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Babbel is the smartest way to learn a foreign language. This is the complete learning system that combines the effective education methods with state-

Rosetta Stone is for those who want to start from scratch and want to become a fluent in a language

  • The repetitive character of the lesson.
  • Attractive content and comprehensive lessons
  • The lessons are interlinked
  • Interactive Software
  • Live Online Sessions
  • Games & Community
  • You have the opportunity to decide what and when you want to
  • Good for basic vocabulary
  • Good for practicing difficult grammar
  • Lessons are in a complete order
  • TruAccent helps you in improving your pronunciation
  • Phrasebook is compatible according to greeting & expression
  • No downloadable material.
  • Lacks major grammar syllabus
Ease of Use

The interface is easy to use. Babbel is the best online source for interactive language courses that anyone can use to learn languages ​​in an effective and entertaining way

Their user interface is much better than other language learning platforms. Learn a language in a systematic way with Rosetta Stone.

Value For Money

Babbel is budget-friendly, and you'll not get disappointed with the plan. Babbel provides a communication tool that gives you everything you need to speak, write and understand a foreign language.

Learning has never been easy but with Rosetta Stone, you will like learning a new language because of their interactive and fun way of teaching. It is totally worth every penny.

Customer Support

The team at Babbel is very friendly and provides excellent support. Babbel is one of the highest sold Language learning apps with 10 Million + subscribers.

The team of Rosetta Stone takes the best care of their customers by providing the options such as live chat, live video, and much more.

Looking For Unbiased Comparison Between Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone. I’ve got you covered.

Both language software is very well-known to the masses given their long duration in the market and advertising Babbel is a trending language app with 14 different languages while Rosetta has 30 languages.

In spite of this, you are confused as to which one to choose right?

Well, let me tell you, I’m glad you are giving it a thought because there are many in-depth features that you should be aware of. Fortunately, I have used both, so I can successfully tell you everything you need to know in this review. 

Bottom Line Upfront: I know you need to learn a new language, but the process is too daunting. Babbel is the solution for people who want to learn a language quickly, in an effective way, and without having to go through the frustrations of traditional methods. You can sign up for a free trial of Babbel’s online course. You won’t be bored. Start your free trial today!

Does the biggest question arise, which one of the Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone is a better option for you? Here we will go over all the pros and cons of the apps, how they work, and their prices which will definitely help you to make a better decision.

There are several sections below. I must say at least any one of these sections will surely give you the expected answer and clear your confusion. So, let’s get with the comparison between Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone.

Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone 2024 | Ultimate Comparison

Babbel Overview

As we already know, Babbel is a trending language-learning app. But there are a lot of important and minute things about Babbel that you probably don’t know.

Firstly, as we all know, Babbel provides 14 different trending languages. You will find a section below which signifies all the languages. The main agenda of this platform is to build a basic understanding of words, their pronunciation, fundamentals of grammar, and vocabulary.

This definitely helps learners to frame sentences and try them out in the day to day life. This platform is paid. But when it comes to the comparison with Rosetta Stone, Babbel is quite cheaper.

Babble Overview: Babbel vs Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Overview

Here as well, we already know that Rosetta Stone is one of the popular e-learning platforms. This platform provides more than 30 languages. Amazing! This feature is much more significant as compared to Babbel.

Rosetta Stone is much more professional rather than interactive. Other than focusing on design and other attractive things, this platform focused mainly on its content as per the user’s needs. This platform provides you with two different options when you start the learning process. They are costlier than Babbel but it assures both the quality and quantity of content.  

Rosetta Stone-Overview: Babbel vs Rosetta Stone


Which Is Better, Babbel or Rosetta Stone?

When it comes to language learning, both Babbel and Rosetta Stone are highly popular choices. However, when comparing the two, Babbel stands out as the clear winner. With its wide range of interactive course offerings and more affordable pricing options, Babbel provides better value for your money than Rosetta Stone.

Additionally, Babbel’s lessons are shorter, making them easier to fit into a busy schedule. Furthermore, Babbel has a more user-friendly interface than Rosetta Stone, making it easier for learners of all levels to get the most out of their language learning experience. For these reasons, Babbel is the better choice between the two.

Key Features: Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone

Babbel Features

  • Babbel costs a learner $12.95/month to $83.05/year
  • It mainly focuses on day-to-day conversation and a deep understanding of words
  • This platform provides a total of 14 different languages
  • Platform designed in much attractive and responsive way
  • It helps the learner to build conversation skills in that particular knowledge

Rosetta Stone Features

  • The pricing strategy for this platform is from $179/month to $479/year
  • The structure of this platform includes learning grammar, sentence making, and vocabulary according to the selected plan
  • Rosetta Stone provides more than 30 languages which are in trend nowadays.
  • The design and front end of the platform are simple and not much responsive.
  • The main focus is on developing grammar and vocabulary fundamentals strong.

Pricing Plans: Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone

Pricing strategy always plays a crucial role when selecting any tool or platform. It is the quickest way to differentiate between two software would be:

Babbel Pricing

From a financial point of view, Babbel is cheaper than the latter. There are two options available in Babbel. The very first option is free of cost. Tutorials and lessons available are totally free at every level. The second option Babbel charges you around $83.40/per year.

