Backblaze Cloud Storage Review: Pros and Cons in Details

Backblaze is one of the most experienced and the best online cloud storage services available. It has faced many ups and downs in the market but it is best known to know the game of the survival of the fittest. For its excellent services and updated technology BackBlaze was designated as a winner of the Always on Global Top 250 private companies for its constant market value and revolutionary changes in technology.

Located in Palo Alto, California the company was founded by a bunch of entrepreneurs who can be called as the knowledge trees of their domain. They have ensured to make it simple and taken the responsibility of taking care of all the complete user experience from unlimited online back up and speedometer with it. Therefore I would reveal the whole bag of tricks Backblaze has in store for users who need a reliable online backup service.

Backblaze Cloud Storage Review

Backing Up With BAckblaze

Backblaze Backup Solutions Data Backup for Business

One of the best part of backing up with Backblaze is that it backs up all the files and the folders – mp3, videos documents, photos, presentations, movies etc on the device unless and until it is excluded. So, if you are lazy to do the entire backup of your work and do not wish to put any effort, you do not have to worry at all Backblaze does everything for you.

It has ensured that its users do not get worried about their data and can blindly trust that somebody is there for them to take care of the backup of all the data. So next time when you are out for dinner with family or an outing with friends Backblaze will be your buddy and backup everything for you. It is also better because you do not have to be dependent on some physical hard disk for your back it is all online and cannot get lost anywhere!

Backblaze is transparent and very helpful in this back up scenario as it will keep you aware of the fact that since and from when the files have been backed up, the name of file or folder, its size, data and any required specification.

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File exclusion system

Backblaze follows the system of file exclusion. It backs up of all the files and folders on the computer except operating system files, applications, and temporary internet files which would not be of use to any user majorly and in fact would prefer to erase it from the storage permanently. If needed you have the flexibility to include and exclude any file.

Backing up External Drives

backblaze backup

When any external device, hard disk or USB is set up to a computer for backing up, you can go to the settings on the Backblaze system and choose manually the drive you want to back up. An automatic scan is conducted by backblaze and back up is taken. Also for the convenience of the user Backblaze has ensured that whenever the device is plugged in and turned on the backup is automatically taken for the device.

MUST READ FAQ on backing up with external drives (exception on vacation alike periods when it is shut down): “Backblaze works best if you leave the external hard drive attached to your computer all the time. However, Backblaze will backup external USB and Firewire hard drives that are detached and re-attached as long as you remember to re-attach the hard drive at least once every 30 days. If the drive is detached for more than 30 days, Backblaze interprets this as data that has been permanently deleted and securely deletes the copy from the Backblaze datacenter. The 30 day countdown is only for drives that have been unplugged”

Restore And Access Files With Backblaze

Any online cloud storage services usability and preferability is measured by its restoration. Backing up services is only useful if it fulfils the primary purpose of restoration and also since it is an online service, just with an internet it should be available anywhere accordingly. For the restoration process the user must log-in to their Backblaze account and after signing in go to the Personal backup panel, thereafter select view/ restore files option. After selecting the restore tab, Backblaze offers 3 ways to restore files for its users.

  • ZIP Download: You can download one file or a million files for free anywhere in the world.
  • USB FLASH Drive ( Pen drive ) : there is also an option to buy a 128 GB flash drive for a cost of $99 delivered via FedEx
  • USB external ( Hard Drive) : another option available is to have  external drive up to 4 TB for a price of $189 delivered via FedEx

Also, it will be a relief to know that with Backblaze files are easily accessible via telephonic devices like Iphone, Android and Ipad.

Moreover, in the My restores section you can see the data for your restores in the past and monitor the progress. Also, it will tell you the size of the current selected data for the restoration process.

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Features of Backblaze

Backblaze Best Unlimited Online Backup and Cloud Storage Services Pricing

File versioning

File versioning helps you to recover the last edited version of your work. It assists you to get back the old versions of your work to compare it with your current work. It is one of the essential features for an online back up service. With backblaze it offers you file versioning up to 30 days which is not too long a time and the min requirment for any user. You can recover it through all the restore methods offered earlier in this review. In case you need unlimited file versioning you might want to try Just cloud. Though Backblaze is working on this feature and understand the need of unlimited file versioning.

Automatic Update or Scheduling

Backblaze personal-backup-restore-screen

It has an automatic backup schedule and managed to purloin a copy of the schedule needed. Its offers automatic backup in numerous ways like continuously, once in a day and instantaeuosly: like only when clicked for a back up. You can change this whenever you want in the settings. In case needed, You can also schedule your back at a particular time of the day like at night every day.

Safety And Security

Like All cloud services, Backblaze too takes the security of its users very seriously BUT Backblaze has an incredible and stands out in its features of security tremendously. All your data is stored in their secure data centres with 24-hour staff on it, biometric security and redundant power as mentioned on their site. The security measures for all the Backblaze users are invisible and automatic.  When the Backblaze account is created, it automatically generates a private key that is used to uniquely to protect the data throughout all their systems. For this personal encryption, if you lose your unique password Backblaze would not be unable to send it to you again.

All its files and folders are SSL and stored encrypted before being transmitted. It is native software protected to Mac and PC and doesn’t use java encryption which holds for almost 91% security attacks. Interestingly, Adding your own paraphrase has made it user friendly and more secured for its users.

For an extra layer of security Backblaze has also introduced two-factor authentication. It Now sends a 6-digit code to the phone during sign-in to the account. Read this for more info:

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Mobile App

Backblaze is now on mobile. Its app is available to ios and android users. Now you can access the information anywhere at any point of time. Now with your Iphone, ipad or any other android device you can view and share any of your backed up file. This is very useful when you are on a family holiday and need to transfer documents for business use. You can do everything right from your mobile! You are in complete control of the data.

You can preview documents, share pictures and videos on social media, listen to songs or watch movies. It helps you to open any file with app of your choice.  Moreover, everything is very well organised just the way it is on your PC.

Backblaze mobile FAQ:


Backblaze Pricing

With its unlimited data plan, it has very simple and precise price structure. Its prices are set up as per the per computer strategy. If pricing is economical and simple to understand it has, made the life of users easy since time immemorial. It is of the cost $5/month, $50/year (with a discount of $10) and $95 for 2 years (with a discount of $25).


Customer Support

Backblaze Best Unlimited Online Backup and Cloud Storage Services

Apart from the FAQ’s for its users, Backblaze has an extensive customer contact services. In case your query is still not solved and you have doubts, you can submit a support request and they would respond within a business day. You also have a flexibility to chat with them and solve your issues from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 5 pm PST.

All in all, I would say it is an awesome cloud storage service at very economical prices. You don’t have to put much an effort and everything would be done for you in the blink of an eye! If still not satisfied with its limited features and trial version of 15 days you always have the alternatives like Sync, carbonite or Zoolz.

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