for you.

  • How It Works:

As an affiliate, you leverage your online reach to drive traffic to BDSwiss. You do this by introducing BDSwiss products and services to your audience. By encouraging your audience to engage with BDSwiss, you can monetize your traffic and earn commissions.

  • Remuneration:

BDSwiss offers competitive remuneration plans to its affiliates. The commission structure may vary based on your performance and the program’s terms.

Introducing Brokers (IBs):

  • Who It’s For:

The Introducing Brokers program is ideal for individuals and institutions with a local presence and a personal client network. If you have connections and relationships in the trading world, you can refer new clients to BDSwiss.

  • How It Works:

As an IB, your primary role is introducing new clients to BDSwiss. You’ll be referring them to one of the most trusted firms in the forex industry. In return, you’ll receive competitive commissions and additional rewards.

  • Guidance and Support:

BDSwiss provides dedicated Business Development Managers who are ready to assist you throughout your journey as an IB. They offer guidance and support at every step to help you succeed in the program.

Why You Should Join BDSwiss Partners Program?

Why partner with BDSwiss? Here are the key reasons:

BDSwiss Trading

1. Multi-Awarded Broker:

BDSwiss has earned multiple prestigious awards, demonstrating its commitment to providing top-notch products and services. These awards acknowledge the quality and innovation that BDSwiss brings to the table.

Partnering with an award-winning broker positively impacts your association. It indicates that you align with a trusted and reputable brand recognized for excellence in the industry. This recognition can enhance your credibility and reputation as a partner.

2. Best Support:

BDSwiss takes customer support seriously. They offer round-the-clock, multilingual support in over 20 native languages. This means you and your clients can get assistance whenever it’s needed.

Exceptional customer support is a vital aspect of any successful partnership. It ensures that you and your referred clients receive timely and practical assistance.

This support not only enhances the user experience but also contributes to long-term client satisfaction and retention.

3. Wide Product Range:

BDSwiss provides access to an extensive range of over 1,000 CFD (Contract for Difference) assets. These assets cover various categories, including Forex, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Commodities, and Shares.

A diverse product range offers versatility to your clients. They can choose from various financial instruments, tailoring their trading strategies to their preferences and risk profiles.

This variety can attract a broader audience and cater to different trading needs.

4. Innovative Native Platforms:

BDSwiss has developed its trading platforms to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. These platforms are designed with innovation in mind.

Innovative and user-friendly platforms are crucial for traders. They enhance the trading experience, making it efficient and enjoyable.

As a partner, offering access to such media can be a significant selling point, attracting traders looking for a smooth and modern trading environment.

5. Daily Payouts Option

In a significant update, BDSwiss Introducing Brokers (IBs) will now have more flexibility with their earnings. Instead of waiting for monthly automated payouts, IBs will receive daily payouts for earnings between $10 and $500.

If the earnings are below or above this range, they will receive combined semi-monthly payouts. This change allows BDSwiss IBs to choose when and how often they receive their payments, and they can withdraw any amount over $100 directly from their partner dashboard.Β 

This can be beneficial because smaller withdrawals can help avoid fees from banking service providers, typically associated with larger transfers.

It’s important to note that BDSwiss does not charge fees on credit cards and bank wire IB withdrawals. Introducing Daily IB Payouts is part of BDSwiss’ ongoing efforts to enhance its Partner Programme and make it one of the best in the industry.

The Commission Structure of the BDSwiss Affiliate Program

Earning commissions as a BDSwiss affiliate can be flexible and rewarding. The type of commission you’ll receive depends on various factors, including your target country, your website or digital channel, and your social media presence.

Here are the three main ways to earn commissions with the BDSwiss Affiliate Program:

Revenue Share:

Under this plan, you earn $8 for each traded lot on major currency pairs. The deposit amount is not a determining factor; instead, the trading volume is critical.

Your referrals need to actively trade, not just deposit funds, for you to earn commissions. This encourages engagement and trading activity.

Master Affiliate:

After a period in the BDSwiss Affiliate Program and demonstrating good performance, you can become a Master Affiliate. As a Master Affiliate, you can earn up to 20% from each of your sub-affiliates.

Being a Master Affiliate allows you to increase your profits by earning a percentage of the commissions generated by affiliates you’ve referred.

How to earn Big Prizes at BDSwiss Partners Program?

BDSwiss offers an exciting opportunity to earn even more through their exclusive Partner Loyalty Program.

You can start earning loyalty rewards right away by registering as a BDSwiss Affiliate or IB Partner, or by logging into your account and signing up from your dashboard.

BDSwiss Trend Analysis

Once you’ve activated the Loyalty Programme, you can claim fantastic prizes as you progress through your referral journey. The key is to meet the minimum requirements for both referral counts and trading volume at each tier level.