The initial amount is $12.95/month. So learners can first get comfortable with the platform using free options and if they find this platform useful for them, they only can choose the option of a paid plan.   


Babbel new Pricing

Rosetta Stone Pricing-

Rosetta stone costs you roughly $207.80 on average, which is a lot compared to Babbel. Rosetta stone offers 30 and more languages. Different languages provide different paid options. The depth of content depends on the selection of a plan.

Rosetta Stone new Pricing


Languages Offered: 


It currently offers 14 languages that users can learn after subscribing to it. Languages offered by Babbel are Danish, French, English, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Norwegian, and Turkish

Rosetta Stone

Languages offered by Rosetta stone are Arabic, Dari, Chinese  (Mandarin), Dutch, English, Filipino, British English, Tagalog Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean Latin, Irish, Pashto, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Spain), Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese.

Courses Structure

Both platforms have a common agenda of providing the best online language learning content for learners. They both have well-structured courses but they might get repetitive. While Babbel focuses on how to tackle everyday conversations, Rosetta Stone focuses on individual sentences and dynamic immersion.

If I were to choose between them I would definitely opt for Rosetta Stone as I feel it has value for money. And the overall usage also ranks better than the former from my end. 

Working Steps: Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone

You will realize that the working steps of both apps are quite different. You might not realize it, but this plays an important role for amateurs and how efficient it is for one to use. Below is a detailed step as to how to use each of the apps.

Babbel- Working Step

STEP 1: Learner has to select the language according to their choice

Very firstly, users have to decide which languages they want to learn. After selection, the user has to choose the payment ways and register for the course successfully. If a user chooses two different languages at one time then they have to pay for both respectively.

STEP 2: Take a test which is called as Proficiency Test

The proficiency test is something very useful for the learner. This is a pre-course test which determines the learner’s proficiency in that particular language. They provide you with only 5 different questions according to the patterns of lessons. This is a clear intelligent strategy of this platform to grab your level of those language skills. 

STEP 3: Subscription for paid courses

After completion of the re-course test, learners have to choose the plan from the registered course.

There are many varieties of plans available from which users can choose anyone according to their convenience and budget. Once a user completes these all steps, then one can start their journey toward learning the language. 

Rosetta Stone- Working Steps

 STEP 1: Watch the demo of the learning style

When learners use this platform for the very first time then a wonderful demo comes in front of them. This demo illustrates the way this platform is going to help learners to build their roots so deeply through lessons and tutorials provided by them. They showcase their learning style and pattern of lessons through this demo. The one who knows the pattern of Babbel doesn’t find anything new apart from the content.

STEP 2: The user has to choose between an online subscription and a CD option

This platform provides learners with two options: Online Subscription and CD option (offline option).

Online subscription much goes with the trend and is easy to use. While the CD ROM option is traditional in that users can store the content for some amount of time. The selection between these two totally depends on the user’s comfort. But in my opinion, an online subscription is always preferable.

STEP 3: Upgrade to a subscription plan

Much like Babbel this platform also provides you with 4 different plans of subscription. But in comparison with Babbel, the price of these plans are two times costlier. This is the key point where lots of students go towards Babbel. But again you’ll always get what you have paid for. So, for better content, this platform is always worth it.

Pros & Cons: Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone

Babbel Pros

  • Babbel starts with all the basics we need to know about daily conversations.
  • It provides words that are most often used by locals instead of their native language.
  • Grammar is explained clearly with loads of examples.
  • It uses more interactive dialogues while teaching the daily use of language.
  • It also has teamed up with Cambridge English Language Assessment to create low-cost online English tests up to B1 level
  • As mentioned earlier this platform is much more responsive which automatically helps the learner to stick to this platform

Babbel Cons-

  • It provides you with just 14 languages.
  • Voice recognition can be very frustrating.
  • It has less conversational practice.

Rosetta Stone Pros

  • Rosetta Stone Program starts with basic words.
  • A dynamic immersion technique is used which helps to remember words.
  • Also, it provides lessons that include basics, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, and then review.
  • It also provides a phrasebook and other fun activities where you can select a story and read it yourself or listen to it.
  • It is also available on CD-ROMS.
  • If you want to learn a new language for reasons like traveling, building a career in a particular nation, or if you are a heritage or a language lover it provides you with specific plans.

Rosetta Stone Cons

  • It revolves mostly around matching pictures to words which leads to confusion for learners.
  • It is also more monotonous compared to the other.
  • It is also way more expensive.
  • Sometimes the exercises are repetitive.
  • And it is the best software to learn about different cultures.

Difference Between Babbel And Rosetta Stone?

Babbel and Rosetta Stone are two popular language-learning programs designed to help users learn a new language. The main difference between the two is the way they teach: Babbel focuses on conversational skills while Rosetta Stone emphasizes total immersion.

Babbel uses audio, video, text, and interactive lessons to help users practice their conversational skills, while Rosetta Stone immerses users in the language with images and audio only.

Both programs are effective at teaching language, but Babbel is better for conversational practice while Rosetta Stone is better for total immersion in a new language.

