The Basics Of Video Conferencing With GoToMeeting 2024 (100% Proven)

The very idea behind video calls is clear: it’s as easy as making a phone call, but both video and audio are available. The right video conferencing device allows you to set up a virtual “pace” and can be used to “enter” the pace by a number or by clicking on a button.

When they’re in the room, with your computer and camera, you can see them and they can see you.

A video call to a conference is useful for a meeting as it makes it easier to keep track of who is talking. This also helps you pick up on the nuances of facial expressions that an audio-only call would skip.

An online meeting using software for video conferencing provides an informal environment that can help ease communication.

GoToMeeting tips for video Conferencing

In today’s post, we will be discussing some basics of Video Conferencing that you need to keep in mind or practice before and during for an Online Meeting.

We will also brief you about an online meeting and conferencing tool called “GoToMeeting”, which has been developed to allow teams and businesses conduct high quality video conferences, meetings and webinars to help increase collaborations.

Why is Video Conferencing Important?

From the days of jerky video streams and static audio the technology for video meetings has come a long way. A high-quality online video meeting offers an amazing audio experience that will feel like you’re sitting in the same room in front of other participants and allows you the face-to – face interaction you need to establish confidence and relationships.

Video conferencing at an online meeting is beneficial to your business — maybe even necessary. It offers the opportunity to collaborate in real-time with colleagues and clients, particularly when working with people across different time zones globally.

In a conference being able to use your facial expressions will go a long way towards building trust. Video conferencing also allows you the opportunity for face-to – face team bonding and problem-solving collaboration.

Video calls can support just about any form of company. A single-to-one video call makes the use of several advantages. Examples on how to use them include:

  • Communicating with important people and teams in your organization.
  • Meetings with current and future / potential clients.
  • Discussing about new projects and assignments with your development or marketing team.
  • Conducting remote job interviews for new candidates or screening a vendor.
  • Team online meetings for the purposes of on boarding, preparation, or organizing a team to announce.

How Does Video Conferencing Work?

Video conferencing over the internet is shockingly easy, thanks to modern technology. When you start or enter an online meeting, the audio and video streams are converted into tiny data packets which are compressed and transmitted across your internet.

We decompress and turn back on the other participant ‘s computers into a live stream of audio and video. The audio and video can be crystal clear, with a high-quality Wi-Fi link.

What all do you need for Video Conferencing?

To get started, all you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and one of these devices needed for video conferencing:

  • A laptop or desktop computer with webcam
  • A smartphone or tablet with camera
  • A headset for better audio (Recommended if possible)
  • A video conference software like GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting basics of Video Conferencing

From your mobile, you can initiate the video conference and others can enter through a connection or by calling a specific phone number. When someone has no camera capability, they can still listen to the audio and take part in the video conferencing.

Types of Meetings Using Video Conferencing

For solving common issues, several forms of business meetings can be combined with video conferencing. For instance:

  • Internal company video-call meetings allow regional or global workers to communicate in real-time with colleagues. It will make it easier for teams to quickly get details and work together to figure out a problem. This also helps to get instant feedback from team members.
  • Interviews using video conferencing allow for face-to – face meetings with global or remote candidates, broadening the talent pool and allowing informed hiring decisions to be made without an in-person visit necessary.
  • Sales workers may use video conference calls to show live product demos to prospective or current clients, increasing their interest in and trust in the product. Demonstrations include a clean and neutral video-conference backdrop. A flat table covered with a white cloth illuminated from above will help make it all clear.
  • Video conferencing and visual aids can be used by online instructors to help students learn, including flash cards and virtual whiteboards.
  • Long distance tele medicine diagnostics with video conferencing solutions are simpler. Doctors may provide remote healthcare by both seeing and hearing the symptoms of a patient.

GoToMeeting tips-Types of meeting

There are also legitimate applications for video-calling. Remote evidence can be obtained from a witness or an expert, for example. If the witness is long distance from where the testimony is needed, this may help defray travel costs.

A video conference offers transparency and an incident log and discussion log. A call recording can be translated into a transcript and eventually sent out, and there is no doubt what has been addressed.

Things To Keep In Mind for Online Video Conferencing!

Video conference protocol usually requires that microphones should be silenced for the other participants while the conference leader is speaking or a participant is talking. Respecting the schedule of each participant by beginning and finishing all video conferences on time is also vitally necessary.

You’ll want an enticing but not distractive backdrop. A neutral painted wall, or a curtain behind you will help with a home office video conference backdrop.

Make sure that your area is unbeatable and that you dress professionally. Using a source not in camera view, to prevent glare and get the best lighting for video calls. If you wish to learn more about these online video conference basics with screenshots and video tutorials, please visit this link right away!

GoToMeeting -The “Go To”tool for online meetings & video conference!

GoToMeeting is easy to set up and supports up to 250 people at a time, making it simple to operate a video conference. Whether you need a one-on-one with your favourite client or need to make a company-wide employee announcement, GoToMeeting delivers the framework to make it happen.

Developed by LogMeIn, users can also easily manage audio, video, or web meeting from your conference room, office, or remote location through your Windows PC, Mac or Mobile device. Now easily transform your online activities into fun interactions you and your guests are looking forward to having!

Manage video conferenceson the go with GoToMeeting Mobile Apps!

MobileGet has rolled out the GoToMeeting app for mobile devices which can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.

Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, you can join the meeting by opening the app and entering the conference ID you got from the meeting organizer in an email. Read more about the free mobile app GoToMeeting at

GoToMeeting tips and tricks for Mobile Conferencing

GoToMeeting Pricing

GoToMeeting has been priced effectively across three rates, from which one can select according to their preferences and needs. All three plans can be obtained by either a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. The annual subscription will help save you up to 16 percent

If you are unsure whether to pay for it or not, you can even begin with their 14-Day free trial to see how all their tools work. Once the trial period ends, you can upgrade to a paid plan as per your needs.


Price: $14 per month ($12 per month – Annual)

Up to 150 participants


Price: $19 per month ($16 per month – Annual)

Up to 250 participants


Price: Contact support team for custom price quote

Up to 3000 participants

GoToMeeting video conferencing-Pricing

GTM packages -Features Overview

Professional Business Enterprise
HD Video
Screen sharing
Web audio
Dial in Conference line
Unlimited meetings
No meeting time limits
Business messaging
Personal meeting room
Meeting lock
Mobile Apps
Commuter Mode
Siri Voice Commands
Mobile cloud recording
Unlimited Cloud Recording
Slide to PDF
Smart Assistant
Note taking
Drawing tools
Keyboard & mouse sharing
InRoom link
Customer success manager
On-boarding & training
Volume discounts

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Conclusion: Basics of Video Conferencing with GoToMeeting 2024

The difficulty and confusion of the conference calling are removed by GoToMeeting online conference call facilities. You just have to be concerned about what to say instead of the service you use, when it’s time to get everybody in the conference call.

GoToMeeting is also entirely supported on mobile iOS and Android devices to make calling away from the office easy and instantaneous. No matter where you are, regardless of the computer, GoToMeeting is ready to keep you connected.

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