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1- Register or Log In:

Start by signing up or logging in as an Affiliate or IB Partner and create a customized payment plan with the help of your dedicated Partner Manager.

Step 2- Opt-In & Refer:

Use your unique tracking link to begin referring clients, and opt-in to the Partners’ Loyalty program to unlock additional rewards.

Step 3- Start Earning:

Keep an eye on your referrals through your dashboard and enjoy competitive payouts as you grow your business.

Step 4- Claim Big Prizes:

As you meet the requirements for each tier level, you’ll have the chance to claim impressive prizes. The bigger the tier, the more incredible the rewards, ranging from luxury cars and trips to high-end electronics and cash bonuses.

Benefits of BDSwiss Partner Program

The BDSwiss Partner Program comes with a range of advantages that can significantly benefit those who choose to partner with them:

BDSwiss Partnership Programme

Effective Tools:

When you refer clients to BDSwiss, you connect them with an award-winning platform that offers an array of trading opportunities.

This includes access to top-notch trading platforms, a wide selection of forex pairs and multi-asset CFDs, daily market analysis, high liquidity, and various account types to suit different client needs.

Transparent fees, tight spreads, and quick execution allow traders to maximize their potential. Additionally, you’ll have access to efficient tools to manage and monetize your traffic effectively.

Simple Client Onboarding:

BDSwiss makes it easy to attract and onboard clients, boosting your conversion rates. Clients appreciate the 24/5 dedicated multilingual customer support, as well as a variety of local and international payment options.

Diverse Marketing Materials:

Different marketing materials can boost your visibility on the internet. These materials include unique web pages, banners you can put up on websites, items branded with BDSwiss logos, and events you can sponsor to educate traders.

You can even get involved in seminars that focus on growing businesses in your local area. This way, you can make more people aware of BDSwiss and expand your trading network.

Comprehensive Tracking:

BDSwiss offers a 360Β° tracking solution, allowing you to monitor all client activities and conversions through a single platform tailored for affiliate partners.

You’ll have complete control of your earnings with a transparent and personalized commission structure that can be tracked in real time.

If you’re an IB partner, BDSwiss provides a dashboard to monitor your clients’ trades, offering transparent insights effectively. IB portals also allow you to view client trade statements.

High-Quality Educational Resources:

IB and affiliate partners can provide their clients with a wealth of educational materials and videos. These resources empower traders to enhance their skills and stay informed about market developments.

Limitations of BDSwiss Partners Program?

It’s essential to know that individuals from certain countries are not eligible to open an affiliate partner account with BDSwiss. These restricted countries include:

  • Cyprus
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • North Cyprus
  • Eritrea
  • United States
  • Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Somalia

If you reside in any of these countries, you won’t be able to participate in the BDSwiss affiliate partner program. This restriction is in place due to specific legal and regulatory requirements in these regions. It’s always a good practice to check the eligibility criteria before attempting to open an account or participate in any affiliate program.


πŸ€” What is the BDSwiss Partners Program?

The BDSwiss Partners Program is an affiliate marketing program that allows individuals to promote BDSwiss, a leading online trading and investment platform, and earn commissions for referring new clients.

πŸ’° How can I earn with the BDSwiss Partners Program?

You can earn by referring new clients to BDSwiss through your unique affiliate links. You'll receive commissions based on the trading activity of the clients you refer.

🌐 Is the program available worldwide?

Yes, the BDSwiss Partners Program is open to affiliates from around the world, allowing for a global reach and potential client base.

🀝 Can I become a BDSwiss partner without financial experience?

Yes, you can become a BDSwiss partner without specific financial experience. The program is designed for individuals with various backgrounds.

πŸ’¬ Is there customer support for BDSwiss Partners?

Yes, BDSwiss Partners often provide customer support to assist affiliates with any questions or issues they may encounter during their partnership.

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Conclusion: BDSwiss Partners Program Review

In summary, the BDSwiss Partner Program is a fantastic opportunity. It’s a way for people like me to make money by referring others to BDSwiss, a well-respected trading platform.

With their support and excellent marketing tools, I can potentially earn money and build a solid reputation in the market.

This program offers so much – from advanced trading tools to dedicated customer support, making it easier for new clients to get started. BDSwiss also provides various marketing materials, ensuring I can reach out to traders effectively.

I can easily track my referrals and commissions, giving me full control over my earnings.

Plus, BDSwiss offers top-notch educational resources to help clients improve their trading skills and stay updated on market trends.

Joining the BDSwiss Partner Program is an opportunity to make money, support others, and be part of an ever-evolving industry. It’s a partnership that can benefit everyone involved.

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