Speculation: Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone

Babbel Speculation 

Babbel works by giving tons of daily conversational practice. Also, the English online tests give learners reliable evidence of their progress and a certificate of achievement that demonstrates what they have learned.

It also has various perks as it works on the web, ios, and Android. A variety of courses like beginner, intermediate, and grammar along with vocabulary lessons, tongue twisters, idioms, colloquialisms, and sayings are offered.

The software creators also aim at specific audiences, for instance, English may be learned as “PR English” or “marketing English”.

Babbel Structure

Rosetta stone Speculation

Rosetta Stone also provides audio companions which are available even offline and make it easier to learn even when you are commuting.

Its voice recognition works fabulously and even helps in perfecting our pronunciations. This app also breaks down the word to make them easier for us to pronounce and understand for instance the German word “Essen” is broken down to “es” and “sen”.it also provides users with the option to select from 28 different languages.

So given all this, I can easily say that I find the rosetta stone more user-friendly with excellent graphics and layout.

Side By Side Comparison

I’m sure that this section will definitely sort out your confusion about these platforms.

  • Babbel is cheaper than rosetta stone.
  • Rosetta Stone provides authentic and more useful content than Babbel.
  • Babbel provides explanations and English translations whereas the rosetta stone targets language only.
  • Babbel is interested in long and lengthy dialogues while rosetta stones focus on sentences of individuals.
  • The sound quality for Babbel is terrible as compared to rosetta stone
  • Babbel gives lots of examples as compared to rosetta stones
  • Rosetta stones use explanation through images which is different from Babbel  
  • Both languages are not sufficient to achieve fluency in any particular language

As both are language learning software and support e-learning the work of both software is almost the same. The difference lies in the method mostly, most importantly cost. Babbel already ranks the cost factor, but Rosetta Stone makes it worth the price.

Babbel is operated by Lesson Nine GmbH in Berlin Germany, and it is based in the Berlin neighborhood of Mitte, whereas Rosetta stone’s language division uses Cloud-based solutions to help all types of learners read, write and speak more than 30+ languages. Whoa! Amazing! It is also a registered trademark in the United States and other countries.

As we already discussed the price of both software the price of Babbel costs $ 12.95/per month to $ 83.40/per year whereas the price of Rosetta Stone costs $179 to $479 per year.

The structure of Babbel focuses on the use of words and some conversation whereas  Rosetta stone focuses on learning vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures. Babbel offers 14 languages with medium interactivity, whereas Rosetta stone offers 30+ languages with low medium interactivity. This purely shows that Rosetta Stone ranks better in my opinion.

My Honest Opinion- Which One To Choose

I think it solely depends on what you are looking for. Rosetta stone offers more features if you’re a subscribed product, which includes games and activities. However, from a financial perspective compared to the end result, you can go for Babbel as the cost of a Rosetta stone is almost double of Babbel

Nonetheless, as I mentioned it’s all about what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that neither language learning software is designed to help you reach fluency in conversation, and investing in either software expecting to become a fluent speaker in months it’s totally false.

You have to work hard, and you have to practice so that it will lead to results. No one can be a millionaire within a night. It takes a lot of effort, and so much hard that it pays off someday.

Also, I would like to add another statement, that both of these apps are not on my list. Like, if it was up to me, I wouldn’t choose either of them, but if you only want to know the best among these two, then Rosetta Stone is a better option.

Customer Reviews:

Babbel Customer Reviews

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Rosetta Stone Customer Reviews


FAQs On Babbel vs Rosetta Stone:

👉How much money do I have to invest in software?

The price of Babbel costs $ 12.95/month to $ 83.40/year whereas the price of Rosetta stone costs $179 to $479 per year.

👉Am I too old to learn a new language?

Nobody is too old to learn a new language if you think you want to, just go for it and give it a shot. 🙂

👉Will I be able to figure out this new technology?

Both the technologies are quite a user friendly to use and each to learn. I’m sure you will be able to figure it out well.

👉Is any online platform sufficient for learning a new language?

Basically, it totally depends on what depth one wants to learn the language. If someone wants it in whole depth then definitely no online platform is sufficient. But if someone just wants to try it for fun then yes!

👉Will learning a new language be beneficial?

Firstly, learning anything new is a good manner is always beneficial. Now when it’s come to language learning, one can excel in their career by adding a new language in their profile. So yes it’s always beneficial from a career point of view

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Conclusion: Which Is Best for You?

Ultimately, which language learning platform is best for you ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a more interactive experience that includes speaking practice and detailed explanations of grammar rules, Babbel may be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more structured program to guide your language learning journey and want to work at your own pace, Rosetta Stone could be the better option. No matter which platform you decide on, with consistent practice and dedication, you can finally learn the language of your dreams! Good luck!

Well, as 68% of users have reviewed Babbel as excellent, 27% reviewed great, 2% reviewed average, and so on, I perfectly agree with their decision. 

On the other hand,  49% of users have reviewed the rosetta stone as excellent, 26% reviewed great, 13% reviewed average, and so on. Financially, Babbel works great, but honestly, you should try Rosetta Stone for betterness.

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